The Streak and Other True Stories/Confessions from My Life

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I always wanted to be a success in my life. I wanted to be good looking. I wanted money. Respect. Prestige. I wanted a beautiful and kinky woman. I wanted health, to be fit. I wanted to be tough. I wanted to have a winning character.

Oh, yeah, and a big dick. I wanted one of them as well.

Little nagging and annoying voice in my head: "So, how did it work out?"

Anyway, these are true incidents: kinky, violent, humorous and sad from my life.

Please note that I have already posted some of these as separate pieces.

Table of Contents

The Streak

It's Saturday night or rather Sunday morning. It's cold. Frosty. I am walking back home. Alone. Drunk. Totally drunk. Take all your c... Read Chapter

Just Another Slut on a Saturday Night

"If you promise to stay the night, Matt, then I'll let you sleep with me." "Yeah, okay then," I respond flatly. I'm not that fus... Read Chapter

Duelling Eyebrows

Back in the seventies I used to work on the mainland - I live on the Isle of Wight - and would travel back each day to Ryde. These were t... Read Chapter

The Fight

I clock him across the smoky and crowded dance floor of the Prince Consort discotheque. He is six foot, a couple of inches taller than me... Read Chapter

Two Tales of Minor Revenge

I'll be honest I struggled at school even though I passed the 11+ exam. I always performed poorly and in the first two years at Grammar S... Read Chapter

The Bad Tempered Balloon Man

In the summer I turned twenty I was on a cycling holiday with a chum called Steve. The plan was that we would catch the train to East Ken... Read Chapter

Claudia Gets a Really Hard Whack with a Table Tennis Bat

She is eighteen and I am twenty. I have led her to the top bedroom of my grandmother's house – the Georgian four bed-room property I li... Read Chapter

The Dog - Spanking a Slut

"You're a good kisser, but there's a strange taste in your mouth. What have you been eating?" she says, just prior to flicking her tongue... Read Chapter

The Day I Got Beaten Up Badly

It was in the middle of July and on a Friday evening. I was only a couple of weeks away from my 21st birthday and I was still with Claudi... Read Chapter


About thirty years ago we used to frequent a bar, the Ocean Breeze, on Sandown Seafront. It was only a road's width from the sandy b... Read Chapter

Being Unfaithful to Leanne

I was twenty-six at the time and engaged to the lady I would eventually marry and have a child by. I have to admit that I had more than a... Read Chapter

Cheese Gives You Bad Dreams?

Many years ago, before I worked for the bus company, I was employed for a while at Tesco on the Wines and Spirits department. It was hard... Read Chapter

The Day my Mother Died

On the morning, just after eleven o’clock, of Tuesday 22nd November 1988, I had driven an Iveco Minibus, a Service 4, slowly into Ryde ... Read Chapter

The Day I Visited a Prostitute

It was in October 1997 that I first visited a prostitute. It was also in October 1997 that I should have realised too that my six and a b... Read Chapter

Shit Rising

After Claire dumped me in June 2004, I ended up going out with Lulu shortly after. Okay, rebound relationships not a good idea. I had... Read Chapter

Casey and the Drunken Tramp

As many of you know I worked quite a bit as a conductor on the Ryde Dotto Train a good few years ago. The regular driver was Casey. ... Read Chapter

Better to Believe in a Lie than Nothing

I had been sitting in the tranquil tea gardens of Quarr Abbey. Blue, blue sky and the sun beating down. Hot. And I was wit... Read Chapter

Dotto Train Passenger Abducted by Aliens

As many of you are aware, I worked for a few seasons on the Isle of Wight Road Trains. They operated in three seaside towns - Ryde, Sando... Read Chapter

Dying in the Drizzle

Unrelenting drizzle. Dampness. Dreariness. Greyness.  I was the conductor on the Ryde Road Train or Dotto Train, and it was the ... Read Chapter

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