The Sonographer

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Humiliation Sex  |  House: CFNM

A girl becomes a sonographer at a Urology Clinic.


A Sonographer Loves Her Job

Ever since I was a little girl I have been fascinated with testicles.  When I first found out that boys were different, I wanted to see what they had.  I talked two neighbor boys to letting me see theirs, if I showed them mine.  It was a good deal, two for one.  I liked showing them mine not because I had really wanted to but because they were so fascinated to see mine.  I let them touch me and feel me all they wanted.  Then I got to see theirs.  I immediately went to their balls.  I ran the balls through my fingers and played with their balls until their cocks were erect.  I never had more fun. 

Alas, our parents found out and I couldn’t persuade them anymore.  I had to wait until I was a teenager.  The first time a boy asked me out I wasn’t shy.  He was going to take me home on our first date but I told him outright I wanted to go and park.  As soon as we were parked. I went for his balls.  I reached out put my hand on his thigh and when he didn't stop me I cupped his balls.  When he didn't stop me again I unzipped him and thrust my hand it. First, I got to his cock and then I got to his balls.  After I played with his balls for a while I said, “I want to see it.”  He knew what I meant and dropped his pants.  Now I had free reign over his balls.  I played with his balls exclusively for about an hour when he began to beg me to release him.  I asked him, “What exactly do you want me to do?”

He said, “I want you to stroke my cock until I cum.”  I was only too happy to oblige.  I grabbed his balls with one hand and stroked his cock with the other.  In only a few minutes he spurted cum all over my hands.  I didn’t mind.  I liked it.  I continued to stroke him long after he had cum.  I only stopped when he started to go soft.

This continued our relationship with me masturbating him every time we went out and every time we could be alone together.  If his or my parents would be out of the house for several hours we would get together and I would strip him naked.  I never let him strip me naked although I often let him finger fuck me while I masturbated him. 

My favorite thing though was to strip him naked in front of other women.  I wouldn’t let my girl-friends bring him off but I would let them play with his genitals until he was ready.  He was mine and I would be the only one to make him cum.  There was a small pond near my house where the boys would often skinny dip.  I took him there to swim.  I wore a swim suit but he had to go naked in front of the local girls.

Every chance I had to expose him naked in front of women I did so.  When he had to buy a jock strap I insisted that I go with him.  I made him try on one that was too small.  I then made him come out and model it for me.  When it didn’t fit I took it off right in front of the saleslady and made in put on one that fit.  She was astounded.  She couldn’t believe I did that. 

I took him to the tailor to have a pair of dress pants fitted.  I made sure that he went commando.  When she measured his inseam he had to take off his pants.  When he did he was naked.  She was surprised but did her job and measured his inseam while he was naked from the waist down.  She didn’t say anything when grew an erection but she sure noticed it. 

He went to the doctor to have a physical.  I went with him.  The medical assistant suggested that I wait outside but he insisted that I stay.  The same thing happened when the lady doctor came in.  He told her he wanted me to say because I had aspirations of a medical career.  The doctor came in with her chaperone and I said that if she gets to stay, I should get to stay.  When the doctor told him to turn his head and cough I asked her why she did that.  When she explained it I had her show me how to do it.  He grew a beautiful erection but had to wait until he got home before I masturbated him. 

I took him to an esthetician to have his pubic hair removed.  I insisted that I watch.  For the rest of the time we were together I had his  pubic hair removed.  After we broke up and I found other boyfriends, I did the same thing. Men look so much better without pubic hair.

One day when we were in his house while his parents were away he brought 5 of his friends over.  One of them said to me, "I hear you give good handjobs."

I said, "I give great handjobs."

He said, "How about giving me one?"

I looked at the other guys and said, "What about the rest of you guys?"  They all said they wanted a hand job.

I thought, This is going to give me a bad reputation but what an opportunity.  I decided to do it but only on my terms.  I ordered them all to strip to their briefs.  Then I had them stand in line in front of me, all 6 of them.  Then one by one I pulled down their briefs and inspected their genitals.  I took out my I phone and photographed all of them in the nude.  Then, with the aid of some lotion, I began to masturbate one of them.  When I did I had the rest of them masturbate themselves.  I wanted them all erect before I started with them.  Every few minutes I would change the one I was masturbating.  Within a couple of minutes they were all erect and a few minutes later the first one ejaculated.  Then I moved to the next one and he ejaculated.  Within 10 minutes of beginning I had done them all.  Then I washed my hands.  God it was fun.  My panties were soaking wet.

After I graduated from high school I immediately enrolled in a school to be a sonographer.  There were some men in our class.  I was successful in convincing them to let us practice on them.  The administration found out.  I thought I was in trouble.  They only wanted to know how I had done it.  They said they couldn't make it part of the curriculum but wanted to encourage it.

Once I graduated, I found a job as a sonographer in a Urology Clinic.  This was my dream job.  The perfect job for a woman who loved playing with testicles.  All day long men would be coming in dropping their drawers and exposing their testicles to me.  The best part of my job was not doing the ultrasound. That was merely smearing water soluble ointment on the transducer and then placing the transducer on the patient’s scrotum.  The best part of my job was that the Sonographer School had taught me to wrap the patient’s testicles in a towel.  I had to protect his modesty from myself.  I always took my time to adjust that towel just right.  Even when I did the top part of the patient’s testicles had to be exposed because the transducer had to make directly contact with the patient’s scrotum.  It prolonged the time the patient was exposed to me and most importantly, I had implicit permission to manipulate his testicles while positioning the towel around them.

I also loved the reaction of my patients when I examined them.  Older men were generally matter of fact and business like.  They bored me.  The ones I liked were the ones who were modest.  I always like it when a man is embarrassed by his nudity.  The modest ones were also the ones who were most likely to respond to me.  Whenever I saw a penis start to grow, I took my time.  I manipulated their testicles more in order to their cocks grow.  I also took my time when giving them the actual ultrasound test.  If they apologized for their erection, it was even better.  It let me denigrate their experience.  I would say things the things nurses say to justify themselves to the patient "You haven't got anything I haven't seen before". "We are all professionals here' and "it is just another body part." 

A few times, patients would ejaculate in front of me.  I always like to watch a man spurt.  A lot of women would be offended by this but not me.  I always liked to think I had caused it.  When it happened I continued what I was doing and then I would calmly clean it up.  When I cleaned them up I had free reign to handle their genitals. The important thing was not to act surprised.  They would always apologize.  When they apologized I always said the same thing, “Don’t apologize for being virile.”

They would often say, “You are not offended then.” 

I would respond, “Why should I be offended.  You haven’t insulted me.  If anything, it’s a compliment.”  I always got favorable reviews from my patients. 

Sometimes patients would ask me if I like my work.  I couldn’t possibly admit this, if I did, they would report me.  I would say, “it’s  a job, like any other.”  If they persisted I would say, “When you do the same thing all day long, it is always boring.”  This was not true, I loved my job, but I couldn’t tell them that.  I would have loved to say that I loved my job because then they would react to me. If did, I would lose my job.

Sometimes patients would ask me out.  I would really have loved to have accepted this because it is virtually an invitation to play with their testicles.It is not really against the rules, but it is against the unwritten rules and the unwritten rules are often more important than the written rules.  If I accepted the invitation. it would only be a matter of time before I would be unemployed.

One day.,a man came in who refused to let me drape his testicles.  He said it offended him that I should drape him to protect his modesty from myself.  It made no sense for me to drape him since he already had to be exposed to me.  Even though I enjoyed the process of draping patients I really didn't care.  I still got to see him naked and I still got to examine his testicles.  What I did appreciate is that there are people in this world who are actually capable of using logic!


Submitted: July 18, 2022

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