The Fight

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Humiliation Sex  |  House: Stripping and Humiliation

A feisty female fighter rises to a challenge.

This is my friend Tina” said Debbie, introducing her to the group.

There were about a dozen of us, as usual, meeting up in the park after school, a motley crew of fifteen and sixteen year olds of both sexes who preferred hanging around together rather than going home to empty houses or annoying families. I hadn't seen this Tina before.

Tina's new at school, her family just moved here and they live just over there in Tetly Park estate” explained Debbie. “I got talking to her in maths and said I'd introduce her to you all, she doesn't really know anyone yet.”

There was a chorus of “hello” and “Hi Tina” then a silence as no-one quite knew what to say next.

What's really cool is Tina's into women's wrestling. She's been in competitions and she says she'll teach me some moves” said Debbie.

Girls fighting?” I asked incredulously. “That's unnatural. And they wouldn't be any good at it anyway. I suppose a bit of girl on girl action might be sexy to watch though.”

I got some long-suffering 'feminist' looks from some of the girls and then Tina spoke up for the first time. She looked me up and down and said scornfully “I bet I could beat the pants off you!”

In your dreams!” I replied with equal scorn.

I might do it awake. He needs teaching a lesson, don't you think girls?” She turned to me. “Don't annoy me, misogyny boy! Or I will beat the pants off you, and everything else too. How will you feel when a little girlie strips you naked and starts playing with your little boy toys in front of all your friends?”

I won't feel anything, because there's no way you could do that. Not without knocking me unconscious anyway, it's just not possible. I couldn't do that to you, unfortunately. You certainly can't do it to me!”

You won't mind if I try then, will you? Stand up.”

Yeah”, “Do it”, “Teach him a lesson”, “Sexist pig”: The girls present seemed keen to see it happen, understandably I suppose. The boys were just grinning; they were guaranteed some entertainment no matter what. I'd said too much to back down now. I stood up.

Right then” said Tina. “You don't have to fight me. You can still back off. But if you lose I'm going to strip you naked and you agree to it now; you can't change your mind later. What's it gonna be?”

And if I win? What can I do to you?”

"What can you do?” She looked me up and down and winked. “I like a tough guy who takes what he wants so you just do whatever you can and I'll do the same. No serious pain or injuries, and no penetration, but otherwise anything goes, okay?”

Okay!” A licence to do whatever I want to this girl? This is going to be FUN! I felt a twinge in my groin but suppressed it. Time for that later, first I have to win.

Okay then” said Debbie, as Tina and I squared off, “start in three, two, one, GO!”

Without the slightest hesitation Tina aggressively shoved me in the chest and I instinctively stepped back a foot or so. She did it again. Before I could think what to do she suddenly lept at me and next thing I knew I was lying on my back on the grass with Tina sitting astride my chest and holding my arms.

Tina shuffled up my body until she was sitting with her weight on my chest and knees on my shoulders. She let go of my arms but I couldn't move them enough to do anything useful. Then she undid my tie and pulled it off. Then she leaned over and started to tie one end around my right wrist. “What are you doing?” I asked.

Tying you up” she replied matter-of-factly.

I started really struggling now. “You can't do that!” I protested.

Shut up loser!” She lifted herself up a little and slammed her weight back on my chest, winding me. “I can do what I like, that's the rules” she crowed as I struggled to breathe. “If you don't like it stop me.”

Tina grabbed my right wrist and pulled it round to a point nearly behind my shoulder. By twisting my neck I was able to see I was lying near where the metal leg of a bench was set in its concrete base. Getting me in this position must have been the purpose of the shoving. When my wrist was a few inches from it she wrapped the tie multiple times around the leg. Then she let go, grabbed my left wrist and tied it the same way on the other side of the bench leg. Then she got off me and sat to one side watching me struggle.

Okay, time for some fun.” Tina pulled my sweater over my head and as far up my arms as it would go. Then she unbuttoned my shirt and did the same with that. All my so-called friends just stood around watching and grinning expectantly. Tina knelt on my right forearm and untied my wrist. I couldn’t move my right arm because of the weight but I thought this was a good chance to get my left arm free so I pulled with all my strength but the tie was too securely wrapped around the bench leg to budge, and it turned out I wasn’t strong enough to break it, even with a sudden sharp tug. I was trapped as she pulled my sweater and shirt over my wrist and off and retied it. Then she repeated the procedure on my left arm and I was stripped to the waist. My ‘friends’ had predatory looks on their faces, looking forward to the schadenfreude to come no doubt.

Tina now started unfastening my trousers. “All right” I called out. “You win. A joke’s a joke but that’s enough now. Let me go.”

Not a chance, misogyny boy!” replied Tina scornfully. “These girls think a bit of girl on boy action might be sexy to watch, don’t you girls?” They certainly did if their enthusiastic reaction was anything to go by. “I told you before, you agreed I can do what I want. If you don’t like it stop me.”

Yes but I didn’t think....”

that you’d lose?” she interrupted. “Well tough luck, them’s the breaks.”

I meant I didn’t think you’d seriously do this to me. I wouldn’t do it to you, it’s too much.”

Maybe you would and maybe you wouldn’t; we’ll never know will we? But I told you what I’d do. If you didn’t believe me that’s your problem. But I bet you just took it for granted you’d win.” By now she had my trousers completely open. She pulled the elastic of my underwear away from my body, looked down inside and laughed out loud. “My God, that’s tragic” she sneered. “No wonder you’re panicking. Looks like we’re in for a disappointment, girls!”

They looked as if it was a disappointment they were willing to risk. Make that eager to risk. The boys’ grins just got even more predatory. Soon enough my trousers were round my ankles and I was on display in my red y-fronts with everyone laughing and whistling.

Tina took her time unlacing my shoes and removing them, then my socks and trousers. Then she looked at my face and seemed to take pity on me. “I think maybe that’s enough” she said. “He’s learned his lesson and I don’t think he’ll mess with me again.”

Don’t you dare stop now!” said Susan, hotly. “You’ve seen it, now we want to see it. You promised.”

Yeah”, “Get ‘em off”, “Keep going”, “Teach him a lesson”, “Let’s see it all” and similar sentiments were voiced by most of the girls and even some of the boys. It seemed this was ‘a laugh’ they didn’t want to miss out on.

Tina knelt by my waist. She once again pulled on the elastic and looked inside my y-fronts. She shook her head. “I don’t know. It really is cruel to show this little thing off in public. Are you sure that’s what you want? Isn’t he meant to be your friend?”

Yeah, but he asked for it. Literally” said Martin. “And you don’t welsh on a bet or back down on a dare. So finish what you started. If you don’t do it I will.”

Well alright, we’ll take a vote on it, that’s a good compromise. Majority rules, right?” said Tina. “All those in favour of letting him go now?” A grand total of three hands raised. Thanks ‘friends’!

And me” I called out.

She looked at my bound wrists, smiled, and said “If you want to vote raise your hand. No? Looks like he doesn’t care then. That makes me feel better. All those in favour of seeing the whole show?” Six hands. It seems a couple of people didn’t vote but I can’t work out who. “Well, that’s it then. Six to three in favour and me lad here doesn’t mind. Here we go then.”

Tina grabbed the sides of my underwear and started pulling them down very slowly but inexorably. When she had exposed my pubic hair and the base of my penis was just beginning to come into view she stopped, looked me in the eye, winked and smiled. “Ready then?” she asked.

I didn't reply and after a second or so she suddenly and quickly pulled my last piece of clothing down my legs, over my feet and off. Then she grabbed my ankles and just knelt there holding me so I couldn't roll over onto my front, as I tried to do. “Mission accomplished!” she said with great satisfaction as I lay there hopelessly enduring the laughter and comments.

That really is tragic” said Martin nastily, staring openly at my groin. “I thought you were supposed to be sixteen. Remind us, were you born in sixty-nine or seventy-nine?” He'd never liked me much and was greatly enjoying this moment.

Must be sixty-nine if he's got pubes” said Tina, laughing. “Probably the only sixty-nine he'll ever see, though. Anyone want to play with his toys? I can't be bothered but I've got the right so I suppose I can delegate it. If the stud doesn't like it he can throw me off. What was his name again? I've forgotten already.”

You won't believe this” said Martin, still grinning with delight, “but it's Michael Short, or Mike. Appropriate, eh? Short by name, short by nature!”

Yeah, very appropriate” Tina replied. “I'm really taking the Mickey today, aren't I? Who else wants a go?”

Sixteen year old bubbly, blonde, outgoing Debbie, turned to fifteen year old shy, mousey brunette Alison. You'd never believe they're sisters but they are. Funny how genes work sometimes. “Go on Ali, you do it! It'll be good experience for you. See if you can get him hard for us to measure it.”

Alison looked shocked and embarrassed and started shaking her head but then looked at me, focused on one area and began to grin shyly. “Well, I don't know. How would I do that?”

Debbie laughed. “Shouldn't be too hard, or maybe I should say difficult, we want it hard! Stroke it, tease the head, pull the skin back and forwards, play with his balls, whatever you like. Most boys are pretty randy. Anything you do will probably work.”

Curiosity overcame shyness and Alison made up her mind and approached me, now grinning widely with anticipation. Her sister was right; as soon as she started touching me I reacted. She was fondling me with an air of triumph as Debbie approached with a ruler.

I'm sorry but I don't want to tell you the measurement, or repeat the cruel comments of some of my alleged friends. I hadn't thought I was inadequate but they did, or claimed to anyway. I just resolved to keep a 'stiff upper lip' and stick it out until they got bored and let me go. There wasn't really anything else I could do.

I've got an idea!” said Debbie brightly. “Let's let Ali make him come! Good practice for her, and a laugh for all of us! That's what Mike thinks girls are for anyway, right? Giving him 'action.'”

This is a useful skill” Debbie told her sister. “You've got some randy boy slobbering and pawing at you when you're not in the mood but you want to keep him happy so you just pull it out and do this. It's not what he really wants but he likes it enough not to say no and in a few minutes he's not so randy any more.”

Debbie took Alison's hand and wrapped it around me, then wrapped her own hand around Alison's. “You hold him like this, and squeeze a bit, but not too hard – about like this” she said, using her own hand to squeeze her sister's. “Then move your hand up and down like this..... That's it, now keep going on your own.” Debbie let go and sat back as Alison kept going.

To begin with, Alison seemed quite nervous and unsure of herself but quickly got more confident. Looking at the expression on my face seemed to reassure her that she was doing it right and she experimented with switching from her right hand to her left and back, then with speeding up and slowing down until she settled on a steady pace. After a few minutes, to my frustration, she stopped and pointed. “Look. Is that.... you know? I thought there'd be more.”

No,” said Debbie, laughing, “that's just a bit of fluid, or pre-come, it's sometimes called.” She squeezed up the length of it, extracting more liquid and dabbing it off with a tissue. “Keep going. It won't be long now.”

It never was long” commented Martin as Alison returned to what she'd been doing. After a while I started breathing harder as I felt myself getting closer. I really didn't want to 'shoot' in public but I knew it was probably inevitable and just tried to delay it as long as possible. I kept my eyes shut and fought against my own feelings until....

There was cheering and laughter as I felt myself spasm repeatedly, liquid spattering on my chest and stomach. I opened my eyes, gasping for breath, and saw everyone looking at me with big grins on their faces. Alison was wiping her hand on the grass and looking inordinately pleased with herself.

Well, that was fun” said Tina, laughing. “Looks like little Mike enjoys a bit of 'girl on boy action' more than anyone. I hope he's learned his lesson.” She looked at me. “Do you want me to untie you now?”

Er, yes?” I responded sarcastically, thinking this might be the stupidest question ever.

Yes what?”

Yes please! Pretty please if you like! Please untie me and let me go.”

Almost right. It should be please release me, and we want it set to music. I'm sure you know the song but I'll sing it once and then you can copy me:

"Please release me let me go
I'm not so cocky anymore
To sneer at girls it is a sin
Release me and let me dress again”

Of course, I recognised the old song by the tune and had no choice but to sing the altered lyrics. She must have composed them while watching Alison. It took me three attempts to get it right to her satisfaction, with my 'friends' killing themselves laughing.

Finally she untied me and everyone watched me dress. At least they hadn't hidden my clothes, I thought, that was something. “Remember, I can do that any time I want” called out Tina as I walked away. She burst into song again.

"What you don't want, well boy I got it
What you don't need, ya know I got it
All I'm askin' is for a little respect on the way home
R-E-S-P-E-C-T, find out what it means to me”

First Engelbert Humperdink then Aretha Franklin, she likes the old songs. And she'd certainly earned my respect, no doubt about that.

The End

Submitted: July 16, 2022

© Copyright 2023 Britguy. All rights reserved.

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Callum white

Brilliant story as usual

Sat, July 16th, 2022 10:13pm


Thanks, Callum. Nice of you to say so.

Sat, July 16th, 2022 3:27pm

Robert Brooks

Superb, Britguy, absolutely superb! Instantly one of my favourites. Nice work!


Sun, July 17th, 2022 2:12pm


Wow, Bobby. What can I say to that except, Thank you!

Mon, July 18th, 2022 12:26pm

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