Bill's jockstrap

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Humiliation Sex  |  House: Stripping and Humiliation

Bill and his wife Tess are throwing a dinner party on Saturday. On Friday (Bill's birthday), Tess presents him with a present.

It is a new white jockstrap. Tess wants Bill to wear it and nothing else. At the dinner party, which is really a birthday party. Tess explains to her aghast spouse, "I want to show off your male body. In your birthday suit!"

Bill is quite apprehensive. He should be. His wife secretly wants to humiliate her handsome, well-built husband in public, just for fun.

"What is this for?" asked Bill, as he explored his birthday gift from his pretty wife Tess. The gift appeared to be..a jockstrap.

Bill was 35. Tess was 33.

"It's for the party," Tess sweetly explained.

"Huh?" Bill, a good-looking, strapping dark-haired athletic guy who owned the best deli in town, inquired. Bill looked like the actor Tony Goldwyn from "Ghost."

More than once Bill had been informed when he jogged shirtless, "You have Tony Goldwyn's nipples." This fascinated Bill, as he did not think much about his nipples and only knew Tony Goldwyn from one movie. He'd looked at the movie again, and thought, OK I guess my nipples look like his and I do kind of resemble him. Then Bill just dismissed all of that. Bill was not some Hollywood actor; Bill ran a respeected business and he ran it well.

Bill examined his birthday gift, arching an eyebrow. He knew his wife had a naughty side and looked at the skimpy garment with wariness.

"It's for tomorrow afternoon," Tess stressed. "I want you to wear it."

Bill chuckled, "You mean instead of underwear."

Tess replied, "Nope, I want you to wear it with nothing else on."

Bill laughed out loud. "Tess, you cannot be serious. Your parents will be here. My employees will be here. My MOTHER will be here."

Tess breezily laughed and refilled their cocktails. "I know all that. They're all in on it, Billy. They're on board."

"ON BOARD?" Bill exclaimed. "My mother is ON BOARD with this insane idea?"

"She bought the jockstrap, Bill" replied Tess. "I wanted red, but she insisted on white. She said, 'Billy never liked fruity undergarments. Go with the white. It's in his size, isn't it? She said that. In the store. Loudly.'"

Bill gasped in horror.

Tess giggled. "Your mom is so much fun, Bill."

Bill could not believe what he was hearing. He knew his mother was a bawdy woman, he knew Tess loved his body and that she could be kinky, but uh, THIS? This was a bit much for Bill. He was a respected businessman in town. He did not wish for his house to be known as some kind of sex club and this is what this sounded like. Bill was aware of the "CFNM" online kink, and he wanted no part of such a thing. Bill was a bit flummoxed that his own wife seemed to be interested in "CFNM." I mean, really? Bill did remember that his co-worker Sal often complained, "My wife keeps telling me I'm fat." So I guess I'm lucky, Bill thought ruefully. Tess still likes my physique. Tess was a petite flowerly blonde young woman. Bill was deeply in love with her, and he was heartened that she still liked his body. Not that Bill worried about his body, but he knew Tess could get any guy she wanted. She was a great wife, EXCEPT FOR THIS NEW DEVELOPMENT, and Bill did not want to lose her or her devotion. But Bill was not an exhibitionist. He was actually fairly bashful. He was a respected businessman and he wanted to remain that way.

Bill and Tess were seriously planning on kids.

Bill took another look at the jockstrap. I CANNOT WALK AROUND IN THIS, Bill thought. Maybe if I had a shirt on. A shirt that hung down LOW.

Tess giggled as she watched her husband examine his birthday present. "It will fit you, Bill. It's large. Your mother SELECTED IT."

Bill blushed. For an extended period of time. This turned Tess on, and she iniitiated sex that night. She grabbed Bill's firm buttocks, knowing that tomorrow she would display them to a big porftion of the town, and everyone would know what she could touch on a nightly basis if she so pleased. She also loved embarrrasing her husband, who was just too good-looking and got way too many female glances for Tess to overlook. Tess had decided her husband had to be put in his place in case he strayed. Her mother-in-law had agreed.

"Billy is a natural flirt," his mother Liza had shared over coffee one morning with Tess. "He's always been that way. I told you right off you'd have your hands full."

Tess didn't mind her hands full as long as her hands were on her husband's naked body. Tess had grown tired of overhearing other women say things like, "Bill's body is perfect," "I love it when Bill jogs in the parkt,""Bill's nipples,"  and "Bill's ass is fantastic." Tess was going to show these litltle would-be home-wreackers who's boss.  Tess was going to prove that Bill's voice, Bill's wit, Bill's body, Bill's chest, and Bill's ass (in particular) were hers, and hers alone. Not to mention Bill's fantastic cock.

This birthday night, in bed, Bill groaned in pleasure as Tess explored him, and he fucked his wife. He did note that Tess was really paying particular attention to his body tonight. She even sucked his nipples. Bill was startled, but not upset by this. Actually, this turned him on a great deal, but he would never request Tess to do this to him. But Bill moaned as she did it, and he heard Tess giggle.

Happy birthday to me, thought Bill. Then Tess fingered his butt. Wow. She didn't often do that because Bill had told her he didn't really enjoy it. But here she was, probing his rectum. Bill had lied when he'd said he did not enjoy his anus being explored.

Bill sighed. My wife is a wildcat. Tess found Bill's prostate and Bill's penis got fully erect for the second time in one hour.

Tess went for Bill's dick. She sucked it, and in between slurps, she purred, "Billy, I REALLY want you to wear the jockstrap tomorrow."

Bill was at his wife's mercy. "OK honey, if that is what you want," he moaned, knowing he would change his mind.

Tess slurped and played with Bill's balls. "I mean it," she said, and her tone was firm.

Bill was a bit alarmed, but in a few minutes he ejaculated into his wife's mouth, and she swallowed it.

Bill felt asleep and had a nightmare about being walking around his deli wearing nothing but a jockstrap.


Bill work up after a good night's sleep, nightmare notwithstanding.

Tess was making breakfast. Bill smelled coffee and bacon. Bill got up. He was naked. He threw on Sunday clothes. A Van Halen T-shirt, briefs, and gym shorts. He remained barefoot.

Bill noticed the JOCKSTRAP was prominently placed in front of his computer, still in its "gift box." He ignored it.

Bill wandered downstairs of the duplex apartment. Tess was wearing a summer dress. She had alreay set the table. She knew her husband. It was the reason she's brewed the coffee and made the bacon.

"Hi, honey," Bill said, and he went over and kissed her.

Tess got aroused. She was going to strip her husband in public.

"Hungry?" she chirped. "Sit down. It's almost ready."

"Thanks honey," Bill said, and he sat down as Tess poured him a cup of steaming black coffee. Bill put cream in his coffee; Tess never forgot to leave cream out for breakfast.

Tess took Bil's empty plate and came back with it, now filled with scrambled eggs, bacon, and toast. "Oh, shoot," she said. "I forgot to put the butter out."

"I'll get it, honey," Bill said.

Tess watched her hunky hubby go to the fridge. He was wearing his old Van Halen shirt which showed off Bill's muscularity. Bill had an amazingly firm back and it led straight down to Bill's classically sculpted butt.

Soon, thought Tess, that butt was going to be the talk of the town.

She tingled with the thought of Bill's upcoming humiliation.

Bill returned with a stick of butter and utilized a third of it on his toast. Bill loved butter. Tess was amazed that Bill never gained weight.

Bill began to eat his breakfast. Tess' phone rang.

"God," groaned Bill. "It's Saturday. Don't answer it."

"Billy, honey, it's your mother," Tess said.

"Why is she calling?" Bill complained. "Why is she calling you?"

"It is about the jockstrap," Tess answered, firmly.

"And the party," Tess continued. Tess talked on her phone. Bill heard his mother's braying voice. He cringed and continued eating.

Are they SERIOUS about this dumb jockstrap? Bill mused as he munched. He drank his coffee. Fuck.

"She wants to know it you are going to fullfill my simple fantasy and wear the jockstrap tonight," Tess informed her husband.

"My MOTHER wants to know that?" Bill bellowed. "Give me the phone."

"She hung up. She says if you don't to this she will be mad at you," Tess shared.

"You know what? Fuck her." Bill got up for a beer. This situation was silly and it wasn't even ten in the fucking morning.

"Bill, you don't have to be crass," Tess pouted. "What's wrong with showing off your body for a few hours?"

"Tess, you don't get it. I appreciate you have a 'fantasy,' but you have to keep in mind I have to run a business, competently, and that does not include running around naked in my house in front of guests."

"But you won't be naked. You'll have the JOCKSTRAP," Tess reasoned.

"What has gotten into you people?" Bill yelled. "I know my mother is nuts, but I thought you were reasonable. What will YOUR parents think?"

"Billy, I love your body and I want to exhibit it. It is my fantasy, baby," Tess said, flatly. "And my parents want to see you in this outfit. Billy, you won't be naked. Mom says you are gorgeous and she can't wait to see you model my present. Daddy says that you don't have the guts to do it."

OH MY GOD, thought Bill. She is dead serious. Tess' dad was not overly enamored of his son-in-law, and Tess' last remark hit home dead center. Bill also knew Tess' mother was hot for him, which he had simply laughed off up to this point. Tess' mother was an alcoholic sociliate in her late sixties. She reminded Bill of Joan Crawford near the end of her life.

Bill stressed to his wife, "TESS. All you want me to wear at this party will be a JOCKSTRAP. A fucking JOCKSTRAP.  My employees will see me in a JOCKSTRAP."

Tess giggled. "I know, honey. Please do this for me. It is a jockstrap, and Liza paid for it. I wanted to, but she insisted. You HAVE to wear it."

Bill yelled, "Tess, a JOCKSTRAP shows off a man's ass, don't you get it?"

Tess giggled. "But you won't be naked. Your privates will be concealed. All they will see is your gorgeous fanny. A lot of men show their tails off at the beach in thongs."

Ugh. Not THIS man, he thought to himself. Bill groaned in despair. Tess was clearly not going to yield, and Liza was out of her mind, so Bill felt fenced in. No one could make up this weird situation, thought Bill.

"I'm gonna have a beer," Bill said.

"OK, honey, but don't get drunk," Tess responded, and she came over and kissed her hubby with passion.

Bill knew he'd be wearing the goddamn jockstrap tonight, his ass hanging out in front of his employees. He got the beer, drank it, then he got another one. He knew, without question, that his mother, Liza, would insist on singing "Maybe This Time" after her seond cosmopolitan once she had arrived at the party. "I can sing it in the original key," his mother often boasted when she was loaded.

Bill remembered he had gummies in a drawer upstairs.

Bill went upstairs. He treated himself to a watermelon gummy. He decided to shower.

After his shower, he decided to try on the jockstrap.

It was snug. All over. Bill felt like his ass was dragging the floor. Bill looked in the mirror. He knew he looked great, but his ass was sticking out, obscenely. His genitals were covered, but the jockstrap really didn't leave much to the imagination on that score either. You could see Bill's cockhead and Bill found he had to pull up on the jockstrap to fully cover his pubic hair.

Bill fretted.  How do I get out of this? I am basically going to be nude if I wear only this at the party. Tess burst into the room suddenly. Bill cowered and covered himself with a blanket he snatched from the bed.

Tess laughed. "Oh come on, let me see. I knew you'd like it."

Bill reluctantly dropped the blanket and stood in front of his wife, facing her, clad only in the jockstrap.

"Yum yum yum," said Tess. "Turn around, honey."

Bill turned around. "Oh my God," said Tess. "It's perfect."

Tess came over, crouched, and began to lick Bill's asscrack. This was something she had never done to Bill. Bill was very glad he had just showered.

Tess slurped and somehow got her tongue into Bill's asshole. She was spreading open Bill's buttocks.

Bill began to moan and he got an erection.

Bill felt very sexy. In the last 24 hours, his beautiful wife had sucked his nipples, his cock, and now she was sucking his asshole.

The party was in six hours. Tess went to town on Bill's anus, sucking and licking and giggling and pulling open his ass cheeks. She eventually stopped, saying she had to make party favors. Bill was kind of dazed. "The party favors won't taste half as good as you, sweetie," was Tess' parting show. "Come on downstairs in a few minutes."

Bill took another shower and fretfully examined himself in the mirror. God, he thought, this jockstrap makes my ass STICK OUT OBSCENELY.

Bill pulled up on the jockstrap again to cover his dark manly pubes, and pulled it more snugly to cover his generous balls.

Bill honestly felt almost naked wearing the jockstrap. Was he really going to walk around the house in this in front of his friends and family?

Guests began to arrive.

Of course, the first one was Bill's mother Liza. "Where is he? Where is he?" she burbled upon her entrance. "Is he wearing it? Is he wearing it?"

Bill groaned. That first gummy wasn't working hard enough. He consumed another one.

"Billeeeeeeeeeee," his mother shrieked frrom downstairs. "Come on down, honey."

"In a minute, MOM!" Bill screamed.

More guests arrived. Bill recognized their voices. Tess' parents, Jim and Margo. His employees, Gary, Fred, Cara and Toni.

"BILLLLLLLLLL!" Liza yelled. "We can't wait to SEE YOU BABY!!!!!!!"

Bill looked at himself in the mirror again. His muscles were fine, but his tits looked obscene to him, and his butt loomed large. Bill fiddled with the jockstrap.

"Hey, Mr. Carelli," yelled Gary from downstairs. "Come on down!"

Bill groaned. Gary was gay and had alwasys looked at Bill's body with barely disguised lust., especially when Bill wore shortts and a tank top on hot days.

Bill had found that amusing. It would not be as amusing now.


I'm Gary Thomas. I am in my boss' apartment for a party. My boss is Bill Carelli; he owns and runs the best delicatessen in town. I work there as a short-order cook and all-around jack of all trades.

I'm gay.

I love my boss. He's married,  but I love him as a boss and as a friend. My boss is a beautiful man inside and out. He is physically the talk of the town. Dark-haried, strapping, physicaly fit (an understatement), self-effacing, and friendly. He is well-liked by all of his employees.

We are here for this party, thrown apparently by his lovely wife Tess. We have been informed that Mr. Carelli (he prefers we call him Bill, and sometimes we do), will be hosting the party wearing ONLY A JOCKSTRAP.

Needless to say, we are all incredulous. I am here with my coworkers Toni, Cara and Fred. Fred's straight and Cara and Toni are high schoolers working parttime.

I'm about ten years younger than Bill. I have nowhere near his physique. I am a thin, red-headed, short-haired, goateed basketball player type. I admit I have lusted after Mr. Carelli in secret, but I love my work, and would never jeopardize that by making a pass.

Bill, like everyone in town, is aware I am gay; I make no secret of it.

Tess nudged me and said, "Gary, yell up at him, get him down here. You're probably the only one who can do it now."

"Why?" I asked, sincerely. Bill's dreadful motherr Liza was already soused and screeching. I noticed his in-laws were hob-nobbing. There were other guests too.

I did not want to humiliate Bill Carelli.

OK, I'm lying.

His wife had ASKED me to "help her" humiliate her husband. At first I declined, then she coerced me into doing it. It did not take much arm-twisting.

"Bill loves you like a son, Gary," she'd said. "Let's have some fun with Daddy, shall we?"

We hadn't really outlined a firm plan, only that the jockstrap would obviously be the first step in Bill's embarrassment and humiliation.

I had asked her, "How far do you want to go?" Tess had replied, "As far as possible."


So she had me call uptstairs for Bill to appear. I did so. No response. I called again. Nada.

Tess said, "Go up there and get him to come down."

This made me nervous, but after a couple of drinks, and with still no appearance by Birthday Boy (this was a birthday party), I decided to take Tess up on her offer.

"Are you really going up there?" asked Toni.

"Why not?" I replied. "We gotta get him down here eventually."

"I can't wait to see him in a jodckstrap," squealed Cara.

"And  nothing else," I reminded Cara.

Cara swooned. "Oh my God."

An obviously married couple overheard us.  The man said, "Carelli will never do this. I'll be amazed. He is a bashful man."

His wife said, "Shut up, Ralph, or  I'l have YOU stripped. We are here for entertainment, aren't we ladies?."

All the women in the room, including Bill's drunk mother and his mother-in-law Margo, tittered in agreement.

"OK, I'm going up," I ssaid to the room. There were cheers.


Gary went up the stairs, wondering exactly what he was goint to say or do next. He decided to wing it.

H knocked on the couple's bedroom door. He'd been in the duplex before, so he knew where everytrhing was. And he knew that inside that room was Bill, according to his wife, almost naked wearing only a jackstrap.

"Who is it?" a voice stammered from in side. It was Bill, as nervous and unsure as Gary had ever heard.

"Gary, Mr. Carelli," Gary answered. "May I come in?"

A rather long pause. Then:

"I guess so."

Gary opened the door and went inside.

And there he was.

Gary's boss Bill Carelli. A vision, standing up facing his employee. Virtually naked, wearing only a white jockstrap that looked rather snug. Bill wiykd naje Thor envious. Gary thought Bill simplybreathtaking. Gary tried not to react. Bill was blushing.

It was an adorable sight.

Gary tried to put Bill at ease. "Hey, Bill, they're all waiting for you downstairs," Gary said with cheer. "I guess I'm the cavalry."

Bill looked at the wiry young Gary, who was wearing a T-shirt and jeans. Bill had never wanted a T-shirt and jeans more in his entire life.

Gary could not help but look his nearly nude boss up and down. "Wow, Bill," said Gary. "You look really great in the jockstrap."

Bill scoffed. "I feel like an idiot."

Gary laughed. "You don't look like one. You look like some type of God."

It was true. Gary drooled at Bill's firm pecs and manly  nipples. Bill's smooth chest. Bill's strong thighs and legs and beautiful feet. Bill's crotch, its masculine charms covered by the jockstrap, but clearly there, bulging. Gary wanted to see Bil's ass but told himself to take this slowly.

"C'mon, lets go downstairs, it'll be fun," said Gary.

"I don't want to," said Bill. "This is humiliating already."

Gary had an idea. It ooulc backfire, but he could not come up with anything else.

Gary approached Bill, grinning. "I'll just have to shock you down there, then."

Bill became even more nervous. "Wh--what do you mean?"

"Well," chuckled Gary. "If you are not gonna go join the party downstairs, we'll just to have it up here, you and me. I'll have you all to myself."

Bill looked confused. "You wouldn't dare."

Gary feigned innocence. "Wouldn't I?"

Gary walked around Bill to look at the ass he knew would blow him away.

It did. It was chiseled and the crack was deep and beautiful.

Gary touched Bill's ass. Bill flinched.

"Good Lord," said Gary. "Your butt is just perfect." Gary rubbed the smooth skin of the ass and traced his finger up and down Bill's cradk.

"Gary, what are you fucking doing?"

"I'm gonna touch you all over until you man up and go join your wife's party. There's a cake."

Bill stood there, dumbfounded. He hadn't expected to be manhandled by one of his employess in his own bedroom.

Gary took his left hand and began to fondle Billl's pecs while at the same time exploring Bill's protruding ass with his right hand.

Bill was beginning to shudder. He had never touched intimately by anoher male. To Bill's horror, he found it was arousing him.

Gary was emboldened since Bill was not swatting his hands away or even moving away from him. Gary began to toy with Bill's nipples.

"Oh, Gary," Bill said. "What the fuck?"

Gary giggled. "Your skin is soooo smooth, Mr. Carelli." Gary tugged on the nipple. Bill felt his cock stiffen. I cannot allow this, thought Bill. I really cannot allow this.

"OH ALL RIGHT," fumed Bill. "I'll go downstairs." The gummies were kicking in.

"Goody," said Gary, although secretly he was disappointed. "You go first, I'll be right behind you."

Bill stormed to the door and opened it. He heard the party going on downstairs. He grabbed another gummy on the way out and ate it.

At the top of the stairs, Bill was seen. The party stopped cold.

"Oh my God," was said a hundred times.

What Bill failed to factor in was that due to Gary's fondling of his body, his penis had grown and was making the pouch of the jockstrap protrude quite visibly. This also had the effect of loweing the jockstrap so that you could see the top of Bill's pubes. Bill was in such shock that he failed to realize this.

Gary appeared behind Bill. "Go on down, Bill," encouraged Gary.

Toni said, "He is simply beautiful."

Liza, the drunk mother, screeched, "THERE'S MY BOYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!"

Bill walked down the stairs, a sheepish, bashful look on his very handsome face.

"Hello," he croaked.

Tess ran over and kissed her husband. "Let's sing Happy Birthday," she sang.

The crowd sang Happy Birthday as Bill stood there in his birthday jock, his ass hanging out, his pubes visible and his penis sticking out a bit. Also, you could now see the sides of Billl's testicles.

"Walk around, honey," Tess cajoled, when the song was finished.

"Oh, Tess, get me a drink," Bill begged.

Tess came back with a bourbon and soda, which Bill gulped in two swigs.

You could see Bill's underarms as he guzzled his drink. They were gorgeous.

A woman confided to her friend, "That is the most stunning man I have ever seen." Her friend agreed. "Let's make sure to touch him," she said. The first woman giggled. "Why not?" she asked. "Tess has put him on display."

Bill tried to act casual until he looked down and saw his pubes were sticking out along with his penis. He made an effort to "adjust" the jockstrap, which amused all.

Bill moved around. A few men shook his hand. "You got guts, Carelli," said Mr. Peabody, who owned the hardwaare store.

"Uh, thanks," murmured the utterly humiliated Bill.

Bill tried to mingle in the party, but he was startled to see how many people thought it was OK to just touch his body without asking. Mostly women, but a few guys dared to do so as well. They mosttly touched his ass and his pecs, but one woman pulled on the waistband of the jock and peered inside.

'"Hey!" Bill protested, swatting her hand gently. "None of that now."

The woman giggled. "Tess is a lucky girl," she said.

"Oh, honey," Tess came oveer. "One of the bulbs in the chandelier is burned out. I found another bulb in the drawer. Can you get up on the ladder and replace it?"

Bill looked at her in shock. "NOW? Are you kidding/"

Tess winked at him, "It's just a bulb. Youv'e done it a million times. You know that lamp is ancient."

Bill had indeed replaced lightbulbs before. He had never done it nearly naked in front of the entire town.

Tess helpfullly brought over the ladder and placed it underneath the overhead lights.

'Here's the bulb," she tweeted, handing it to Bill.

"This should be good," said Fred. Gary was about to faint. Please let him do this, please let him do this, please let him do this, Gary's mind  raced with the imagery of Bill nearly nude on a ladder at this party.

Bill was not one to turn down a challenge, nor did he fail to appreciate a good prank or joke, so he said, "OK, HONEY!" in an exaggerated fashion, while shooting daggers at his wife's absurdly beaming face.

He held the bulb firm while adjusting the ladder appropriately. Then he began to climb it, wearing only a jockstrap.

More--a lot more of--"Oh, my God!!" And many, "LOOK AT THAT BUTT!!!"

And one shrill proclamation from his tipsy mother: "IT'S MY BABY"S POOPHOLE!!!"

Bill died.

Margo said, "Oh, Liza, shush."

"What?" said Liza. "Well, it is. I haven't seen it in years."

Bill realized that in climbing the ladder his buttocks were spreading and that his asshole was probably on display fleetingly.

Gary took out his phone. "Gary, don't," said Toni. But he did.

Liza walked over to the ladder and her hunky, exposed son, who was now hurrying quickly to replace the bulb so he could get down. His delicious armpits became exposed, making several people fan themselves.

"Of course, his hole is much bigger now," announced Liza. Indeed, since Billl had one foot on one rung of the ladder, and another on the rung below it, Bill's anus was the center of the room's attention. More pics were taken.

A woman hissed, "My Lord. Has he no shame? Look at what he's showing."

Bill pretended not to hear that. He was AWASH with shame. He couldn't help his position on the ladder. It was the only way he could remove the faulty bulb and replace it. He felt utterly helpless and exposed to all.

Tess did nothing to stop any of this. She felt wet in her panties. She had longed to utterly humiliate her gorgeous husband, and now she was finally doing it!!!

Bill let the old bulb drop to the carpet, and managed to get the new bulb in and he stood on the ladder, both feet on the same rung, slightly apart. Then he felt.....fingers. He looked over his shoulder It was his mother's fingers. Then one of he fingers went inside him. Inside his asshole.

"MOM!" Bill yelled,, as everyone giggled. "MOM, what are you doing to me?"

Margo said, "Liza, control yourself."

Liza bellowed, "Shut up. Have another cocktail, Margo. He's my baby."

Bill felt ill. His mother was fingering his asshole. HIS MOTHER WAS FINGERING HIS ASSHOLE. In front of the entire room.

"Mom, stop," Bill croaked. He could barely speak. His mother was SHOVING HER FINGER INTO HIS RECTUM. NOT ONLY THAT, SHE WAS MOVING IT AROUND!

Bill began to try to get off the ladder. The giggling around him was intense. WHY WON'T ANYONE HELP ME? Bill wondered. Bill did not want to fall off the ladder, naked. That would be something from which he would never recover, mentally, and it might even result in physical injury. What would he tlell the paramedics?

"Well, you see, my mother was fingering my asshole as I was trying to change a light bulb,in a jockstrap at my birthday party and...."

Then Liza did something unspeakable. Granted, to do this, she had to take her finger out of her 35 year old son's ass.

Liza yanked down the jockstrap vigorously, all the way to Bill's feet. She caterwauled "WHOOPSIE!" as she did this.

Margo, Bill's mother-in-law, looked on with feigned dismay, but underneath her summer pants suit, her nipples were erect and her panties were soaking wet. FINALLY I GET TO SEE HIM NAKED, Margo relished.

Jim, Margo's husband, asked her, "Should we step in here? This is outrageous." Margo said, "You know how Liza is when she drinks. She imagines that she is Liza MInnelli and that life is a cabaret, old chum."

Jim replied, "Honey, our son-in-law is humiliated and naked." Margo said nothing. She just stared. GOD, she thought. GET WITH THE PROGRAM, JIM.

Jim gave up. He had to admit it was funny watching Bill in such a state of total public embarrassment. And it wasn't as if Bill didn't have a presentable body. Actually, Jim envied Bill's body. It was virtually flawless. Jim had considerable flab on him. So he secretly enjoyed his fitness buff son-in-law in such a frenzied condition of humiliation and nudity. We'll all have a laugh about it later, Jim reasoned, and helped himself to another cocktail, also making one for his wife.

But Jim was also kind of wistful. No woman had ever fingered HIS ass. Only that guy on the swim team in college and they'd both been drunk.

Bill's genitals were flopping out now. There were yells and wolf whistles.

Bill's cock was a generous one, full, thick, and rather long. It was truly a beautiful penis. Bill's balls were large and oddly smooth. They were between the size of golf and tennis balls. You couln't miss them, so to speak. Bill's pubes were dark, silky and manly, which added to the mystery of why Bill's  rather big testes were so smooth and shiny. To further the mystery, Bill's ass seemed to have no hair whatsoever.

Bill struggled to pull up the strap, still on the ladder. Talk about awkward. Those gummies are not helping me now, thought Bill.

But his mother was deterrmined. She deftly got Bill's jockstrap off him, leaving her son nude in the middle of the living room in front of everyone at the party.

"I'm tired of this thing," Liza slurred. She threw Bill's now useless jockstrap to Tess, who retrieved it but in her surprise let it drop to the floor beside her chair. I'll get it later, thought Tess. It's served its purpose. Bill is naked. My husband is naked in front of us all. Tess felt horny as hell.

Bill was indeed now completely naked. He still stood on the last rung of the ladder. NAKED! The room was erupting in laughter and wolf whistles.

"Oh my God, did you see his COCK?" a woman screamed. "How could you miss it?" another woman answeed. "And how about thosse BALLS?"

There were murmurs of agreement, and chuckling all around.

It was noted by many, and documented by some, that Bill's nipples seemed to be erect.  In fact, Sal, holding a beer, laughed, "Hey looky! His damn titties are hard!"

Bill got off the ladder, bent over and glanced around for the fucking jockestrap. He couldn't locate it. Bill tried to cover his manhood with his hands, but everyone had seen it, and even a few quick pics had been achieved.

Of course, one of those had been taken by Gary, who now has it framed in his bedroom.

Gary masturbated by ritual, daily, to this photograph, alongside a memento of the birthday party.

Bill looked around for help. Tess was laughing at him. Everyone was laughing at him. And STARING.

Bill screamed in humiliation. He fled upstairs, naked, still cupping his junk with his hands. Everyone laughed at him, even louder, watching his fine, masculine, nude body bound up the stairs, his ass slightly wobbling with exertion.. Bill could not process the fact that his mother had just bared his naked body for all to see and jeer at.

"Let's cut the cake!" Tess screamed in delight. She would fuck the living daylights out of her hubby later.

That evening, in their homes in this little town, every woman in that room at this birthday partty (and a lot of the men) pleasured themselves with the imagery of the naked Bill Carelli and his spectacular humiliation. Those with pics were blessed. further.

Bill did not go into the deli for a week, putting out the word he was taking a vacation. The kids could run the deli quite competently. Of course, the entire town smiled knowingly.

In fact, Bill did not go outside his duplex the entire time he was on "vacation." He refused all phone calls and emails. He was shattered emotionally, even though Tess had saved him some cake and fucked him on his birthday more than she ever had, almost pulling his damn tits off his body with her lust.

Bill Carelli knew he had a great body and that he looked good naked, but he didn't enjoy showing his nude body off under such wildly embarrassing circumstances. Bill had been stripped and humiliated, all beause of a damn "birthday" jockstrap.

And then Tess began to display pics of Bill's birthday all over the house. Liza was fond of pointing out, in particular, one of them, the one with Bill naked on the ladder with all the guests looking at him and smiling.

It wqa a side, full profile view. You could see all of Bill: as he appeared to be in horrified shock and was holding both sides of the ladder tor balance, his fine muscles bulging all over, Since the room had been brightly lit that day, observers of the pic could gaze at poor naked Bill's beet-red gorgeous face, his big ass, his manly pubes, some armpit hair, his large, dangling cock,  his bulging balls, even his nipples were erect in profile. You could also clearly make out Bill's somewhat open urethra since Bill's cock was pointing a little to the side where the camera could see his exposed piss slit.

Bill was mortifed that this intimate show of his penis in  particular could be seen so obscenely, but he wasn't thrilled with any of  the rest of his head-to-toe in-the-buff exposure.

Tess put this pic on the piano. Bill complained about this explicit photograph being displayed so promininently, to no avail. Tess would often light little candles near it just to draw attention to it, (as fhat were needed).

Tess gave the pic a name even: "MY NAKED HUSBAND."

What happened to the infamous jockstrap? Ask Gary.










Submitted: July 03, 2022

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