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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Humiliation Sex  |  House: The Humiliation Board

Cameras are installed in our victim's room, but that is not the worse of what he endures on this night.



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(All characters in this fiction fantasy are over 18 years of age. )



My descent into hell continued. For almost twenty minutes I was forced to eat Jake’s ass. I licked and sucked and stuck my tongue up into his rectum as far as I could. Ass juice and spit poured back into my mouth and I had to swallow it. He bounced cheerily on my face and twisted his hips around, always encouraging me to get more and more tongue deeper up his shithole. I had to keep my lips sucking at his ass lips at the same time, “like you are kissing your girlfriend” he had said. When I didn’t lick and suck with enough enthusiasm, he leaned over and grabbed my nutsack and squeezed and slapped it. the back of my head and hair were soaked with piss from the urine lake mattress. I was a fucking mess.


At last he seemed satisfied for the moment and he rose up off my face.

I blinked and looked up, My God, his prick was massive, over eight and a half inches long and as thick as a beer can. Long strings of pre-fuck hung from it.

Nate stood to one side, filming the whole thing. I guess Rafe had finished hooking up the tv cameras in my room and in my bathroom, ‘cause he was standing there, rubbing the huge lump in his jeans. Punk boy leaned over the bed and took a close-up photo of my face coated in ass sweat and slime.


Jake hopped from the bed, his big prick and his huge balls bouncing. I honestly wondered how any girl could take that inside of her. It must be torture. Jake gave a laugh. “Does your face stink like sweaty ass? Does your mouth taste like shithole? Don’t worry, you’ll get used to it. You’ll be going to your classes with your face smelling like man ass every day from now on. Everyone around you will smell it too! The extreme weight of my humiliation pressed down on me. I was going to be a freak. They were turning me into some kind of fucking freak!


“Okay,” Jake said, clapping his hands together, his beautiful face lit up like an angel. “Time to turn you into a cocksucker!”


You must know, that for most ordinary straight guys, the thought of being forced to suck cock is like the most disgusting, perverted thing anyone could ever demand. It totally unmans him. It turns him into something he can never NOT become again. He will always be a cocksucker, for the rest of his life. It is like a permanent stain or a tattoo. It is something he will forever after have to carry with him.  I since then have learned, of course, that there are far far worse things than cocksucking. There are things that make cocksucking look like childrens’ Saturday afternoon games. But I didn’t know that then. And when Jake said that, with his dirty fucking dick bobbing and swaying and leaking in front of me, I just lost it. I screamed and ran for the door of my room, actually shoving my tormentor aside. I threw open the door and ran out into the hall… and stopped!

Where could I go? What could I do? I was trapped. I stood there in the hall, trembling and stinking of man ass. Some of Jake’s ass juice along with my spit, dripped from my chin.


“I hope you boys are having fun. It’s so nice to see you bringing friends over to the house, Matthew.”  It was the voice of my invalid grandmother coming from  her room at the end of the hall. At that moment, I felt totally defeated. I turned back to my room to see a grinning Jake standing there, masturbating his dick.




“Any time, young man,” she answered back.


My heart sank into my stomach. There was no escaping from this BULLY NIGHTMARE. I had sometimes read about bullying incidents on the internet, and for some odd reason, the articles often sexually excited me. Of course, I’d had no idea they were like this, as horrible as this. Fantasy is so different than reality.


With his wet dick bobbing, and pre-cum running down his lean, strong thighs, Jake raised a hand and beckoned me back into the bedroom. When I began to walk toward him, shoulders slumped in defeat, he pointed to the floor, wanting me to crawl. I dropped to the carpet and on hands and knees crawled. After a few feet, I remembered to push my ass up in the air, as Jake had instructed me to do. I must have looked like a whore in heat.


Remember when you crawl to hang your tongue out of your mouth like a fuck-hungry whore bitch dog. I could never remember all the orders he had given me, but, I knew I would be punished for forgetting any. I just didn’t want any more abuse, so I stuck my tongue out like a panting dog. Punk Boy got some really good still shots of me crawling.


When I got into the bedroom, I was surprised to see tall, muscular black Rafe had stripped naked. Impossible as it may seem, his dick was even larger than Jake’s. It must have been a freakish ten inches long.


“Rafe has been kind enough to offer to help us with your “Faggot Cocksucking Training.”


“No, Please… don’t make me! I don’t want to be a cocksucker,” I sobbed.


“Did you speak? Did he speak without permission, fellas? I could have sworn I heard him speak, but even he couldn’t be that fucking stupid. Naw, I must have imagined it.”  Nate got behind me and pulled me up on my knees so I was facing Jake and Rafe.


“Now this is going to be a lot easier than you fear it will be. Every time we turn a kid into a faggot cocksucker, he later says, ‘wow, that wasn’t nearly as bad as I thought it would be.’ Like sucking ass, you just gotta’ get used to the taste and accept the fact that it’s a dude’s dirty, leaking, dick you have in your mouth. Same rules apply while you are learning. You puke, you have to lick it up. Punk Boy is going to handle the video/tv link so we can film a nice tutorial on how to suck cock.


I could feel the tears running down my cheeks and the snot running from my nose, mixing with the ass juice on my mouth and chin.


“You know,” Jake said, scooping his sweaty, dirty boxer briefs from the floor, “we don’t want all of that crud on your face, it will only get in the way of the taste of the dick!”  He made sure to turn the underpants inside out and with the inside of the dick pouch, he wiped my face clean. How can any young men be this filthy dirty and sadistically perverted? Is it even possible? Oh, hey, listen, Nate, can you pull up a picture of Fuckface Alan for us to show our boy here. It might give him some ideas.”  Nate fiddled with his phone while Jake explained.


“Fuckface Alan is a high school senior that we decided to play around with for a while, until we got bored. I wanna show you a couple of really funny pictures. Look. Here he is dressed in a girl’s bra and panties. Of course, we made sure the entire school saw these photos. Look how cute he looks in bra and panties. But it’s his face I want you to look at. It is covered in cum and spit and puke. Doesn’t he look cute that way? We were making him do dildo swallowing exercises along with some general cocksucking practice. I think there were eight of us that day who wanted a good dick suck.  Now you have to understand, he was pretty broken by this point, it’s going to take you a while to get to this level, but he would do absolutely anything we told him to without any complaint. That’s what you are going to have to work toward. That’s your goal, to obey, no Matter HOW FILTHY OR DISGUSTING THE ORDER IS.


“One of the funniest and most rewarding bonuses of these games with Alan was that when his conservative religious family saw these photos, they wanted nothing more to do with him. His little sister and brother spit on him, and his dad threw him out of the house for good. Fuck, how we laughed. He had to drop out of school without graduating and get a job cleaning public toilets. Don’t worry, when the time comes, we’ll help you get a job like that too. We have connections.

Only our public toilet cleaning job demands that you clean the urinals and bowls with your tongue!”  All four boys roared with laughter. I almost puked.


The photos of poor young Alan were truly pathetic. His face was coated with fuck slime and puke and snot and I don’t know what all. He looked ridiculous in that bra and panties, and I swore to myself, I would never ever let them drag me that low. I would never sink to that point. What a fucking pathetic fool I was!


“Now all you have to do to begin with, is just open your mouth wide and stick out your tongue. You know, like when you were tonguing out my shithole!”  I guess I didn’t move fast enough because Jake hauled off and slapped me hard.

He has large long-fingered hands, the kind the Buddhists call “giving fingers.”  Fine hands that might play classical piano. Jake is like that all over. His naked body is smooth and fine too. He’s like an elegant classical statue. But he sure as fuck can slap hard. My head swung to one side, and I felt my cheek burning.


‘OPEN YOUR FUCKING MOUTH AND STICK OUT YOUR TONGUE.” He said very slowly, as if he were speaking to someone who had no English. Shaking all over, I followed orders. A freakish thing happened. Nate who was standing behind me, so I could not crawl back, slid his hands down my chest and took one of my nipples in the fingers of each hand. He began to roll and pull at my nipples.

This weird feeling shot through my body. I opened my mouth and stuck out my tongue as far as I could.


“Now that’s a good boy, Asslicker. I really don’t want to hurt you, but you have got to get with the program. You understand.” In my horror, I may have even nodded in agreement. He seemed pleased, and that gave me some relief. “Now we are going to help you here. We are going to make it real easy for you. Rafe is going to rest the leaking uncut head of his massive black dick on your tongue. Just rest it there so you can get used to it. He hasn’t showered in two days, just for you. Can you smell his dick? I know you can. He’s got lots of crap under his foreskin, but we will get to that in just a minute. First, just feel the weight of his big black dickhead on your faggot tongue. Just ignore the leak for now. Soon, the

prefuck leak will mix with your spit and go back over your tongue, allowing you to taste dick for the first time in your life. You are very lucky. Not all dicks will taste as strong or flavorful as Rafe’s. That’s why I picked him to go first. You will see later when y ou suck his balls and eat his ass, that he is just that tasty all over. At least that is what the cunts say. I would not know!” Everyone except me laughed.


“Can you feel that cock, how it bounces a bit and throbs on your tongue? Oh, did I mention that Rafe fucked a high school cheerleader yesterday, so you are probably getting some pussy taste as well. That’s a bonus.”


Oh God, I wanted to puke. I could feel the vomit coming up from my throat and mixing with the dick slime and spit. The taste of ass had dissolved in the strong flavor of Rage’s unwashed dick. And so far, I only had the head of the cock on my tongue. I wasn’t even a cocksucker yet.  I wasn’t even a faggot yet. For a few more seconds, at least, I was still a straight boy. Well a straight boy who had eaten ass.


I was truly afraid I was losing my mind. I did feel the cock head throb and pulse. I felt it and a little gush of pre-fuck shot out of the black pisshole. The thick rolles of foreskin had pulled back, and now I tasted something different, the strong, bitter, sour headcheese from under the skin of the prick.  I reeled back, about to fall over, perhaps about to pass out, but Nate held my up by my nipples and the pain kept me in reality. When would this torment stop? Was this to be my reality from now on? Was there no way out?


I saw Rafe’s wiry black prick hair in front of me. He moved slightly and about two inches of dick pushed into my open mouth, over my tongue. Next, he rocked his hips so the swollen cock sawed back and forth over my tongue.


“Easy, Asslicker, take it easy. Just learn to enjoy it.”  ENJOY IT? ENJOY THIS TORTURE, THIS MONSTROUS DEPRAVED ABUSE?


Nate happily plucked away at my nipples like they were some kind of musical instrument. “Such nice titties you have, Asslicker. Like the titties of a young girl.

Theya re going to look so cute in a training bra. You are going to drive the teenage boys at the mall wild.”  WHAT KIND OF SHIT WAS HE SPEWING? WHAT WAS HE TALKING ABOUT?


They would not take me out in public in a bra, right? RIGHT? I felt the dick sawing back forth along my tongue, pushing in a bit more each time. Now there was sometimes five inches going in and out, leaking like crazy, pieces of headcheese getting stuck in my teeth and gums.  I started to gag.




I couldn’t take any more. I actually tuned out what Jake and the others were saying. I know that was dangerous, but I could not control my fear, my humiliation, my sense of degradation.


“Now slowly bring your tongue in and close your lips around Rafe’s fine fucker, and you will be a cocksucker!”  I close my mouth and lips and felt the flashlight thick tube of his fuckmeat in my mouth. He gently fucked in and out, in and out.

Spit and cockleak and headcheese dripped from my chin onto my chest.


“Watch the crap leak, Faggot,” Nate snapped pulling his hand from my tit so it would not get slime on it. “You are supposed to swallow that stuff not let it leak all over. That is what your cocksucking sewer mouth is for.” 


It was true. My mouth had become a filthy sewer. First for ass, and now for dick. They were turning me into a living sewer.


AND THEN THE UNTHINKABLE HAPPENED.  As Rafe pulled bac, his huge swinging balls slapping my neck, I puked. I could not help it, I swear. I actually remember feeling like a total loser. I couldn’t even suck dick right! What a stupid thought, right? The puke shot out of my mouth. Rafe stepped back quickly to avoid the putrid slop, but a bit got on his cockhead as he pulled it from my mouth.

I bent my head down and vomited on the floor of my bedroom. My eyes went immediately to Jake, but he turned toward the cameras in my room.


“Now you see, when a faggot in training fucks up, as they all do much too often, there is only one recourse, severe punishment.” I began to shake my head from side to side, mewling and begging for forgiveness under my breath. I remember feeling totally helpless. Is this how dominant men want submissives to feel? Totally and completely helpless?


Jake continued. “We’ll punish him later, but for now, a faggot has to learn to clean up his miss. Asslicker, lick all the vomit from the floor, every fucking drop.”


The smell had already filled the room and made me want to puke again. I told myself it was only half-digested food, and piss, and cum, and dick leak and spit and ass slime, nothing I could not handle. Was I actually thinking that?


I leaned over the lake of vomit and gagged again. “Whatever comes out, goes back in,” Jake warned. I extended my tongue and began to lap at the puke. Now  one good thing about licking up your own vomit is that your mouth already tastes like vomit from when you threw it up, so it’s just more of the same going back in.

The sad truth is, I would learn under Jake’s guidance to eat far worse things than vomit. I would be taught that not only was it good for me, but that I craved it, I needed it. You are saying no human can be brought that low. Wait!


After the floor and Rafe’s dickhead were clean of puke, they kindly gave me a swallow or two of water as a kind of palate cleanser, so I would be able to fully taste the dick flavor.  Rafe commence face fucking me.


What are your memories of y our first cocksuck, those of your faggots reading this out there? The taste? The smell of the sweaty wet dick? Getting prick hair caught in your teeth? I remember mostly the huge girth of Rafe’s veiny black dick. I thought my jaw would become unhinged. Like you read in stories, he actually grabbed my ears so he could skull fuck me harder. He no longer cared if I choked. The massive dick went down into my throat. I could not breath. I remember feeling debased thinking about how many hundreds of people might see this video. And then Jake made it worse.


“His name is Matthew Colton. He lives at…” he then gave my address, my email and face book items, the college I was attending, my phone number and I don’t know what all else. “Help us train this faggot.” He said into the cameras.”he especially wants public humiliation, so expose him everywhere you can.”


That idea must have thrilled Rafe, because he began to spew sperm into my mouth. He pulled back a bit so lots of cum filled my mouth as well as going right into my throat. My cheeks bloated out and I didn’t know what to do with the cum. Jake helped.


“Do not swallow, Asslicker! Hold the man cum in your mouth like good faggot pussy.” I did, and Rafe pulled out, still shooting a bit. He shot onto my face and wiped his big dickhead all over my face. “Don’t let a single drop out…” Jake warned. I had fuck in my mouth. I had a dude’s fuck in my mouth! I had sucked a dude’s dick! I WAS A COCKSUCKER! Punk Boy brought his camera in close to my face.


“Open your mouth and show our audience all the fucking sperm in your mouth.” Jake ordered. I followed orders like a trained animal in the circus.

“Now gargle the jizz, but do not swallow yet.” 


I gargled the fuck. It bubbled and foamed in my mouth. I could feel how thick it was, like wallpaper paste or glue. “Good boy. Good faggot. Now swallow! “ 


I swallowed. I don’t honestly even remember the taste. I was so fucked up, so wiped out, I don’t know how it tasted.  I swallowed and fell onto the floor.


A still naked Jake stood over me and worked the toes of one of his bare feet into my mouth to make sure all the cum was down. “don’t worry,” He whispered, I realize this is only the second day, and we have a long long way to go, but we’ll turn you into a first-class faggot!”  He got dressed and his buddies cleaned up their gear, leaving the cameras on permanently.


At the door, Jake turned. “We’re just going to go down and thank Granny for her hospitality. Nothing to worry about. Be a good boy and get some rest.  Remember to sleep naked on your back with no covers. Do not change the piss soaked sheets. Piggy boys sleep in Piggy stys.  Do not shower in the morning before class. You will dress in the clothes we left for y ou in the green bag in your dresser. You will dress in those clothes and nothing else. I REPEAT, NOTHING ELSE! We’ll see you at school tomorrow, and give you some more nice cock to suck. We’ve also got some fun games in mind. And don’t fret, we will bring rthe dildo for tomorrow night’s streaming video show!” 


I sobbed myself to sleep, and even pissed the already piss-soaked bed, too tired to even go to the bathroom. I remember waking once with a start, scared out of my mind because I had rolled on my side in my sleep and Jake’s orders were for me to sleep on my back, so my teenage dick and balls showed to the cameras. How many perverted men and women watched me while I slept?

Submitted: July 22, 2022

© Copyright 2023 dale10. All rights reserved.

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