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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Humiliation Sex  |  House: The Humiliation Board

The end of Kyle's saga, as he finally faces graduation day. How proud we are of our boy.

Kyle Earns an APart Eight by dale10

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As always, this is a fantasy and all characters are 18 or older.)




It was graduation day!  Kyle had earned his A. He had become a totally fucked up, disoriented, broken sex toy for Mr. Hinkle and his friends. And now, at last, whatever strength or hope might remain in the totally submissive sex-slut slave,  felt that finally, his nightmare might come to an end. He  would graduate, and he never had to see Mr. Hinkle again. Don’t get me wrong. Much of eighteen-year old Kyle had been ruined. He could, most likely, never have anything like a normal sex life. He was terrified to even speak to a girl at the checkout counter at a store, much less date. He was an always shaking nervous wreck with a tic in his face and a stutter when he spoke. And he had been so fucking cute and sexy before Hinkle got his fat, dirty, German hands on him.


The night at the gay club had finally totally broken him. Forced to insert a huge rubber dildo up his ass in a dark back room at the club, while fifty perverted, horny gay men watched was the last straw. Not that his sweet, muscular teenage ass had not been opened repeatedly by Hinkle and his friends before that, but to be forced to degrade yourself in a room filled with perverts, to have to spread your own ass cheeks and try to push a thick rubber cock into your asshole was too much for the eighteen-year-old mind to handle.


“Come on, Faggot! Harder! Deeper! “the men had shouted, as poor young Kyle worked more and more of the flashlight-thick rubber cock up into his teenage asshole. He no longer felt much pain. He had been through so much of it, that he now knew how to kind of turn his mind off to the actual pain. But he could not turn himself off to the total humiliation. Everywhere he went after the bar incident, he was certain he saw faces from the gay club staring at him. He was terrified to go out… to go to the drug store or to a fast food place. Everywhere, he was certain men recognized him as “the faggot from the bar with the big dildo up his asscunt!” 


A lot of the guys in the back room that night had taken pictures on their phones of naked young Kyle fucking his own ass with a dildo. He knew that in the photos it looked as if he was doing it for his own pleasure…as if he were the total pervert. And what pictures they were. An eighteen-year-old cute as hell stud, totally naked and covered in piss and cum and spit and snot, forcing a huge rubber cock up his own teenage asshole! Kyle knew those photos would be all over the internet within hours…minutes probably.


But that hadn’t been the end of the humiliation that night. Oh, no!  With the grotesque dildo firmly lodged between his spread ass cheeks, and stretching the hell out of his once tight puckered hairless teen asshole, and painfully prodding his inner rectum and guts, Kyle had been ordered to crawl on his hands and knees across the filth encrusted floor of the back room. Somebody turned on the lights that were only used to clean the pig-sty of a room, and suddenly, fifty perverted men, many of them playing with their sweaty dicks and balls were illuminated, standing around jerking and laughing while Kyle crawled.


“I got to do it right…” Kyle repeated over and over to himself in his beaten, warped condition. “I got to crawl right, so Hinkle doesn’t punish me!” It was worse in the bright light. He felt like a fucking circus side show freak. The moment the palms of his hands hit the floor, he recoiled in disgust. Areas of the floor were like swampland, with lakes and puddles of cum and piss. The floor stank of cum and piss and sweat and perhaps even some ass juice. Other areas of the floor, which were dryer, and where the cum had begun to solidify, were sticky as hell. And they wanted Kyle to crawl on this disgusting surface. His hands stuck to the floor with each move he made. His knees too.


“Kyle!” Hinkle snapped, standing over him like a slave master. Kyle whimpered and immediately raised his dildo stuffed ass up as high as he could. He spread his legs, so that his balls would swing when he crawled. They also became a nice target for several of the men to kick. They liked to see a boy’s nuts swing when he crawled.


What was this Dante’s Inferno in which Kyle found himself? Was this what some men thought of as sex? Was this what they sought for pleasure…this fucking sewer of sickening, sticky, wet waste? “SCHLICK-PLOP, SCHLICK-PLOP,” each time his hands and knees moved over the grossly sticky surface.


“HALT!”  Hinkle ordered. Young Kyle paused, his body trembling. “Get your dick hard, at once!” Kyle reached down to begin masturbating his teenage cock. He pumped his pecker in front of the fifty men, many of whom were also masturbating. But he was only a boy. He did not live in this twisted world of sexual perversion and humiliation. WRONG!  He did now live in it. He was the fucking main attraction! More phone cameras flashed. More pictures of this naked teenager to post world-wide. Kyle’s dick was now rock hard. He didn’t know why.


“Continue to crawl!” Hinkle barked, loving his control of the kid in front of the others.


“SCHLUP…SCHLUP…”  Kyle’s hands and knees stuck to the floor as he crawled.


“Now, Pigboy, lower your head and lick the floor as you crawl. Clean the filth covered floor! Clean the cum and piss and spit and snot with your filthy teenage faggot tongue!”


As I said, he had no resistance left. With only a tiny sob, Kyle lowered his cute face to the floor, stuck out his tongue and began to lick at the filth. The taste was beyond putrid. It was indescribably vile. But Kyle had no choice. One of the men must had stepped in some dog shit outside the bar, because a small clump of it lay on the floor where it had scraped off his boot Kyle stared at it like it was an alien from outers pace! Kyle thought it was dog shit, anyway. He supposed it could have come from one of the perverts too. He heard Hinkle laugh. He heard other men jeer and urge him on.


“Well, Ass Mouth, what are you waiting for? Earn your A!” 


With a greater sob, this time, Kyle lowered his head and began to eat.” The men cheered. Kyle began to choke on the filth, and Hinkle reminded him that if he puked, he would have to lick that up as well. Now, one of the leather daddies squatted in front of the boy on his hands and knees, and spreading his chap-encased legs, he began to pump his fucker hard and fast. He gave a grunt, and Kyle, his mouth still filled with filth, saw the dude’s hairy chest rise and fall, as a great spurt of cum shot from his dickhead onto the floor in front of the boy. One, two, three, four, five, sprays of fresh cum onto the filthy floor.


“Lick!”  Hinkle commanded, and Kyle, in an attempt to get the evil taste of dog feces out of his mouth, if that’s what it was, plunged his face down, stuck out his scum-coated tongue, and began to lick up the fresh fuck. His humiliation was indeed complete. He no longer felt human. He was nothing but a teenage animal.


As he crawled and licked, more and more men shot their fuck loads onto the floor directly in front of the boy. Kyle’s tight young tummy became bloated with sperm. He burped up cum, and it ran from his nose.  His mind became a blank, and he obeyed blindly and robotically long before the boy ass fucking even started. He did not object. He did not cry out in protest. He had no right to refuse any man. It didn’t matter what they did to his body. He was no longer human!


And now it was graduation day. Even Kyle’s graduation ceremony was nightmarish, Hinkle saw to that. Kyle was bare-assed naked under his graduation robe. Imagine how he felt standing there ready to march in with the other kids. Of course, no one spoke to him anymore. He was considered too freakish. Pictures of him had been passed around the school. Pictures of him doing sick things.


So the poor boy stood sort of off by himself, feeling like the total loser he had become. If his cute young face looked a bit shiny, if was because Hinkle and his friends had shot their loads all over it and refused to let the boy wash it off, so it dried into a kind of glowing paste. Sometimes if cracked and flaked a bit. Some of the boys and girls knew what it was.


Except for shoes and high sock, Kyle was naked beneath his robe. Not only that, but he had a twelve-inch dildo rammed up his ass, which hurt like hell with every single step, almost causing him several times to black out. It was taped in so that it could not work itself out as he walked down the aisle and up onto the stage to get his diploma. He also had almost ten pounds of weights hanging from his young teenage nutsack. Clever Hinkle, whose hobby was studying torture practices around the world, and who was very inventive in his own right, had attached thumb tacks to the inside of the graduation gown, so when Kyle walked, he was scratched and pricked horribly. The worst were the thumb tacks down where his dick brushed the front of the gown and the ones higher up that pricked his nipples. Also, when the boy had to sit in the auditorium, the thumb tacks attached to the rear of the gown stuck into the boy’s ass cheeks.


By the time he walked up on stage, he was so out of it, that he could not even open his mouth to thank the principal. The only thought in his warped young mind was, “I made it. It’s over! I am through with Hinkle!”


Well, Kyle was in for two graduation day surprises. Hinkle had arranged for fifteen of the graduating jocks who were particularly disgusted by Kyle’s recent behavior and the pictures of him doing perverse stuff, to have a little private graduation party with the boy. Booze, leather belts, riding crops, cattle prods, dildos, mouth spreader, and jars of animal piss and cum were all provided by Hinkle and his buddies. The party would go on all night.


The second surprise was worse for poor Kyle. Crawling on hands and knees, naked and totally worked over, Hinkle ushered the beaten kid into another room. There on a straight-backed chair, sat a man who looked a bit like a gorilla. He was huge and hairy, with rolling muscles beneath his sweat stained tee shirt and stained sweat pants. His face was unshaven and nasty. His little eyes glistened.


“Kyle, I want you to meet Coach Jenkins. It’s the coach here who arranged your college scholarship. The coach and I have been friends for years, and we have helped mentor many boys together. He was kind enough to ignore all of the bad rumors about you and accept you on a full athletic scholarship on my recommendation. I told him how totally obedient you are!  He’s going to take you under his wing personally. You’ll be leaving with him tonight, so he has all summer to work with you privately before the fall semester starts.”


Kyle’s hands and arms grew so weak, he collapsed onto the floor. Cum from the senior jock party leaked out of his ass. Cum ran from his nose and backed up in his mouth and bubbled out. What was he hearing? This could not be true. IT COULDN’T BE!


“The Coach has been kind enough to offer to let you live in his basement, so you can save money. You needn’t worry about a thing, he will arrange every moment of your day for you, and he will help you meet lots of new friends. He is very demanding, but I know that is the kind of mentor you need and want. And once a month or so, I will come by for a visit!”  Hinkle laughed.


Kyle knew he had no choice but to obey. From now on, forever, he could only always obey. He saw the huge dick pushing up the front of Coach Jenkin’s sweat pants, and he knew what would be required of him.


“Oh yes, more good news.  It’s a full four-year scholarship!” 




Submitted: July 06, 2022

© Copyright 2023 dale10. All rights reserved.

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Excellent Ending! Thank you so much!

Wed, July 6th, 2022 4:01pm


Amazing story, so much my youth fantasy...

Thu, January 26th, 2023 4:11pm

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