Kevin's free massage

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Humiliation Sex  |  House: Stripping and Humiliation

Kevin's next door neighbor in the apartment complex, Glen, asks Kevin if Glen can "practice" giving Kevin a free massage, as Glen has an "evaluation" in massage school next week so he can be certified and Glen wants to know that Glen's skills are legit.

Basically, Glen is using this as an excuse to get Kevin naked.

Since Kevin is stoned when he is offered this free deal (this is on a Saturday), Kevin agrees. He's never been massaged, formally, and he likes Glen, so Kevin thinks, what the hell.

Kevin is 38, a radio announcer, auburn-haired with a receding hairline. He is divorced, straight, and he likes the grape. Glen is 25, a bit goth, openly gay, and has the hots for Kevin. Kevin knows Glen is gay, but he does not realize that Glen wants to ultimately just strip him and humiiiate him and touch him all over.

Kevin's body is a tad generous as opposed to totally toned. He could never be called fat, a better description would be "slightly stocky," he has a quite fulsome ass, a thick (if stubby) dick and big balls, large tits with big, male nipples, and he doesn't have a lot of body hair. Women lust after Kevin, especially after they hear his sexy somewhat deep voice on the air and then meet him in person. Kevin is a popular figure in town.

Glen just wants Kevin's figure to be underneath his skilled manipulate hands. The massage eventually humiliates Kevin, just like Glen planned..

"Hey, Kev, wanna smoke, I got that weed you like," said Glen. Glen and Kevin lived next door to each other in an apartment complex.

It was Saturday afternoon. Kevin was 38, Glen was 25. Kevin was straight, a popular radio DJ, Glen was 25, a slight thin type with peroxide hair, and he worked as a server at a gay bistro. Glen was witty. He was goth, gay, and proud of it. Kevin also had a great sense of humor. He had a very deep voice, well suited for late night radio (his shift was 11pm to 7am, Monday through Friday)

Both guys got stoned together on a regular basis.

"Hell, yeah," said Kevin, who had just taken a shower.

Both men were off work today.

"Come on over," said Glen. "I have a favor to ask." They were in the hallway. Glen put his key in the lock.

"Anything for weed," chuckled Kevin. "I'll be right there. I have to feed the cat."

A few minutes late, Kevin knocked and Glen answered immediately. "Hey," he said. "Come in." Glen had a lit joint in his left hand. "Here. Enjoy."

Kevin smoked. It was powerful stuff and it hit him pretty quickly.

"Wow," he said.

"Good, huh?" said Glen. 

Kevin noticed Glen had his massage table set up. He knew Glen was studying to be a professional maassur. 

"Got a client today?" asked Kevin.

"I hope so," said Glen. "That's up to you, buddy."

"Huh?" asked Kevin.

"That's the favor I was gonna ask you," said Glen. "I need to practice before my final exam next week, and I want to hear from someone I trust on how much he enjoys my technique. I would like to give you a free massage."

They smoked, and Kevin mulled this.

Kevin knew Glen was gay and he did not care in the least. However, Kevin was dubious about baring his body for a massage by a gay man.

"I'd really appreciate it, Kevin," said Glen, sincerely. Glen was also sincerely getting aroused, as he looked at Kevin in his T-shirt and jeans. He had never seen Kevin undressed. .

But he had always wanted to. And he'd also always wanted to touch Kevin's body. It wasn't a perfect body, but it was pretty close, it was ultra-masculine, very sexy and Kevin was a very hot man. And Kevin was always groomed and fragrant in his masculine way. Kev wore some type of cologne; Glen couldn't identify it, but whatever it was, it worked.

Kevin smoked and thought what he should do. Glen was a good buddy, and he needed a favor, and Glen would always have weed. But I would have to take off my clothes, Kevin tossed around in his head. WTF.

"OK," said Kevin. "When?"

"Now," said Glen. "Let's finish the joint, and then I'll give you a free massage."

"Uh, do I have to be, uh, naked?" asked Kevin, nervously.

"Of course," said Glen, casually. "I'll have a towel over your private areas, but all good massages require the client to be in the nude."

"Oh," said Kevin, "Nude."

"Yeah," giggled Glen. Glen thought to himself, that towel isn't gonna last too long, sweetheart.

They finished the joint. Glen said, "I'm basically set up. Just take off all your duds and climb on up here on your stomach."

Kevin requested a beer. Glen provided one, enjoying Kevin's bashfulness and realizing the more Kevin got stoned, the more supple he'd be. Kevin drank the beer, taking his time. Glen had one as well. Kevin's nervousness was a bit surprising to Glen, since Kevin had the rep of a swaggeing DJ about town, but Glen loved it, seeing the real Kevin with his clothing about to be off and jittery about it.

Finally the beers were drained. Glen looked at Kevin expectantly. Glen was wearing a T-shirt and jeans as well.

Kevin shrugged, sighed, sat down, and removed first his shoes and socks. Then, still sitting, he removed his shirt. Kevin instantly felt exposed. He had never stripped in front of Glen (he had actually never "stripped" in front of any man) and he hoped Glen would not be critical of a few extra pounds around his waist. Kevin was not as chiseled as his DJ voice might suggest and he fretted about this at times, but women liked his body, so he did not turn down an extra beer or slice of pizza.I mean, life was short, you know?

Glen ogled Kevin's masculine chest, smooth, ever-so-slightly saggy manboobs, big nips, a bit of a tiny pinch-an-inch waistline (Glen found this extremely sexy), and toned for the most part with a hint of abs.

Kevin was now topless, and he felt it big time. Glen was staring at him and Glen wasn't hiding it. Kevin was reminded that Glen was a gay guy, and Kevin wondered if he should continue taking his clothes off.

"Wow, man, you look really good without a shirt," Glen said. Then Glen went over to his massage table and the nearby supply table with oils and whatnot, Glen kind of whistling, and busied himself with his massage oils, and then Glen put on music on a nearby stereo to put Kevin more at ease hopefully. OK, it really wasn't actual music. It was tropical rainforest sounds, it sounded like to Kevin. Very soothing. Glen dimmed the lights a bit, which Kevin appreciated.

Kevin tried to completely relax. He wanted to do this favor for his friend. I am going to take my clothes off totally.

Kevin stood up and removed his pants. The pot was kicking in big time. Maybe this would be nice. Kevin had never had a REAL massage from a professional.

Kevin sat back down in his boxers. Now or never, I guess, he thought. I am so glad I took that shower. Kevin prided himself on being clean at all times, especially if he was going to be touched.

Glen watched his friend's very nice exposure. Glen was erect in his pants, thinking, Kevin has no idea how appealing his body is. Glen knew he would have to be careful in this situation. Glen wanted to have as much fun as possible with Kevin and Kevin's highly appealing physique. At the same time, Glen had a palpable urge to humiliate his straight DJ friend.

Kevin looked sexy as hell, and his bashfullness added to his allure.

Kevin shucked his boxers. He was now naked. COMPLETELY NAKED. Kevin thought to himself, I have no clothes on. I am naked.

"Come on over, Kev," chirped Glen, in a warm tone.

Kevin stood up, covered his genitals, and toddled over to Glen and his table. Kevin tried to cover all of his equipment, but he had a large penis and large balls, so it took both hands.

Glen loved how Kevin's tits wobbled as he walked, and how they scrunched together as he covered his manhood. Glen could see Kevin's pubic hair, which looked considerable and the same color as his receding hair: sandy brown.

Kevin climbed on the table, so he had to use his hands to do that, and Glen finally saw Kevin's cock and balls. They were much larger than Glen anticipated.

Kevin plopped down on the table, concealing himself but realizing his plump ass was stuck in the air and in full view of Glen.

"Can you put the towel on now?" Kevin squeaked. He was very embarrassed.

Glen chuckled, "Sure." He put a folded white towel on Kevin's beautiful, rather large ass, covering the cheeks, but leaving a little of Kevin's crack exposed. Kevin would never know, reasoned Glen. Until it was too late, Glen smirked to himself.

Glen surveyed Kevin. Kevin was naked on the massage table, on his stomach, covered only by a folded white towel which Glen made damn sure exposed the tip of Kevin's crack and, since Kevin's bare ass was so delightfully, appealingly plump, the towel actually was simply not big enough to not reveal the sides of Kevin's delectable buttocks.

Of course, Kevin did not fully realize this, but he did feel he was more exposed than he wanted.

"Relax," said Glen. "I'm gonna oil you down now."

Kevin mumbled, "OK." He wished the towel was larger. He felt very exposed and naked.

Glen began with Kevin's bare shoulders. Kevin had a strong back and broad shoulders, so this was fun for Glen. Kevin tried to relax. He was concerned that if he moved too much, the towel would expose more of his butt. He did not realize just how much of it was already, spectacularly, on view.

Glen was thrilled. He had Kevin naked in his apartment. The ladies' man DJ, naked!

Glen was titillated at Kevin's obvious embarrassment. He had hoped for a little of that, but Kevin was delivering it in spades. Kevin was almost trembling.

Glen had studied his art, he was an adept masseur. He kneaded Kevin's shoulders than moved down to his oil-drenched back, massaagiing his spine, slowly, methodically. Kevin had beautiful, slightly tanned skin, with a pronounced tanline that showed Kevin sunbathed in a rather large bathing suit.

Glen also explored the sides of Kevin's torso and paid attention to Kevin's armpits, which had more hair than Kevin had on his head. Kevin was growing a bit bald; he hairline was a receding one. Glen (and most people) thought it suited Kevin a great deal, as Kevin has a perfectly shaped, manly forehead and Kevin visitied a barber regularly, so his haircut was always perfect, short on the sides and back with no attempt at combovers or some such silliness.

Glen got closer and closer to Kevin's barely covered bare butt, and teased Kevin by going as close to the top of the towel without lifting it. This meant Glen was in essence touching the top of Kevin's glorious buttocks, then going back up to the back muscles, then returning to the glorious butt. All slathered in almond massage oil.

Kevin began to feel a tingling in his groin. This didn't feel bad. But Kevin realized he was gettting a bit aroused.

OH NO, thought Kevin.

Glen stopped with the upper back and went down to Kevin's ankles, wanting to give Kevin a sense of false security, that Glen would NOT be massaging Kevin's bare ass. Also, Glen noticed, this provided Glen with just a hint  of a view of Kevin's scrotum, since Kevin's legs were slightly open. The towel did not extend coverage to this part of Kevin's naked body. You were able to see the very end of Kevin's crack, then some of the perineum, and then, some of the scrotum, which looked extensive.

His scrotum looked pretty big, thought Glen. I can't wait to see it totally exposed. Glen massaaged Kevin's ankles, then his thighs.

Kevin wondered how much Glen could see of him at this point. He closed his legs more. Glen chuckled. Glen's hands nudged against Kevin's balls.

Glen moved his hands up to Kevin's ass, barely covered by the towel, then he announced, "I'm going to use a different towel. I can't massage your damn butt with this one."

Kevin stammered, "Massage my damn butt?"

"Of course," Glen tossed off nonchalantly. "A full body massage is just that: full body."

Glen went over to another table and came back with a towel that was in reality a dishtowel. Glen removed the bigger towel from Kevin's naked ass, showing Kevin's ass completely. Kevin gasped as he saw Glen toss the bigger towel on the floor.

"Don't worry, Kevin," Glen laughed. "You'll have coverage."

Kevin hadn't really looked at the new towel. He felt it go on his body. It fellt like a dishtowel.

Surely not, thought Kevin. What kind of "coverage" is a dishtowel?

Glen placed the white dishtowel so that it too exposed the top of Kevin's enticing buttcrack, and draped it so that it provided cover for the rest of the crack but almost eompletely exposed Kevin's juicy buttocks. Glen also made a point of tucking the end of the towel around Kevin's perineum and scrotum so that Kevin would be deceived to think he was being "protected" from view more than he really was. Kevin flinched when he felt Glen's fingers through the smaller towel on his balls.

But Kevin was relieved his balls were covered, since Glen's knuckles had already grazed them, and this had made Kevin a little hard.

Kevin was not relieved to realize that his penis was becoming stiff underneath him.

Glen oiled up the exposed areas of the naked Kevin's luxuriously visible ass. Kevin braced for what was coming next.

Gay guys like men's butts, worried Kevin. Glen is my friend, but he is going to touch my butt. He has ALREADY touched my butt. He is stripping me more and more. Kevin fretted. He did not want people to know another man had touched his butt or methodically stripped him. But then, Kevin relaxed, as Glen massaged him. This is just a massage and I am doing Glen a favor, Kevin resoned. Kevin had to admit, Glen knew what he was doing. Kevin's penis got harder.

Glen began to massage Kevin's magnificent, muscular ass. The oil made the ass glisten like a Christmas turkey, and lord knows, this was prime white meat. Glen rubbee, kneaded, fondled, massaged, and maneuvered Kevin's ass like it was prime pizza dough or holiday stuffing.

The dishtowel began to inch its way down Kevin's marvelous ass crack. More and more of Kevin's quivering ass was revealed. The globes of the ass were already basically out there. Glen gazed at their perfection. Big, yes, but wonderfully suited to Kevin's overall physique and his boisterous personality. Virtually no hair.

Glen spoke, "Everything OK, buddy?" He massaged the buttocks.

Kevin could barely speak. "Yeah, I guess. This is to me."

"You're a good client," Glen told him. "You know how much people pay for this?"

Kevin stammered. "Uh, no. $100?"

Glen answered him. "At least, Kevin." He massaged Kevin's ass more vigorously. The dishtowel kept lowering and lowering. Glen began to inch his fingers towards Kevin's precious asscrack, opening and closing, opening and closing. Glen saw Kevin's asshole. It was truly gorgeous.

Kevin began to fidget. He could feel the little towel wanderring its way down his naked body.

This made Kevin's dick harder. Kevin realized that soon, I will be totally nude.

Kevin became alarmed. Eventually Glen will want me to turn over, Kevin thought. He'll see that I AM TURNED ON.

"Uh, but, b--, butt," Kevin murmured, kind of gutturally.

"Yes, it's your butt butt," Glen laughed. He knew Kevin was aroused. Glen was having a field day with his straight neighbor's masculine, naked, oiled up body. The hottest DJ in town, NUDE, in my apartment.

Kevin's toes began to wiggle and his feet clenched.

The dishtowel fell off Kevin's ass.

"This was just getting in the way, anyway," pronounced Glen, "I'll get another one."

Glen removed the dishtowel, rendering Kevin more naked than ever. Kevin squirmed. I am so naked, he thought.

Glen returned with a washcloth. "Let's try this," he chirped. "I can move it around better."

Kevin stammered, "What do you mean?"

Glen patiently described his next move. "Well, I have to massage your anus, you know?"

Kevin felt panic. "You do?"

"Of course," Glen replied. "Now, just lie still. You know, clients pay extra for this. I'd do it for free. In class, my instructor told us it should done as a little surprise."

Kevin was stunned. His body stiffened, everywhere.

Glen continued to massage Kevin's big naked ass. The washcloth was not very useful as a means to conceal Kevin's masculine secret mancave. More of it came into view (again), and Glen skillfully began to delve his eager fingers into Kevin's big male crevice. Kevin knew he was being exposed more than ever in his life. His asshole was visible, and he knew his asshole was visible.

And then he felt more massage oil on his ass, and specifically, directly into his crack and asshole.

Kevin groaned, "Uh, Glen, I--I--"

Glen laughed. "Kevin, hush. Relax. I have more pot."

Kevin blinked, confused at his emotions.

Then Kevin felt a finger go into his asshole. The finger not only went in, it moved around and probed.

Kevin knew that underneath his nude body, his penis was up to his navel. He was naked and humiliated.

Glen simply removed the washcloth. "We don't need this silly thing anymore."

Kevin is now utterly completely naked and exposed. His forehead showed signs of light perspiration, as Glen continued to massage his generous nude butt, and his butthole, and his rectum. Kevin's doctor had not even yet done this to him.

Kevin felt his penis protesting for lack of exposure. It was stabbing him in his belly. The idea of accidentally cumming begins to enter Kevin's mind, which is racing with embarrassment and humiliation, and to honest if he'll admit it, a kind of pleasure.

Another man is touching my rectum, thought Kevin. And I'm so naked. And I'm hard!

Glen thrust his finger all the way in to Kevin's prostate gland, and played with it.

Kevin groaned. And said, "Oh, fuck," under his breath.

Glen laughed. "Nice, huh?"

Kevin moaned, "I don't know, Glen, this is a bit much for me."

Glen did not stop wriggling his finger inside Kevin's ass.

Kevin clutched the sides of the table. This was one of the most intense experiences of his entire life.

Glen loved the feel of Kevin's rectum. It was warm and clean and very masculine.

He played with the prostate again, just to hear Kevin moan in his DJ way.

Kevin moaned. He just couldn't help himself.

As Kevin moaned, naked, his ass wobbled a bit, his back arched, he grabbed the table, and he eexposed his scrotum.

Glen was on cloud nine to have this slab of beef humiliate himself so openly, naked.

It does not get better than this, thought Glen. Wow. Look at his ASS. Look at his BALLS. Look at HIM. Glen knew that the women in town would faint if they were seeing what Glen was seeing in his own apartment on a Saturday afternoon. He fidddled with Kevin's prostate again.

Kevin moaned again, and his balls jiggled.

Kevin's exposed testicles reminded Glen of two bowling balls in a gunny sack.

Glen realized that Kevin was erect, because Kevin's penis was not visible, unlike Kevin's dangling scrotum.

De-lish, thought Glen.

"OK, Kev," Glen said, removing his finger from Kevin's ass. "You can turn over now."

Kevin began to panic. What would Glen say? Another man had never seen Kevin with an erection.

Especially, a GAY man.

"Come on, Kevin, don't be shy," Glen cajoled. "Here, take a smoke." Glen lit up a joint and handed to the naked man on his massage table.

This can't hurt, thought Kevin, as he smoked a joint, in the nude, lying on his stomach giving his gay friend a complete view of his exposed backside.

A gay friend who had fingered him. Deeply. What would Glen explore next? Kevin smoked, heavily. He remained erect, but at least it was still covered.

Glen's own penis was throbbing to beat the band, and he was lusting after Kevin more by the second. Kevin's embarrassment was off the charts, and Glen noticed that Kevin was perspiring, even though the AC was on and the room was faintly cool.

"C'mon, roll over," said Glen, taking back the joint.

"I have a slight situation," the naked, humiliated Kevin stammered.

Love it, thought Glen. A slight situation. I don't think the situation is 'slight'.

Glen waited. He knew he had to treat Kevin with kid gloves now, so to speak.

"What is the situation?" Glen asked. "If you are aroused, please don't even think about it. Happens all the time. More often than not, Kev." (The latter statement was kind of a falsehood, but Kevin didn't need to know that, Glen reasoned.)

"Well, uh, I am kind of hard," confessed Kevin. "I am embarrassed."

"Don't be," said Glen, patting Kevin on his succulent naked rump. "Come on, we're all guys here. I've seen my share of hard-ons."

Kevin blushed. He said, "No guy has ever seen me like THIS."

Glen laughed. "I am honored, then. Come on, let's finish the massage so we can get REALLY high."

Kevin knew Glen was not going to let him weasel out of his favor.

Kevin rolled over, slowly, and reluctantly.

Kevin's frontal nudity came into view. Kevin was agonized and he felt a bit debased.

Glen was astonished at Kevin's full frontal masculine perfection, and pleased as punch to see Kevin's penis was pretty much at full, glorious erection. Along with Kevin's nipples, to boot.

Kevin's erect penis was fantastic. It was circumcised and although not that long, it had considerable girth. Kevin's erect nipples were an unexpected and appreciated treat. The nipples were reddish brown and extended from wide pinkish areole. They seemed to be almost wiggling on top of Kevin's big male breasts. Glen was exhliarated beyond measure, because he knew he would be touching ALL OF THIS HUMILIATED, NAKED MAN, his next-door neighbor and friend, intimately within a matter of seconds.

Kevin was almost whimpering with embarrassment. Kevin could not look at Glen. Kevin, a famous DJ, was naked and sexually aroused, in front of another man. This was as humiliating as it gets.

Until, it wasn't.

Kevin thought: I am a naked man. A NAKED HARD MAN.

Glen poured massage oil on Kevin's chest. Kevin's penis throbbed. Kevin's breathing became labored.

Glen's hands began to massage Kevin's chest.

Specifically, Kevin's tits. And those wonderful nipples, aching with arousal.

Kevin moaned. He just couldn't help it anymore. His body was betraying him.

Glen was amazed. And very happy. And very, very hard. He began to toy with Kevin's left manboob, treating it like a sandwish, squishing it. 

Kevin writhed, and wriggled his feet.

"Ohhhhh," he let out. The sensation was unreal.

Squishy sounds could be heard. The oil and Kevin's tit were making SQUISHING SOUNDS. Kevin reddened further. His nipples felt almost painful.

Glen played with Kevin's boob, relishing the fact that Kevin's nipple hardened further underneath his palm.

Next up, Kevin's right titty. It seemed to begging for attention. The right manboob, as voluptuous as the left, was certainly exposed, since Kevin was naked.

Glen applied the same care and attention to Kevin's right breast and got the same reaction: hardening nipple, moans, feet and toes wriggling, and anguished embarrassment on Kevin's handsome face.

"Ohhhhh," Kevin moaned. "Oh, man."

Glen thought he would cum right then. He held back his loins.

Glen surveyed Kevin's nudity. You could see Kevin's breasts, some of his underarm hair, Kevin's two abs, a bit of endearing belly fat around Kevin's waist, Kevin's stubby but eleaarly erect cock, his enormous balls, his strong legs, his cute, wriggling feet, and, happily, a bit of Kevin's mega-butt and even a hint of his asshole.

Glen kept massaging the naked, embarrassed, auburn-haired prime specimen of manhood on his table. Kevin's skin was flawless, slightly tanned with a tanline, and warm to the touch. It was smooth and silky, but at the same, very manly.

Glen loved Kevin's naked body.

He kept massaging it, adoringly, watching Kevin's penis twitch and ooze nice male precum juice.

Kevin's toes and feet just wriggled and wriggled and wriggled. He look faintly ridiculous and ultra-sexy at the same time.

Glen then spoke; "Hey, guy, can you put your hands behind your head? I have to massage your armpits."

Kevin was alarmed. He was insanely ticklish, especially under his arms.

"Oh, you don't have to do that, Glen," Kevin uttered.

"Yes, I do, it is part of a full body massage and we are trained to to it. If you are ticklish, don't fret. I will take that into consideration," Glen lied.

Kevin groaned. The humiliation was unyielding.

Kevin put his hands behind his head, grateful he'd showered only a couple of hours ago.

Glen oiled up Kevin's glaringly hot armpits. They had the same auburn hair, surprinsgly a lot, considering Kevin's hair on his head was beginning to fade. But Glen noted tthat Kevin's pubic bush was quite unruly, so there you go.

Glen began to massage Kevin's armpits, gently at first, then he became a bit more exploratory.

Kevin writhed and bit his lip. This teasing was heavy on him, and he felt his penis stiffen further.

Glen noticed all of this, and he began to probe Kevin's armpits to the maximum, digging his fingers into their caverns, and wiggling his fingers around.

Kevin screamed. "I can't stand that," he wailed, his masculine voice going up three octaves. 'Ohhhhhhhhhhh."

Glen laughed and left the hairy sections of Kevin's armpits and focused on the slightly fleshy sections just above the breastbones.

"Ahhhhhhhhh," Kevin groaned. "Ohhhhhhhhh, Glen."

Glen kept at it, watching Kevin buck like a bronco, naked, on his table.

"Glen, man, ease up," Kevin begged.

Glen granted the request, hard as a rock and pleased with what he had just done to Kevin's naked body, and Kevin's mind.

"Umm, well, time to work my way down," chuckled Glen. Kevin tensed, knowing exactly what Glen meant.

"Be nice," murmured Kevin. 

"You know I will,:" soothed Glen. 

Glen massaged his way down Kevin's exquisitte chest. He found his way to Kevin's tiny love handles, and, knowing Kevin would be humiliated, Glen began to fondle them.

True to form, Kevin blushed, and fidgeted. He thought, Glen spent NO TIME on my abs, why is he fondling my belly?

Actually Glen HAD spent time on Kevin's two abs. But there were only two of them, and frankly, Glen found Kevin's little pinch-an-inch waistline more interesting, mostly because he knew Kevin was very sensitive about them, 

Glen enjoyed Kevin's wriggling and the fact that Kevin was still fully erect and oozing cum.

Glen decided to embarrass Kevin further. "Hey, man, you don't manscape, do ya/" he teased.

Kevin fussed, "I would not have the slightest idea on how to do that."

Glen chuckled, "Let me help you. I have a pair of clippers right here. I'll give you a trim."

"Uhhhhhh," Kevin huffed. "I dunno....."

Glen grabbed his clippers, waiting nearby on his supplies table (Glen had planned on this), turned them on and began to trim Kevin's armpits, which were still exposed.

"Women like trim ampit hair, Kev," Glen assured. 

Kevin fidgeted. He got harder and oozed more.

Glen trimmed just a bit of Kevin's treasured armpit hair. But they did look a bit more enticing, because now you could see more of Kevin's beautiful skin.

Glen then announced, "OK, time now for your bush," and wasting no time, trimmed Kevin's pubes, making them more aesthetically pleasing. 

Kevin wriggled, and moaned, because during THIS trim, Glen played around with his penis, lifting it up, rubbing the glans and even rubbing a thumb over Kevin's sopping urethra.

"Leave me some of my manhair," Kevin stupidly blurted, concerned that Glen would shave his groin totally bare.

"Oh, I will, don't worry," Glen laughed. "In fact, buddy, I'm already done."

Glen put the clippers down and depositedKevin's shorn body hair in a special towel. He then  went back to massaging the naked, somewhat denuded Kevin. He poured oil all over Kevin's genitals.

He went for Kevin's balls. In seconds, Kevin's scrotum was completely tightened.

Glen massaged vigorously. Kevin's testicles were so bulbous that now they threatened to bulge through the skin of Kevin's sac.

Kevin was going embarrassingly out of control. He moaned, he thrashed, he bucked on the table, his feet wriggled hilariously, and he closed his eyes on his glowing, blushing red face.

Glen loved it all. He also loved the knowledge that the hidden cameras in his apartment were recording every moment.

"I can't take much more," Kevin moaned.

"We're almost done," teased Glen.

Glen began to "massage" Kevin's erect, stubby, perfectly circumcised penis. With his left hand, he decided to go teasingly slow at first. He used an index finger and thumb to go up the sides of Kevin's pulsating shaft. Up, up, up, to the glans and the head.

Kevin moaned, bucked, wriggled and perspired. 

Glen used his right hand to massage Kevin's red hot nipples.

Kevin moaned, bucked, wriggled and perspired more. His precum virtually gushed.

Glen then decided to get Kevin off. He was nearly there anyway, and really, Glen had hoped for this all along. 

Glen began to masturbate Kevin with his left hand. His balls, his cock, all over, up to the head, over the head, teasing the urethra, stretching out the precum so the cameras could record strands of it emerging from a straight man's piss slit. Glen also had opportunities to tease and finger Kevin's sweet virgin anus, after he pushed Kevin's muscular, jittery legs off the table, leaving them dangling off eadh side of the table. This exposed Kevin's perineum, a great portion of Kevin's fleshy butt and Kevin's anus for the cameras and Glen's pleasure.

With hie right hand, Glen pulled and teased Kevin's manly, rigid, now-red nipples, where the tips were resembling throbbing pencil erasers. Glen pulled on the nipples, both of them, back and forth, watching Kevin gyrate on his table, totally naked, humiliated, but unable to control his hot DJ self's hot body. Kevin was so naked it was incredible. Glen was so pleased he'd set up hidden cameras.

Kevin flailed about, naked, grunted, oozed, cried out "OHHHHHHHH" and then, he ejaculated. Spectacularly.

Kevin shot his wad(s). All over himself. Ropes, HOT ROPES of white male jizz. The first glob hit Kevin in his closed left eye.

The rest of it splattered all over Kevin's naked body.

Glen pulled on Kevin's cock until poor Kevin was drained, then he retrieved a small, empty glass pill bottle and collected a Kevin sperm sample from Kevin's heaving belly.

It was at this point that Glen came into his pants. He hid it by crying out, "YEAH!"

Kevin was tthe epitome of abject naked humiliation at this point, red-faced, cum-drenched, sweaty, oily, and realizing what a spectacle he had just made of his nude self. And the fact Glen had yelled "yeah" at his embarrassing show. Kevin felt smarmy and very naked and he had CUM all over him. It had gone into his eyes!

Kevin's free massage was over, but Glen had ample evidence that it had occurred.

Which you can be sure Gken has revisited on a frequent basis, and continues to do so. Since the footage has no audio, Glen often likes to look at it when Kevin is live on the air in his DJ mode. This is incredibly erotic for Glen, especially when he gets to the footage of Kevin's spectacular, inadvertent ejaculation into Kevin's left closed eye.

The totally humiliated Kevin avoided Glen for a few days, but eventually they became friends again. The free massage was never mentioned, even after Glen got his license.







Submitted: July 06, 2022

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