Posing nude? Big mistake

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Humiliation Sex  |  House: Stripping and Humiliation

A friend begs Mark to fill in for a job. The job is posing nude for an art class. Mark smokes weed and agrees to fill in because he needs money.

He regrets it instantly.

My name is Mark. I'm an average Joe, nice-looking, friendly. I live in a small university town. I am well liked. I am in between jobs at the moment.

I am 5'7", weight proportionate, and a smooth, bonafide ginger man. I keep my hair short, have no body art and I date frequently. I do not have a wife and I do not have kids. I am 30 but look younger (I am told). I am clean-shaven. And I am straight, although I have many gay friends, and yes, they hit on me. I kind of like that, but I don't follow through. I am straight. I like girls. Girls generally like me. I like non-clingy girls with minds, of all body types and races. And even ages. I've dated several older woman who annoy me when they declare me "adorable." Ugh.

I am a grumpy 30 year old man. I am not "adorable."

My roommate Teddy, a straight, affable, dark-haired Adonis type, models for art classes. Teddy, who resembles a taller Tom Cruise, can get away with modeling nude for art classes. He isn't shy and has a fantastic body since he spends houra at the gym. He is extremely vain and I have to drag him out of the bathroom at times. Teddy likely has stock in Windex but overall he is fun to live with and I like him. He also ensures we always have plenty of booze in the house. Teddy drinks gin, which I hate, so we never have arguments about that type of thing.

Teddy LOVES being naked. It often is a bit much for me.

One day he was sick before a gig and he woke me up around 8:00 a.m. On a MONDAY. Since I was off this day after finishing a temp job over the weekend, I was not pleased.

My temp job had evaporated so I had planned to sleep in and watch TV.

"Mark, I'm sick, and I have a job today," Teddy groaned. He was suffering from the results of a weekend bender. I'd heard him vomiting up his overuse of gin in the bathroom around 4:00 a.m..

I groaned back. I was in bed. "And?"

"Can you fill in for me today? It's $100, all yours. I don't want to burn bridges with this lady. It's at the college at 4:00."

I knew this "job" was posing as a life model. I laughed in Teddy's earnest face. "You are out of your mind." Teddy worked out a lot; I did not. I was in shape, but I hated gyms. I couldn't afford them, and since I'd never been turned down for a date I did not consider gyms a necessity. I had some free weights lying around the apartment and I'd use them when I was bored. I had muscle tone, but nothing like Teddy, who was cut all over. Teddy had never asked me to fill in for him in this "capacity."

"OH PLEASE MARK," Teddy wailed. "I've been late a couple of times and Mrs. Clark is this close to getting someone else. It's steady work, and IT HELPS PAY THE RENT."

i woke up. We were two months behind.

"I do not or care to know how to be a figure model, or whatever you call it," I grunted. I got out of bed, naked. I walked around naked in the apartment, and so did Teddy. Teddy made me feel invisible when he did that. He had abs and a big cock. I had no abs (to speak of, I'm not fat or anything) and a smaller cock. It didn't bother me, but sometimes Teddy could be intimidating physically if he stretched or got a woody, which happened on occasion. I ignored those occasions. After a while, it just seemed normal.

Teddy was not naked this morning. He wore a robe. This told me right off that he really was ill. Usually by now I'd be "treated" to generous views o his waxed chest, chiseled abs, swaying dick and balls, and his oh-so-toned ass. Occasionally he'd bend over to pick up something on the floor and I'd have to look at his manly hairless asshole and watch his jewels flop around from the back. Teddy trimmed and groomed eveything, but I usually complained when just "casually" showed me his asshole. I'd say, "C'mon man, do you have to do that in front of me?" and he would feign ignorance. I did not want to have sex with my roommate. Teddy did this on purpose. I mean, I have limits, you know?

I went to the kitchen and poured myself a glass of milk.

"Mark, they don't expect gym toned bodies all the time," Teddy blurted. This stung me and I sneered. Even in a robe, Teddy's body was formidable compared to mine.

"You are not making your case very well," I retorted. I noticed Teddy looking at my crotch.

"Mark, PLEASE DO THIS FOR ME. I will owe  you three favors." Teddy was desperate, which intrigued me.

"How does this ridiculous concept work?" I asked. "I have never been naked in front of strangers."

"You're naked now. It's the same thing."

"Oh come on, We're roommates. It's hardly 'the same thing'."

"All you gotta do it show up, go into a little room, undress, put on a robe, go out into the class, take off the robe, and let Mrs. Clark pose you."

"Oh, sure,"  I said. I lit up a joint. "Naked. Sounds lovely."

"Well yes naked. Like you are now."

I rustled around for clothing and found a pair of sweatpants. I put them on.

Teddy was wearing his designer summery bathrobe. His go-to outfit when he was hungover

Teddy said, "Get a little high. It will take off the edge. I was high the first few times, you know. I'll call her and tell her she has a replacement."

"I don't know, man," I said. "Who wants to see me naked at the college?"

Teddy threw up his hands. "It is an art class. They have all types of models. You don't exactly look repulsive."

This was true. I was cute and I knew this. I'd been called "adorable"!

But I had a small penis and I was in no hurry to exhibit it in front of snooty art students.

"They will love your big ass," Teddy blurted.

"But the students will be expecting your fabulous bod," I jeered.

"It is an art class," Teddy repeated, annoyed. "They sketch everybody."

"If this is flattery, it is failing," I laughed.

"Your ass, Mark. They will love your ass. Your ass is fuller than mine," Teddy persisted.

Wow, he's piling it on. Girls did love my ass, I thought. Hmmmm........

I smoked more weed and offered it to Teddy. He smoked as well and went for his phone. "Can I tell her yes?" he pleaded.

Rent money. "How old is Mrs. Clark?" I asked. I did not know the woman.

"Around 40. She's nice, pretty," Teddy encouraged. "The room isn't that big. There's only 10-15 students and they are very respectul."

"Does Mrs. Clark pay in cash the day of?" I asked. I was admittedly low on funds. The temp job went for credit card debt, basic supplies (food), and I was saving a lot of it for the unpaid rent, which I wanted to pay by the end of the month before we started to get nasty phone calls and menacing mail.

"Yes! She pays in two fifty dollar bills!" Teddy almout shouted. "You'll have to pose first, though."

I supposed that was reasonable.

I liked older woman who paid in cash. I'd have to shower, thoroughly, which annoyed me, as I'd planned to slum around today. Then I realized the shampoo bottle was almost empty.

"OK," I caved. "We're out of shampoo. Call her I guess."

Big mistake.

I arrived at the college on time. I admit I was very nervous. I had never gone to college and I felt inadequate walking around this one, even though I had darkened the door of the female dormitory numerous times.

The art class was in one of the newer buildings. I found the room easily and knocked on the door.

"Please come in," a pleasant female voice intoned.

I entered, I was wearing jeans and a plaid shirt. There was a woman sitting behind a desk. She looked like a teacher, albeit a bohemian one. She wore a sundress and a floppy hat. She wore no makeup but she was attractive enough. No one else was in the room at the moment.

The woman was anergetic and looked around 40. This had to be the instructor.

Mrs. Clark. She appraised me and frowned slightly. Then she shifted her gears.

Mrs. Clark gushed, "Oh, you must be Teddy's fill-in."

"My name is Mark," I told her. She had already rubbed me the wrong way.

"Well, here you are!" she fluttered. "The students will be here momentarily, so let's get you ready. You can in that back dressing room (she motioned), STRIP, and you will find a nice clean robe to cover yourself. Then you will have to come back out here and get on that podium (she motioned) and I will ask you to remove the robe so you can pose in the nude. No worries. You are a pleasant looking young man. The students will enjoy sketching you naked."

I looked at the podium. Behind it was a rather old sofa. The lights in thie classroom were very bright. I was suddenly apprehensive. Mrs. Clark was a bit clinical, I thought. She referred to me getting naked as a very casual thing. It was not casual to me, and I did not appreciate her slightly dismissive tone.

"I have never done this before," I shared with this dithery woman.

"Oh, I know, uh, Mark," she tittered. "I can tell. Besides, Teddy told me anyway. Now, go get ready. I hear the students coming. We have to be out of here by 6:30, you know."

Indeed, there were young people approaching the classroom. I could hear them. I wandered back to the "dressing room."

I was going to get naked. Fuck. This was a big mistake. I felt nausea. I felt already that Mrs. Clark had compared me to Teddy, unfavorably, and I feared her high-end students would do the same.

The room was tiny. There was a chair, a robe, a fluffy white robe with a sash. I began to undress. I supposed I would just leave my stuff on the only chair in this little room.  I heard the students outside: "Teddy's not in today. It's his roommate." "Oh, that redhead little guy?" "Yeah, him, I think his name is Mark." "He's a stoner." "He doesn't have a body." "He thinks he's James Cagney." "He has a body, just not one like Teddy's." GIGGLES. "Bummer." A girl said excitedly, "You know, I've always wanted to that man naked." "I like older men." Murmurs.

"Older?" I was thirty years old, for God's sake.

I continued to take off my clothes, feeling stupid. All these voices were mixed. I heard male voices outside along with cute girl voices. I didn't mind girls looking at me, naked, since that was the norm for a guy like me with any type of sex drive, but the idea that these entitled college guys would see me in the nude unnerved me suddenly. I'd had run-ins with a few of them at my local pub. They were often very arrogant and they did not know how to pace themselves. I'm street smart, I know how to drink intelligently, and I know how to fight when it is necessaary. I'd dispatch these douchebags with ease, and they were resentful later. A few of them called me a punk (or worse) when I'd see them on the street days later. I would not fight on the street; I merely smiled at the college dudes and moved on to my destination.

Hilariously, one afternoon when I had to go to the drug store, one of them ran into me (I forget his name) and asked me out on a date, in front of the movie theatre, which was playing some superhero movie. Needless to say, I had declined his offer. Good-looking young man, though. I was flattered (and very surprised).

I should have onsidered all this previously. Big mistake. The REAK punks outside were going to see me at my most vulnerable. Naked. I hoped my would-be suitor from the movie theatre would see me in this condition. I was embarrassed already.

Thinking about all of this as I undressed, I soon found myself, uh, naked. I grabbed the robe and put it on quickly. It did not occur to me right away that I was soon to remove my only covering at this point just as quickly. I head rustling outside and Mrs. Clark gaily flouncing around continually welcoming her students.It sounded like a LOT more than Teddy's promise of only "10-15" individuals. "We have a model, don't worry, he's geeting ready," Mrs. Clark sang. I wondered if Mrs. Clark was a little tipsy, because that is how she sounded to me.

Gulp. If she is drunk, this will be worse for me.

Great. But since I was now naked, I clutched the robe tightly and thought only of the money that was to be paid to me. For my nakedness.

I emerged from the little dressing room in my outfit, grimacing. I recognized a few of the students. One of them was Ken, a young gay guy who had propositioned me in a bar a few months ago. Ken was not the same guy from the movie theatre. Ken's eyes lit up when he saw me. I realized I was going to be naked in front of Ken, a gay guy who wanted to see me naked, and now he was going to see me naked. i also recognized a punk rocker, Colin, who had tried to get me in a fight over a pool game at the same bar on a different day. I'd decked Colin easily, and he had not been pleased. He'd tthreatened retaliation. I had ignored this.

And then I recognized him: the formerly hostile kid who had asked me out later on the street iin front of the movie theater. To my chagrin, he was in the fucking front row. And he recognized me INSTANTLY. In fact, I got the impression he WAS THERE TO SEE ME.

There were thirty students about to look at me. THIRTY., not ten, not fifteen  I'd say it was 50/50 male/female, but the guys were defiantly staring at me with grins.

This was a big mistake. My heart sank to my toes.

I should have simply changed my mind, gone back to the room, put my clothes on, and left the campus, money be damned.

I didn't leave. Because I heard Ken exclaim, adoringly, "I'm gonna see Mark's  beautiful butt UNVEILED."

Oh, I threw up my hands and thought, just let him look at it if he cares so much, I thought, vainly, trying to find some humor in this awkward situation.

Big mistake. Ken would not be the only one looking at my so called beautiful butt unveiled. As in, naked. Colin would be looking at it, as would be the front row guy.

I realized also that they would be looking at my penis. I felt kind of sick.

Mrs. Clark warbled, "Let's get started. Who wants to see a bare male body?"

The classroom erupted, "WEEEEEEEEE DOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!"

Big mistake.

"You can hand me the robe, Mr. Harrison," Mrs. Clark gurgled. I did not recall giving this lady my last name..

Oh well. Oh fuck.

Expectant eyes glared at me. I was pissed at this entire scenario at this point. I just took off the robe and handed it to the woman. I tried to look bored. I don't think I was convincing at that.

"Oh, thank you," she giggled.

The class also giggled. A girl said, "He has no dick."

Colin sneered, "You have to look more closely. It's that flap of skin in his pubic bush."

Mrs. Clark tittered, "Oh, my class, calm down. Not all the models will have big penises, you know. Some of them will have little baby penises, like Mr. Harrison."

I stood there dumbfounded at these rude comments.

Then I spoke: "What do you want me to do, Mrs. CLARK?"

She was clearly not sober. 'Oh, just stand there and put your hands behind your head, please."

Big mistake. But I did it.

Tittering. Giggles. Front row guy and Ken bore holes in me. Colin kept sneering.

The girls seemed to like it. They were all smiling.

"I can see his little penis," one girl offered. "It is on top of his little balls." She giggled.

The class also giggled.

I stood there, naked, with my hands behind my head, in front of thirty people and this drunk teacher.

"He is a natural redhead," I heard.

No shit, Sherlock.

Chuckling. Giggling. Maddening. Embarrassing. How did Teddy do this on a regular basis?

I was suddenly reminded by Colin. "The other guy's dick is easier to sketch. At least you can see it."

This snark was greeted by raucous laughter.

"Class, class," Mrs. Clark slurred. "Control yourselves. A small penis is just as much fun to sketch as a larger NORMAL one. And it takes less time!"

I hated this bitch.

I stood there like a fool. Front row guy gazed at me with lust. It was distressingly obvious since hie was licking his lips and making finger signs between his thumb and index finger as if to say, I can see your penis and it is not big.

Ken took a different, more subtle approach. He licked his lips also, but he winked. He did not do finger signals, which I appreciated.

I began to perspire.

Of course this just HAD to be pointed out by Colin.

"Look at the flop sweat," Colin jeered. Colin had his fans. They giggled on cue.

"What is flopping?" one of them shrieked.

"Not his dick. Not enough there to flop," responded Colin, drolly. "Maybe his boy boobies."

"Don't call them boobies, Colin," Front row guy was now defending my honor. "They're just a little underdevloped."

"UNDER?" Colin jeered. "They look like cow udders."

That one made me furious, because it made the girls laugh, especially the cute blonde one in the third row, who I'd surmised was on my side and liked looking at me in the nude. I'd get Colin later. I would stalk him in I had to.

"Class, class," admonished Mrs. Clark, drinking from a flask (!)

:"I'd like to change this pose," I spoke up.

"Oh," mocked Colin. "He would 'like to change the pose' now. It won't make that little nub any larger." He laughed, and his minions followed his lead.

"Very well," Mrs. Clark drank. "Let us utilize the sofa. Mr. Harrison, please get down on all fours in front of the sofa and put your head on it."

I realized Mrs. Clark was nuts. But I did not want to draw attention to this craziness any more than I had to. I was already naked, after all. I sighed, and said to her, "Please refer to me as Mark."

Mrs. Clark tipped her flask and giggled. "Oh all right, MARK." There was derision in her slurry voice. "I shan't think you should worry about being stalked, honey."

The class laughed.

I did as she asked. I put my face on the sofa with my hands and feet on the floor. I then realized, my asshole is visible.

I realized this because I heard a lot of "OH MY GOD."

"Uhh, Mrs. Clark," I stammered. "This...."

"MARK. Now take your hands and pull your knees open."

Insane. She was insane.

"Bumhole alert," jeered Colin. Laughter.

"Pull your knees apart," strresed Mrs. Clark. She was showing a bit of fire.

I did as she asked and there was more gasps and giggling.

They were looking at my naked asshole.

This was uncharted territory for me.

I knew my ass was appreciated, but I had never exhibited what was between my buttcheeks like this. It seemed wrong. It was a violation.

"Class, pleae sketch MARK's anus," Mrs. Clark warbled. "This is a treat. Teddy refuses to show HIS anus, but his roommate has no qualms. Also notice Mark's boyish wee-wee and scrotum in between his legs, if you can see them. You are allowed to exaggerate and draw them larger. Remember Teddy's genitals if you have to, even though you have never seen them displayed quite like what you're seeing in MARK."

I perspired more. I watched it drip to the floor. This was messing with my mind. The giggling commenced, and it got louder as they watched me sweat.

I had never been more humiliated.

I was naked.

I felt friendless and alone.

I was naked.

I could look between my legs and see my gonads hanging down. They had never looked smaller. I was humiliated.

I saw Front Row Guy staring at my asshole. Ken was doing the same thing. Colin was joking around with one of his buddies and making obscene gestures, like those finger gestures to mock the size of my penis.

"NO CELL PHONES!" Mrs. Clark suddenly shouted.


I had not banked on this aspect and I had not noticed any phones taking pics of me.

But I realized some had probably had been taken. I groaned.

"Please, MARK, keep your legs open, we don't want to interrupt the artists' perspective," babbled Mrs. Clark, whose flask seemed to have been replenished.

My ass shone upwards and I knew it. My precious asshole, which I used daily, was visible. It was unreal to have it seen this way by people who did not like me.

Finally, mercifully, Mrs. Clark was able to throw out a new request: "MARK, please get up and lie down on the sofa on your stomach."

Weirdly relieved, I got up to a chorus of "awwwwwwwwws" and plopped myself down, naked, on the sofa, on my stomach.

"Good," Mrs. Clark said. 

"Oh, he has such a cute butt," a girl said.

"Thank God it's closed," said Colin. "That was disgusting."

"Class, class," Mrs. Clark drank.

I heard rustling on Mrs. Clark's end. I assumed she was just refilling her booze.

Then I heard pronounced tittering from the students. And this: "Oh no, she's not going there."

THEN, I realized Mrs. Clark, aka BITCH, was hovering over my  nude body.

"You are going to feel something go inside you," BITCH informed me.

"WHAT?" I shrieked.

The class laughed. Is this what college is supposed to be like?

"Don't despair, MARK," BITCH soothed. I could smell the booze on her breath. She was that close to my body. "It is just a simple thermometer," she gurgled.

She has GOT to be out of her mind.. But all I could utter was, "Wait a minute here."

She did not wait a minute, or even a second. She stuck a thermometer into my rectum, and then she moved it around. Then she stuck it in further.

Front Row Guy yelped, "Oh shit."

Colin laughed, "Hopefully there's none in there. Although it's so fat, there probably is."

The minions chaattered.

"I can't see the thermometer," a girl complained.

"It's because MARK's butt is so bulbous that it is absorbing the instrument,"  Ken gaily opined.

"You can see a few inches ot the thermometer," a girl offered. "But yeah, she stuck it in far. His hole is deep, you know."

I wanted to die. I was getting a medical exam under the guise of an art class? Naked? Seriously?

I was not going to last much longer. This humiliation was degrading and overwhelming. I wished I'd saved more money so I had never agreed to do something as outrageous as this.

"He has sweat on his shoulder blades," yet another girl observed.

This was miserable. I reached back and yanked the thermometer out of my ass.

"Mrs. Clark!" Colin yelled. "He took it out!"

Mrs. Clark was in the middle of a swig. Irritated, she came over and grabbed the thermometer out of my hand.

"This thermometer is not cheap," she complained. "Very well, if you want to be obstinate, I will find a solution. By the way, TEDDY never defies me."

"You are a bitch," I explained.

She got an odd look on her face. "You are about to find out," she leered.

The class was losing its collective mind.

With that, she went to her desk and pulled out an object. I did not recognize what it was. It seemed to be circular. She then pulled out what was clearly some of remote control device.

She sashayed back over to me. I was still on my stomach. Still naked. Still humiliated.

"Turn over and lay on your side," BITCH ordered. "Or you WILL NOT get paid."

I did as she asked, warily. The class was giggling and having fun.

"Pleae throw your left arm over head so we can sketch your one of your armpits properly," babbled Mrs. Clark. "You can put your other hand underneath your head." How generous of her.

"Look, there's his little nub," shared Colin.

"Oh, his armpits are sexy," cooed Ken.

Mrs. Clark installed the circular thing around my genitals. "WHAT are you doing?" I yelled.

"It is a vibrating cock ring,"  Mrs. Clark calmly rreplied. "Shut up. I have had enough of your disobedience. MARK."

"His name is Mark Harrison," Front Row Guy explained to the guy sitting next to him.

"He is embarrassed. Look at his face. It's red," said Front Row Guy's companion.

"His pubes are red. His little cock is red. His little balls are red. His nipples are cherry. His tits are flabby, if you ask me." This from FRG.

 "I think he is cute," This from FRG's companion. "Ginger guys turn me on. I'd like to suck on his titties."

Mrs. Clark triggered the contraption on my genitals. It whirred and massaged my privates. It was an intrusion.

"GET THIS OFF ME NOW," I instantly screamed. It was unbearable. And it was unfortunately arousing me. And I was completely naked.

I tried to remove the thing. It would not budge. It was an evil vice hugging my scrotum and my penis. And it mechanically made sounds, massaged me, and teased me. 

"HELP ME!" I yelled. "GET IT OFF."

"Let's get him off," giggled Ken. He raced over to me and tried to remove the whirring cock ring. I noticed he was playing more with the glans and piss slit of my penis than actually doing much with the purring, pulsating sex toy torturning my junk.

Ken was gleefully joined by FRG and his companion. I had three guys touching my groin and they were REALLY touching all of it. They were also pulling on my pubes. Six hands on one penis. Six hands fondling my testicles and my pubes. Not equitable, guys.

I got a full erection. The laughter in the room was explosive. Colin shrieked, "Oh, look! He's up to four inches!" "Stop making fun of him," a girl yelled. "He's naked!"

Duh. But I appreciated her support, I guess.

I managed to get off the sofa but fell (clumsily) to the floor. Naked. Not good form. The laughter was intensely loud. My "helpers" continued to futilely remove the cock ring from my body. I felt (at least) two fingers go into my asshole, and they were not gentle fingers and I am not sure they belonged to the same person, by the way. One of my helpers played with one of my nipples. One of them played with both of my buttocks (or maybe it was two of them; aat any rate it felt like I was being spread open for lewd inspection purposes). One of them played grabbies with one of my full tits like it was bread dough. There was more yanking and exploration of my pubic hair. It was an onslaught. I yelled. "STOP THIS! TURN THE THING OFF!!!!!"

I then ejaculated, explosively, all over myself and the floor. It was quite a load. I was stunned and humiliated and the ensuing jeering did not alleviate my embarrassment.

Colin yelled, "GROSS!!!!!!!!!" Mrs. Clark drank and said, "Well, these things happen? Where's the mop?"

Finally someone got the object off my genitals.

I stood up, ran to the dressing room, put on my clothes, and fled the campus. As I emerged from the dressing room, I received applause, and FRG shoved his phone number into my jeans. His note contained his name: "Len." The note also said this: "I have the cock ring." Of course I have never called Len. I saw him once at the mall, a little later. He was joking around with his companion from the class. They did not see me and I left the mall in a hurry.

I received the $100 about a week later, from Teddy, who had modeled again, willingly, for the BITCH. Teddy informed me "Mrs. Clark would love to see you again. Here's your money." He did not mention my "accident," and I did not appraise him of it. But it is a certainty he knows about it. I don't wander around the apartment naked much anymore, because when I do, Teddy now always has a smirk on his face, and this was not the norm.

Of course, Teddy still parades around, bends over, does push ups, sit ups, all in the nude. I pretend not to look. When he borrows my free weights, and uses them naked, I do say, "Is the gym closed today? I'll loan you some shorts." He glowers when I do that. 

Posing nude? Big mistake. Don't do it guys. I wish I hadn't. I didn't even get a date. Which hurt my feelings.


















Submitted: July 03, 2022

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