Bird Seeds

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Adult Romance  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

Andrew is too fat. His sister Florence (Flo) convinces him to go on a macrobiotic diet to lose weight. This is not her idea, but Tina Rays', who is a friend of Flo. Brother and sister go to visit Tina in her apartment. Afterward, Andrew goes back alone to see Tina, with all the consequences that his visit entails...

Bird Seeds


My sister Florence is still a beautiful woman. When she was in her twenties, men with their tongues hanging out of their mouths followed her in the city streets, drooling. Dazzlingly beautiful Flo was, as we called her. I was proud of my sister, but also a little jealous. She could have ten suitors on every finger if she wanted to. I was having a hard time getting a single girl, at least one who wasn't a bigot and who allowed me to play with her tits and fuck her in her pussy regularly. Occasionally, I would complain about that to Flo. She then tried to comfort me. What she said always came down to the same thing: I had to be patient, my time would come. She also advised me to try and lose some extra pounds to look more attractive to girls.

Flo was right about that. In the meantime, I was almost eighteen. I was in the last year of secondary school in Hazelstead, but I still had a kind of baby fat, breasts like those of a girl-to-be, a round, protruding belly, and fat buttocks. Actually, I only had two trump cards, but the girls couldn't really see them: I was very strong from dragging metal pipes to build scaffolding and heavy buckets of paint, and I had a cock between my legs that I could be proud of. Not that it was exceptionally long, though. It may have been a little longer and a bit thicker than average, but most importantly, after I had cum, it was ready to dive into a pussy again within half an hour. And the slipping of the scalpel during the phimosis surgery I had when I was eight left a kind of wild meat comb on top of my glans. When I got an erection, the excrescence also filled with blood. Feeling that outgrowth, along with my glans, going back and forth against their G-spot had already made girls frantic a few times. I didn't have to make much effort for the rest to make them cum, yelling and screaming. But, unfortunately, at almost eighteen, I very rarely had that chance.

Flo was sweet. She supported me, not only with words but also with deeds. She urged me to follow a macrobiotic diet with her. I thought that was a strange idea and I asked my sister:


How did you suddenly get to that? Don't you think the food our mom is serving us isn’t good enough anymore?”


"That's not the point," Flo said. “That is good enough but far too lavish. We get way too much steak and pork chops here. Macrobiotic food, that would be good for my weight, but much better for you. It would melt away your excess pounds like snow in the sun. Moreover, it would be good for our health.”

I saw that Flo was hiding something from me. But then, she came up with a big surprise for me:


There is someone who would like to get to know you better, provided you start eating macrobiotics. She is quite fanatical regarding healthy food, but also in other areas.”


Of course, I was immediately interested. If I had the chance to fuck a girl, I wanted to start following a Hottentot diet or that of Russian astronauts. So, I asked Flo who that girl was. It was about Tina Rays, a girl with whom she had been in class at the Ursulines Institute on Green Square. After the nuns had kicked Flo out of that school for practicing "dirty manners" with a boy in the toilets, she and Tina remained friends. Now, they still saw each other regularly in Olympia Fitness on Daiste Road. Flo went there to maintain her gorgeous model, but for Tina Rays, it was all about shedding excess pounds. Not that she was really fat but overweight, that ran in her family. She was “curvy”, she said herself, but she definitely wanted to get slimmer.

Tina had told Flo that she was interested in meeting me, and had asked her if she wouldn't come and introduce her brother. Flo agreed, and I was naturally nervous about what that introduction would bring. So, Flo and I drove to Curange together. Tina Rays lived there in an apartment on Prince Court Road, close to the Saint-Gertrude church.


When we got there, Tina sampled me from head to toe. She didn't seem dissatisfied with what she saw, but still, she said:


Man, man, you are seriously fat. A lot has to be done before…”


She said no more. I filled in the rest myself in my head: "... you get can think about fucking me."


Tina Rays made us sit down and like a college professor, she started teaching Flo and me in her macrobiotics course “ex-cathedra”. She was very clear, explaining what we should eat: wholemeal bread, lots of vegetables, nuts, fruits, and especially all kinds of seeds. Foods such as meat, eggs, cheese, and other dairy products were absolutely forbidden. Potatoes, tomatoes, aubergines, cucumbers, courgettes, and strawberries were not really banned. Tina called them "nightshade plants," and she said they didn't fatten, but had an adverse effect on health. White sugar made from beets was also to be avoided at all costs, it was a real fattener. It was best to replace it as a sweetener with natural honey, preferably lavender or acacia honey. You got the best results if you spread that honey on wholemeal bread and sprinkled birdseed on it…


Frankly, to me, it wasn't really an interesting presentation. I dreamed while Tina Rays was speaking, wondering if she would have nice tits and if she had a big or a small cunt, and whether or not she would have shaved it. Did Tina have the gift of mind-reading? When Flo had gone to the bathroom, Tina looked at me and put her finger to her mouth to signal me to shut up. As fast as lightning she unbuttoned her multicolored blouse and took her tits out of her soft pink bra trimmed with white lace. Those breasts she showed me were simply breathtaking. They were nicely round and above all very thick, with a large areola from which the teat barely protruded. It goes without saying that I immediately got an erection and was very excited to get to know Tina's breasts up close, and if at all possible also her cunt… But nothing came of it. As quickly as she let her impressive tits pop out of her bra, they went back into the cups and Tina buttoned up her blouse before Flo came back from the toilet.

Eat macrobiotics,” she said to me with a smile as Flo came back into the room. “And don't forget the birdseed, you need a lot of birdseed. You will see that it takes you where you want to be…”

I felt that as a cue from Tina. A day or three later, I rang the doorbell at her apartment. She made me come up, but she was surprised to see me.

"Why did you come to see me?" she asked me.

Well, uh… I thought maybe we… you know…”

"You've come to fuck me, just say it straight."

I didn't answer that, but Tina could clearly see from the expression on my face what I meant. She was also straightforward:

I have nothing against us trying. If you don't mind that we do it on my bed that I haven't made yet, and that you listen to what I tell you."

That unmade bed was the least of my worries. For the rest, I would see… We lay naked on those rumpled bed sheets. Those tits that Tina had… Dazzling headlights they were! I started playing with them, petting them, and kissing them. When I wanted to take her nipples in my mouth to suck on them, Tina pushed me away from her.

No, she said, it won't go like that! I stayed bone dry between my legs. If you want you can feel my pussy.”

I did that. Tina was right. All my fiddling with her tits hadn't awakened her libido. I tried to stick two fingers into her pussy, but because she was too dry it hurt her, so I stopped immediately.

"How come it doesn't work?" I asked. "What did I do wrong?"

Now you haven't done anything wrong,” she replied. “But in the past. I've smelled on your skin that you have completely wrong eating habits. That put me off. Your skin really exhales hormones that they inject the cattle with because you eat too much steak. Today it will be nothing. Get your clothes back on. Come back if you eat right, macrobiotic I mean. And don't forget the birdseed. You cannot believe the beneficial effect that has.”

A good listener only needs half a word. Tina's refusal to let me fuck her and her veiled promise that I would be allowed to in the future made me definitively decide to go on that macrobiotic diet. Flo, of course, joined in. It was she who made sure we had the necessary basic ingredients for our macrobiotic diet. Flo couldn't really cook, but she still managed to whip up macrobiotic meals. That meant that I was never allowed to eat a hot lunch at noon. Before Flo left for work in the morning at Giovanni Gattorimpieri's hair salon in Ghink, she made me two sandwiches, no more. I got whole wheat bread with no butter on it, but acacia honey. Flo sprinkled a generous helping of birdseed on top. I don't know which seeds were in that mixture. I only recognized poppy seeds, hemp seeds, and sesame seeds. I can't really call that luncheon delicious, but I didn't eat those two sandwiches with reluctance. It must be said that after one week I had already lost two pounds of weight and that my girls' breasts were gradually melting away. I don't know if Flo told Tina Rays about that. Anyway, the recipe for the sandwiches with honey and birdseed turned out not to come from Tina. She was curious to get to know it. She invited me to come and eat those sandwiches with her for lunch on Prince Court Road. Flo prepared my two sandwiches again that morning, and since I no longer had a lunch box, she wrapped them in aluminum foil.

That noon, Tina Rays and I sat across from each other at her kitchen table. She had already eaten, and she watched intently as I removed the aluminum foil from around my two sandwiches. When I took the first bite of my first sandwich with honey and birdseed, a number of seeds fell out. They landed on the aluminum foil. That made a strange sound, something between a tick and a rustle. To my surprise, I saw Tina's eyes cloud and her lips swell.

Please bite your sandwich again!”

She asked it in an almost pleading tone, and I took another big bite. The ticking rustle on the aluminum paper had the effect of an aphrodisiac on her. She undressed, rushed at me from the other side of the table, and said in a hoarse voice:


Andrew, come, fuck me here on the kitchen table. I've got such a craving for you. I knew it! Bird seed, that's it!"


This time, Tina's cunt was not dry at all. Even before I kissed her and started playing with her tits, she was ready to be screwed. Her cunt was very swollen, gaping open and dripping with lust juice. When I went back and forth with my dick inside her, I felt almost no resistance, the walls of her love tunnel had become so soft. I fucked her while also trying not only to play with her full tits but also to fumble with a finger on her clit. It didn't take more than five minutes for her to have a violent orgasm. She screamed her heart out while shaking with convulsions. In addition, she sprayed half of the kitchen table full of her pussy liquid…

It took me a little longer before I could come. Because Tina was so soft and so wet inside, I felt too little pressure on my glans.


Two more times afterward, I went to eat sandwiches with honey and birdseed at Tina Rays’. It helped her a lot to get in the right mood to be fucked. Time and again, she came violently when she'd heard the birdseed rustle on the aluminum foil beforehand, but I didn't. My orgasms with her became weaker and weaker. After a while, I gave up Tina Rays. There were other fish in the sea, with tighter pussies.


© Robur Quercus 2022

Submitted: July 12, 2022

© Copyright 2023 Robur Quercus. All rights reserved.

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