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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Humiliation Sex  |  House: The Humiliation Board

Our hero is forced to go to a meeting with his bully Jake, and it does not turn out well. things get worse and worse.

Poor College Kid Part Twoby dale10

(This is a fantasy with all characters being 18 or older. to support my work, please check out and buy and review my legit novels on Amazon.

All are gay themed and somewhat kinky. Look for books by D.H. Gutzman.I can use your financial support to keep writing. thanks)




I don’t know if I’d ever been so scared in my life, as I was when I walked into the cafeteria of the student union that evening. I was still pretty shaken from having to cross campus and get home wearing nothing but a see-through mesh porno posing pouch. I ran of course, from the shadow of one building to the next, but there were huge grassy patches of campus that were just grass and trees.

I’ll bet at least fifty students, both boys and girls saw me. They laughed and some of them shouted to wish me good luck pledging the fraternity. God, if they only knew the truth. I was being bullied…this was no hazing stunt.


It got worse when I got off campus. I had to take back alleys and slink through blocks and blocks of residential neighborhood. Once, I turned a corner and came about four or five boys of about fifteen. I turned to run.


“Stop!” one of the boys shouted, and I guess because I was scared, I stopped.

I put my hands over my crotch, as the boys whipped out their phones and began to take photos of me. Here were these little punk kids, and they were making a fucking fool of me. They laughed wildly as they pretended to be fashion photographers or paparazzi. “Put your hands up over your head…” one of the kids yelled. The mesh on the pouch was so wide that they would easily be able to see my dick and balls. The little kid walked up to me and kicked me hard in the thigh.

‘I said put up your fucking hands!”  I obeyed, and with wild hoots of joy, they began to take pictures of my dick and balls. They moved around me to take photos of my ass as well.


“Oh, she’s got a pretty ass on her,” One of the young punks said, and they all crowded to get a look.


‘You think she takes it up the ass?”  one boy asked another.


“A faggot like her? I’m sure, when she’s not sucking dick.”


Wanting to cry, I forced my way through them and ran down the street. Eventually, I got home. I was so exhausted and shaken up that I couldn’t even go in to visit my grandmother. I showered first and cried and cried and cried. Then I got dressed and went in to see her. I made her a nice meal, and tried to eat something myself. I couldn’t even do any homework because I had left my notebook and text in the lecture hall.I called Jenny, the girl I had been seeing, to tell her that I couldn’t meet her for coffee. I had to go to the dreaded meeting with Jake. Jake had not yet forbidden me to see jenny or date or even speak to any girl. That was to come later. We chatted for a bit, but I just wasn’t in the mood. At least talking to her made me feel a bit manly again. My dick even got a bit hard, when she teased me. I decided I had to figure out some way to stop this whole thing with Jake before it even began.


In an attempt to defy him, I didn’t put on the small mesh pouch. I wore an ordinary pair of boxer briefs under my jeans.  I would not let him intimidate me. I considered going to the police because of the things they had said about my grandma but decided they were just idle threats meant to scare me. At 6:30, I left my home and walked back to the campus.


In the evenings, part of the cafeteria is turned in to a kind of rathskeller, with beer and live music. The room was darkened and lanterns decorated the area. It only took me a few minutes to spot Jake, seated with a girl at a corner table. I didn’t know what to do. Did I approach him? I was shocked because I could clearly see he had one of the girl’s tits out of her halter top, and he was playing with her nipple. He was so fucking brazen, hated him. How could he be so fucking sure of himself. Was it because of his amazing, handsome looks? Shit I was good looking too, although a bit wimpy compared to him. I stood fascinated, watching as he twisted on the big nipples and tugged it out from her tit. It looked like she was in pain, but she just sat there enduring it. He leaned in and kissed her, shoving his tongue into her mouth. Did he know I was watching? Was some of this for my benefit?He did glance over in my direction but showed no sign of recognition. He took one of her hands and pushed it into his crotch, where she began to knead this dick through his jeans.  There was a basket of large pretzels with some dip on the table, and with one hand on the back of her neck, he bent her over until her naked nipple went into the bowl of dip. She did not protest, but rubbed his dick lump harder.  He had her sit back up, and then proceeded to suck the dip from her nipple. She groaned and twisted in her chair.

Then, he forcefully, but not roughly pushed her from the chair, telling her to go away. She pouted and clumped off on her thick soled shoes. He took a sip of the stein of beer before him, raised one hand, and without looking at me signaled me to approach.


Who the fuck did he think he was, and emperor? Looking as strong and sure of myself as possible, I walked to the table and without permission, I sat in the chair opposite him.


“Look,” I said. “There has been some kind of mistake, but we have to…” He raised one finger to silence me, and looked into my eyes. He made a soft, shushing sound.


“I’ve got nothing against you I don’t know what it is you think I did, but you have no right to…”


“Do not fucking speak unless I give you permission. Never ever speak unless I tell you to. I have no interest in anything you have to say.”


“But you can’t go around threatening people just…”


“I SAID SHUT THE FUCK UP!” He yelled and his voice echoed in the cafeteria louder than the guitarist who was singing sappy love songs. Heads turned. He lowered his voice to a whisper again and went on. “You will be punished for speaking without permission. Now would you like a beer? You may answer yes or no.”  How could a young man as slender and fine featured as he was be so controlling? I decided I had to somehow reason with him.


“Yes.”  I said.


He raised his hand high and a good looking busy girl waitress hurried over.


‘Yes, Jake? What would you like?” she asked, drooling over him.


“A beer for my friend, Cunt, and make it fast.” He snapped, and she hurried off. He had called me his friend. Why? He smiled at me. “We will get along just fine, if you just learn to follow my orders. How our friendship works is I tell you to do something, and you do it. No matter what!  If I tell you to eat dog shit off the street, you do it. And I will, believe me, I will.

He took a slug of his beer. I watched the foam curl on his upper lip, hypnotized somehow by his personality, as it seemed everyone was.


“You threatened my grandma!” I hissed, trying to sound as nasty as possible.


“You spoke again without permission. Do you want me to beat your fucking ballsack right here in the student union? Because I will. Your grandma is fine. We needed some leverage, that’s all. Now we have the nice naked photos of you for leverage. Your grandma is perfectly safe, as long as you are a good boy and do everything I say. I had a nice chat with her.” 


He talked with her!  Where? How?  I wanted to ask, but he had forbidden me to speak. My stomach was in knots. He waited for me to open my mouth, and when I didn’t, he smiled. “it’s pretty warm in here, isn’t it? Better tale off your tee shirt!”


Oh, Christ, not again!  I couldn’t, I just couldn’t. I shook my head no. He reached into the pocket of his jeans for his phone, and showed me a photo of my grandma from that day, lying in bed, smiling.  He had been in my house!  With trembling hands, I pulled up my tee shirt and slid it off. I was the only dude in the whole rathskeller with no shirt on.

“I told her I was a new friend of yours, and you had asked me to get something from your room for you. She never even asked me how I had gotten in the front door.” He relaxed.  “Now you see how easy things can be? I tell you to do something, and you do it. Like for example, if I say ‘suck my dick,’ you get down on the floor and open your mouth. It’s not like you aren’t already crazy about my big, fat, juicy cock.  I’ve seen how you drool over it in the locker room, like one of these fucking cunts in heat!”


“look, Jake, if that is what this is about, I can…”  He raised his finger again.


“You really want to get your fuck sack battered, don’t you? “And with that, his foot came up under the table and slammed into my balls.


“Oh, shit, fuck!” I cried, clutching my balls, pain shooting through me, just as the cute waitress brought my beer. I was in extreme pain and terribly embarrassed at the same time.

She looked down at me, studying me.


Jake did not seem pleased. He snapped at the waitress. “What are you staring at, Cunt? You would not be interested in him. He’s only got four inches hard.”  She snorted and sashayed off, her ass swinging back and forth.


“Rules! Rules, rules, rules. I have to give you the rules, and you have to learn them. From now on, no dating girls. Me and my buddies need all your devotion and attention. No dating girls. In fact, no talking to girls! We catch you even talking to a cunt, you get punished. Questions?”


“I’ve got a girl I’ve been seeing. I really like her.” I said it strong, like no way was I going to give in.


“Break up with her tonight or tomorrow. I give you permission to talk to her to break up with her. And don’t say, I can’t say that, because I just did!”  He reached down and grabbed my stein of beer, on which the foam had settled. He gentle moved it toward him, so as not to spill any.

Then he leaned down and hawking back into his nose and throat, he let go with a huge thick gob of spit into the beer. It floated there, green and yellow and revolting. He slid the stein back toward me. “Drink your beer.”


I shook my head. “Please, I’ll get sick. I’ll puke!”


“Then you will lick it up. You have ten seconds to drink your beer.”


“PLEASE!” I begged.


“Drink. I’ll forgive your unsolicited outbursts because I know you are under some stress. Don’t worry, it’s going to get a lot worse, and you’ll get used to feeling like shit. It’s just like the first few times I fuck you up the ass, it’s going to hurt like hell, but eventually it will get better.”

I was so shaken up from what he said, I didn’t know what to do. I was numb. Surely, he could not mean it. he clinked his beer mug against mine.


“For Grandma!,” he said. “Drink.”


Like some poor, pathetic wuss, I raised the stein and took a sip. I tried to avoid the island of green and yellow gob floating on the top, but I know some of it got into my mouth.


“Sorry for all the slime in my gob, but I’ve got a bit of a cold. My spit is usually much better tasting.”  God, he had a cocksure smile. The time will come, when you will enjoy the spit flavor of my gum that I have been chewing for about an hour.  Much more than you will like the chewed gum we fish out of public urinals for you!”


How could any human being talk such filth? What kind of creature was this? What kind of sick monster? He made a gesture, and I drank more of my beer, this time getting lots of thick spit into my mouth.


And then things got truly grotesque. He reached into the pocket or his jeans and fished out a large used condom. There was a huge amount of cum in it, and it had been tied off at the open end. He held it up, dangling from his fingers. The cum in the rubber looked thick and heavy. I began to breath harder, telling myself to keep calm.


“See, how nice I can be. I was fucking this high school cunt this afternoon, shit I can’t remember her name ‘cause, I met her through fucking her sister.  Anyway, usually I don’t wear a condom, it ruins the fuck, but today, I thought of you.”  The fucker had my total attention.

He carefully untied the knotted end of the rubber. It was a huge one, must be extra-large.

And then, to my astonishment and disgust, He squeezed the cum from the condom onto the basket of pretzels. The mucous –like white slime poured and dripped down onto the large Bavarian pretzels. He carefully ran his fingers down the condom, squeezing and urging every last drop of sperm out onto the food below. Then he reached over and dropped the used condom into my beer.


I wanted to kill him. I wanted to kill him and I didn’t know what to do. He was testing my strength, I knew that. If I bent to him, there was no hope for me. Probably half of what he had threatened was bullshit, anyway. He liked girls, that was obvious. He wouldn’t want to ass fuck me, would he?  I could quite college, but I couldn’t leave town, and they had been to my house!


That fucking superior smile of his, and that forelock of black hair fell down on his forehead.

He slid the basket of pretzels toward me. “Have a pretzel.”  He said.


I gagged at the thought. I actually gagged. “That’s not polite,” he said. “You will be punished for that.  “You will be stripped naked and your ball sack will be beaten with ping pong paddles until your nuts are swollen the size of lemons.”


“For God’s sake, leave me alone. How can you do this to me?” I wanted to scream, but it came out as a choked whisper.


“Eat a pretzel.” I looked down at the basket of fat Bavarian pretzels, now covered in a slimy lake of cum. It was gross. It was obscene. It was perverted and sick. It was nothing to what they would do to me in days to come. I looked for a pretzel that had the least fuck sauce on it.


“Not that one,” Jake corrected, pointing instead at the one what was absolutely glazed with his fuck.  “Eat that one.”


I started to cry.  “What if I can’t? What if I want to do what you say, but I just can’t?” 


“Yap, yap, yap always without permission. There is no such thing as can’t for you. You have no right any longer to say can’t. I tell you to do something, and you do it. It is as simple as that.

Think about your future and Grandma’s.” 


No such thing as can’t. My shaking hand fingers reached for the glazed pretzel. I picked it up and my fingers were instantly sticky with fuck. Cum dripped from it. How could there be so fucking much cum? How much sperm did this sadistic dude’s balls hold? Making sounds like dry heaves, I brought the dripping pretzel to my mouth. I hesitated.


“That’s a good girl. Take a nice big bite. We got to get you used to the taste.”  Jake stretched out his legs and leaned back in his chair. I couldn’t miss the huge bulge in his jeans.


I ate the fucking pretzel. I chewed and ate it, tasting the bitter, salty, flavor of Jake’s cum. I was eating another dude’s fuck. Twice I threw up in my mouth and had to swallow it again, as Jake carefully watched me, judging my performance. 


“Good girl. Such a good girl, I may forgive you some of your earned punishments. You know, you are going to look so cute in a nice short pleated cheerleader skirt. I can’t wait.” I hardly listened, my mouth was full of pretzel and cum. Cum ran down over my tongue into my throat.

God, it tasted horrible. How could girls suck cock? Without thinking I reached for the stein and took a huge gulp of beer. The used condom covered in pussy juice and leaking cum from Jake’s big dick bobbed against my lips. I fell into a huge coughing fit, but managed to not puke.


Then Jake rose from his chair, the bulge at his crotch now enormous, showing a thick hard dick down one leg of his jeans. “Okay, Matthew, time to hit the john. Come with me to the toilets.” 


He walked off, knowing I would follow, and shirtless, I followed him.

Submitted: July 12, 2022

© Copyright 2023 dale10. All rights reserved.

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This part was disgustingly good. Haha
Looking forward for the next part.

Wed, July 13th, 2022 9:26am

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