Kitty,s Dolls House

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

Kitty grew up in the fast lane .
Kitty was crazy about dolls
Kittys world "rocked" when AI made it to the world of dolls

Kitty sat in her room admiring her 36 dolls.

Her mum Kathy came in and said to 10 years of age Kitty.

" Kitty dinner is on the table,you can come back and admire your collection of " tarted up" dolls afterwards.".

With each passing year Kitty,s doll collection grew.Kitty dressed these already sexualised dolls in even more revealing outfits.

Kitty frequented sex shops to get "real deal" promiscuous adult clothing.She had fake ID.

Kitty had been taught how to mix and match by her seamstress mum.Kitty skillfully downsized the " fuck-me" garments.

On Kitty,s 18th birthday she proudly displayed her 90 strong collection.All with thick orange,red and purple lipstick.All skimpily dressed and looking real.Kitty,s mum was disgusted and said so for the nth.time.Kitty,s girlfriends were in awe of her salacious collection of dolls.

During the month of May 2023 AI was at last allowed to be used in inanimate objects such as dolls.Kitty ordered a full Adult sized male doll online and sent to her girlfriends rented flat,where she lived alone.

Kitty and her girlfriend with the flat took turns sitting on the dolls 9 inch dick and listened to it,s dirty talk.

The artificial integrated intelligence said hot,dirty things like.....

"I want you to slip my huge cock up your brown crack.Please let me cum all over your fucking sphincter gland " .


Kitty and Brittany both had "earthquake like " orgasms.They also took turns in fondling the male dolls lifelike big heavy ballsack.

The lifelike doll called Clarke just laughed and excitedly said."fuck I,m feelin' horny please keep playin' with my big fucking balls hotness".

.It happened on Kathy,s 40th birthday " bash".

Kitty and her girlfriend got her mum merry drunk.After the partygoers had left they enticed Kathy to fuck the doll they had hidden in her bedroom.

Once Kathy laid eyes on Clarke,s huge cock she got her gear off in front of the girls.

Kitty was working the AI remote." Just let me slip my fucking 9 inch cock up your motherfucker wet hairy cunt Kathy dear".said Clarke.

Kathy was dripping wet.She straddled Clarke and rode his hard cock until she "cum" with a load of girlie spunk.

In the morning Kathy woke up with the girls on either side of her.The girls took turns finger fucking and kissing Kathy passionately.

Kathy  just laughed and  quipped" where,s Clarke.I hope I didn,t wear him out".















Submitted: July 12, 2022

© Copyright 2023 sweet lemon. All rights reserved.

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