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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Humiliation Sex  |  House: The Humiliation Board

Our hero is taken into the college union bathroom and given his first real lesson in obedience.


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(All characters in this fantasy are 18 or older.)



As I followed Jake out of the cafeteria, several things happened. First, I was the only boy there without a shirt on, bare chested, so I got some whistles and cat calls which embarrassed me terribly. As I said, my body is ok, but not particularly buff or anything. I guess if I were gay, you might call me a twink. But I am definitely not gay, in spite of what I have been forced to do for the last few weeks. Quite honestly, after the bullying and abuse, I don’t fucking know what I am any more. 


Second, two guys fell in step behind me as I followed Jake. One of them was Nate, and the other was the punky looking guy, whose name I kept hearing but forgetting. I almost felt the breathing down my neck and was nervous as hell.

My mind was racing, trying to think of some way out of this mess. My stomach was also a mess from the spit beer and cum I had been forced to swallow. I need to explain that I have always been a kind of shy, quiet kid, so I never participated much in the wild things the teen boys around me did. I know some of the boys in high school jerked off and tasted their own cum. I k now that ‘cause they talked about it, and one time to pull a prank on this faggy French teacher in school, a bunch of us guys jerked off into cookie dough and made him a batch of cum cookies. I guess we also spit into the batter. I don’t remember it too clearly, as again, I was shy and although I went along with it, I was never a ring-leader. I alo went along with it the time four of us seniors jerked off into the milk shake we then gave to this really cute girl in the school. But that was the extent of if.


Now, as I followed Jake out into the student union proper, my tongue and gums and teeth and throat felt thick from the taste of his cum. Every time I thought about him squeezing his cum out of the rubber onto the pretzels and me having to eat one, I gagged and felt the need to puke.


I could not help but notice the roll of Jake’s ass as he sauntered ahead of me. He was so sure of himself, and his tight, round, muscular ass cheeks rose and fell in his skin-tight black jeans. I wondered briefly if any girls had ever kissed that ass. I bet they had… more than a few too. I wondered how many girls he had fucked. Alas, in my sheltered life, I had only ever fucked two. I was not the wild ladies’ man he was. 


He turned to his left, and we found ourselves in a hall leading to the student union toilets. Two girls’ rooms on the right and two mens’ rooms on the left.

We passed a gang of young guys sipping coffee and chatting. Their eyes surveyed first Jake and then me. Jake slammed the toilet door open and I followed him into a large bathroom with four urinals and four stalls. The place echoed so that every sound was amplified two-fold. 


I don’t know if it was the atmosphere of the bathroom, or just the tension, but all of a sudden, I knew I had to puke and could not hold it any more. I rushed into one of the stalls, dropped to my knees and heaved out the spit beer and cum.  I felt just awful. I wiped my mouth on some toilet paper, threw it in the bowl and reached up to hit the flush lever. That was when Jake’s foot stepped on my hand to stop me.


“Don’t flush the toilet.” He then grabbed me by the hair and dragged me out of the stall into the middle of the toilet where his two buddies waited. Don’t get me wrong, I am no expert at such things, but it looked to me like all three of them had bursting hardons in their jeans. I began to worry just how sick these dudes were. I knew I dare not speak, as Jake had forbidden me to.


“Strip naked, Faggot!” Jake said.


“Not again, please You guys still have my clothes from earlier, I only got so…”


Jake reached out and slapped me. HARD! He slapped me so hard my head spun. My cheek felt hot. No one had ever hit me like that. “You stupid, motherfucking, piece of shit cum-guzzling faggot1 When will you ever learn not to talk unless we tell you to?  You keep building up punishments. I am trying to help  you here, but you don’t fucking listen to me. For your fucking information, when we visited Granny today, we dropped off your other clothes, minus the underpants. From now on, you will only wear the underwear we provide for you. We left a bag of nice new underwear for you in your room. Now, if you don’t mind, please do us the courtesy of removing your fucking clothes!”


Why was he so fucking handsome? And why would anyone that handsome be such a sadistic bully?  My hands went to my belt, as I kicked off my shoes. I didn’t want to get naked again, but what could I do? What would you have done? The very mention of my grandma erased any thoughts of resistance or rebellion. I undid the waist button and pulled down my zipper. I began to peel down my jeans when I received a powerful punch to my stomach, sending me stumbling over my pants and onto the tiled floor of the bathroom. It was a hard punch, knocking the wind out of me, followed by a kick to my gut. I was almost hysterical, in a state of shock. What was going on?  


“You fucking twat! You dumb, fucking male cunt. You are more stupid than any chick who sucks my dick.” Jake was furious, and I didn’t know why. “You disobeyed me and wore your own underwear. Where the fuck is the nice mesh thong I bought for you?”He kicked me again, this time in the ass. I tried to crawl away, but Nate stepped on my hand to hold me still. “What the fuck does it take to get you to follow orders?’


“I’M SORRY, I’M SORRY, I’M SORRY…” I actually screamed, my voice bouncing off the walls of the boys’ can.  I was crying pretty hard by now.


“Get the fucking jeans, those disgusting underpants and your socks off, then stand up.” 


With trembling hands I peeled off my socks, then slid out of my jeans and the boxer brief underpants. The punky kid kicked them aside. I struggled naked to my feet, facing my assailants. I had never felt so vulnerable and weak in my life.  I  know my legs were shaking and felt like water.


“Okay. Now listen closely. Here is a new rule for you. When you stand naked before us, unless ordered to take another position, you will stand at attention. Standing at attention, means standing with your legs three feet apart, and your hands behind your neck. You are to push your ass out, and I mean push it out like a fucking Kardashian whore. You are also to push your tits out. If you do not push your tits and ass out far enough you will be punished. NOW DO IT!” 


I followed orders. I didn’t know if I was doing it right. I had never had to stick my ass out, and I felt totally degraded and slutty standing like this. I knew my dick and balls were hanging there in full view of the guys.


“Get those fucking tits out!” Jake snapped, slapping my face again. I thought at first my lip was bleeding but it was only spittle. I pushed my chest out as far as I could.  “Ass out!”  I pushed my ass globes out in the rear. It was a truly awkward position.”


“This is your attention position. You will do this any time, any place that we order it. This is also your punishment position. You will now be punished for speaking without permission.” 


With that, he pulled back his leg and let go with a tremendous kick right into my ball sack! I crumpled to the floor, gagging and coughing and howling with pain. Waves of pain and sickness rolled through me. I felt like my nuts, which are not small, had been shoved up into my body. “Oh God! Oh, God, Oh, God! “ I rolled on the cold floor.


“WHO TOLD YOU TO BREAK YOUR ATTENTION POSITION, YOU SCUM SUCKING PIECE OF SHIT?” Jake barked, and he began to kick me in the ass and gut. “Get the fuck up and back into position!”  I crawled back up onto my knees and then struggled onto my feet.  My hands were shacking terribly, and I laced them behind my neck. My nuts pounded with pain.


Just then, the bathroom door opened and two boys of about eighteen, slightly drunk, entered the room. They stopped dead in their tracks at what they saw.


Jake was unfazed. He waved his hand in their direction. “Privacy please, we have a discipline session going on here,” he said pleasantly to the two kids. The two drunken boys turned and almost ran out.


“Ass out, Fuckface!” Jake said to me. I pushed my ass out, crying so hard, I could not see clearly. When I was in position, he kicked me again, even harder in my balls. I fell again. My voice was now a high-pitched wail. Now he knelt by me and reached down and took my balls in his hand. He yanked on them, almost tugging me across the floor. Then, he began to punch me in the nuts. The pain was so intense; I was sure I was going to pass out.


“You have to learn. This is your own fault, for not obeying orders. You could have avoided all of this if you had just listened to me. So, I am telling you nicely, from now on, when I tell you to do or not do something, you obey instantly. D0- YOU-UNDERSTAND?” On each of those words, he hit my swollen nuts.”  He stood up, looking down at me, jerking and shaking on the floor. Both Nate and puke boy were chuckling, and if I am not mistaken, actually rubbing their crotches.


“Okay, now that we have an understanding, maybe we won’t have to hurt you anymore. I don’t want to hurt you.  So now, get up on your knees, nice and straight, hold your head up and open your mouth.” 


I scrambled in my hysterical confusion to obey. I had no idea what would happen next. All three young men stood around me and unzipped and took out their dicks. Jake’s was the largest, long, obscenely thick and uncut. I remembered staring at it in the locker room. If only I had not done that. Nate’s dick was pinker not quite as long as Jake’s, cut and had a large plumb sized head. Punkboy’s cock was the smallest of the three, but still larger than mine. His cock had large veins running the length of it. How did I notice all of this? I have no idea. It was burned into my mind somehow.


I now knew that was going to happen. I great sigh started somewhere deep inside me, and came out with fresh tears running down my cheeks.

“Keep that mouth open!”  The three of them fingered their fuckers, and then cascades of piss shot out onto my face. Three college dudes pissing on me at once. They filled my mouth with piss. Jake ordered me to gargle the piss before I swallowed. I had been reduced to some kind of animal…worse to an inhuman object. I was a toilet. The piss seemed to never stop. I burped it up, and piss ran down over my chest into my groin. Piss formed first puddles and then a lake on the floor beneath me. The piss backed up and shot out of my mouth like a fountain. They kept on pissing. I was a naked teenage boy being pissed on by three bullies. Eventually, I lost my balance and fell once again on the floor, where I rolled into a fetal position.


The piss stopped. 

“Hey, Asswipe. You’ve got to learn to be a better urinal. Look at the mess. You got piss all over the fucking floor. Be a good girl and lick it up!”


I wanted, I needed for the torment to stop, at least for this night, so, like a fucking animal, I got onto my hands and knees and licked the lake of piss from the floor. The piss rumbled in my stomach, and I kept wanting to regurgitate it. There was so much piss, my stomach began to bloat. Finally, the floor was clean.


“Better. Don’t worry, you’ll get much better at this. Now crawl on over and lick the urinals clean. “


I lifted my head in disbelief. I could catch some fucking disease. “Huh?” I asked.


“Are you fucking speaking without permission?”  I quickly shook my head, no.


“Well, get going then, we ain’t got all night.”  I started to rise shakily to my feet, and Jake slapped me down. “Crawl!” he said.


I crawled toward the urinals. Jake ordered me to stop. “When you crawl, you crawl with your back arched and your ass up high. You crawl with your legs spread wide enough for us to see your balls swing. And they better swing when you crawl. You hold your head up and stick your tongue out of your mouth, like a piss hungry bitch. Now do it!” Can you imagine how I felt and how I looked? Their dicks were still hanging out of their pants, and all three were at least half hard. Down deep inside, I was so terrified they were going to mouth or ass rape me, that I could hardly move. How stupid and naïve I was. Mouth and ass rape were nothing compared to the things they would do to me. I know that sounds impossible, but wait and you will learn to what degrading inhuman depths they would drag me.


Two of the urinals were fairly clean. Oh, they tasted of piss, but also of some kind of disinfectant that made me fear I would get sick. But one of the urinals seemed to be clogged and was filled with dark, cold piss.  I had to lap it up.

The last urinal had a cigarette butt in it. I looked up at Jake for help.


“Eat it,” he said simply. I still don’t know how I got the piss soaked cigarette butt down. By now, my mind was almost a blank.  Jake next ordered me into the stall where I had puked up his spit beer and cum, along with puke of what I had eaten. “Lick it up. Lick up your puke. It will teach you not to show disrespect by vomiting up our body fluids.”  With his foot on my neck, I stuck my head into the unflushed toilet and lapped up the filth.


By now I was so exhausted I could not even crawl. The boys dragged me by my bare feet out of the stall and stood around me, lying in a ball on the floor.


“Now, here are your orders for tomorrow. Tomorrow, we are going to come over to your house to visit you and your lovely grandma.”


I lifted my head and opened my mouth to object, but remembered not to speak. Jake smiled. “You may speak,” he said.


“I’ve got two classes tomorrow. Please leave my grandma out of this. Please!”


“Don’t worry. I promise that if you are a good boy, we will be nothing but polite to your grandma, and we will not involve her at all. But we are coming over to visit. So, we will come in the afternoon. We are going to install cameras in your bedroom and in your bathroom. That way, we can keep an eye on you twenty-four-seven. We can also stream it out to others if you are not a good boy. From now on, you are to be naked in your room at all times. Keep a robe or a pair of pants near the door in case your grandma needs you. But you are to be naked in your room at all times. You are to sleep at night with no covers covering your naked body. In your bathroom, you will shit and piss naked, with our cameras watching you. In that way, I can make sure you obey all orders all the time.”


With that, they scooped up my clothes and left me lying covered in drying piss, naked on the floor of the student union bathroom. This time, I didn’t even have a mesh pouch to cover my genitals. Jake reminded me that it was my own fault, as I had not followed orders. The last thing he did, before they left, was force my mouth open and shove the toe of his dirty sneaker into it.


“Get used to it. You’ll be cleaning all of our shoes with your mouth!”

Submitted: July 14, 2022

© Copyright 2023 dale10. All rights reserved.

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