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Status: Finished  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group


We show up at the Cafe at the same time. I hold the door open for you to let you in and you smile as you pass by me. 
You order your drink and find a small 2 seat table, set your bag on one chair and pull a small novel to read a about as you slowly have your drink. 
I order my usual coffee and find a similiar table to yours just close by, I take my laptop out and do a little work as I set my drink on the table.
We have our coffee and sip on them.
You get up to use the bathroom and I decide to also.
We finish.
We wash our hands and leave at the same time.
You bump into me and we smile and kind of chuckle over it.
You look up at me and with that gorgeous smile, I get that overwhelming urge to kiss you. So, I do.
Our lips meet and you feel my mouth open. My tongue leaves my mouth and slides into yours.
I push you backwards back into the women's bathroom. I reach around you and squeeze your ass. I lift you up and you wrap your legs around me. I walk us into the stall and close the door behind me.
I lift your shirt over your head and then I pull your bra over your breasts.
You feel the cold air conditioned air bite at your nipples and they get hard. I grab one and you feel the hotness of my mouth wrap around it. My teeth holds your nipple as my tongue slides around it.
I bite and nibble at both your breasts and you feel my cock starting to grow as it's pressed up against your pussy.
You unwrap your legs from me and get me to sit.
You undo my pants and pull my cock out. Wrapping your fingers around it you place your mouth at the tip and your lips slide down the shaft. Your hand cradles my balls and you caress them as you jerk and suck me.
You stop and you take me out of your mouth and stand in front of me with your waist at mouths height.
I pull your pants down and I suck your clit while my tongue flicks at it. You feel my finger go inside you and you let out a moan.
I go to cover your mouth to muffle the noise.
You bite down on my hand as I slide another finger inside you. I fell you drip down my chin as your juices flow out. I stop and you lower yourself over my cock.
You grab my shaft and guide it to your pussy. You slide over the tip getting me into you. You suddenly drop yourself down hard all the way to the base of my cock.
You start grinding and riding me and my cock starts getting drenched from your tight wet pussy. I bite your breasts as I grab onto your ass. Faster and harder you go and you start moaning. I cover your mouth again and you bite down. You suck on my thumb as you begin to cum and you feel my finger work into your ass.
You bite down harder as you cum again and you get a coppery sense as you blood in your mouth .
With you sucking my thumb, me fingering your ass, biting your nipples and deep in your pussy. You cum again and this time you feel my cock intensely throbs inside you.
I cum with you and we finish together.
You start getting off me, your pussy looking red'ish and swollen from riding me hard.
The heavy, thick jizz pours out of you and onto my cock.
We wipe away the mess from ourselves and go back to our table and drink our coffee.

Submitted: July 18, 2022

© Copyright 2022 kirk daniels. All rights reserved.

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sweet lemon

Fucking hot!!!!

Certainly beats the " take out" coffee experience

Tue, July 19th, 2022 12:09am

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