Josh's body

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Humiliation Sex  |  House: Stripping and Humiliation

Josh is a well-built smart teenager with big ears and a large penis and very low-hanging balls, and he is terribly embarrassed by this. He does not like to be seen in the nude.

But word has gotten around somehow in this suburban town, and a male friend of Josh wants to see Josh naked and humiliate him.

Hey everyone--

I tthought I would share my experience with you about humiliation. This website fascinates me.

My name is Josh. I am now 30, married with a baby, and I live in San Diego.

I guess I should describe my body, since that seems to be important here.

I'm about 5'7", Caucasion, 145 lbs., fairly preppy I guess. I work in a law firm. I am athletic, mostly jogging and light free-weights. My wife does not want me to be bulky. Fine with me. I like to eat.

I have big ears that stick out. It runs in my family.

To my chagrin, if you can believe this, I possess an eight-inch penis soft with balls to match. I am not enamored of this at all. It is often annoying.

My mother told me years ago, "Josh, you will just have to get used to this." My dad said, "He got it from me."

This type of talk always embarrassed the hell out of me. I mean, it's my BODY.

My ass is flat and boring, I think, although Lark, my wife, says it is "pretty." I am not sure I like that assessment of my, (chuckle), ass. My ass is basically just an extension of my legs. 

I don't have body hair. I am sorry if I'm providing too much info here, but I've read a lot of the stories and it seems that detail is appreciated.

I don't have tattoos or piercings and I bathe. My hair is brown. I don't "manscape." I don't really need to and Lark told me never to do it anyway. "I like you natural, Josh," is her mantra. Some weekends I don't shower on Saturdays. She doesn't complain. I love Lark and our life. Our baby is my existence. His name is "Adam." And yes, he has the big ears. Sigh.

The reason I am relaying this anecdote: I really don't know. So much of this website is about men's bodies, the unveiling of men's bodies (often unwilling), and the satisfaction observers gain from seeing a naked man humiliated.

My wife, Lark, often embarrasses me when she discusses my body. Both privately ("Josh, if you manscape, I will leave you, I want your pubic hair left alone" ) and in public, chatting with her girlfriends ("Oh yes, sometimes I make Josh spend the whole day in the nude"). She does do the latter by the way, but I draw the line if we have visitors that particular day.

I do have an experience involving male humiliation. Unfortunately, I was the male. And I can share with you truthfully: I was naked and HUMILIATED.

I had a friend, Ben, in high school. Ben was gay and very popular.

I loved Ben like the brother I never had. I have never been homophobic. They fascinate me. They're so open and fun.

Ben never approached me in a sexual manner. He flattered me a lot, and advised me on clothes, but he never came on to me.

Until, one day, he did. He asked me to go skinny-dipping in Powers Pond, off Highway 36. I'd been there and fished there with my dad. The pond is part of a small, rarely inhabited forest. The forest has not been prepared for visitors. There are no paths in it. I'd never swam there, certainly not naked.

I said to Ben, "Swimming naked at Powers. I'm not sure that's a good plan."

Ben urged, "Oh come on. All the guys do it. And some of the girls."

I did not quite believe this, but it was a hot day when Ben proposed this, and Ben had seen me in the showers after phys ed, so I thought, loosen up Josh. Seeing naked girls swimming sounded good to me.

We had a few beers that morning and smoked some pot. Then we went to Powers Pond. Ben drove us in his car. No one was there when we arrived. It was very hot.

"We can put our clothes under this rock," said Ben.

"You've done this before?" I asked.

"Only a few times when it's hot like this," replied Ben. He was already shirtless. Ben was not as built as me, but he was not fat by any means. Girls bemoaned the fact that he preferred boys. Ben was blonde. He was very popular.

I undressed. I felt shy. I had never been naked in the outdoors. I'd never even been to the beach. (This town was in Indiana.) 

Ben was now naked and quite carefree. "C'mon, let's get in the water," Ben chided. "Let's see that physique all the girls gush about."

Flattered, I took everything off. My enormous penis flopped out along with my pendulous balls. Often, when I unveiled them, I feld deformed and strange. I was a virgin when this incident occurred. No girl had ever seen me naked, but I had heard they wanted to.

I could tell Ben was trying not to stare at me. At the time I thought, this is a true buddy. I was suddenly happy I could let him see me naked, if it would make him feel good.

I shoved my clothes underneath the rock. Ben's clothes were bundled neatly. That was Ben. I tried to do the same, and realized that I was bending over and giving an intimate view of myself, so I hurried. I didn't want Ben to see TOO much of me, you know.

I heard a splash. Ben had jumped in the pond.

"Come on in, the water's fine!" he yelled. "Get your naked ass in here!"

It was so hot that day. I jumped in the pond. It did feel cool and nice. Ben was now in the middle of the pond, which wasn't that deep. I swam out to join him.

Then turning back to look at the shore, I noticed another person near the rock.

"Hey, Ben," I swam near him. "Who is that near our clothes?"

Ben peered. "Oh, it's only Rusty."

I had misgivings. Rusty was sullen and he had a bad rep. "Why is he here?"

Ben scoffed, 'Josh, I told you. A lot of guys come here."

"Our clotthes are where he is."

"Don't worry. He's not going to leave us without CLOTHES, if that's what you're worried about," Ben giggled, and he swam around unconcrned. He yelled, "Hey, RUSS!! Jump in!"

Rusty sat on the rock, kind of scoweling, fully clothed, not taking anything off. I treaded water. I felt very very exposed, even in the pond.

A fish swam by my penis. I yelped in surprise.

Ben splashed around, "What's wrong?"

"A fish," I replied.

Ben laughed. "It's only a carp," he joked. 'Not a piranha."

Ben grinned and I felt weird. I glanced over at Rusty. He had not moved. He was really staring at us.

Ben became kind of playful, grabbing me from behind. I felt his penis against my butt. I tried to play along  After all, we were in the water, swimming, so this did not alarm me initially.

Then Ben began to touch me, all over. I felt his hands on my chest, and then he moved up to my nipples. It was not just touching. It was caressing, fondling, exploring.

I kept an eye on Rusty and our clothes. I was begining to feel foreboding thoughts. Something was off here.

Ben continued to explore me under the water. He played with my nipples, then I could feel that he had a hard-on, as it was sticking into my ass.

Wow, I remember thinking. Should I stop this?

Ben laughed. "Come on, loosen up." I was basically just floating around and letting him touch me.

Then Ben went for my penis. I somehow knew he would.

He at first just touched it. Then he touched my balls. THEN, he outrageously tried to finger my ass.

"BEN," I firmly stated, "WHAT ARE YOU DOING?"

"OK RUSS!!!!" Ben yellled to Rusty on the rock.

I was confused, then to my horror I saw Rusty putting my clothes into a garbage bag.

"What is going on?" I demanded.

Ben released my body and swam around. "If you don't want to play, you don't get your clothes back,"

"I WILL get my clothes back," I insisted. And I swam back towards the rock. I was realizing I had been set up. My heart sank. Ben had betrayed me. 

I got to the shore. But Rusty was gone.

I made it to the rock. Ben's clothes were also removed. There was NOTHING to cover myself.

I sat on the rock, in confusion, naked, disappointed, and unhappy.

Ben swam around like nothing remotely was amiss. He eventually got out of the water. "Had enough exposure?" he taunted.

He was also naked, and he had a hard-on, and he had his hands on his hips.

"Get me my clothes, Ben," I bellowed.

"I will, if you let me suck your cock," Ben grinned.

"What? Where is Rusty?" I yelled.

"He's in the forest. He wants to watch. He has our clothes."

"It is broad daylight and I am not homosexual."

"I'm not saying you are. Just let me suck that big dick of yours, and then you can get dressed."

I was terribly humiliated, and we were not entirely concealed from the road. The fence near the pond helped, but for me, it did not help enough.

"Josh," Ben chided, "it's the only option you have."

I grimaced. "We have to go further into the forest."

"Fine," Ben giggled. "I know a spot. Come on, big ears."

And he did know a spot, and that's where we went. Walking through the forest naked, I prayed to God no one else would appear. But I could make out Rusty hovering in the trees with the garbage bag. With my clothing. And I assumed, Ben's as well.

And so I had my first and only homosexual experience. I admit it wasn't terrible, but it was not ideal, because it was not by choice. I'd been stripped and humiliated.

Ben sucked me off, both of us naked, in a forest. His hands played with all of my body, and he moaned and slurped. He managed to work his hands all the way up to my nipples and tugged on them with fervor, which startled me. He fingered my butthole, gently. I kept an eye out for interlopers, but to my surprise, I was able to get hard even though I was embarrassed and humiliated. Out of the corner of my eye, I could tell Rusty had his pants down, and that he was jerking off watching us. This disgusted me and humiliated me further.

Ben kept saying, "Josh, you're body is delicious." I did not respond to that, merely tried to maintain my balance. I was standing, Ben was crouched in front of me. I noticed he was also erect.

Thankfully, no other observers ever appeared (to my knowledge).

I came in Ben's mouth, stifling my own moans, and he gulped it down. It was my first blow-job. And it did set a standard, I have to admit.

Ben grunted and masturbated himself to a quick climax, and I heard Rusty exclaim, "I'm coming!" I was mortified.

As promised, I got my clothes back. I was furious, but I had to get home, and Ben had the car. So I said very little at the time, but I was seething the entire drive back.

Amazingly, I forgave Ben but I made him wait a couple of weeks. He apologized repeatedly and told me he just HAD to know what I "tasted" like.

I tried to avoid Rusty like the plague, but one day in class he was sitting behind me (not by my choice, believe me), and he pulled on my ears. I angrily turned around and said, "DO NOT touch me." Rusty merely smiled, and rwhispered in my ear, "I don't need to TOUCH you, Joshy. I"ve seen you naked. I saw you cum in another guy's mouth. You want that out? I don't need to touch your body, but I will if I feel like it. I like your body. Get it?" 

After that, I made extra efforts not to be around Rusty at all. In a small town high school, that ain't that easy, but I managed it except for one occasion where I was showering in the locker room and Rusty strolled by and stopped to watch. I was alone in the shower otherwise. I hurried and finished as Rusy laughed. He swatted me on the butt as I raced to my locker to get dressed. He watched me dress, and made foul comments about my body as I did so. He called me "horse hung".

My wife does NOT know about any of these incidents.






Submitted: July 04, 2022

© Copyright 2023 davey. All rights reserved.

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