First Impressions

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group


You texted saying you just wanted to see me and see if we mesh well. I show up at your place as you asked.

I knock on the door and you answer with a smile.

Just as you say hello, I grab you by the waist and push you against the wall.

I lean against you pinning you, turning you so you face the wall.

You feel the bulge of my cock against your ass and you try to push away from the wall but only pushing yourself against me more.

I grab a handful of hair and push your head against the wall as I lower myself to your waist.

With my other hand you feel my fingers slide into your pants and I lower them.

They slide down past your ass, then your thighs.

They drop to your ankles and you feel the warmth of my breath against your ass as I go to bite it.

You feel the sting of my teeth sinking into the meaty part of your bare cheek.

You then feel the brush of my finger against the slit of your cunt.

I stand and undo my pants.

Resting my cock between your ass cheeks, you feel the thickness of me throbbing, the unmistakable feeling of hit sticky ooze that’s been dripping out if me like I’m in a beast in heat.

Holding your head against the wall, my other hand goes to rub your clit as I slowly work my cock into you.

My thickness fights it way in, the head pops in first a gasp escapes your mouth with a quick exhale.

Your tight pussy is filled with me. I get halfway in, the ridges of my shaft that’s decorated with filled veins is felt on the inside walls of your now tightening and gripping hot wet hole, I use my weight to Slide the rest of me in.

I feel you pulsate and and your legs tremble as I find myself deeper and deeper inside you.

I move my hips into you and away faster and faster and harder and harder, until all you hear is the sound of our bodies meeting forcefully with an echo of ringing through your home.

You begin to cum hard and your juices flow out of you, it drips down my balls and falls to the floor between your legs.

You feel another orgasm wave through you again, as you do, you feel a hot sensation deep in your pussy and you know my hot, thick, sticky jizz is filling you up. My cum oozes over your g spot, you cum one last time and your legs give out putting your own weight down onto my cock.

I finish the last of my load Inside, feeling the shaft swell and pump the last drops out

I slowly slide myself out of you and when I get completely out, our mixed fluids pour out of you thick and in streams to the floor and down your legs.

You fall slowly to the floor in a sweaty sticky mess.

I kneel down and give you a kiss on the forehead and say, "hopefully a first impression that's memorable "







Submitted: July 19, 2022

© Copyright 2023 kirk daniels. All rights reserved.

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