Hot Afternoon in July

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Adult Romance  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

A man remembers his past. A relationship that he started with an exceptional woman twelve years ago comes back into his mind. On a hot day in July, he went to visit her at her home for the first time, and they spent some wonderful hours together...

Hot Afternoon in July


That sweet afternoon, twelve years ago today... twelve years ago already, it's amazing. Time flies!


My husband and the girls won’t be home,” Angelique Thulane reassured me. “Can I ask you if you’re safe?”


Safe? What do you mean, Angelique?”


Well, if you haven’t got some STD… Sorry if I sound too straightforward. I don’t want you to have a preservative over your cock when you fuck me, certainly not this first time.”


No, I’m alright when it comes to my sexual health. I don’t mind that you asked me.”


Today is a special day. Twelve years ago, to the day, I have lived the best day of my life. In fact, it was only half a day. Or just a few hours, but that doesn’t change anything. It really was the most beautiful, the most marvelous, the most wonderful day of my life. The mid-July day was sunny as the weather forecast had announced. The morning had also been beautiful after a day of violent thunderstorms throughout the country.


Violent thunderstorms had raged in the area where Angelique lived. When I arrived in my car on the main road from Herchville to Boarmarsh, Angelique’s village, the road was still littered with branches and leaves that the wind had torn off the trees along the road. Here and there, I still had to slalom to pass between the branches that firefighters had not yet managed to evacuate.


My heart was throbbing in my throat with nervousness when I arrived at Angelique’s house on Grand Street at two o'clock. I tried to push the doorbell button. Before I had a chance, the front door opened. Angelique had been waiting for me, that was obvious. She quickly made me come in through the half-open door. Her face showed that she was happy. I took Angelique in my arms and we kissed long and intimately. Hugging her, I started caressing Angelique’s body. To my surprise, but also to my delight, I found out that Angelique wasn’t wearing a bra under her shirt.


I looked at Angelique, a question in my eyes. She knew immediately what I wanted. She blushed, and with a slight smile on her face, she shook her head to say ‘no’. From experience, I knew that her refusal wasn’t sincere. It wouldn’t suit a decent woman to succumb to a man the first time he asked her to make love. Angelique’s behavior was only one element in the game of traditional conventions. I knew it and I respected that attitude. Angelique just presented a show of resistance to enhance my desire to make love to her. My lust would become even more intense. Angelique’s ‘no’ was by no means final, that was obvious.


I smiled at her again and raised my eyebrows to repeat my unspoken question. Angelique didn’t answer me, but she looked at me with shining eyes, smiling tenderly in turn. Then she took me by the hand and led me up the few steps of the small staircase going upstairs.

Upstairs, down the hall, Angelique ushered me into a room. It was apparently one of her two daughters’ bedrooms. There was a double bed in it, covered with a thin turquoise green duvet.


We undressed each on one side of the bed. She finished undressing before me and quickly slipped under the duvet. Only her face still stuck out from under it. I noticed how she was watching me when I was standing completely naked by the bed.


I slid into the bed with her and wriggled my body against hers. She looked into my eyes, and I noticed that she was hesitating. Then she said, a little embarrassed:


"I'm not so... well, not so tight anymore. I have had two children."


That was kind of a blow below the belt for me. As if still being tight was significant... I loved Angelique, and it didn’t matter in the least if her vagina was still tight or not. I said nothing. I took Angelique in my arms and pressed her body against mine, hoping that she would feel how much I cared for her. She gave herself over to me, clung to me, and in each other’s arms, we started kissing. While our tongues wallowed around each other and we tasted each other’s saliva, I tenderly caressed the woman I loved heart, body, and soul. My caresses had their effect. Angelique started voluptuously writhing in the bed and she became very passionate. She moved to lie on top of me, and she rolled our bodies from under the duvet.


Our preliminary game of lovemaking resembled a frantic struggle. We kissed and caressed each other feverishly wherever we could touch the other’s body. The expression of our passion became more and more violent. At one point, we were lying across the bed, and in her wild passion, Angelique made me almost fall off the bed, head first. Just in time, she took me by the shoulders to pull me back onto the bed. We both laughed, and it calmed the frenzy of their passion.


Angelique made me come with her under the quilt and she pulled me up to make me lie on top of her. With her hand, she introduced my swollen dick into her pussie. She was burning with desire for me, that was obvious. Never in my life had I had sex with a woman whose vagina had become so wet for me. Our bodies were united for the first time, and we both found their union delicious.


I moved inside back and forth inside Angelique’s puss until I suddenly stopped after only a couple of minutes. Angelique looked at me, a little disappointed. I caressed my mistress’s hot face and said:


"I have to wait for a moment, otherwise I won’t last long."


Angelique was moved. She understood that I would like her to enjoy our lovemaking as long as possible. She smiled, pulled herself away from under me, and climbed on top of me after she had thrown the duvet back. She tenderly stroked my face and kissed it. Then again, with her hand, she pushed my erect dick inside her cunt. She began to move on top of me, slowly at first, and as her passion became more and more intense, faster and faster. I tried to accompany her in her movements and follow her pace. I raised my pelvis and pushed my lower belly upwards so that Angelique would feel my cock press harder inside her vagina. All the while, I stroked Angelique’s breasts which still resembled those of a girl, and when they came close enough to my lips, I kissed and licked her nipples. Angelique adored it, and she went wild. Her head thrown back and her eyes fixed on the ceiling of the room, she moved ever more quickly, panting, grunting, and moaning. I felt utterly happy. I hadn’t the least doubt anymore: notwithstanding my age, Angelique really reveled in making love to me.


My pleasure was heavenly, but I realized that I could no longer hold back my orgasm. If Angelique continued moving on top of me the way she was, I would by no means be able to stop myself from ejaculating.

I tried to slow the pace of Angelique’s movement down by squeezing her hips. Angelique apparently didn’t like it. She pushed my hands away, and almost immediately, I sprayed my cum deep inside her soft and swollen love tunnel. Angelique’s overheated and radiant face showed that she was happy for me. Only, when I began my liberating orgasmic shout, spraying my sperm deep inside Angelique’s puss, she leaned forward and quickly put her hand over my mouth. She smiled and apologized, whispering:


"Hush, darling, the neighbors..."


Then we calmed down and continued kissing and caressing each other, Angelique lying on my chest. Neither one of us spoke. The moment was magical, and words would have broken its charm.

After about an hour, we got out of bed. Angelique went to wash herself in her bathroom. She sent me to wash my dick in her laundry room. I had to stand on tiptoe to hang my cock and scrotum over the edge of the sink. After a while, she came to get me, and we went back downstairs.


In the kitchen, we sat at the big table, Angelique on the corner facing the sliding doors to the garden, I next to her, my face turned toward the kitchen cabinets. We held hands and talked of our love. Our passion was sated, but those serene moments were certainly just as valuable to me. We chatted quietly while looking lovingly into each other’s eyes.


Angelique started cooking for me. I protested weakly, saying that wasn’t necessary. Nothing doing, Angelique was stubborn and insisted that I have an early dinner with her. In the fridge, she took a bottle of white wine and poured a glass as an aperitif for me and herself. We ate the roasted chicken with baked potatoes and finished the bottle of wine.


After dinner, it was nearly six. I couldn’t stay much longer. I still had to travel a long way before getting home. Angelique hinted that she regretted that I must go. She felt unhappy that we couldn’t stay together, and spend the night together. She told me that she would have liked to sleep with me, feeling my chest and belly against her back, my dick between her buttocks, and with my arm around her breasts.


A little after six o'clock, Angelique accompanied me into the hall to let me out. Pressed against the wall near the front door, we kissed to say goodbye. We were unable to stop to savor each other’s kisses. After a few minutes, Angelique raised her head and looked at me, with a broad smile on her face.


"What is it?" I asked.


"I feel something hard bumping against my thigh. I would so much like a quickie before you leave me…"


We went up the stairs into her daughter’s room again. I had apparently recovered from my latest effort. My cock was hard, and with the exception of a few hugs and kisses, Angelique didn’t need a lot of foreplay this time. She was already wet and she immediately slid my dick into her pussie. For the second time that afternoon, we made love, but this time only in the missionary position. Again it was delicious, and I did my utmost best to give Angelique maximum sexual pleasure and satisfaction.


Unfortunately, there was my age. I had recovered from my first lovemaking, but apparently not enough. I moved back and forth on top of Angelique, desperately trying to make her have an orgasm. After a few minutes, I started breathing heavily and gasping for air. I had to stop moving on her without either one of us having an orgasm. On my face, Angelique could see that I was ashamed.


Sorry Angelique,” I said. “I can’t go on. “Shall I finger your clit?”


My disappointment made her feel bad, and my suggestion to massage her clitoris to make her come made her blush. She stroked my hair and face and said:


"It’s not what I want, darling. I’m happy as it is. Don’t go on, and don’t worry. Next time, it will go alright, you’ll see."


Before Angelique finally took leave of me, she insisted that I accompany her to her small office. It was in the first room upstairs in the hallway. She had a shelf with books, and she took a big book with a green cover off it. It was a thick book, a kind of epic written by a Latin American author. Angelique held the book for a moment against her breast and kissed it before handing it over to me.


"For you, my love," she said. "This way, you’ll never forget this wonderful afternoon. If you read the book, you’ll still think of me. Any ideas that I find important, I have underlined them in pencil, and here and there I added a little comment."


Behind the door, we kissed tenderly for the last time that day, that wonderful day in mid-July. That day was the beginning of a magnificent relationship between Angelique and me that lasted a little over two years…


© Robur Quercus 2022


Submitted: July 20, 2022

© Copyright 2023 Robur Quercus. All rights reserved.

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sweet lemon

Just " life" itself..

Fri, July 22nd, 2022 9:55am


Thank you. I always try to stay as close to reality as possible.

Fri, July 22nd, 2022 10:59am

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