The Chair

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

You walk through the door of my place and welcomed with a hug followed with a kiss on the lips.

The hand on your back leads you into the living room where a single chair sits in front of the couch

You feel me behind you as my arms reach around you.

"I have something planed for you"

I open my hand and you see a smooth silky strip.

My hands raise up to your head and I begin to blind fold you.

After tying the knot, you head the chair slide across the floor to behind you.

"Do you trust me?"

You nod and your seated on the chair. You feel my hand on your hip.

The fingers find their way into the waist of your pants and slowly slide downward.

Your pants slip easily off you.

Feeling a warmness of air flow across your lap, you then feel something soft press on the surface of it. You feel a hot wet sensation swirl around your flesh you sense my mouth ous there.

My hands run upward your body from your ankles to your thighs. My hands go higher to your hips again and you feel me pulling your shirt above your head.

You feel my mouth again only this time it starts on your shoulder moving across it, behind the neck moving to the other side towards the other shoulder.

"No peeking"

I say as i stand straight.

You hear my foot steps going away from you. You air there left to wonder what's next.

Left in your underwear and blindfolded.

All you sense around you is what you hear.

My footsteps walking around you.

Some rustling of objects and the distinct clinking of chains.

After a minute you hear my footsteps coming back and you hear me go behind you.

Your hand is taken and set on the arm rest of the chair and you feel it being wrapped.

You try to move it but feel that it's tied down.

There's a tingle inside you knowing you'll be held down.

Your other hand is tied down.

Then your legs.

Each leg to each side of the chair legs.

Your legs spread open a little, you shift your body a little as that tingle spreads to the end of your fingers and toes.

Your breathes deepens as you hear a small buzzing sound.

A vibration lands between your breasts.

It stats tho work in small circles until it gets wider and wider outward. The vibrations reaching your nipples it goes around one at first. Then, the other. Your nipples hardening it grows sensitive as each one is vibrated

The vibration stops and you feel a slight brush against your face.

A slight touch so light you wonder what it is until you feel it pass your mouth and you sense its a feather.

Feeling it brushing against your skin from your mouth to your breasts to your stomach to your thighs, down your legs and Then back up towards your pussy.

A sudden coldness hits a small spot if your thighs.

A trickle trails down inward and the coldness grows smaller and smaller until its gone.

Then another, this time on your other leg, this time you feel it slide inward of your thighs and upward.

You feel now that its an ice cube.

The ice cube quickly melts against your heated body as it finds its way to your pussy.

The ice melting just before it reaches your Clit. You feel the water soaking into your panty along with the grool you started dripping out.

You hear a buzzing of the vibrator again and you prepare yourself as the shock of the cube subsides.

My finger pops into your panty and its pulled outward as the vibrator is set against your clit.

Leaving it there as you feel my hands around your thighs.

You feel something slide under your lap then the other lap.

It criss crosses around your hips and a tug puts a generous amount of pressure around your hips that the vibrator is pressed into your clit. You try to move you legs side to side but having them tied just moves the vibrator around your clit.

The vibration sends a warmness through your body as the build up increases in your stomach to release it.

A click followed by the vibration stopping puts you back in the moment.

"No cumming yet"

You hear small clinking of chains as your breasts are removed from your bra and you feel something on one nipple first then pressure of something squeezing down on it.

Then the other nipple followed bybq click again as the vibration shoots quickly through your legs and up your stomach meeting with the pinch from your nipples.

You moan and grind your hips as the vibrator vibrates against your clit.

You feel your self soaking your panty as your pussy starts contracting and throbbing, wanting to be filled.

Your breaths quick paced and heavy you let out your moans of pleasure.

You rock your self back and forth quicker and quicker then all of a sudden you feel me go between your thighs to shut off the vibrator again.

Frustrated by the sudden stillness between your legs you keep rocking your hips back and forth causing the vibrator to rub against your clit some more.

"I said NO cumming, yet"

You feel a quick

sharp sting on your breast followed by a sounding slap from something small.

You stop grinding and let that sting sit as you try to think what it was that you were struck by.

You sit there aching to cum.

You feel something against your cheek. The smell of leather as it passes over your lios and across your other cheek.

You think its a belt or a crop.

You feel me stand behind you and my hand around your neck.

The leather running around your breasts as the nipples still snug in the clamps.

The piece of leather leaves your body.

A swoosh in your ears followed quickly by a sting just near your nipple.

The sting flows outward like waves of a pond that had a pebble dropped in it.

Another swoosh, another sting, this time on the other breast.

Another wave flow through your body.

My other hand massaging your other breast as I turn back on the vibrator.

I move my self in front of you and you feel the unmistakable feeling of a cock being inserted into your mouth.

The taste of pre cum swirled around by your tongue gives you an idea of how much I want you.

That warmness in your stomach turning into a hot burning want to release.

You feel yourself pouring out of yourself as your pussy pushes out the juices as it contracts wildly.

You feel me hands grab your head then my cock shoved to the back of of your throat.

Held there until you cough and gag on my cock.

I slide my cock back out and I grab it at the base of the shaft and slap you on the side of the face with it.

I shove my cock back into your mouth and I begin to fuck your mouth.

Thrusting my hips back and forth as I fuck your mouth and throat.

Your pussy ready to explode you moans are muffled by my cock.

The vibration sending you deep into bliss as the orgasm finally releases its self.

Your juices pour out of you as my cock fills your mouth with cum.

The clamps on your nipples jiggle as your legs violently shakes from your orgasm.

As the sun fills your mouth you cough some up from having some spill back into your mouth. You spit out cum and it drips down your chin onto your breasts.

Cum and saliva rolls between your breasts, down your stomach and between your legs.

The vibration punishing your clit you cum again and again and again. Begging me to stop.

Each orgasm met with the stinging sensation of the crop striking your breasts, thighs, lap and arms.

Soaked drenched panties you're legs aching from trembling.

The vibrator is turned

The clamps gently removed.

Followed by my mouth sucking on them lightly with my tongue rolling them around.

I remove the binds from your wrists and ankles.

You stretch them outward for a second then I remove your blind fold.

Bright you squint as you look down at your self and see your self covered with welts from the crop.

You also see your breasts covered in my cum, trails of it going down your body. You see the puddle of your juices between your legs.

"I run you a bath and we can take care of your sores also"

As I help you onto your weak shaky legs leading you to the tub.
















Submitted: July 15, 2022

© Copyright 2022 kirk daniels. All rights reserved.

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