How to Exploit and Humiliate Men

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A woman describes how she controls and humiliates men

How to Exploit and Humiliate Men

My name is Ida Dutton and I love to give handjobs.  I haven’t always loved to give handjobs but I have always loved testicles.  Since I was a little girl I have loved to fondle testicles, run them through my fingers and admire what happens when I do.  I love to watch a penis grow.  I love taking sexual advantage of men and I love making them respond to me.  It is so obvious when they get sexually excited and orgasm.  I love making their cocks get erect and then spurt.  Even as a little girl I wanted to get in a boy’s pants and play with his genitals.  I wanted to control them and when they were erect, I knew I was in control. 

When I was a little girl I played doctor with the neighbor boys every chance I got.  Unfortunately, when I grew up we didn’t play doctor anymore.  I had to wait until I was a teenager.  Once I knew the boys were interested in girls I knew I could manipulate them.  I didn’t wait until one of them asked me out.  First, I would get myself alone with one of them and then I would slowly reach out with my hand so the boy  could see where I was going and feel his crotch.  Sometimes they would let me and sometimes they would brush my hand away.  If they brushed my hand away I would look them in the eye and say, “I bet you have a nice one.”

The response usually was, “A nice what?”

I would smile and say, “A nice cock.”

The answer would be, “You like cock?”

My answer would be, “I love cock?”

He would ask, “What do you love about it?

I would say, “I like to play with cock and watch it get hard.”

The always said, “Would you like to play with mine?”

I would answer, “That is what I was trying to do.”

On the other hand if they didn’t brush my hand away I would continue to feel his crotch until I could feel an erection.  Then I would say, “I want to see it.”  That is the same thing I would say after the colloquy when my hand had been brushed away.

It always worked.  Sooner or later I would get them to drop their pants and I would get to play with their genitals.  I would start with their balls, massaging them until the penis grew erect.  Once the cock was erect I would stroke it at the same time as I massaged their balls.  While I was stroking them I would always talk to them.  I made sure they knew I was enjoying it.  I would tell them how big they were and how hard they were.  I always said that I loved balls, they balls is what made them men and how I could control men once I had their balls in my hands.

At first I made them cum right away but later I learned to tease them they until they begged me to let them cum.  I love it when they beg me to let them cum.  It reinforces the total control I have over them.  I can feel when the tension built in their cocks.  Then I would wait until the tension diminished when I would stroke them some more.  Eventually they would ask me to let them cum but I would never grant their wishes the first time.  I almost never granted their release unless they begged. 

The word spread when I did this.  It was both good and bad.  It gave me a horrible reputation but it also brought me new subjects.  I had numerous occasions when I would masturbate 5 or 6 boys in succession.  When I did groups of boys I usually gave them my 5 or 10 minute handjob.  I just didn’t have time to tease them. 

I love humiliating males.  Males are so in love with their cocks they will let me do anything I want as long as I get them off.  I really like to masturbate them in public.  It shows my complete domination.  I like to do this on the bus.  I will sit next to a man and start conversation with him.  Then I will put my hand on his thigh.  If he lets me, I know almost to a certainty that I will have him.  Gradually I move my hand closer and closer to his crotch.  When he has an erection I unzip him and take out his cock and his balls.  Sometime they try to get me to do it surreptitiously but I won’t have it.  I want everyone to see me stroke him to ejaculation.  A few times he stopped me but for the most part, once I get their cocks erect they let me do what I want, no matter what.  I don’t just do this on buses, I do it in movie theatres, at sport events and even on park benches. 

Sometimes my clients even try to date me. When this happens I really know that I have them.  First, I take them to a public beach where I strip them naked, require them to walk the length of the beach naked while I lead them with a cock ring and a leash.  Then I masturbate them in public.  The second time I take them to the beach, I strip them naked and walk them in to and out of the beach naked and leashed.  When I can I get as many girls as I can to accompany us.  I really don’t have many girlfriends but when I take a man to a public beach naked, I do. 

I like to take my subjects shopping.  First, I take my subjects to buy them athletic supporters.  I make them try on supporters that I know won’t fit.  When he puts one on in a dressing room I make them come out and show it to me. Then I remove the one that doesn’t fit in public and make them try on another.  It is funny how people react.  If my subject did this on his own the police would be called.  When I do it to embarrass my subject, the women watching are merely amused. 

It is even more fun to take them to the tailor.  When I do, I tell the tailor I need authenticity for a renaissance fair.  I need pants with a codpiece.  When the tailor takes her measurements of his inseam he cannot have underpants because there were no underpants in the renaissance. Since the codpiece is a pouch that holds male genitals she also has to measure the size of his genitals.  Usually the tailor will say we should do this privately but I always decline saying, “Why?” 

The tailor usually says, “To preserve his modesty.”

I then allow her to take her measurement in private.  However, when the codpiece is ready I take my subject in front of a mirror in public and untie the codpiece exposing my subjects genitals.  If the tailor ask why I did that I say, “I have to know that the codpiece is functional.”

Occasionally, I have a sleepover with my girlfriends.  This happens often because I always invite a male or two to come with.  He usually knows what this means and know that he will be stripped by a bunch of girls and masturbated.  It is not hard to get a boy to accept.  There have been times when I have asked several boys to attend.  This way every girl gets a boy to strip, fondle and masturbate.  It is amazing what men will endure if they know they are going to get off.

I often make my subjects wear kilts.  Naturally I do not allow them to wear anything under their kilts.  When they are wearing a kilt I will stop in public and adjust their kilts.  Then I remove the kilt  and I put it back on.  I like to leave him exposed while I fuss with the kilt.  I also insist whenever possible that my man sits in such a way that women can see up his kilt.  It is easiest to do this at a shoe store.  I make sure they are exposed in such a way that the female observer know that it is I who is exposing him.  When a man exposes himself to a woman she gets afraid.  When I expose a man to a woman, they feel safe.  They either like it or are amused by it. 

I really like to take my subs out in public wearing kilts.  I like to do this most on a bus.  We sit facing females and I run my hand under his kilt and start masturbating him.  The woman's eyes just about pop out of her sockets.  As he is about to cum I lift his kilt ostensibly so that I can catch his cum in kleenex.

I also take my subjects to male strip shows.  When the stripper is stripping I take out my subject’s cock and start to play with his balls.  Pretty soon everyone is watching me and not the act.  Often the club asks me continue my masturbation on stage.  Of course, I comply.  When I do this I ask audience members if they want to come forward and help.  Usually I have one woman stroking his cock while another massages his balls.  My subjects really like it when the audience applauds when he ejaculates. 

I have a police uniform and handcuffs. I take my subject to someplace public. There I handcuff him, strip him below the waist, and inject him with alprostadil to give him an erection.  If someone asks, I say, “This man is under arrest for indecent exposure.  If they ask why he is still naked, I say, “This is how I found him.”

I have been known to lead them by holding their balls.  If someone wants to know why I am leading them by their balls, I say, “Grab them by their balls and they will follow you anywhere.”

When I am leading a man around naked, I love it when women ask me questions.  It allows me to have my subjects stand there exposed while I engage in small talk.  I always direct the subject to my subject’s erection.  I look at his erect cock and say, “You really have to admire his virility, don’t you.”  If they respond with encouragement and say something like, :”You certainly do”, I then cop a feel and encourage the woman to feel his erection for herself. 

Sometimes they want to take pictures.  I encourage this though I won’t let me take a picture of me.

I  get invited to do hen parties.  Beforehand I always give my subject an ample dose of Viagra.  The first thing we do is auction off his clothes.  I keep the money.  Then we play games.  The first one we play is penis puppetry.  The lady names something that she thinks male genitals can look like and then she has to do the modeling.  I usually see things like pumps, baseball bats, metronomes, handles and Newton’s cradles.  We also play doctor where the ladies all learn how to check a man for an inguinal hernia.  The ladies learn to hold his testicles and tell him to turn his head and cough.  The night ends when I form the ladies in a line and make my subject walk down the line letter while the ladies cop a feel.  This continues until he spurts.

I have been asked several times by mothers who only have daughters to let them see their first naked male.  This is always interesting.  The reaction of young girl who has never seen a penis before is always fascinating.  Sometimes it is like they are seeing a person from outer space.  At first they are reluctant but before long they are really into it.  I like to wait to see if the girl is just satisfied looking or wants to cop a feel. I don’t tell them to cop a feel because it is not as much fun as when they discover it themselves.  Once they start, I tell them to continue as much as they like.  I don’t tell them to masturbate the subject but if they ask, I encourage it.  In one case a girl even spontaneously learned to do fellatio. 

I don’t generally participate sexually in any of my antics.  What I enjoy is taking advantage of men and humiliating them.  However, I am always excited by watching young girls fondling their first naked man.  Whenever I do this I get really horny and I want to show the girls an actual act of sexual intercourse.  Thus, at the end of the lesson I make the male get into the Amazon position, sit on his cock and fuck him.  When he gets close to spurting, I get off of him and continue to stroke him until he cums.  I want my student to see him spurting.  I refuse to teach girls to use the more conventional missionary position because it is submissive.

I am not married.  Why would I marry a man so weak that he would submit to my sexual demands?






Submitted: July 05, 2022

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sweet lemon

nice sexy "feel" to this lol!!
pun intended

Wed, July 6th, 2022 8:40am



Sat, July 9th, 2022 1:23pm

Matt Triewly

Love it... and thanks for posting, Derek... haha!

Sat, July 9th, 2022 6:10am



Sat, July 9th, 2022 1:23pm

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