The Camper

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

It's been a busy week, and a much needed get away is welcomed.


It’s been a fun week and a busy one at that.

I decide to go out of the city and find a hiking trail to go explore and just enjoy the day.

I pack my gear and a full two days rations with plenty of water. Not weighting more than 30 pounds, I feel confident that it would only get lighter after a couple meals and drinking the 4 liters of water daily. Especiallyvwhen I’ll be physically exerting myself I’ll be consuming more water.

I take the drive and for about an hour out.

I drive onto a back grid road and pull over.

Writing a quick note of who I am and my general direction of my destination trail I put it into a plastic sandwich bag and place it under my windshield.

I start making my way into the forest and I keep my place on the map with a compass and a pencil. Making notes of memoriable land marks like a twisted tree, a bend in the stream where fish gather or markings on trees where the local wildlife leave their territorial markings.

It gets about 11ish and I clear an area to prepare my meal. Taking my compact propane stove for heating meals or cooking out of the bag. Turning it on, I pull out a can of soup and a premade sandwich along with a bottle of Orange juice.

I sit back looking through the trees towards the sun and watching the sunlight breaking through. My soup comes to a steamy temperature and I take it off the flame carefully and turn off the stove.

After eating, I clean my area and bury my left over food and place my garbage in a plastic bag and place that bag into my backpack.

Marking my path on the map, I known i'm no further than 10 kilometers from my car which was now south west.

I figure if I walk another 3 hours and take a break for a snack, walk another 2 hours then have supper, I should only be an hours walk back to my vehicle.

I come to the stream that’s marked on my map and I know to follow it upstream for about an hour then if I turn south I’ll be making my way back.

About 45 minutes into my walk as I turn the bend of the stream. I see a bright orange dome and I see it’s a tent.

It's set up and the opening faces away towards the sun. I approach casually, thinking my foot steps would announce my presence.

I approach looking around and see clipboards and folders on the ground by a fold up chair.

The fire pit neatly done and well dug. A small pile of branches and small logs. I judge it to be another night’s stay if they decided that would be all they gathered.

I get about 10 yards from the tent and I hear heavy breathing along with a familiar sound of which I can’t make out. I call out and announce my name.

No answer.

I make my way around the tent and while looking in the opposite direction watching where I step. I look up and I see a woman laying on her back with her legs spread eagle. Her eyes are closed and that distinctive familiar sound was that of her headphones on with the music loud.

She starts to moan and with her fingers sliding in and out of herself. She spreads her fluids over her clit as she rubs it while her other hand spreads her lips apart with her fingers.

She starts moaning louder and cursing as her hands move side to side over her clit faster and faster.

She screams just as she shoves two fingers into herself and presses down on her clit with her other hand.

Her legs straightens out stiff and they tremble with her toes curled. She bites her teeth together and let’s out a hiss as she squeezes her eyes tightly shut.

Letting out one last long moan as her body begins to relax and her muscles ease its tension and her hands slide down her hips coming to a rest by her sides.

Realizing I’m still watching I take two quick steps back and slowly walk away.

I go down the stream and sit and calm my self from the excitement and nervousness of the event I just witnessed.

After washing up at the stream I decide to go by her tent because it is on the way back. I don’t want to avoid her by going around because it would add more time to my hike.

Casually I walk towards her tent and I’m deliberately stepping on twigs and sticks. As they snap and crack under me. I whistle a tune and I see her coming out of her tent clothed and a smile on her face.

She waves.

I wave back.

Reaching her tent she stands waiting and I extend my hand to shake hers. We introduce each other and I explain why I’m out here and she does also.

She tells me that she is just doing her research on streams in the wild and how city pollution can affect a single stream outside the city. She explains her reports and how sad she feels about her findings but reassures herself it would take decades before there’s any permanent damage.

I look at the time and realize that we’ve been talking longer than I expected. I’ll be walking back through the woods almost in the dark.

She tells me to spent the night and that she has a spare sleeping bag just in case her's got wet. I tell her I’ll be fine, I have my compass, my map but no light other than my lighter. She insists telling me she would feel guilty for letting me walk away and I go missing.

I think for a moment and accept her offer to spend the night.

I begin to make a fire for supper and I pull out my sandwiches and cans of soup along with the canned peaches. She tells we can pool resources so I would have something for breakfast in the morning. I let her know I've packed for two days just in case I did need to spend another night due to a sprained ankle or just plain got lost. But I trade her for my soup for a couple of eggs for morning and a small box of granola with almonds.

She cooks us a couple pork chops with potatoes wrapped in foil buried beneath the fire as I make the tea. which seemed unfair because all I did was boil water and drop two tea bags in. So, I offered to do the dishes in the stream. She tells me, Damn rights with a smile ear to ear.

After we finish eating we talk about our life in the city and how we met our friends how we get along with our families and don’t get along with our families. I finish the dishes and I burn what’s left of the food in the fire then bury the garbage yards away from the camp.

As we sit by the fire she has her lantern by her side ready for the evening she writes her notes.

I lay on the ground looking up through the tree line and see the birds flying before dawn. I sit up and throw some more wood on her fire and tell her I’ll look for more in the morning for her before I go on my way. She shows her appreciation with a sincere smile along with a thank you that was just as sincere.

After awhile we sit and watch the sun disappear at first behind the trees. Watching the sky burn orange and red with purple hazes. Soon the colour changes from its purple to dark blue then black with its billions of stars all twinkling in the sky.

She puts her clip board into her tent and brings out the spare sleeping bag and I set it by the fire opposite of her tent.

She goes into her tent and zips it up.

I begin to remove my pants to get into something more comfortable to sleep in and I pull my shorts from my bag.

I remove my underwear and she comes out of her tent with her pajamas on.

She catches me nude standing in front of the fire looking awkwardly at her.

I hide myself embarrass she apologizes for not announcing she’s coming back out and I apologize also explaining I thought she was turning in to sleep and thought it was safe to change.

She turns her self around and goes back into her tent.

Closing it.

Changed and in the sleeping bag she yells out to me apologizing again and we both have a good laugh.

That’s when I remember the scene I walked into todays late afternoon. I feel myself get warm as the blood rushes through me. I remember the legs shaking and curling of her toes. The way her finger tips were coated and glistening with her juices. My hand starts sliding down my chest towards my crotch. I reach under my shorts and feel my cock in my hand. Slowly I begin to stroke and my cock fills my hand as it gets harder. I let out long heavy breaths and then I stop. Thinking of the mess I would create inside her bag and how I wouldn’t be able to explain myself out of it if she finds it.

An exhale of frustration leaves my lungs and I slowly drift off to sleep.

Hours into the night I wake up with the need to urinate. Getting up I walk into the trees and find a spot were I can see the fire but yet far enough out that I feel sure I can go.

I finish and begin my walk back.

10 yards from camp I trip over a fallen thin tree and I come crashing down I to my hands and knees.

I get up and start walking back again. She jumps out of her tent in a frantic motion holding up her flare gun and yelling and hollering at the top of her lungs.

She sees me with wide eyes open and she starts to laugh at herself. Cursing at herself for forgetting that in was there but in her sleep driven state she thought I could’ve been some kind of wild animal.

Saying since I’m up in should walk her halfway out so she can urinate also because the event nearly scared it out of her.

I turn my back and whistle to mask the sound of her pee splashing on the ground.

On her way back I warm her about the thin tree I tripped over and we both step over.

Walking to the stream to wash our hands we see the stars reflect on the almost smooth surface of the water.

She tells me how much she loves it out here or anywhere outdoors away from the city. Of how she appreciates the quietness of the nights and how beautiful everything is. I look in her direction and tell her she is as beautiful if not more in this moment. She smiles shyly and I take her hand.

We stand and I place my hand on her cheek and go in to kiss her.

Our lips press against together. She puts her hands against my chest and grabs onto my shirt to pull me closer into her. I wrap my arm around her and hold her tightly in my embrace. Our mouths open and we taste each other’s tongues inside out mouths as they twirl and fight for dominance. Our kiss breaks and we both let out a sigh as we open our eyes.

She takes my hand and leads me back to the camp. We reach the fire and I throw a few more logs, turning back to face her and she stands nude in front of me with her other on a pile by her feet.

The light of the fire shines on her giving her a glow.

I remove my shirt and she take the 3 steps that’s needed to be in front of me as I push my shorts low and they fall to my feet.

I place my hands on her hips and bring her into me and our bodies press together from out thighs to our chest.

We kiss deeply as our hands explore each other bodies and eventually to one another’s crotches.

She take me in both her hands and slowly feels every inch of me.

My hand slides over her slit and my other hand goes around her and grabs her ass.

I give it a squeeze and I begin to lower her into the sleeping bag.

I hover above her as her hands stay on my cock and I grab each leg and I maneuver myself between them.

I pull the condom from my bag that I’ve used in the past as a way to store over my rifle to keep the sort out of the barrel and happily thank myself for forgetting it in there from my last hunt.

She takes it from me and opens it grabbing the base of my cock I help by pinching the reservoir of it as she slides it to the near base of my cock.

She moves her hand up my shaft and starts rubbing the tip of my cock against her clit. We lock eyes as she lowers my cock to the opening of her pussy.

Slowly I work my way in, I pull out slightly and let hernwet pussy coat my cock as it lubricated it I slide further and further inside her.

Her eyes roll back and She lets out a moan and digs her nails into my chest.

I get myself completely inside and her legs raise as I put my weight onto her pussy find it myself deeper into her. I grind in an upward motion and she bites her lip as I comeback downward then out.

Repeating the motion a few times before my thrusts become increasingly harder. She starts to fill the air with louder and moans.

I grab your leg and put it over my arm it’s raised to her chest and I lean forward to bite at it as it bounces from my thrusts.

I place my other arm under her leg and in a dominate position she’s unable to do anything but surrender herself to me. Her legs pread wide and her pussy completely open to me I begin to use more force behind my thrusts and I lift my hips and drop them down onto her as my cock drills deeper into her as my balls slap against her anus.

She screams in pleasure as I fuck her in a position where she takes my cock willingly and with no question as to when I’ll stop fucking her so hard.

Her pussy tightens and I feel her pussy gushing against my cock as I pull out. I release her leg and grab my cock in my hand and start slapping her clit hard with my cock. She screams as loudly as she wants knowing there’s no one closely remote to hear.

My cock slapping against her pussy makes her legs shake and the juices splash from her pussy against our stomachs I quickly slide myself back I to her and start my thrusts and she cums just as quickly only this time I don’t stop. With a scream she swears loudly at how intense her orgasm is as I continue to slam myself against her pussy.

Her eyes tightly shuts and she bites her lip. She grabs her ankle pulling it closer to her head she lets me have my way with her.

She opens her eyes and she keeps them locked into mine. She begs me to cum because she doesn’t know how much longer her pussy can take a pounding.

She reaches around me and starts squeezing my ass as my one hand squeezes her breast and my other hand holds me up.

I feel her pussy tighten again and with the friction it milks my shaft that I cum with an intensity I never felt. I groan in a low rumbling growl as my cock empties into the condom. Her nails digging through the skin and I to the meat of my ass.

Over and over my cock throbs and twitches inside her as I orgasm. Her pussy convulses around my cock as she finishes.

I release her legs and she sets them flat on the ground.

I slowly slide myself out of her and I collapse beside her.

We lay in a sweaty mess beside each other catching our breaths. I put my arm under her head as she turns her body towards me. She sets her leg on mine and her arm rests on my chest.

I lay looking upward at stars.

Her hand lowers and she removes the condom from me and tossed it into the fire.

We get into the sleeping bag and we drift off to sleep.












































































Submitted: July 13, 2022

© Copyright 2023 kirk daniels. All rights reserved.

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Well that was quite the story, Kirk. I'm guessing you're an environmentalist - or are you Ranger Kirk? Anyway, the condom thing... just wow. I don't think so. Put a sock on your rifle, keep a condom in your pocket (in the package). Don't try that at home, Kirk. You'll have little Kirks running around before you are ready.

I actually like the tangential nature of your story. Sex is almost incidental to the adventure, and these two characters are more compatible than most simply because they meet where they meet. It's romantic. Still, if you're going through all this discourse about hiking and exploring, try to think of things that might happen which are not so mundane as cooking a can of soup.

Finally, may I recommend dialogue. It really adds a level of reality to your piece.

Fun story, Mr. Camper!

Thu, July 14th, 2022 3:53am

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