Jerry's dilemma

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Humiliation Sex  |  House: Stripping and Humiliation

Jerry is a college student, 18. His little brother Oscar is 13. The boys' father Ed is 45.

Oscar has a special request of his popular, handsome older brother. When Jerry is home for Christmas break, Oscar informs Jerry that he wants to watch Jerry masturbate in the nude, so he can "learn."

Jerry now has a dilemma. What should he do?

"Oscar, what are you saying, kid?" Jerry is aghast at what he has just heard.

Jerry is 18. He is a good-looking, blonde college student. He's home from holiday break. Jerry is 5'8" 140 lbs., clean-shaven, apple-pie, cherubic, and wholesome looking. He has a girlfriend who is in Europe at the moment.

His little brother is Oscar. Oscar is precocious, 13, and inquisitive about most everything.

Oscar has just asked Jerry, in the den in front of the Christmas tree, a very personal question. The boys are alone. Their parents are at a party.

It's around 6:00 p.m. Jerry has prepared pasta and salad for dinner. The pasta is in the oven (lasagna) and the salad is in the fridge.

Oscar's request:

He wants to observe Jerry masturbate. Naked. In Jerry's bedroom. Before Christmas Eve, which is four days away.

This came about when Jerry asked Oscar what he most wanted for Christmas.

This was not the answer Jerry expected.

Jerry has a dilemma. He is taken aback, to say the least.

"Ozzy, what made you ask me this?" asked Jerry, as gently ss he could. It was snowing outside; both brothers wore sweaters and sweat pants. The atmorphere in the living room was very Christmas-y; their mother went all out with decorations.

"Well, Jerry," Oscar said, very seriously, as was hiw wont, "one of my friends told me that he came in on HIS older brother mastrubating in  his bed--it was an accident, mind you--and that HIS brother allowed him to stay and watch him, uh, finish himself off. And HIS brother was NAKED. And HIS brother is the same age as you."

"I see," chuckled Jerry, feeling a bit faint. "Do I KNOW this BROTHER of your FRIEND?"

Oscar smiled. "You sure do. He's had dinner here."

Jerry's mind raced, wondering who it was. Al, Bobby, Frank, Carmine, Marty? 

"Well, Oscar, all families are different," said Jerry. "I don't know if Mom and Dad would be OK with this."

"Oh, they are," said Oscar. "I've asked them already. They said to ask you, nicely."

Jerry was gobsmocked. "You ASKED Mom and Dad about this/?" he almost shrieked in disbelief.

"Sure did," said Oscar. "I thought you would prefer it that way. Say, when are we gonna eat? I'm starving."

Grateful for a change in subject, Jerry leapt up. "Thanks for reminding me, Ozzy. Let's go in the kitchen, unless you want to eat out here."

Ozzy smiled. Sometimes when he smiled Ozzy reminded Jerry of Damien from the Omen movies

"Kitchen's fine," proclaimed the little scamp, who made his way confidently into the kitchen to eat his brother's delicious supper. (Jerry was a terrific cook.)

They ate at he breakfast nook, where Jerry had set a table hours previous.

"Ooh, it's so good," proclaimed Oscar, as he shoved mouthfuls of lasagna and salad into his small mouth. Oscar always had an appetitie, but he was not overweight. Quite the contrary. Jerry marveled that Oscar was as dark as Jerry was fair, but there was a slight resemblance, and both brothers were trim. Mom was blonde, Dad was dark. Jerry accomplished his fitness mostly by tennis. Oscar's energy seemed to keep his weight down, otherwise he confined exercise to the high school swim team, where he was rather adept.

Of course, during dinner, Jerry's young adult mind was fixated on the unique conversation he'd had with Oscar a few minutes ago.

Jerry decided he would not bring it up again unless Oscar chose to. It was an unnerving topic, to be sure.

Oscar chose to, over ice cream in the den, about an hour later.

"So, Jerry, will you do it?" Oscar asked his brother, who was tending to the firreplace.

Jerry's stomach flipped. He said nothing at first.

Then he turned around and said, "Oscar, it is a lot to ask. What did Dad say, specifically, when you asked HIM about this?"

Oscar ggigled. 'He laughed."

Jerry stared at Oscar. "He LAUGHED?"

Oscar giggled again. "Yeah, and so did Mom. They thought it was hilarious."

"What did they say after THEY LAUGHED?" Jerry pressed, increasingly incredulous, and a bit miffed.

"That's when they said it might be OK if I asked you nicely," answered Oscar, calmly, kind of enjoying his brother's growing exasperation (and obvious embarrraassment).

"IT 'MIGHT' BE OK?" Jerry all but yelled.

"Yes, that's that they said," replied Oscar, imagining his handsome older brother naked. Oscar had seen Jerry naked off and on, and he knew Jerry's penis was a sore point for him. It was not big and Jerry kept his pubes trimmed to make it look more substantial. Oscar had caught him doing it. Oscar found this interesting, and had asked Dad about it.

Dad had said, "Don't go there, Ozzy."

"I will have to discuss all this with Mom and Dad, especially Dad," fumed Jerry, feeling betrayed by his madcap parents. He wished his parents were more like Mr. and Mrs. Marshall next door, who were dull as dishwater but would NEVER find this situation normal.

"So you're not saying no," pressed Oscar. 

"Ozzy, this is not as cut and dried as you think it is," said Jerry. "I am your older brother, not some mannequin or self-help, uh, thing." Jerry was stammering, and he hated when he did that, but Oscar's persistence was beginning to throw him off his casual, older brother vibe.

"Very well, I will be patient," pouted Oscar. "But my FRIEND'S BROTHER saw nothing wrong with it, so I don't see what the big deal is."

Jerry sputtered, "I AM NOT THAT GUY, OSCAR. I don't want to discuss this again tonight."

"OK," Oscar simply answered. "I did not mean to upset you, Jerry. I love you. Dinner was wonderful. Jerry, I just want you to teach me manly things. You're such a great brother."

Jerry did not have a therapist, but he wished at this point that he did.


After breakfast, Jerry had a talk with his father in Ed's study. Ed was 45, a banker, quite handsome, an Alpha male with a gym-toned body. Ed was also a little bohemian and maybe a bit too open-minded.

"Dad," Jerry began, "I am flummoxed by what Oscar wants, and what apparently you have allowed him to pursue here. He is ASKING to see me NAKED and MASTURBATING."

Ed chuckled. "You know how Oscar is, son."

Jerry gulped. "I do. But don't you think this is beyond the pale? Asking me this?"

Ed fiddled with his email on his home computer. "No, actuallly, I don't, Jerry. I never told you this, but your mom knows: Your uncle Gene and I used to masturbate together all the time. And our parents knew about it. They never said a word."

Jerry stiffened in shock. "Uncle Gene?"

Uncle Gene was now in a gay relationship with a garrulously manly carpenter named Sid; Homosexuality had never been a divisive issue in the family, but now, Jerry was even more confused. Uncle Gene was a few years younger than Jerry's dad. He was a successful television actor, and just as good-looking as Ed. Jerry often thought his father envied Gene's physique (and actor's lifestyle) even though Ed was prettty fit himself and could make his own hours if he wished.

Ed continued, "Sure thing. It was the most natural thing. One night we had to share a bed, there was a leak in his room, or something, I don't remember. Nature just took over. Boys will be boys. You know. I mean, you have a sex life already with Chloe."

Chloe was Jerry's girlfriend. She was an brilliant, beautiful art student, Jerry was pre-med. Jerry felt lucky to have her in his life. Unbeknownst to Jerry, Chloe had taken pictures of him naked and asleep. She'd asked to sketch him in the nude, but he kept postponing this. Jerry was actually shy.

Jerry said nothing. He was beginning to feel boxed in.

"Our family has always been unconventional," Ed went on.

Jerry got up and poured himself some of his father's scotch.

"What. Are you worried this would turn Oscar gay or something?"

"Of course not," Jerry murmured, although this though had crossed his mind. But Jerry was a smart fellow, and he knew you can't "turn" someone gay.

"And so what if it did/" Ed chuckled. 'He'd still be your brother."

Jerry drank. Emboldened a bit, he insisted this: "Ozzy will always be my brother no matter what. I am not afraid of homosexuals. I just wonder if this is crossing a line."

Ed poured himself a heftty scotch. "It isn't. Google it. It's more common than  you might think."

Jerry said, "Mom is OK with this?" He was dumbfounded that he was losing control of this discussion, by the minute.

Ed said, 'Your mother actually believes it is healthy. It will occur in this house, it will be kept in the immediate family, and it will satisfy Oscar's perfectly normal curiosity. Oscar is an unusual kid."

Jerry sighed, "He certainly is." Jerry loved Oscar but more often than not, found him strange. But Jerry had buddies with little brothers who told him, "Don't worry about it. He'll grow out of it."

Ed squeezed his handsome, athletic son' s shoulder. "It's not like Oscar hasn't seen you naked, son. I mean, you've showered together."

Jerry recalled that incident. He had not taken it seriously. It had occurred late one Friday night after they'd been to the movies and Oscar had wandered into the bathroom and just let himself in to the shower where Jerry was already lathered up (and to be honest, a little aroused, because he'd been fantasizing about Chloe). Oscar had been naked when he helped himself to the shower. Jerry had just laughed about it then. He found it hard to laugh about it right now.

Jerry stuttered, "Kind of different, Dad. Don't you tihink?"

Ed laughed. "Maybe a liittle. Listen, son, would it alleviate your anxiety if I sat in on the demonstration?"

Jerry took another drink. He CANNOT be serious, thought Jerry. My father watching me jerk off. I don't think so. Even weirder than my little brother watching me jerk off. WHAT AM I THINKING??? Jerry's mind yelled.

"Uh, no Dad, I don't think that would alleviate my anxiety," said Jerry.

"Think about it, son," Ed intoned. "Wanna smoke a joint?"

Jerry thought, under these circumstances, yes. He had smoked weed with his father before, and even his mother.

Jerry and Ed smoked weed. Ed liked smoking weed with his son, because Jerry would stretch and his muscles would flex under his clothes.


I want to get my brilliant son full out naked and watch him masturbate. Oscar has given me this miraculous opportunity. I must tread lightly now. Jerry is nervous about it. I am no longer satisfied with seeing Jerry in the bathroom coming out of the shower or shaving in the nude when he forgets to lock the door, which he has stopped doing even before he left for college. I have never seen Jerry masturbate, and I WANT TO. Jerry is a beautiful boy.  I love his small penis. It's sexier than he thinks, so perfectly circumcised nestled in his golden pubic bush with his marbles in their little sac, so cute, so adorable, like the rest of him......


Ed smoked weed, imagining Jerry pleasuring himself in the nude. He began to perspire.

"Yoo hoo!" Jerry's mom rapped on the door. "You guys, I can sniff it out here!"

"Come on in honey," said Ed. God, he thought, she interrupts EVERYTHING.

Jan, the mother, came into the room. "Oh, am I disrupting the mancave?" she giggled.

"Hi Ma," said Jerry, not really knowing what to say to her more than that.

"Honey, we are discussing Oscar's child-like, innocent request of his old bro," drawled Ed.

"Oh, THAT," said Jan. "Who wants prime rib? You'd better, because that's what we're having."

Jerry salivated. His mother made fantastic prime rIb, with roasted potatoes, string beans, fresh breed, butter, and she usually made her southern iced tea. And some kind of cake.

Jerry's stomach grumbled. He hadn't had anything today except for a fried egg sandwich.

"Where is Ozzy?" asked Jerry.

"Oh, he's at the Loftgrens," Jan said. "They're having a little Christmas shindig. He won't be here for dinner, but I'll save him a plate."

Jan giggled, and left. Jerry could tell she'd had a few glasses of the chardonnay. He shrugged. His mom was a delightful alocholic, full of wit.

"Dad," said Jerry. "Do you really think I should do this for Ozzy?"

Ed drank his scotch. "Yes, son. You're his older brother. I'd rather it be you than somebody else."

Jerry tried to process this response.

He imagined himself, naked, in front of Ozzy. Not "in the shower" naked, but masturbating naked. Jerry thought, this will be verry weird.

Ed poured his son another drink, and passed him a new joint. 

Jerry imbibed, and smoked."OK, dad, if you think it is a good idea. I guess I'll do it for Ozzy."

Ed smiled. He had an erection. "Good show, Jer. I'll be there. Don't worry."

Ed imagined what Jerry would look like naked and masturbating, and he thought it funny that his gorgeous son might actually be humiliated, and Ed gor even harder. Jerry's penis was not a large one, and Ed knew his son was a bit insecure about that. Ed decided he would have a little fun at Jerry's expense.

His father's cavalier responses to Jerry agreeing to go along with this confused Jerry, but he was getting high, and hungry, so he just let it go for now.

That evening, after dinner, alone in his locked, private study, Ed called his brother Gene and had Gene put the call on speaker so Gene's partner Sid could participate in the conversation, which turned out to be quite enjoyable. Ed masturbated to it.

In bed that night, Sid said, disbelievingly, "We're actually gonna see Jerry nude. And jerking off?"

"Looks like it," said Gene. And the two men had sex and then went to sleep, smiling.


It was agreed by Jerry and Ed and little Oscar that Jerry would give his demonstration on the day before Christmas Eve. Jan would be visiting her mother's for almost the entire day, so the men would have the house all to themselves.

Jerry agreed to give his "show" in his bedroom. Showtime was 2:00pm. A snowstorm had resulted in school closings. Jan's mother lived a block away, so she could get there without incident. She was aware of the upcoming demonstration in ths house and agreed that she would not return home until 10:00pm at the earliest, and may even spend the night at her mother's.

"I'll call," she chirped on her way out. "You boys have fun."

Jerry was sitting sullenly on the couch watching TV, wearing sweats. Everyone seems to think this is funny, Jerry thought.

Around noon, after a light lunch, Jerry went to his bedroom. He had his own bathroom. He took a long shower. He smoked a joint and had two shots of bourbon. He looked at his fit, lean, blonde body in the mirror--all of it. Jerry fretted that his penis was not as big as other boys' his age. His balls were also not big. Chloe never complained, but Jerry was not happy about his size. Since he was not short-statured, Jerry was disappointed his genitals did not seem to match his frame.

(They were perfectly respectable, but you know teenagers.)

Oh, well, thought Jerry. It was 1:30. Jerry put on a bathrobe, wearing nothing else, put on some slippers and went out to the living room.

To his surprise, Uncle Gene and Sid were there, having wine with Dad and Oscar (Oscar was allowed to drink a couple of glasses of wine at Christmas).

WTF, thought Jerry.

"Here he is!" exclaimed Uncle Gene.

Ed loved the expression of utter shock on his son Jerry's face. Delicious, thought Ed.

Oscar was wearing his Lord of the Rings PJ's. He smiled at his brother and was amused to see that Jerry was blushing already.

Sid was a burly individual with a beard. He looked and dressed like a lumberjack. He was into humiliation scenes, especially if they involved younger men.

Sid and Gene made a nice middle-aged gay couple. Gene resembled Harrison Ford and in fact he had been his stand-in a few times. Gene wore his usual outfit: T-shirt and very worn blue jeans.

"Hey," said Jerry, trying to regain what little composure he'd had when he left his room.

"Son," said Ed, "Sid and Gene are here to provide you with even MORE moral supportt."

Jerry was incredulous. Surely Dad couldn't mean what he was implying.

"Uh, Dad, can I see you in the kitchen for a minute?"

"Sure son."

Ed winked at Sid and Gene (and Oscar) and followed Jerry into the kitchen.

Jerry shut the door to the kitchen.

"DAD, you don't mean that Uncle Gene and Sidney are going to be watching me do this."

"Of course, why not? We're all men here."

"DAD! You're not getting it. This is already embarrassing. I don't want to be naked in front of a, uh, gay couple."

"It's your uncle Gene and his husband."

"They're still gay guys who'll be looking at me naked."

"Oh, Jerry, I thought you were a bit more secure about yourself. You don't think other 'gay guys' don't look at you?"

"Well, surre, but not NAKED. And fucking MASTURBATING."

Ed chuckled. "First time for everything, son. We can't throw them out in the snow. They drove over."

Jerry scoffed, "Oh, well then, that makes all the difference."

Ed laughed, enjoying watching his son squirm in his bathrobe. Ed was wearing jeans, a hoodie and boots. He'd been shoveling snow.

"You wearing anything under the robe?" Ed teased.

"No, Dad," Jerry mumbled, realizing his father was commando. He could see Ed's penis resting against his leg in Ed's jeans. Actually, Ed's penis seemed to be kind of expanding. Jerry dismissed this from his head.

"Well, you see?" Ed exclaimed. "You're halfway there."

Ozzy wandered into the kitchen. "It's 2:00," he announced. "Were going into Jerry's bedroom."

Jerry's blood drained from his face.

Ed laughed. "We'll be right in, son."

Ozzy left and Jerry heard Sid and Gene taking chairs from the living room down the hall to his room.


"C'mon, Jerry," Ed smiled. "I got you some $50 lube."

Ed went outside the kitchen and returned with a plastic bag. He pulled out a swank looking package that read "Pleasure."

Jerry looked at the expensive lube in shock and awe. He did not go near it.

"Let's go," Ed said, and he steered his now shuddering son, clad only in a bathrobe that was soon to come off him, down the hall to Jerry's bedroom.

Ed carried the lube.

"Dad, I just don't know if I can do this," Jerry protested.

Ed laughed. "Sure you can. I know you jerk off in there all the time."

"B-bb-bbbb--butttttt, Dad,"  Jerry was almost wailing.

"Man up, son, they're waiting," Ed admonished. They were outside the room. They heard Sid, Gene, and Ozzy laughing, carefree.

Ed opened the door. He pushed his son inside.

Ozzy was seated at the corner of the bed in Jerry's desk chair, which had been moved. Sid and Gene were seated directly at the foot of the bed on wooden chairs from the living room. There was one empty chair next to Gene. That was for Ed, Jerry's father.

The trio in the room looked expectantly at Jerry, who looked at the floor, miserable.

Ed tossed the lube on the bed. Sid gasped. Gene said, "Ooh." Ozzy looked on, curious. Was that shampoo?

Sid was thinking this:

Wow. Jerry is already humiliated. Look at his face. He is ashen-faced. He looks good in that robe. I can't wait until he is forced to remove it. I have always wondered what he'd look like naked. I am about to find out!

Ed and Gene winked at each other. Gene was already hard. He too had never seen Jerry completely nude. He'd seen him shirtless, which was a lovely sight to be sure, but never nude.

Ed took his seat. "Showtime," he merely said. The others laughed.

Jerry blushed. They all stared at him.

Ozzy was impatient. "Come on Jerry. Let us see."

Jerry whispered, "Shut up, Ozzy."

Sighing, Jerry took a deep, deep breath, and slowly removed the robe., letting it drop to the floor.  His mostly smooth body was now nude and revealed to all. You could hear a pin drop, until:

Sid drew in breath. I can't believe how small his cock is, he thought.

Reading Sid's mind, Gene said, out loud, "Sid, don't you dare."

Jerry was humiliated. He knew what they were all looking at.

Jerry was stripped, humiliated, and quite, quite naked.

Their thoughts:

Ed: He's dying a thousand deaths. He knows his dick is inadequate, or at least he thinks it is. His pubes are really beautiful, they match his hair. He has a beautiful behind. I spanked it once. I'd like to spank it again. Hell, I'd like to lick it. His mother always mentions Jerry's nipples: "they are perfection, Ed." She's right. I'd lick those too. I'm SURE she would, especially after a bottle of wine. I wonder if she has? Would Jerry allow this? He's too docile at times. Chuckle. I mean, look at him now, naked in front of us. This was too easy. But I love it. Chuckle. Whoa. That butt of his is really something. Chloe must love THAT.

Gene: My God, his cock is small. His balls are small. It will be hilarious to see him masturbate it. We have to be very carefull right now. We don't want to traumatize him for life. I hope Sid can hold back. I know he is loving Jerry's embarrassment. Well, so am I but still. He is my nephew. Everything else about Jerry's body is perfect, really nice. I forgot how gorgeous his nipples really are. He's humiliated as hell. I am horny. God, my naked nephew is turning me on.

Sid: For someone this tall, that is one miniscule set of penis and balls. I like his nipples. They're pink and pert. I would love to bury my face in that peach-fuzzy ass. His abs are delectable. But oh my, that acorn between his long legs. I imagine he gets teased in the locker rooms. But maybe not, he's so likable and cute, it would be like making fun of Andy Hardy.

Oscar: Wow. My penis is larger. Jerry's penis looked much bigger in the shower. Giggle. I heard they shrivel when you get embarrassed. Giggle. I'm gonna ask him to play with his titties. My friend Peter told me HIS brother did that on his own and made funny sounds. Giggle. I wanna see Jerry play with his titties and make funny sounds. I don't think men usually do this. Jerry will probably complain. Giggle. I'll make Daddy make him do it. I am in control, Jerry is my present. Giggle. Wow, look at Uncle Gene and Uncle Sid. Their eyes are really bulging. I know they like boys and all, but giggle, Uncle Sid is licking his lips. Giggle. This is such a fun idea. Oh, here we go, Jerry is lying down on the bed. It's showtime. Giggle. Look how his legs spread as he gets on the bed. I saw his hole. His hole! Giggle. I wanna make him show his hole more. That will make him jelly. Giggle. Showing his hole.

Jerry lay down on his bed, naked, next to the lube. Four sets of eyeballs looked him up and down. Jerry missed Chloe. He knew he'd have to conjure her up to perform properly.

This was Christmas?

For a moment, everything was frozen.

Then Jerry began to touch himself. He placed his right hand on his genitals. They felt so insignificant.

"That lube looks nice," suggested Uncle Gene. "Yes indeed," said Sid, sympathetically, knowing that Jerry's shaft was not substantial enough at this point to warrant a full hand trying to get it erect.

Ozzy giggled. "Oh, that's what that is."

Ed laughed. "Yes son, that is lubricant. That's what a lot of us use when we masturbate."

Ozzy mused. "Hmm. My friend's brother uses his spit, from what I was told."

Sid chuckled. "Well, that works too." 

Jerry blushed ultra-crimson. He applied lube, hoping to get himself hard and finish off this completely demeaning experience.

But unfortunately Jerry's penis was too small for him to apply an entire hand. He had to use his thumb and forefinger.

Sid could resist no longer. "There ya go. I'm sure you're a grower, right Jerry?"

Gene gasped. "Sid. Shut up."

Ed laughed. "No, it's true. Jerry's penis is about the size of his little brother's, maybe just a little smaller than Oscar's. Oscar is the big one in the family."

Oscar beamed, as he watched Jerry evaporate, lying on the bed, naked, humiliating himself with his inadequate penis and balls. Oscar thought, Jerry didn't trim his pubes enough.

Emboldened, Oscar pronounced, "Daddy, make Jerry play with his titties."

Yasssssssssssssss, thought Sid, watching utter anguish manifest itself on the blonde, handsome Jerry's now-contorted red face.

"Do what Ozzy wants," instructed Ed. "He wants you to touch your nipples."

Jerry half-heartedly complied with his free hand, still trying to get hard with the other hand, feeling quite stupid and naked.

Gene stared at his nephew's beautiful, completely exposed naked body, thinking, Poor Jerry. He has a dilemma on his hands (or rather, between his fingers). Gene got harder and harder, watching Jerry blush and blush and blush on the bed. Gene felt his partner Sid's heat emanating from his body and knew that Sid was just as aroused as he was. Gene turned to look at his partner. Sid turned to Gene and said, "Whew."

Indeed. Gene went back to look at Jerry's little scrotum. So petite, so hairless, so NAKED. I bet they taste like candy, Gene mused.

Jerry futilely tugged and tugged on his small cock. Nothing was happening. The lube was not helping at all. Jerry's embarrassment was cratering him. He couldn'tt get aroused. He kind of grazed his free hand over his nipples, feeling quite ridiculous. Jerry NEVER played with his nipples, although Chloe would from time to time.

This all went on for a solid hour and change. Ozzy giggled in delight throughout. The adults in the room smiled knowingly at Jerry. Sid winked a few times. Ed had never seen his teenage son so embarrassed in his life. 

"Uh, I can't, uh," Jerry mumbled, humbled, humiliated. "I-I...."

"Let's try something different," suggested Ed. "Turn over on your stomach, son. Let's get a look at your fanny." 

Kind of relieved for even the smallest amount of dignity, the naked Jerry rolled over on his bed.

His rump was milky white and sensually masculine with a deep crack and considerable definition. There were a few blonde peach fuzz hairs on the lower end of it. Part of Jerry's scrotum was visible, Realizing this exposure of his privates in such a position, Jerry closed his legs tight, which made his naked ass flex enticingly.

What Ed did next shoscked everyone, including himself, but he just couldn't help himself.

Jerrry lay naked on the bed, his butt in full view of his father, his uncle, his uncle's husband, and his little curious brother.

Ed picked up the lube and squirted in on Jerry's deep asscrack. Jerry flinched.

"Shhh," said Ed. "Relax. Sometimes a guy needs a bit more stimulation to get going."

Gene watched in shock. WHAT IS ED DOING, he thought.


Oscar thought, I don't understand what I am seeing. But Jerry is humiliated, I can tell that, and that is funny. Giggle.

Ed then told his son, Jerry, to reach back and pull open his buttocks. "Go ahead," he chided. "You need to give a complete show."

Jerry balked. "Dad, uh, I don't want to show myself in this manner."

Ed lighly spanked his son's pert, adorable asscheeks.

Jerry fidgeted. "Dad, come on."

Ed became firm (in various areas). "Jerry, pull open your damn buttocks. Right now."

Jerry did not want to be spanked in front of everyone, so he reached back and very slowly, VERY reluctantly, pulled open his nubile buttocks, exposing his asshole.

Sid said, "Holy mother of God." Gene hissed, "Sid, shut the fuck up."

Ed chuckled, then with the aid of the squirted lube, he began to explore his son's asscrack.


Oscar giggled. Daddy is gonna stick a finger in Jerry's hole. Giggle.

Ed teased his naked son's private muscle, staring at its perfection and its brown-rimmed mysteries.

Ed eased a finger inside Jerry's anus.

Jerry stiffened and moaned.

Sid and Gene chuckled, watching Oscar fidget with interest while simultaneously staring at what Ed was doing to his naked young adult son's butthole.

Jerry had never experienced his rectum being violated in this manner. Chloe had played with his ass, but NOT LIKE THIS. Jerry felt his father litterally PROBING his anus. EXPLORING its contours. TICKLING it, WRIGGLING his finger. Jerry was beyond humiliated; not only was Dad doing this to him, his Uncles and his young brother were WATCHING IT ALL.

Ed had just begun. He glanced at Sid and Gene. "You guys want to join the party? Come on over."

Gene blanched, but Sid leapt from his seat. "Hell yeah," he said. Ed squirted more lube on his naked son's crack, while keeping his finger deeply embedded inside his nubile hole. Sid inserted his finger and chuckled. "Nice," he said. "Gene, come on over here."

Gene was a bit blindsided, but he got up and got on the bed and put his finger into his naked nephew's asshole.

Jerry was at this point grabbing the sides of the bed, and he found he had tears in his eyes, due to humiliation.

"Ozzy, you too, son," Ed laughed. "Come on and join the party. We'll make room."

Oscar, fascinated, joined everyone on the bed, and put his smaller finger inside his nude brother's wriggling asshole. It felt interesting, especially with all the other larger fingers inside it.

Ed announced, "Let's find his prostate gland. It may help him get more aroused, you know."

Sid laughed, "Right. Good idea. He's having a hard time with that. Or more accurately, NOT SO HARD."

Oscar giggled. This was so much fun at Christmas. He decided he'd have milk and cookies later.

Jerry was hyperventilating on the bed. He had four foreign fingers inside his anus. He was naked and degraded. It felit like an entire FIST was inside his butt. Well, he wasn't that far off, really, 

The adult men made beelines for the naked young man's prostate gland. Oscar did not know what a prostate gland was, so he just wiggled his finger around his nude brother's rectum. It seemed to be having an effect. Jerry writhed, grabbed the bed, and sobbed.

The older man found the gland. They touched it intimately. Ed raised his naked son's body off the bed and told Gene, "pull out his junk."

Gene reached underneath Jerry's trembling naked body and pulled his genitals into full view. As of on cue, Sid assisted Gene's next move: pulling the naked Jerry's legs as wide open as possible to expose him fully. Playing along, Ed pushed Jerry back on the bed flat. 

Jerry's genitals: his cock and his balls, were now displayed on the bed, albeit kind of squished. The assplay indeed had resulted in visible changes.

The penis was fuller, and it was wet. The scrotum was tightened.


The fingers remained inside the nude young man's violated anus. It was simply too warm in there, and too much fun to watch the young man's frenzied reactions.

Oscar poked around his brother's insides. It interested him greatly. And now the adults had exposed Jerry's privates, giggle. Oscar noted that his brother's penis was sweating. Giggle.

And Jerry was crying. GIGGLE.

With his other hand, Oscar decided to explore his naked older brother's privates. After all, they were just laying there, hanging out, smushed against his bed, clearly visible.

Oscar first started rubbing Jerry's testicles and pulling on his ball sac. Jerry writhed in fear. He knew that those were Oscar's inquisitive little brother fingers, and Jerry felt sick.

None of the adults stopped Oscar from his clearly carnal curiosity about his naked brother's gorgeous body.

Oscar then decided to rub  his finger over Jerry's piss slit, which was wet with a strange gelatinous substance. Hmm, Oscar thought, I don't think this is sweat. Jerry writhed further, clutching the bed, protesting by saying "Dadddddddddd."

Ed laughed and winked at Gene and Sid. "Boys will be boys, right guys?"

Gene said nothing but he watched intently. Sid laughed out loud, boisterously.

Oscar was pleased that his teasing of his nude brother was being approved. He pulled on Jerry's cockhead. Jerry groaned.

Oscar liked the feel of the skin on Jerry's penis, and that the penis was seeming to stiffen. He pulled and pulled and tugged and tugged and probed and rubbed and tickled his naked brother, one hand on his cock and balls, the other inside his butthole. GIGGLE.

Jerry had to stop this. It was too much.

"Dad," Jerry gasped. "I'm ready to finish. Please let me just finish."

Ed waved a hand to everyone who had  a hand in his naked son's asshole. They all took their fingers out. Ozzy frowned. He had to stop his fondling of Jerry. "Awwwwwwww," Ozzy pouted.

Jerry, his eyes wet with humiliation tears, rolled over on his back, relieved that the digging into his most private area had ceased. and that Oscar's hand was off his genitals Jerry's beautiful, manly body was trembling, but Jerry felt neither beautiful nor manly. He was utterly humiliated.

Jerry took the lube and squirted it on his genitals. He began to masturbate furiously. This time, everything clicked. He was able to produce an erection. It was a nice one, too. Oscar stared in fascination. Sid and Gene held hands. Ed leaned forward in lewd anticipation.

Jerry writhed on the bed, and moaned. Jerry's legs flailed about, spread open despite his awareness of his complete lack of any modesty at this point. His audience stared in euphoria. Jerry's asshole was still visible in this new position of self-lust.

Jerry achieved full, glorious, purplish erection. He was thinking:








The  naked, humiliated Jerry's nipples changed colors and got hard.

His scrotum filled to capacity. It was quite startling to witness.

Jerry closed his eyes, feeling the salt of his humiliation tears. Cell phone pics were taken without his knowedge. They weren't the first. Several had been taken of the mining of his asshole.

"Ohhhhhhhh, Ohhhhhhhh, Urghhhhhhh," Jerry's throat expelled from his lips. "Aarrggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhh."

Oscar giggled.

Then the nude, BLONDE-PUBED Jerry ejaculated all over himself, his abs, his tennis-defined tits, his entire smooth body. Jerry's mouth was amusingly wide open in orgasm. JERRY SHOT WADS IN FRONT OF HIS GAY UNCLES, HIS DAD, AND HIS YOUNGER BROTHER WHOSE FLACCID DICK WAS BIGGER THAN HIS FLACCID DICK. THE LOAD WAS TREMENDOUS, and some of it hit the headboard of the bed. Jerry was utterly mortified; the sperm actually was warm. JERRY'S LOAD WAS SPECTACULAR AND YOU COULD HEAR IT HIT HIS NAKED BODY. SPLAT, SPLORT, GUSH, PLOOP. Jerry continued to milk himself to the last drop. He wanted the JIZZ OUT OF HIM. HE COULDN'T STOP MASTURBATING AT THIS POINT. UNTIL FINALLY HE DID, SHATTERED WITH RAW NAKED INDIGNITY AND HUMILIATION.

Sid thought, WOO-EEE, the kid's cum is the color of the snow outside.Then he came in his pants.

Gene felt guilty for a few seconds. He knew Sid had just shot a load, sitting there watching his humiliated naked nephew. Then Gene came in his pants and could not suppress a little whimper.

Ed ejaculated in his pants to the point where you could see the stains through the fabric. He grunted.

Otherwise, no one said a word out loud. Oscar continued to giggle. Jerry wanted to disappear from the bed, the room, and the planet, but he made himself get up and put on the discarded robe. He then went into his bathroom and locked the door. Jerry was pummeled. WHAT HAD JUST HAPPENED?

ALSO, his asshole was rather sore.

The handsome, tall, blonde Jerry was devastatingly humiliated, and he regretted what he had just done so utterly nakedly on the day before Christmas Eve. He felt that he had been stripped and humiliated by his own family. He could never tell Chloe, who he wanted to marry. She would not be pleased, Jerry felt.

Jerry wept, looking at himself in the mirror, the popular blonde smart pre-med athlete he was, and that he knew he was, wearing the bathrobe that mercifully concealed his naked fit body, which to him now was a source of utter shame, but to others, a magnificent work of art with all of its erotic valves, no matter what their size.





Submitted: July 15, 2022

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