Poor College Kid

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Humiliation Sex  |  House: The Humiliation Board

The private diary of a college freshman who is bullied and tormented beyond belief by sadistic students.

Poor College Kid By dale10


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I’m not even sure how exactly I incurred their wrath. It must have happened during the first week of the semester or something, cause the humiliation and abuse started shortly thereafter.  I’m by nature a shy, quiet kind of intellectual nerd, but what is odd is that my abusers are also not jocks, but rather ordinary nerdy types, good looking and all, trendy, but certainly not big dumb muscular jock bullies like one would expect. Their leader Jake is, in fact, an extremely handsome, tall, kind of lanky, dark haired, sort of model type with a shock of black hair and sparkling, teasing eyes. He sometimes wears glasses which makes him look even more professorial.  I am a just turned 18-year-old freshman and they are sophomores.


One more word about my situation before I share with you the horror through which I am living and from which there doesn’t seem to be any escape. I moved to this small college town and chose this university to live with and care for my grandma. She is my only living relative and dearer to me than anyone alive She is also semi-bed ridden and quite ill. She lives in a lovely little two story house right on a central street in the small college town.


I said I had no idea why Jake and his three buddies began to destroy my life, but perhaps I do. I remember him catching me staring at him naked in the locker room one day after my gym class. The athletic program is very lite at our school, but freshmen are required to take a certain number of hours of “gym.”  That means swimming, or working out in the weight room, or running, or playing basketball, or a whole series of options. Neither I, nor my tormentors, play on any of the official sports teams at the school. Anyway, one day in the locker room, after showering, I looked at Jake. I could not help it. I was amazed that a lanky dude with such a lean frame could have such a huge thick dick. It hung there swinging between his legs, so heavy and fat, that I was, just for a moment, amazed. And he caught me looking. Was that it? Was that enough to cause what is now happening to me? I need to tell you up front, that I am not gay.

I have nothing against gays, but I am perfectly straight. I even mete a really nice, cute girl the first day of classes, and we had been dating.


NOT ANY MORE Jake has forbidden me to date and forced me to break off with her. He even sent her terribly embarrassing naked photos of me, so humiliating, I can’t even look at her when I pass her on campus.  Do you realize what I just confessed? Jake has forbidden me to date. That sick, sadistic fucker controls every aspect of my life, what I wear, what I eat, when I sleep, and what sick, twisted, perverted things I am forced to do to entertain him and his friends. I feel as if I am losing my mind, and I have become a mental, physical and emotional wreck, hardly able to function. That is why I felt perhaps writing this down might ease my continuing torment.


I would say Jake and his buddies are bullying me, but their torment is so far beyond bullying that the word is laughable. Did I think of quitting school, of running away, of telling the police? Of course, but they even know where I live and control my home life, and I need to think of my poor grandma. I am trapped. Why just the other night, I received instructions to turn on the lights in my upstairs bedroom, open the curtains and pull up the blinds on the large window, stand facing the street, and masturbate my dick. They pulled up in four cars, about ten kids, guys and girls, and they sat on the hoods of their cars as if they were watching a film at a drive- in movie. I got phone messages from Jake, telling me to turn in profile and take my hands off my hard dick to show it to them, then to pump it. Then, to turn my back spread my legs and spread my ass cheeks for them. Can you imagine how I felt? How humiliated? I don’t even know which school kids were watching my sick show. I saw flashes on cameras go off, and I also saw that some of the guys and girls had binoculars. I was forced to jerk off until I shot my load into my hand, and then instructed to lick it up off my hand. I felt inhuman. And that, believe me, as  you will find out, was one of the more mild things they have done to me. That was just a little teaser.


The torment started out so mild. I was seated in the rear of a large lecture hall, when two of Jake’s buddies sat one on either side of me. At first I paid no attention to them, but then they began to press their bodies in on me from each side. Their jean clad legs pressed against me and they started to rub their arms up and down against me. I was just pissed. If this was some kind of joke, I was not happy, so I glared at them and tried to push them away. I said something to the effect of “Get the fuck out of here, perverts!” Some heads turned, and some of the other students glanced at me. They did not let up. One of them fished into his pocket and took out his phone. He leaned in and whispered to me. “Take off your tee shirt, Faggot.” 


They were both decent looking guys, and I wondered for a moment if they might be gay or something, or perhaps it was just some kind of freshman hazing. but I had no intention being bullied.


“I glared at the baby-faced straw haired kid on my right. “Get the fuck out of here, or I’ll report you,” I hissed, not wanting to attract undue attention. At the front of the room, the boring, blotchy-faced professor droned on.


In response to my anger, the kid on my right held up his phone. I was shocked. On it was a photo of my grandma outside our house with her walker.


“Be a good boy, and don’t cause us any trouble. We’re going to be your new friends, and Jake wants us to assure you that if you are a good boy, no accidents will happen to your grandma.”


So, they knew where I lived! But how and why? I remember breaking out in a cold sweat in the air-conditioned lecture hall. As I said, I was seated near the rear of the room, kind of by myself. The closest kids, except for my assailants, were two rows in front of me.


“Jake wants your tee shirt, so take it off!” He repeated. I knew who Jake was from the locker room. I remembered asking another kid his name after seeing him in the nude with his huge dick.


“Are you crazy, I can’t take it off here in class!”


The cute kid with the straw-colored hair leaned in, so that when he whispered, his lips brushed my ear, tickling me.  “Jake and Mac are across the street from your house now. I push one button and they pay grandma a visit. Don’t worry, nothing serious, it’s just that even the slightest scare can be bad for the health of someone like her. Believe me, baby, we want to be your friend, and we don’t want trouble. Now take off the fucking tee shirt.” 


I wasn’t thinking clearly. I know better now. Once you bend even a little to bullies, you are their prisoner forever. It just gets worse and worse. I pulled up my tee shirt and slide it off. I was now sitting in the rear of a lecture hall with two hundred students, naked from my waist up. The kid on my right grabbed the shirt and whisked it away from me. I felt a chill go through my body, and I remember my nipples getting hard.


“Pretty little thing, aren’t you?” these were the first words from the kid on my left. He had a kind of punk look with short cropped hair and a pug nose.


“Give me my shirt back! How can I leave class like this?”


“Give me your phone, Ass Face!” the punky looking kid snapped. My hand trembled as I handed him my phone. He began to transfer phone numbers, contacts and info from my phone to his.


“Look, I don’t know who you are, or what you want, but this must all be some kind of terrible mistake. I don’t want any trouble. If I did something wrong, I’m sorry but I really don’t know…”


“Take off your shoes and socks.” The boy with straw colored hair whose name was Nate, I later learned, whispered. “We don’t want to cause a commotion here in the lecture hall. They might think you’re a pervert, sitting here with no shirt, your titties on display.”


My knuckles grew white as I gripped the arms of my seat.  My notebook fell to the floor.

“Please, whatever is wrong, I can…”


“PLEASE TAKE OFF YOUR SCHOES AND SOCKS. I WILL NOT ASK AGAIN!” Nate hissed, a nasty scowl on his cute face.


I must tell you that this first “game” of theirs was nothing next to the hours and hours of obscene modeling they forced me to later do for cameras and streaming feeds on their phones. I never believed that I could be made to go so low, that I could be made to participate in such filth. This first incident was just an introduction to them. Just a little tease. But why did I ever let it go beyond this? Why did I ever bend them in the first place? Jake later said it was because I am a fucking weak submissive faggot cocksucker and ass pussy girly-boy at heart. IS HE RIGHT?


I slipped off my athletic shoes and peeled off my socks. They must have known that there is something about being barefoot in a room of people who are wearing shoes that makes one feel terribly vulnerable. I can still remember the feel of the floor on my curling, naked toes.

Nate took my shoes and socks and piled them next to him on my tee shirt.


“There, that’s not so bad, is it? You will find that if you just obey Jake and us, and do every fucking thing we tell you to do, things can go easy for you. It’s just a matter of learning to obey.”  He smiled. The fucker actually smiled at me. With one hand, he lightly patted the back of my neck. I remember feeling revulsion at his touch. Later, when the actual torment began, it was Nate who took an unusual interest in torturing my nipples, telling me he was going to give me tits like a sow who was suckling her young pigs.


I was shivering quite badly now. They could tell, and were enjoying it.


“Okay, big boy, now the jeans.”


“Oh, God, no, please, you can’t be serious!  You can’t make me do this!”  Nate lifted his phone and paused his finger over the button to send some message to Jake. I now hated Jake with all my guts, and I had never even spoken with him. “Wait…no…can I meet up with Jake. Can I talk to him, we can work something out.” 


The punk kid on my left chuckled at that, and I am not sure, but I think he groped his crotch.


“Oh, we are going to work stuff out, all right, don’t worry about that. And you are going to meet Jake tonight. But this is just so we get to know each other a little bit, and so you know who is in charge. Unbuckle your belt.” 


“I…I…I know you dudes are in charge. I understand. But not here in the classroom. Not here in school. If any other kids see this, what will they think of me?”


“Maybe that you are a fucking pussy faggot.”  Nate smiled again, and flicked my nipple with his fingers. “Take off the pants.”


“But…but the campus police could arrest me!”


Nate nodded. “Yeah they could. Take the fucking jeans off, or grandma gets a visit.”


Was I weak? Am I weak? You have no idea how protective I am of my grandma. She is all I  have in the world. I undid my jeans and raising my ass from the seat, I slid them down and off. Now I was seated in a major lecture hall dressed in nothing but my blue briefs. A pair of skimpy underpants was all I had to protect me from these horrible bullies. I folded my hands over my genitals.  I have a nice sized dick, and the lump was pretty evident, even though it was shriveled with fear. I felt so horrible, so totally exposed.  It couldn’t get any worse than this!  Ha! Think again. No, I couldn’t allow myself to imagine they would take this any further.


They both lifted their phones and started to take photos of me. They moved a few seats away so they could catch my full face and figure sitting there in the lecture hall with two hundred students, dressed in only my underpants. I bit my lower lip and forced tears back in.  This would be it. They would take a few pictures for their sick fun, and then give me my clothes back and leave. A few students seated below and in front of me, noticed the slight commotion and turned to see what was happening. Then, they nudged others, and soon I had an audience.


Nate slid back next to me. He put his face to my ear again, and this time, he licked it lightly. I recoiled. “You know what comes next, baby. Don’t make this hard on granny.”


I could not move. Even if I had wanted to, I could not move. I was frozen with fear. I wanted to scream for help, and should have right there. The following weeks of torment would never have happened, if I had just stood up to them.


“I’ll give you ten seconds to take off your underpants!” I stare into his beautiful blue eyes.


“Why are you doing this to me?” Tears now trailed down my face and dripped from my chin.


He held up two fingers “Two reasons. Because Jake wants us to. And… because we can.”


I began to quietly sob. ‘Please don’t make me get naked!”


“Take off the fucking underpants!” 


Like a zombie or a robot, but feeling inside somehow like my life was over, I hooked my thumbs in the waistband of my briefs and peeled them down. There were at least ten giggling students now watching me. They must have thought it was some kind of hazing thing. I remember being so scared that I got my feet tangled in the leg holes and had trouble removing the skimpy blue briefs. It would be one of the last times I would be allowed to wear underpants. Jake and his buddies had other fun things for me to wear in the future.


I sat there naked with my legs pressed together and my fists pressed into my crotch. My entire body was trembling terribly. I felt like photos I had seen of naked concentration camp inmates. I remember thinking I’d probably have to drop out of school. Of course, little did I know that Jake would never allow that. No, he would want my humiliation and degradation to go on and on and on.


“Put your hands at your sides and spread your legs wide!”  Nate ordered, his straw hair handing over his forehead, making him look indeed like a Nazi Youth.


Well for some reason, I could fight back no longer, not that I had done very much resisting. Stripping me naked had drained me of my will.  I removed my hands from my crotch and spread my legs, revealing my pink flaccid dick and my hefty eighteen-year-old balls. Fuck! Even in the locker room, I had been shy about being naked. I always kept my front to the wall when showering and immediately wrapped a towel around my torso. Maybe that was what had struck me about Jake that day, how he casually flaunted his nudity, almost proud of it. Perhaps he was. Later I was to learn how much he enjoyed having that big fat dick of his sucked. He truly enjoyed only a few sick things more than having an unwilling girl or boy sucking on his fuckmeat.  He loved to have his fucker licked and kissed for hours at a time, as I would find out. But you will not believe, I know, when I tell you that that was nothing compared to the other filthy things he and his friends forced me to do.  I can say with all honesty, that my mouth will never ever feel clean again. No matter how much I brush or gargle, I still wake at night with horrible tastes in my mouth.  I gag and choke at memories.


Nate and his buddy took photos of me seated in the lecture hall naked. Nate moved back in. “We’re almost finished here. Meet Jake in the student union tonight at seven O’clock. Do not be late. Now a few last shots, and we’ll be out of here. Masturbate for us!”


I didn’t think I heard him right. I actually said, “HUH?”






“Class is almost over…You’d better hurry, Faggot!” Punk boy laughed.


I grew frantic. I yanked and pulled at my penis. Sometimes rubbing my nipples helped, so I did that now, and Nate laughed out loud. I now had over twenty students watching me. Nate and Punk Boy snapped photos of me beating my meat, as the professor wound up his lecture.


So as not to be caught, my two bullies got ready to leave. “Wait…give me back my clothes!” I almost screamed, as the bell rang.


Nate roared with laughter. “No fucking way!” He scooped up my clothes and moved toward the end of the row.


“I CAN’T GO BACK HOME LIKE THIS!” I screamed. Students were now standing and watching, some in silence, others laughing.


“Okay, wear this…and make sure you are wearing it tonight for your meeting with Jake.” Nate tossed me a small item of red cloth. I put my hand to my mouth in horror. It was the kind of posing pouch gay male porno models sometimes wear. It was red and the prick pouch was see through mesh netting. Students were now moving up the stairs toward me and the exit.

Telling myself it was better than nothing, only barely, I slipped the obscene pouch on, a thin red strap going up between my ass cheeks, deep into my crack. My balls filled the pouch, almost spilling out, and my dick which had gotten hard, stuck up like a crooked flag pole, out of the low riding band of the pouch, my swollen dickhead on full display. Fifty or more students were taking pictures of me on their phones.  Sobbing hysterically, I turned and fled from the lecture hall, not even realizing that I had to run across campus and out into the town to get to grandma’s house. I was like a fucking little red riding hood in a prick pouch! My life here was over…at least that is what I thought.


But Jake had different plans for me, and this was just the beginning!

Submitted: July 06, 2022

© Copyright 2023 dale10. All rights reserved.

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This was great.

Thu, July 7th, 2022 1:14pm


Love the creativity and blackmail angle. Hope there will be more? Would love to hear about him being forced to use sounds on himself. Just amping up the torture descriptions a bit. On the side of the humiliation that is. Turn him into a pregnant sow with enemas and nipple torture etc, the imagination just goes wild. Can't wait for your next story.

Mon, July 11th, 2022 7:04pm

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