Fraternity House Mother

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Humiliation Sex  |  House: CFNM

A female Marine Corps ex drill instructor is hired to bring discipline to a fraternity animal house.

Fraternity House Mother

Gamma was the animal house of state university.  As a result of drunken parties and complaints about sexual harassment, they were threatened with losing their charter.  They only survived when they agreed to hire a house mother chosen by the university to maintain discipline in their house. 

My name is Marilyn North. I am the woman that the university hired.  I am a retired Marine Corp Drill Instructor.  Marine Corps D.I.’s are famous for instilling discipline in young enlistees.  I know how to instill discipline in young women and I approached my new job with young men with relish.

I am required as a condition of my employment to live and eat at the fraternity house.  I have a room to myself there with my own bathroom.  The first thing that I did when assuming my new job was set down new rules.  They are:

No drinking of alcoholic beverages of any kind

Everyone will act as a gentleman at all times and that will include showing proper respect for any female present within the house.

Everyone will shower daily before breakfast.  The house mother will personally supervise. 

The sergeant at arms will personally see that everyone showers and attends breakfast.

The private rooms in the house will be kept neat and orderly.  The house mother has the right at any time to inspect any room within the house.

The public rooms of the house will be kept neat and orderly and cleaned daily.

Cursing of any kind will not be tolerated.

Disorderly conduct of any kind will not be tolerated.

Disobedience to the house mother will result in expulsion from the fraternity.

Disobedience to the house mother by the fraternity will result in loss of the fraternity’s charter with state university.


The day I moved in I met with the members of the fraternity and set down my rules.  I also posted them in the house’s living room.  The first morning I ordered the Sergeant at Arms to assemble the members.  When they were all there I lined them up and told them we were going to have a short arm inspection.  They asked me what that was.  I told them I was going to inspect them for STD's, sexual transmitted diseases.  The reason I did this was to establish in no uncertain terms that I was in charge.  There was immediate outrage. 

I said, "You will either obey me or i will quit and your charter will be revoked.

They obeyed me.  They alined up and dropped their trousers.  I was ready with a package of tongue depressors which I used to lift up their penises and inspect them.  I found no STD's.  I inspected the penises of every member of the fraternity.  More importantly, I clearly established who was in charge.

The next moring I supervised their showers.  I ignored their protests. They had been told!  They would get used to it.  Lack personal hygiene is indicative of bad behavior!?  How could I ensure proper hygiene unless I personally supervised?  Besides, I don’t believe in male modesty anyway.  It was a source of great frustration to me when I was a Drill Instructor.  Since women don't molest men, why do they need to be modest?  What they have between their legs isn't a secret.

Then we went to breakfast.  I did not permit anyone to begin until everyone was present.  I took my breakfast with the members to be sure that proper decorum and manners were observed.  The fraternity members will behave like gentlemen or there won’t be a fraternity!

After a week, the members seemed to get used to my presence. I finally got to enjoy what I had missed by only commanding female recruits.  These young men were  were all lean and rippled.  Many of them were well endowed.  When I supervised their showers I watched to make sure that they thoroughly washed their genitals and anus. This was a surprise to me.  I discovered that men naturally wash their genitals better than any other part of their bodies.

After about a month, I was asked to wash a member’s back for him.  How could I refuse?  I had ordered him to be clean and this was something he could not do for himself.  After about a week he asked me to wash his anus and perineum also.  He said he could not see the area well enough to wash it thoroughly.  I knew he had an ulterior motive but he also had a point.  He was only asking to comply with my orders..  Soon I was doing the same for most of the fraternity.  When I washed their back I also decided to wash areas of their bodies they had trouble reaching.  I had them bend over and I washed their anuses and perineums.  I didn't want my clothes to get wet so I stripped naked when I did this.  The members seemed to appreciate my lack of hypocracy.

Soon the members started to come to the shower room naked.  It was against decorum to walk around naked but since it simplified everything, I decided that it was acceptable.  The presence of female visitors in the fraternity house was not forbidden and while it was rare for another female to be present during shower time, it was not impossible.  Whenever that happened I wore normal clothing.  When one of the mothers was there to visit her son, she got an eye full and complained to me.  This is something I have never understood about women.  Why would she complain about something like that?  What is offensive about boys going to the shower? I could tell she actually liked what she saw - but still she complained!  I held my tongue.  I told her that if she was offended, she should stay out of the area until showering was over.  The members, for their part, scarcely noticed her.  Why should they, they were used to me. What difference if another mature woman was present.  I could hardly object to such immodest behavior since I had caused it.

Shortly one of the member’s girlfriend came in looking for him and saw the parade of nude boys to the shower room.  I could see that she was enjoying what she saw and this time the boys noticed her.  They not only let her look, they pranced and demonstrated in front of her.  I watched her reaction.  She clearly liked it but she still complained.  Even I cannot explain women!  There was nothing I could do even if I wanted to.  The members were obeying the rules. 

Visiting girlfriends during showering became a fairly commonplace occurrence.  They came in looking for their boyfriends and ended up enjoying the sights.  I thought about barring girls from being present during showers.  However, I had not had a complaint from even one of the members.  Since members could easily protect their modesty, I chose not the bar girlfriends.  Besides, I didn’t want to.  Why should I stop young women from enjoying a parade of naked men? I did, however, bar them from wearing swim suits.  They had to either wear their street clothes or go naked.  They wore their street clothes.

I had been trained in first aid.  I took care of members cuts and bruises.  It was simple, I cleaned the wound, put on antibiotic ointment and put a band aid on.  One day one of the boys came to me and said that he seemed to have a skin infection on his scrotum.  I had him drop his pants to show me and when I confirmed it, I referred him to the university health service.  There he was diagnosed with jock itch, a fungal infection. His prescription said a third party was to administer the antifungal salve because the doctor did not want his hands to spread the infection to other parts of his body.  This was clearly part of my job and I wanted to do it!  I really enjoyed spreading salve on his testicles.  It was a perquisite of my job. Every day, three times a day, he would come to me, drop his pants and I would rub the anti-fungal medicine all over his testicles.  I did this in the public area of the house for two reasons. One, it precluded rumors of  sexual misbehavior.  Two, I wanted the fraternity members to know that I would do whatever was needed to help them.  He got an erection when I applied the medicine to his testicles but I thought this was normal so I decided to ignore it.

I did not want jock itch to spread through the fraternity. I decided that I should inspect everyone in the fraternity.  The next morning during showers I inspected everyone’s testicles.  I discovered one more case of jock itch so I thought I should be proactive.  I began washing the testicles of members with an antifungal soap. In the majority of cases they grew an erection.  The effect on me surprised me.  I was used to seeing them naked but when I applied the medicine to their testicles and gave them erections, I responded accordingly.  When I was done washing testicles my juices were running down my leg.  I couldn’t wait until the next day when I would get to do it again.  Eventually I got used to it.  When the member’s jock itch was healed, I missed doing it.

When I stopped treating them for jock itch some of the boys complained they could not wash their testicles as thoroughly as I did.  They said they could not see down there.  I quickly agreed even though I knew they had an ulterior motive. I began washing their testicles for the ones who complained.  Soon I was doing it for the entire fraternity.  I found it intensely erotic to wash the testicles of an entire fraternity. 

Eventually, I wondered whether it was more efficient for me to wash their entire bodies.  The boys wet themselves under a shower and lined up.  I sudsed them, then they rinsed off and dried themselves.  It was indeed more efficient.  It was also more erotic!

One day a mother came before breakfast to visit her son.  This created a problem.  How would she react to when she found out that I was washing the bodies of the entire fraternity?  I decided to ask for her help.  I had worried about whether letting her help would be considered inappropriate and get me in trouble.  I concluded that since she had raised a son, she had had plenty of experience with male genitals. No one would complain about a mother washing young men her son’s age.  She agreed to help.  She sudsed half of the members and I did the other half.  I made sure she sudsed their genitals thoroughly.  When we were finished, she confided in me and said, “That was the most erotic thing I have ever done.  That was really fun.  My panties are soaking wet.”

The next time she visited, she asked if I needed help again.  I agreed.  I told her that I usually do this naked so I don't get wet.  I expected her to decline.  She stripped naked with me.  This time she took more time when she washed their penises and testicles.  If the boy didn’t stop her, she continued until he ejaculated.  I merely watched.  I had wanted to do this myself.  I noticed that she didn’t stop stroking until the penis stopped spurting. 

This wasn’t the last time a mother came to help me wash the fraternity members in the morning.  After the first one, mothers came in the morning and asked if they could help me.  Of course, I let them and they all stripped naked to do it.  Originally I expected to be criticized for this but I never was.  I guess people never criticize you when they had fun. 

The reaction of the fraternity members was just as interesting.  They never minded.  Why should they, they were naked in front of me every day.  What did another mature woman matter?  They never complained.  I think they both enjoyed and were amused by it. 

One of the members came to my room and said he thought he had jock itch.  How could I refuse, I had established that this was part of my job?  I couldn’t find anything but I decided to treat him prophylactically.  This member I treated privately.  I took my time washing his testicles until he had an erection.  Eventually, I stroked him long enough that he ejaculated.  I was soon asked to treat other members prophylactically for jock itch.  Before long I had jacked off most of the fraternity.  I had become an extremely popular house mother.  I had complete control of my boys.  Discipline problems were non-existent. 

It became common for girlfriends of fraternity members to visit their boyfriends at shower time.  I was glad when the members didn’t complain about the presence of young women when they showered.  I found it erotic to watch young girls around nude young men.  I began to let them wash fraternity members and watched to make sure that they did a thorough job.  When they did the fraternity members always got erect.  The girls came to masturbate the members’ penises and the members let them. Their objections to loss of the modesty had long since passed.  Eventually too many girls started showing up for shower time.  I had to schedule them. 

There were a few members who preferred that I masturbate them.  I stopped the pretense of preventing jock itch.  They would come directly to my quarters.  As soon as they arrived I knew what they wanted.  I suppose I could have just asked them to drop trou and given them a quickie but I made it as elaborate as possible because I liked doing it and wanted it to last.  I watched they undress and then I began by giving them a massage.  Rather quickly I concentrated on their genitals.  I began with a light touch over their scrotum until they were erect.  Once they were erect I continued to tease them by alternately massaging their testicles and stroking their cocks.  I was always careful to not let them cum until they begged me.  I started wearing a short skirt with no panties.  They caught on rather quickly and began to finger me.  I always timed their orgasms to coincide with my own.  I thought about riding them but that was risky. I was pretty sure that as long as there were no complaints the administration would overlook hand jobs but actual fucking would be cause me to be fired. 

State University had a sorority consisting mainly of nursing students.  Most of its members had no experience with nude males. The nursing sorority contacted me to find out if our members would consent to being paid as practice patients. I let them put up a notice in the public room advertising payment for practice patients.  I thought it would enhance the prestige of the fraternity if its members assisted in the education of other students.  Many of our members signed up. 

The nursing sorority then got the College of Nursing to agree to pay our members.  Thus, the nursing students were able to examine males for inguinal hernias, to learn how to feel for testicle abnormalities, check the prostate gland and experience giving male catheterizations.  Later the director of the College of Nursing contacted me and asked me to thank our fraternity members.  She said when her girls were hired by hospitals, the hospital staff was impressed by the confidence and skill of their new employees when treating male patients.  Most young nurses are timid the first time they have to treat nude male patients.

After that the fraternity was contacted by a private school for sonographers.  These students were also mostly female.  They wanted practice patients for their female sonographers to learn how to do an ultrasound on testicles.  Once again many of our members were able to assist other students in their education.

The same school also had a course for waxing estheticians.  They also were willing to pay for practice patients.  Most estheticians are female and refuse to do male pubic hair removal.  Nevertheless, the school felt the education of their students would not be complete unless they had learned to remove pubic hair from males.  In all of these cases, I felt it necessary to supervise in order to be sure my members behaved and were well treated.  I was proud of my boys.  They all behaved like gentlemen.  Males are better looking without pubic hair.

My favorite time of year is pledge week, also known as hell week.  It surprised me to find out how cruel fraternity members are to their pledges during hell week.  Girls in sororities also go through hell week but they aren’t anywhere as cruel to their pledges as boys.  In any case, that cruelty certainly benefits me and I take full advantage of it.  Before the applicants even become official pledges, the fraternity has me inspect them.  They have to strip in front of me and I inspect every part of their bodies.  When I inspect them I don't just looks at their genitals, I feel them as well. I always enjoy this.  At this age they are such fine specimens.  They are lean and their muscles well defined.  The part that I like the best is the fact that at this age they are still modest and virile.  The get erections at the drop of the hat.  It always excites me when a modest young man is forced to strip in front of me.  Often they will cover their genitals with their hands.  This I never allow. I always slap their hands away.  I want them to be embarrassed.  I excites me and I never tire of it.

One of the things they always do to pledges is force them to strip naked and blindfold them.  Then I enter the room.  I am then asked to run my hands all over their bodies and especially their genitals without them knowing that I am a female.  The squirming that goes on while I am doing that is hilarious.  Eventually, I scrape my nails along their scrotum so that they know that I am female.  Then I am expected to fondle their testicles from behind while my breasts press against their backs.  If it isn’t clear by then that it is a female fondling them, eventually I take their hands and press their fingers against my pubic bone to show that I am lacking in testicles.  If they get an erection they have passed the test. The rest of the fraternity knows they aren't gay.

Another thing that the fraternity does to its pledges is bring in pledges from a sorority.  The sorority pledges have already picked their partners for the evening from their pictures.  Once again the pledges are lined up and blindfolded.  Then the sorority is allowed to enter quietly.  The sorority pledges then begin undressing their counterparts until the fraternity pledges are completely nude.  Once the fraternity pledges are completely nude, the sorority pledges begin fondling them.  This continues until the fraternity pledge has an erection whereupon the sorority pledges begins to stroke her counterpart’s cock.This continues until the fraternity pledge spurts.  It is amazing how many romances have started from this.

I also enjoy graduation.  I would dearly love to fuck all of my boys.  I would love to put them in the Amazon position and sit on their cocks.  If I did that the university would eventually find out and I would lose a position that I love.  However, once they graduate they are no longer students or members of the fraternity.  So once a week or so has passed since graduation if one of the recent graduates seeks me out I know what he wants.  We find a motel room, I throw him on the floor, suck his cock until he is hard, put him in the Amazon position and sit on his cock.  I am well lubricated so when I do I slide down his cock as easily as I did down slides when I was a little girl.  I can also tighten my pussy to squeeze his cock while I am fucking him.  It helps get rid of a lot of sexual frustration at seeing handsome young men naked and never being able to use them.

After a year state university decided that I had been so successful I was not needed any more.  The fraternity members who had been forced to pay additional rent now refused to continue to pay.  However, the alumni agreed to pay my salary. 

Every year the alumni hold a weekend convention.  I was invited to attend.  On the first day, I was brought before the alumni members, praised for having saved the fraternity, given an award and even given a financial gift.  I was asked to tell the alumni members how I had saved the fraternity.  I explained how I enforced discipline starting with good personal hygiene. I was asked to attend an alumni breakfast the next day and to supervise a pre-breakfast shower for the alumni. I immediately agreed.  I knew they already knew how I had instilled discipline and wanted to experience the same thing as the members.  I also knew that during the shower I would have almost free reign to use them to satisfy my lust.

When I showed up at one of the locker rooms at the convention center I noticed that some of the alumni had brought their wives for breakfast. They made their wives wait outside the locker room.  When I saw them I knew exactly what to do.  I would sexually humiliate these men as they had never been humiliated before and they would love it  More importantly, from my feminine perspective, their wives would like it even better.  I explained to the wives what I had been asked to do, what I had in mind, and asked them if they wanted to assist me.  They all eagerly agreed.  I didn't ask them sto strip.  It was strictly CFNM.  They had the same thought that I did. 

When I entered the locker room with the wives, the men were still dressed.  I ordered them to undress.  We ladies watched while they stripped.  I wasn’t interested in watching men undress. I had plenty of experience watching men undress.  What interested me was watching all these married women.  They all had their eyes bugging out.  They were all married women.  They were all familiar with male genitals but they had never seen a whole group of men strip to the buff.

When the men were naked, we took them into the shower and ordered the men to wet themselves down.  I took one and showed the wives how to suds them down and wash genitals.  No wife was allowed to wash her husband.  Washing their genitals consisted of massaging their balls and stroking their cocks.  The wives intuitively knew what was expected on them.  In short order the men grew erections and started ejaculating.  There weren’t enough women for all of the men so each woman got to masturbate at least 3 men to ejaculation.  

After breakfast was over all of the wives took me aside and thanked me.  None of them had ever seen that many naked men before at once.  A couple of wives were nurses and one was even a urologist.  They still enjoyed seeing a group of naked men.  They all said how much fun it was to masturbate men and that it was the most erotic thing they had ever done.  I knew I would be asked to come next year and do the same. 

The next year we did it again only it was bigger and better.  We blindfolded all of the men after they were nude so they could not see who was masturbating them.  Then we switched men every two minutes until all the men ejaculated.  I think the women enjoyed it even more than the men.  It allowed them to express whatever latent, femdom sexual desire they had been repressing.  Maybe someday we will dildo the men.

Later that day, I was asked by a handsome alumnus to check him for jock itch. I knew what he really wanted and I wanted to give it to him.  I am a femdom.  I love to dominate men sexually.  I said I would come to his room that evening.  When I did I made him undress, lie down and with practiced perfection, titillated him until he had an erection.  He had a nice thick cock and fat, healthy balls.  Then I took a rope and tied him tight to the 4 legs of the bed so that he couldn’t even budge.

Then I sat on his face and made him lick my cunt.  Since I am multi-orgasmic, I made him do it until I came 12 times.  Then I mounted him and did what I did not dare do with the fraternity members.  I sat on his cock and slid down it like a fireman slides down a firepole.  Then I fucked him like he was a well and I was his pump. 

I got dressed, released him and went to the other alumnus who had asked me to check for jock itch.  There I repeated the same thing.  I had 26 orgasms in one night.  I wasn’t even sore.  I suppose that was because I only had 2 penetrations.  I really got a lot of my sexual frustrations out as a result of dealing with virile young men without being able to fuck them.

I love my job!




Submitted: July 11, 2022

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