The naked on Tuesday

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Humiliation Sex  |  House: Stripping and Humiliation

Alex is an attractive actor in his 30s. He has an audition on Tuesday. He is aware that the role requires "partial nudity."

Alex has been through this before. Equity is not keen on actors being exploited under these circumstances.

Still, Alex wants the role. It;s a juicy role and the playwright and the director are A-list. Alex knows he could act the hell out of the part, even though he'd have to be naked for a few minutes in both acts. Sigh.

Alex's only obstacle: the casting director. Alex has done research. The casting director, Barnabas Mama, is a notorious lech. But he has also made careers happen.

Alex strongly resembles the MSNBC news peporter Garrett Haake.

"Alex Robbins? You're up," Jim, the assistant to the casting driector waited to Alex to emerge from a row of young actors sitting in chairs in the casting department's outer room.

"Hi, I'm Alex," Alex introduced himself to Jim. Jim, a thin, cute young red-headed man of 25, looked him up and down and said, "Follow me upstairs."

Alex was tall and quite fit. He bore a strong resemblence to the TV reporter Garrett Haake from NBC.

Jim directed Alex to a rom just off the top of the stairs. The door was ajar. "Just go o in,' Baarnabas is waiting forr you," Jim explained. "Good luck." Jim went back downstairs.

Alex was a little nervous. He'rd stories that Barnabas Mama was a drunk old lech and he liked to have actors always take their shirts off. Alex was ready to do that if he had to, even though he thought it unnecesaary. He was obviously in excellent shape.

"Hello, I'm Alex Robbins," Alex said to the notorious Barnabas Mama, sitting behind a table all by himself. "Is the playwright going to be here? Or the director?"

Mama snorted, "Don't worry about them. They're on the way. Traffic. They are not required to be here anyway today."

Alex had expected weirdness. Alex was 32, brunette, very fit, Caucasion, groomed, and he had CREDITS. He'd been on "Law and Order" and had a well-received shirttless scene in a "Sex and the City" episode.

Alex was straight and unmarried.

Barnabas' thoughts:

"Yes indeed. Alex Robbins in the flesh. He's really quite handsome. This one I will get naked. What a body he has. Nice smile. Tall. He fits the role. Will he undress for me? He looks fairly confident. I will definitely have to get him naked, and I'll get Jim in here to humiliate him further. Jim loves to help me do that."

The play Alex was auditioning for was "On That Strange Night," by Mary-Ellen Jones. The director was Miriam Lobby, who'd just won a Tony for her direction of a Sondheim revival.

Mama was clearly soused. Alex fidgeted. He was alone with Mama in this room.

Mama said, "Well, let's see you naked. Do not waste my time my protesting. The part requires you to look good in the nude. Take off your clothes, please, Mr. Robbins."

Mama was a fat man. Alex knew he could whip him up he need be. But he felt as if he should not just strip without a bit of protest.

"Mr. Mama, this is not what I'm used to, and the notice in Backstage said partial nutidy fior this audition, not com...." Alex said.

"MR. ROBBINS, surely you know those notices have to fudge a bit. You are aware of this role's requirements,, you said to Jim on the phone. So do NOT waste my time, take off your clothes, please, there are other applicants," barked Mr. Mama. "I have to verify you have no body art and that you have an adequate penis, since there is a reference to that in the play, as you should know, since I know you have a copy, because you told that to Jim. The character is referred to as 'hung.' I'm attempting to thoroughly investigate you so you will not embarrass yourself. OR US. Again, time is money. There are other actors downstairs and I don't have all day."

This was true. Downstairs there were plenty of eager actors. Some of them Alex recognized. This role was sought after, primarily because ot ist creative team and their resumes..

Alex began to strip  Barnabas found his eyeglasses and made a big deal of putting them on his owl-like, now interested face.. Alex stood about eight feet from Barnabas Mama's desk. It was a well lit room with no windows. Mama had an AC blowing.

"That's more like it," said Mr. Mama. "And socks too. You are to be nude. You may deposit ALL your clothing on that chair next to you." 

Oh, he's a shy one. Good. Off the shirt, oh how cute, he wears a T-shirt. Take it off. More to strip. Wow. Flesh. He's toned as he can be. Abs. Oh, there's the nipples. He has big nipples. No chest hair. Good. Great underarms, a little hair there. Another one that 'manscapes.' Actors are so vain. OK, he's topless, and he's embarrassed. I do believe he is blushing.

Alex shivered. The room was kind of chilly. Alex had not planned on being completely naked in front of Barnabas Mama.

Mama watched Alex reveal his young fit body. Alex removed his shoes and socks, then began to take off his pants.

I love my job. Oh, he wears briefs. Tighty whities. Predictable. Shows off a nice bulge though. I'll be seeing that bared in just a minute or too. Morre blushing.  God, these actors. They work out like fiends, and then they don't want to show it in an audition. I don't get it.

Alex got down to his briefs, and stopped stripping.

"Is this suffiicient?" Alex asked the corpulent casing director.

"Are you serious/?" Mama spewed. "NO, THAT IS NOT 'SUFFICIENT'. Do you not understand the word NAKED? Maybe you should just leave."

Alex took off his briefs, quickly, embarrassed, feeling shamed. He was now nude in this big chilly rom in front of this fat abrasive drunk casting director. Maybe I should go to law shool, thought Alex.

"Come a bit closer, please," grunted Mama.

Mama gazed. He was very interested. This Alex was lean, fit, and he had a fabulous penis and balls. Mama also liked the fact that this Alex conveyed bashfulness. It would be good for the role, a reluctant male prostitute.

Alex, completely naked,  moved a few feet closer to this horny old man, mortified.

God, he's hung. Great for the role. Low hangers. More manscaping with the damn pubes. Oh well, he's an actor,I want to see his bared ass.

"Very good, Mr. Robbins. Now slowly turn around in a full circle. I need to see all of you."

Alex thought, I will look into this procedure later. This is NOT normal. But he turned around in a circle.

Mama drooled, slurpily, "Nice butt. But there is one more thing."

Alex assumed Mama wanted him to read lines. In the  nude? Please God no, thought Alex

Mama buzzed Jim to come upstairs. Alex did not notice him doing that.

Alex stood there, naked, on a Tuesday morning. When he heard the door open Alex made a move to cover his genitals .

"Do NOT cover yourself!" barked Mama. "At ANY TIME."

Jim gazed at Alex's backside and got a hard-on. It was literally the most perfect male ass he had ever seen. Hairless, toned, muscular, juicy, with a dark crack. Jim almost swooned.

He walked over and joined Mama behind his long desk, sitting down, lookin at ALL of the nude Alex, smiling.

Alex was mortified. Jim was younger than Alex and Alex felt this set-up was not fair.

Well, that was choice. I hope remembers what I asked him to do. I loved it when Alex tried to cover himself. Hilarious. Hope he doesn't try to do that onstage.

"NOW," huffed Mama, "Alex, if you will follow Jim and myself over to the corner, we will wrap this up. I am strongly considerring you for the role."

Mama and Jim stood up and walked over to a corner of the room that featured a long, full-length mirror.

Alex meekly followed thim, feeling outrageously exposed. Well, he was. He was NAKED.

"As you know," droned Mama, "the scene in Act Two requires Paul to get out of bed, nude and walk around a bit. The author has added a bit to this scene. Paul is do to nude exercises in front of a mirror just like this one."

Jim thought, "This is really turning me on. Look at this guy's face He can't believe what he's heaaring."

Alex put up his hands in protest. "Wait a minute, that is not in the script I have."

Mama sighed, "JIm, can you explain?"

Jim patiently informed Alex that the author wanted more male nudity in the play than she'd originally planned. "There's only two exercises. Windmills....and jumping jacks. Are you familiar with those exercises?"

Alex was but he did not admit this right away. "I don't know about this. It is kind of gratuitous, if you ask me."

Mama huffed indignantly. "Do you want the role or not? We need to see what you look like doing these harmless exercises in the nude. Please proceed, or put your clothes on and leave my office."

Jim tried to soothe matters. "I'l exhibit the exercises. These are windmills."

"Fine for you, JIM," Alex scoffed. "You are fully dressed."

Jim laughed. "I'm no actor. You're the actor."

The naked actor, Jim grinned to himself.

Jim finished the windmills and began to do jumping jacks. "And I'm sure you know what these are," Jim said, through heavy breathing.

He'll be flopping all over the place, and he'll be showing us his asshole when he does windmills. This I will jerk off tto tonight.

Already humiliated, Alex walked over the mirror. He saw himself naked and blushed.

"Stand DIRECTLY in front of the mirror," Mama instructed. "Look at yourself. Paul looks at himself a lot in the play when he is nude."

Alex put his feet apart, realizing what he'd be revealing. He took a deep breath as both Mama and Jim walked behind him. He began enxercising. It was agony, made worse when Jim chuckled a bit.

Alex's firm butt opened to reveal Alex's anus, clear as day. Alex had no hair on his butt anywhere.

Mama's breathing got heavier. Alex could hear it. It disturbed him.

Alex did twenty of these windmills. He'd wanted to stop at ten, but Jim had urged him to do ten more. "And you can open your legs more. We might as well give the audience their money's worth."

Alex did as requested and finished this obscenity, then stood up. He was thoroughlly humiliated. The two men staring at him had seen his most private body muscle in the light of day. Alex decided he would discuss with the director  just how far he'd spread his legs on stage in front of an audience. But in the meantime, Alex struggled with the knowledge Mama and Jim had been leering at Alex's exposed butthole.

Ales was still naked, and he was beginning to resent it.

"How many jumping jacks do  you want?" Alex barked, annoyed now.

"Oh, only about fifty," said Jim.

Fifty. These guys suck, thought Jim.

Alex did the jumping jacks. Mama and Jim watched from behind. They could see everything in the mirror, and they could see Alex's full backside in front of them, so they could see ALL OF ALEX AT ONCE.

Naked, Alex's cock and balls predictably flopped up and down. He saw in the mirror that Mama and Jim were grinning at each other.

Alex finished the exercise after what seemed like an eternity. He felt utterly demoralized. And NAKED on a Tuesday.

Mama became all business. "OK, Alex,  you have the part. Please do NOT acquire tattoos or piercings until the run is over. NO BODY INK."

Alex gasped in gratitude. "Don't you want me to read? I know the play cover to cover."

Oh, shut up, Alex told himself. You have the part, GET OUT OF HERE.

To his relief, Mama scoffed,  "Not necessary, unless you want to read in the nude. Let's wrap this up. I have a luncheom engagement."

Alex was overjoyed with relief (and shame). "Fine, thank you. I want to put my clothes on then. Is that OK?" LAME, thought Alex as he made that request. What more on earth could they possibly want to look at?

"By all means," said Mama. He'd seen all he wanted for now and he knew he'd see Alex naked every night on stage anyway. The role had only a few lines, admittedly they were crucial, but Mama had seen Alex's TV work and he knew Alex could deliver. Also, Alex's stunning body would sell loads of tickets.

He'll make a good male whore, if a little wholesome. Speaking of holes...that buttthole was beautiful indeed.

The creatives would be fine with this choice, Mama knew. In fact, one of them had suggested Alex based on his "Sex and the City" gig. Mama could not remember if it was the director, or the playwright. Both of them were pretentious women who had no business in this industry, Barnabas believed. But Barnabas had been doing this for a long time, he was a LEGEND, and he was a PROFESSIONAL.

(In actuality, Barnabas Mama was lucky he'd never been arrested.)

I will jerk off about this kid's body, thought Barnabas. And soon, the entire city would do so as well. Barnabas was about to make Alex Robbins very well known..

Alex dressed. Mama told him "Come over here, Mr. Robbins, when you have your clothes on."

Alex went to the desk. Mama gave him a card. "Call this tomorrow morning, before noon and not before nine. Jim will take you downstairs. There is a little paperwork."

"Thank you Mr. Mama," Alex gushed. Mama grunted and waved him away, with a hard-on in his pants underneath the desk.

Jim took Alex downstairs and on the way Jim said, "Congratulations. You did well." Alex thanked him but was not overfly friendly about it.

Alex filled out forms. Jim watched him and then snarkily said, "You have a very clean butt. I couldn't help but notice." Alex reddened,then left the building and went to his apartment to work on his lines. He blotted out the fact that he's just stripped naked in front of a fat alkie pervert, his slimy assistant,and he had humiliated himself thoroughly. All for his art, he told himself.

After Alex left, Jim told the other actors to leave and thanked them for their time. The role had been cast. Several of the actors mumbled, "Thank God."





Submitted: July 04, 2022

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