College Girls Titfight

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Other  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

Laura and Allison are dorm mates at a small Mid-Western college. They are now sophomores and have been close since freshman year.

As Allison sleeps in her bed, facing the wall, Laura has her phone on and has a sheet over her head.

With the volume low on the phone, Laura is watching a secret little pleasure on a porn site.

Girl/Girl titfights.

She has dabbled in making out with girls, but has dated guys. It's just her dirty little secret....

Allison pulls the sheet off of Laura.

"What are you watching?"


Allison gets on top of Laura and makes a grab for the phone. 

Laura holds on tight as the two have their hands grabbing at the phone.

Allison, in a black t-shirt and pink panties is on top of Laura who is in a bra and panties.

Both young women struggle over the phone, rolling around in the bed and over their firm young bodies but Allison prevails.

Looking at the phone, Allison sees two women with large breasts, rubbing back and forth, their breasts sweaty, nipples hard, grunts and squeals coming from their lips.

"Gimmie that!" as Laura snatches the phone from Allison's hands.

"Your into this, titfighting? You a lez?"

"I find it interesting?"

"Interesting?" Allison asks wryly. 

Allison then reached down an ran two fingers over Laura's pussy.

"Your wet and your clit feels firm. I'd say more than just interested."

Laura puts the phone on the night table.

"You ever titfight?" Allison asks slighly?"


"You want to. I thought it was kinda of hot, so maybe we..." Allison ran a finger along Laura's thigh.

"Giving a minute pause, Laura pushed Allison off the bed and got up herself.

"Yeah, let's titfight."

Laura took off her bra. Her white tits and her pink nipples, already firm wanted action.

Allison took off her shirt. Her tanned tits with brown nipples, also firm wanted to meet the challenge from her dorm mate.

The two girls wrapped their arms around their waists.

Tits at the ready, pressed against each other.

The two began going left to right, slowly to let the young breasts and firm nipples to grt to know each other.

The action picked up. Rubbing tits, nipples battling nipples, firm stomachs pressed against each other as well as thighs.

White tits vs. tanned tits.

Slight film of sweat from their tits were acting as lubricant as they slided and glided across each other.

"OOOHHH..... nipple on nipple...fight me bitch." Allison cooed.

"Take this bitch...AHHH..." Laura returned as she pressed their firm young slightly moist bodies together.

The two had their foreheads against each other, nose pressed against nose, lips almost touching lips 

Laura took out her tongue and licked Allison's lips.

Allison stuck out her tongue. Laura did the same.

Along with a tit duel, the two were involved in a tongue duel.

As nipples rubbed against nipples, their tongues licked, flapped and sword fought against each other.

Each young woman, a film of sweat covering their bodies, blending in with each other as their saliva from their tongue duel.

Allison broke away.

"What's wrong? Giving up?" asked Laura.

"No, but I just had a thought. What if we create a web site and make some money on tit fighting. It will help pay for our college and when we graduate, we will have a nice tidy sum in the bank."

"We can also go in Only Fans and make money that way " added Laura.

"Tomorrow we make a business plan and get set up for next week."

"Oh shit, you think we can pull it off?" Laura wanted to know.

"Hell yes! Guys love this this stuff. They will be jerking off. And maybe some women will get wet from you."

"Bitch!" squealed Laura.

"But we have some unfinished business to settle here first."

The two young women went back their tit fight with tongue fighting tongue. Squeals, moans, groans til both had an orgasm.

Soon, they will make money in their new found pleasure.

Submitted: July 04, 2022

© Copyright 2023 Dick Wood. All rights reserved.

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