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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Humiliation Sex  |  House: The Humiliation Board

Our hero has had a very rough night, but the new day brings only more humiliation and disgusting torment.











Oh, my God, how had I gotten to this point and what was going to happen to me?  Here I was, lying on my back in my own piss soaked bed in my room, with my invalid grandma just down the hall. I could feel the lake of piss under my body, and the smell was overwhelming, but that wasn’t the worst part. A tall, lanky, handsome, naked college dude stood on my mattress, towering over me, legs straddling my body. Looking up at him, I stared at his obscenely thick, long, uncut penis and his heavy balls swinging overhead.


His name was Jake, and he had me completely in his control. He and his bully friends had taken over my life. I am built much smaller than my abusers, it’s true, being a slender, rather short but cute eighteen-year old new college freshman. They had chosen me for their victim, and I actually had no idea why. But my life had been hell for the last two days. I would never get the piss smell and stains out of my mattress. I would have to go out and buy a new one, and I lived on a really tight budget. 


And now the unbelievable, the unbearable was about to happen. Something so unthinkable, that I wanted to die, or run, or scream for help, but I could do none of those. If I did not obey these sadistic young thugs, they might bring my poor sick grandma into their games. I was their prisoners. But not even in prison would someone be exposed to this kind of sick, perverse, abuse. Well, that’s not true. I’d heard that this kind of thing happens in prisons and reform schools all the time.


Lying on my back, I looked up at Jake. If only he weren’t so fucking handsome, like some fucking movie start, with that black forelock hanging slightly over his forehead, those fucking piercing eyes, and that fucking sadistic full-lipped smile.


“Now, just relax, Faggot, it won’t be so bad. You’ll see. You’ll get used to it in no time.”  His voice was smooth, like velvet. He called me Faggot, not Matthew, my real first name.  He shifted his big naked feet up next to my shoulders and turned around so he faced my feet. His two henchmen, one called Nate and the other whose name seemed to be Punk Boy for some odd reason, stood at the side of the bed, ready to smack me in the naked balls if I should disobey. My teenage balls were already swollen and discolored from the nut sack beatings and kickings I’d had to endure. I was a hysterical, confused, frightened mess of a teenage kid.


A fourth dude, a large, muscular black kid named Rafe was apparently the technical wizard of the group. He was installing cameras in my room, so I could be monitored at all times. They were also for some sick reason putting cameras in my bathroom. Jesus, no wonder I was freaking out. But my immediate terror was the six foot two dark-haired-hunk standing over me and straddling me.


“Now if you’re a good boy, this will be just fine. You’ll get used to it in no time.

‘Cause of course, after me, you have to take care of my buddies here. So, just relax and try to enjoy it.”  He said in that fucking smooth voice, as he squatted and brought his naked ass down over my face. It was by far, the sickest thing that had ever happened to me. Even worse than the kid in seventh grade who had shared some vanilla pudding his ma made with me, and later told me he had put his dog’s cum in my portion. I puked that time until I had nothing left in my stomach. The kid thought it was hysterically funny and told all the other seventh graders about it. “Matthew eats doggie cum…” they had called out. I had cried then too, but this, this was a thousand times worse.


Why? Why was I picked on? Was it something about my personality, or my small, kind of thin frame? I was a good-looking kid. I was shy, true, but I still had girlfriends and stuff. Everybody said I was cute. Why the fuck had I stared at Jake’s huge floppy dick as he pranced naked around the locker room? He had called me a faggot which was not true, but the truth was, it was almost as if he had set me up.  I mean who strides totally naked, dick and balls flopping and swinging for everyone to see, around a locker room chatting with the other guys? Are some dudes so totally comfortable with their masculinity? I mean, not a day went by that he wasn’t telling the other guys about some sweet innocent high school chick that he had sucking his dick or taking it up her cunt or even her ass. I chalked it up to college boy bragging rights, totally exaggerated. But now that I was starting to know Jake, perhaps it was true. Perhaps he had fucked a high school girl, her sister, and her mother all in the same day. He would do that kind of sick thing, just for fun. It was the kind of sadistic kid he was. He had bragged that he had the mom and her two daughters crawling across the floor together, tits swinging, tongues hanging out, begging to lick and suck his dick and balls. And now, I was starting to believe it was possible.

Jake squatted more, and I could now smell his sweaty balls and ass right over my face. He paused. “You have never eaten ass before, right?” he asked in a friendly way. How totally sick he was.  Answer me!”


Remember, I had been forbidden to ever speak unless asked or ordered to.

“No…no I haven’t.” I muttered, feeling already like I wanted, needed to puke. This could not be real, could not be happening to me.


“Okay, well there is nothing most straight dudes like more than to have their asses eaten. Of course, we prefer a cute young cunt to do it, but so many of them are squeamish about it. ‘Oh no, it smells bad and tastes funny,’ they complain.  Duh! Of course it smells bad and tastes funny… it’s my asshole, Bitch! So, me and my buddies have found that in order to get a really first class ass eating, you got to get a faggot to do it. Makes sense, doesn’t it.  Now, I’m gonna’ be patient with you this first time, if it isn’t a perfect ass suck, ‘cause you claim you are new at it.

But I expect you to pick it up pretty quick, so the next time, it’s a first class asseating.  And of course, practicing on Nate and Punk Boy and Rafe will make you an expert by the time of our next encounter.” He he spoke, his huge balls swung and danced over me. I focused on the curly black hairs growing from his scrotum. This wasn’t real. This couldn’t be happening. It was a bad dream, and I would soon wake up.


But the bed really was soaked with piss, from when they had forced me to lie still while they took out their big cocks and pissed on me. And Jake was standing over my head naked. I could smell the sweat stink from his nuts and dick and ass.


“Do you know my absolute favorite time to get my ass eaten? Right after a really hot sweaty game of hoops. With the sweat still dripping from my ass crack, I love to sit my ass down on the face of a cute chick or a nice-looking faggot, and let them go to work.”


I began to pray, “Please God, don’t let me puke. Please don’t make me vomit.”

I knew that if I puked, Jake would be really angry and he would punish me painfully.  I guess I must be kind of a wimp, but I was scared out of my mind.


“Faggots really love my ass, so you are one lucky boy. Chicks love my ass too… they say it is my best quality next to my cunt buster of course. Yeah, you can see that I got a really prize winning ass.”  Sadly, unfortunately, he did too. It was a perfect ass. It was an ass to die for. Two tight round soccer ball ass globes, all round and smooth, with a deep crack. Why is it some guys have everything? Why did God give Jake all of this? 


“Okay, now here’s how we start. I squat over your face, and you reach up and spread my ass globes. You are a lucky little faggot. If a faggot every touched my ass uninvited, I’d kill him. But you know that, don’t you?  I am giving you permission to put your faggot hands on my nice smooth ass mounds and spread them, so you can see and smell my ass crack.” They must have heard me sob and moan a little, because they all laughed. “The first thing you do then, is to run your tongue up and down my ass crack. From my balls, up to the top of the crack. If you want, you can lick the bottom of my nutsack a little too, as an extra bonus for you, but do not, I repeat, do not let your faggot tongue touch my dick. You got to earn my dick. If you feel wet on your chin and neck, it’s cause my dick is leaking like crazy. I can’t help it, I’m a natural leaker.


“So, you run your faggot tongue up and down my ass crack, right over my sweaty asshole pucker. Then when I tell you, you have licked ass crack enough, You will place your tongue on my asshole itself and begin to lick that. I like a good strong licking, really work your tongue over that puckered hole. Some days when you do this, my hole will be cleaner than other days, so there will be a variety of experiences for you. It’s Rafe, you got to watch out for. He has the dirtiest asshole in town, they say!”  They all laughed again, and I gagged. I had never felt so humiliated in my life. What were they turning me into?


“Then after you lick the asshole itself, you pretend it’s the mouth of your girlfriend, if you ever really had a girlfriend, and you begin to French kiss my asshole. You suck on the ass lips as you insert your tongue into the asshole, just like it was your girlfriend or boyfriend’s mouth. I expect you to be really loving and to use lots and lots of spit.”  I was so freaked out, that I actually tuned out his voice as he began to tell me about sticking my tongue as far as possible up into his rectum.  My mind began to drift, I suppose, in an attempt to keep my sanity.


Here I was, a normal eighteen-year-old teenage boy, naked on a piss soaked bed, being lectured on how to eat a jock’s asshole! AND MY GRANDMA WAS WATCHING TV FROM HER SICKBED DOWN THE HALL! And those fuckers were filming it and taking pictures with their phones, and I had no idea what they might do with the pictures and videos. 


“And when your tongue is fully extended inside my rectum, make sure to keep wiggling it around into every nook and cranny. You will have to work on stretching your tongue way out, so you can get really deep up our shitters!”


I knew I should be listening, so I did not fuck up. Otherwise I would be punished, and I could not take any more physical abuse. My ribs and guts and especially my balls ached from punches and kicks. They called me a pathetic piece of shit, and I was starting to believe they were right! Isn’t that a sick thing to say…that they might be right about me?  They were turning me into a mentally freaked out ass eater!Would I ever be able to get the taste of ass out of my mouth again? I felt a shiver go through my naked body. Jake droned on. He loved to hear himself talk, I was learning that. He had a really inflated sense of self-importance.


We had a faggot once, about a year back, who just couldn’t seem to get his tongue far enough up inside our shitholes to make us feel really good. It pissed me off. He was this cute little Arab kid, but he pissed me off. So we stretched his tongue out as far as possible from his mouth… really pulled that fucker out, and then we stuck a wooden kabob stick through it… so he could not pull it back in.

Tongue muscles are hard to stretch, but we actually got him to the point when he could stick his tongue way up into our bowels.”


“Fuck, we saved money on toilet paper…” Nate said laughing like a loon.


I gagged again, and tried to make my mind a blank while Jake sat down right on my face. “Step one, lick the crack.”


The night before, they had left me lying naked on the toilet floor of the student union. I’d had no idea how I would ever get home. I’d have to walk or run through a crowded student union, with hundreds of students looking at me. I looked for a bathroom window I might crawl out of, but there was none. Finally, I got up the nerve and just ran out of the bathroom, down the hall and out into the main lobby.


“Streaker!” some dumb cunt called out in glee, pointing, and spilling her coffee. Everyone did look. Guys stopped mauling the tits of their girlfriends, and girls stopped masturbating the dicks of their boyfriends while they studied, to watch the floorshow.  How they did laugh. How the phones did come out to get pictures of me.


“Hey, stand still so we can see your dick,” someone yelled.  In my frenzy, I slid on a piece of notebook paper on the floor and fell on my bare ass, legs akimbo. The students moved in on me like animals in a hunting pack. The stood around me, shrieking with laughter and snapping pictures. “Spread your legs!” Someone shouted, and they took up the cry. I crawled on hands and knees toward the exit. There must have been fifty students looking at me. One lunky jock who must have been on the football team, dumped pretzels out of a bowl. Then he poured water from a water bottle into the bowl and put it on the floor in front of me. With one huge foot on my shoulder, he stopped me crawling.


“Doggie can’t go until he drinks his water from his water bowl, like a good pup!”


I started to cry pretty hard, which brought new waves of laughter. “Please, just let me go. Some bullies stripped me, it wasn’t my fault! PLEASE!”


“Yeah, right. We know you are a fucking pervert.” The kids all cheered. “you are not going anywhere, until you lap up your water like a good doggie from your bowl.”


So, like some dumb fucking animal, I knelt there, head lowered to the floor, and lapped the water from the bowl, while they howled with laughter and took pictures. When the bowl was empty, I began to get up, but the jock shoved me back down with one foot.  “Doggie going to do some ticks for us!” He said.

He kicked me. “Roll over like a good doggie!” 


What could I do? Honestly, what could I do? I know what you must think of me. I am some kind of weak piece of shit. But I was so ashamed and so scared, I couldn’t think straight. So, I rolled over on my back, made my hands like paws, brought my knees up, stuck out my tongue and panted like a dog.


My God, you should have heard the uproar. The jock squatted down and spit into my face. That got applause. What is it about mob mentality? Good people will do the vilest things if egged on by strong leaders. Others began to spit on me. I rolled over and started to crawl toward the exit again, the gang of kids following me, hurling insults at me. On weak legs, I dragged myself to my feet and ran for the door.


The night was warm, and peaceful and quiet. I hid in the shadows and took ten minutes to calm down. I knew my naked picture would be all over the internet. The facebook fiends would chime in, and without knowing any facts, I would be labelled all kinds of perverted things. I broke off a leafy branch and held it over my dick and balls, but that just felt stupid, so I tossed it aside and began the long run home. It was actually easier than it had been during the daylight. I was lucky to encounter very few people, and I hid from them successfully.


But my nightmare was not quite over. When I reached my house, I found a note taped to the front door. It was from Jake. He had been there.


“Faggot. Remember we will come over to visit you tomorrow afternoon, after your classes. Answer the door totally naked with a hard on when we arrive. Fail to do this, and we will go up to visit your grandma. Naked with a full hardon! Just to practice, go into your house and turn on the porch light, right now. Then come back out onto your stoop, and facing the street in the porchlight, masturbate until you shoot your load into your hand. Then lick it up!”


Of course, they were in a car parked at the curb, watching and filming. Do you know what it is like to have to masturbate with other dudes watching you?  It’s  one thing if you are a bunch of high school guys doing a circle jerk after sports practice of something. You all beat off together, chatting about the cunt and tits on this girl or that, and how so and so gives an excellent cocksuck. That kind of high school bullshit, But to have them all dressed, watching you naked as your beat your meat, balls bouncing. And of course, scared and humiliated as I was, at first I could not even get it hard. I could almost hear them laughing in the car. I yanked pulled at my dick, wanting to get it over with. I was so fucking exhausted; I could not even think straight. I had no idea how many neighbors might be watching. There were a bunch of kids living right across the street, I know, but

I had no idea if they were looking at me. I knew the girls there had had a kind of crush on me. I started to think about girls and their tits and pussies and my dick got hard and started to leak. AT LAST!  I raised one hand and tweaked my nipples. I have very sensitive nipples, and sometimes when I jerk off, I play with them. I don’t know why. Is that faggy, do you think?  At last I shot into my hand. It was a fucking mess of sperm. I looked at it and gagged. Then, forcing my mind to be a blank, I raised my hand and licked up the fuck spooge. It coated my tongue and ran down my throat. Like that dog I had been in the student union, I lapped at the fuck in my hand. Then, when finished, I turned, went into the house and turned off the porch light.


At three-thirty this afternoon, they rang the bell to my door. I slipped off my sweat pants and went to the door naked. My dick was hard and wet, as I had been pumping it for twenty minutes in anticipation of their visit. Yes, I felt foolish.

Yes, I felt sick and degraded. I felt oddly as if I were a prisoner in a concentration camp of some sort. The thing was, I had no place to turn, no one to run to for help.


With my hard dick pulsing and leaking, the cockhead red and swollen, I opened the door, to find the girl from across the street standing there. She is a sweet little thing of a blond, and under normal circumstances would be a delight to date. But here I stood totally naked with a big, throbbing hard prick, slapping my belly.  


“Eh, hi, Matthew. Your friends asked me to tell you they would be here in about five minutes!” She could not take her eyes off my dick and balls. It was too late to try to cover up.


“Thanks, Missy, I eh, I was just taking a shower. Sorry!”


A tiny smile played about her teenage lips. “A shower, yeah, sure!”

There I stood totally dry, except for a big wet headed dick. She was certain I was doing what almost all teenage boys do all the time, playing with my fucker. She almost skipped as she went away, humming to herself, while I stood there, dick dripping.


And then they arrived. They took over the house, except for the portion where my grandma stayed.  They ordered me to keep beer in the fridge for them. Jake ordered me to keep my dick hard and wet, saying I would be punished if it went down. Rafe, after taking a good look at the faggot, me, and reaching out his fingers to pinch and tug at my nipples, went to work hooking up my bedroom and bathroom with tv cameras.  Every time my dick leak hung in a long string from my pisshole, Jake ordered me to scoop it up with my finger and eat it.


Jake shoved one hand into his own jeans to rub himself under his sweaty balls, and then shoved those fingers into my mouth. It was my first smell and tiny taste of what was to come. And now, I had my tongue touching his pink, puckered asshole! I was going to be a boy who eats ass. An ass eating teenage boy! Could there be anything worse?  HA! THEY WERE JUST GETTING STARTED.

Submitted: July 20, 2022

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