Aaron takes his clothes off

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Humiliation Sex  |  House: Stripping and Humiliation

Aaron Burke is a very good-looking, sandy-haired strait-laced yuppie who wears suits even on weekends. His neighbor Hedy wants to nudge him out of his shell. She suggests that Aaron model at a bohemian art gallery in Brooklyn.

Aaron, a straight guy who strongly resembles the actor Gregory Harrison, except with a lighter hair color, does not seek out many details from Hedy for this potential gig, dismissing it as all as a harmless lark, and Aaron unwisely agrees to participate. Aaron likes being seen in his tailored suits. Aaron plans to wear his newest suit on the occasion.

"Aaron, you have GOT to see this new bistro," said Hedy, a bubbly blonde 25 year old girl in Brooklyn.

Aaron Burke had just returned from his job as an account executive for a Broadway theater chain. He was wearing one of his many, many suits, and he and Hedy were sipping wine on his porch.

"Oh, Hedy, I'm not one for clubs," Aaron chuckled. Aaron loosened his tie, it was a bit warm.

"Aaron, you are going to be boring if you don't let me help you get more dates," cajoled Hedy. Hedy was a lesbian, but she liked Aaron, who was likable if a bit uptight, straight and Hedy thought he was going to be a perpetual bachelor if someone did not prod him to remove these suits and show himself off. Aaron could pass for the actor Gregory Harrison's brother but Hedy thought Aaron had a bit more muscle on him. But bafflingly, Aaron even wore his suits on weekends when he wasn't even working.

One day Aaron had been seen in a t-shirt and jeans. The neighborhood went wild. "Aaron has a BODY," was the buzz. "Those arms!" "He has a great ass" "He looks like Gregory Haarrison," and so on. Aaron had heard none of this except for the Gregory Harrison comparison, which he had heard quite often. He did not pay attention to others when he was shopping or just talking a walk to the park. Aaron felt it was important to always be dapper in public, but on hot days, he'd go casual as long as he wasn't expected to make an appearance somewhere that day later.

One of Hedy's gay friends had told her, "You have GOT to let me see him in the nude. I will buy you dinner." Hedy had laughed, but this comment had set her mind wheels in motion. Even though she was gay, Hedy wouldn't mind getting a gander at the priggish Aaron Burke in the nude.

It was true that Aaron had a body. He was always impeccably groomed and dressed, he ent to the gym regularly, and his 6 foot frame, sandy hair, smooth face, toned everything, got looks when he changed clothes in the locker room. Aaron had chiseled abs and a sprinkling of brown chest hair. He had big nipples and large firm pecs. His circumcised penis was 6 inches soft and he had low hangers. His ass was so tight you could bounce a quarter off it.

Aaron did not expose his body to the sun as he was slightly freckled and wary of skin cancer  Aaron was straight but he knew he got looks from both women and men (men in the locker room). Gay men in Aaron's gym made a point to watch him undress and go to the shower, even though  Aaron put on a towel immediately and did not shower for extended periods. (Aaron's face, his tits, his silver dollar nipples, his big circumcised cock, his plummy cockhead and visible urethra, his swaying balls and his perfect bulbous pale ass were discussed heaviiy at this gym in hushed tones.) 

In the gay bar next door to this gym, this was a common exchange: "Aaron Burke bent over naked for a minute before he went to the shower." Aaron had a bad habit of doing that because he was nervous when he was nude and he had to make sure his locker was secure and the locker was a lower one so he had to crouch a bit and the damn towel often fell off. But he certainly did not realize any of this was being noticed in such detail. He would have been mortified to realize that a few pics had been snapped of his backside and its undraped glories.

Aaron did not use the sauna because he got approached in there and it unnerved him. Aaron just mostly ignored the attention. He liked being single and he did not have an enormous sex drive.  There was always porn. The women Aaron dated bored him because they always wanted to marry him.

Hedy pressed Aaron. "The bistro has an art class. They need models, and they will pay them. You'll also get free cocktails by the hour."

Aaron laughed. "I have never modeled in my life." But hmm, free cocktails on Sundays. Not a bad concept; Aaron liked to drink on weekends.

Hedy chuckled. "Not too late to start. You can show off your suits."

Aaron mused. "Hmm."

The suit Hedy had in mind did not involve fabric.

Aaron mulled over this offer and when Hedy brought it up again, he agreed to an interview at this bistro.

The interview was on a Saturday and Aaron wore one of his suits, the grey one, a nice summer suit. The bistro was only a few blocks away from Aaron's apartment and iit was close to the subway stop that Aaron used virtually every day.

The bistro was called "Esme". It was quaint.

This afternoon, it was empty except for a small cleaning crew and a young gay man named "Pepe." Hedy had informed Aaron, "Pepe is very gay." Pepe would interview Aaron. Aaron was alone, although he had been assured by Hedy that she knew Pepe and he was "a nice guy." So Aaron wasn't afraid or anything.

Pepe was sloppiy dressed in overalls and no shirt. Aaron gazed at him with a bit of distaste. Pepe had tattoos and unkempt facial hair. And earrings.

Pepe was brisk in his interview of Aaron. "OK, guy, here's the deai. It's $20 an hour, Sunday nights 7 to 10pm. When can you start? Hedy recommends you and we love Hedy." Pepe appraised Aaron. Pepe thought, this will be hilarious. Pepe was into humiliation, especially of these rich stuck-up white yuppies.

Aaron said, "What kind of crowd will be here?"

Pepe chuckled, "Regulars." And Pepe thought, everyone on my Facebook page.

Aaron looked around. "Where will I, uh, model?"

Pepe pointed to a small stage in the corner. "Over there," he nonchalantly replied.

Aaron looked at the "stage."

"So I'll just stand there?" Aaron asked.

"Pretty much," replied Pepe, rolling his eyes a bit.

Aaron could always use extra dough. He agreed to the conditions and promised to show up the next day at 6:30pm.

Pepe shook Aaron's hand and watched him leave. Pepe thought to himself, hubba hubba.

Aaron walked back to his apartment. On his way he encountered several neighbors. They all greeted him and looked him over appreciatively. Modeling will be easy, thought Aaron.

Pepe called his boyfriend Tom and said, "You gotta be here tomorrow night." He explained, and Tom laughed over the phone.

Pepe then called Hedy and relayed the news. Hedy also laughed over the phone.

Aaron, back in his apartment, mulled over which suit to wear tomorrow evening. He settled on his new burgundy and chose a glossy blue tie and fresh white shirt. Aaron was sure the audience would enjoy seeing a handsome man in such a nice suit.

The next day, Aaron worked out, had a nice breakfast, watched some TV and took a long shower in his apartment. He also smoked a joint. He put on his suit and strolled to Esme.

He'd called Hedy and Hedy had assured Aaron she'd be at the bistro to provide a friendly face. 

"I'm wearing my new burgundy suit," Aaron had told her. Hedy had replied. "That's...nice." Odd, thought Aaron.

Aaron arrived at the bistto. He'd encountered several neighbors along the way. "Are you working tonight, Mr. Burke?" a few had asked. "Yes," Aaron offered. "I am a model at Esme for three hours." Aaron got strange looks from these neighbors but sauntered on to the bistro.

Aaron was a little alarmed tha there was a line to get inside.

Aaron adjusted his tie and made sure everything was buttoned.

Aaron went to the entrance. Pepe was at the door. "You're a little late," Pepe complained. Pepe was at least wearing a shirt, tie and pants.

Aaron looked at his watch. "Maybe five minutes."

Pepe rolled his eyes. "Come on in , then, let's get you ready."

Aaron was nervous. Something was strange about this. Ready? I'm already ready. I'im in my suit and all I have to do is stand on that tiny stage.

Pepe brought Aaron inside and told a packed room that "THIS is the model." There were appreciative murmurs and Aaron was glad they liked his suit and his appearance, but it struck him that a few people were LEERING at him. He at first could not see Hedy, then he noticed her near the stage. The first two rows in front of the stage were set up for artists. Aaron was going to be sketched. He hoped the artists had the proper chalk to do justice to his burgundy suit and blue tie.

They arrived at the stage, and Hedy. Pepe growled, "The dressing room is down that hall." Pepe motioned to a hallway in the back. 

"Dressing room?" Aaron questioned. "I'm already dressed."

Pepe had relished this moment. "That's right. You are. But now you have to undress. Here's the key. You can hang all your clothes in the closet."

"What?" Aaron exclaimed.

Hedy stepped in. "Aaron, didn't you realize you are to pose nude?"

Aaron laughed. "You have got to be kidding."

Pepe snarled, "No one is kidding here. I have got a packed house and you agreed to do this. Go in the dressing room and take off your clothes. We've provided you with a robe. Put it on and come back out here, and then take it off."

Aaron was stunned. "I cannot pose NAKED in this bar. I live down the street."

Pepe and even Hedy laughed. Then a gregarious dark-haired young newcomer approached; Aaron identified him as gay, "Hi, I'm Tom," he said. "Is there a problem?"

Aaron stammered, "They want me to take off my clothes and pose naked."

Tom chuckled, "Well, isn't that why you're here?"

Aaron realized that customers were beginning to listen to all this, and that they were beginning to chuckle, and they were looking at Aaron in lascivious ways.

"I did not know I was expected to take off my clothes for this,"  protested Aaron.

Tom, a young, fit man of about 30, said, "Did you think we wanted to see you stand on stage in a suit? This isn't Fashion Week."

Aaron felt ill. "I have never posed nude. I don't know how to do  it." It sounded stupid.

Tom said, "We'll help you with that.  Just go in the back and take your clothes off, come back here, and let's get the show on the road. We're running late and there's a line."

Aaron was beside himself with dismay. He was befuddled. This gay man was telling him to take his cloothes off, and be quick about it!

Hedy said, "Aaron, just do as he says. You  have a beautiful body. It's time to show it off."

Pepe said, "Please listen to her. People are getting impatient. Can you please just go and take off your fucking clothes? God."

Tom was more calm. He said to Pepe, "Let me handle this.:" Tom then said to Aaron, "I'll go back with you. OK? Let's go. Calm down. We're all friends here."

Hedy thought to herself, I can see why Pepe snagged Tom.

Tom led Aaron by the hand to the dressing room. Aaron was in a state of shock.

He heard Pepe scoff, "Who does he think he is, this Aaron Burke? Who wants to go to a bistro and look at a man stand on stage in a suit for three hours?"

Hedy replied, "Aaron is a bit naive."

Pepe laughed. "I don't care if he's naive. I want him NAKED. The customers want him NAKED."

I want him naked too, thought Hedy. And if anyone can get Aaron to get naked here, it is probably Tom, who was inttelligent, attractive with an appealing manner, and possessed a way with words. GO TOM, thought Hedy.

Tom clutched Aaron's hand and pulled him towards the dressing room. They went inside the room.

Aaron confessed to Tom, "I don't want to do this."

Tom conssoled Aaron by removing Aaron's jacket. "Wow, this is a great suit," Tom purred. Aaron was gorgeous, thought Tom. And I am going to try to strip him naked.

Aaron allowed the friendly Tom to remove his jacket.

"Is this a tailored suit?" Tom asked. "Yes," Aaron replied, feeling uneasy. He liked this Tom, but he was dubious of his motives at this juncture.

"Let's get your shoes and socks off," suggested Tom. "Sit down on that chair."

Aaron was in a daze. But he sat down and allowed Tom to take off his shoes and socks.

Tom noted that Aaron had perfect, beautiful feet worthy of a TV commercial for feet products.

Aaron thought, this guy is taking my clothes off.

Tom noted that the robe Aaron was to wear was hanging on a hook on the wall.

Keep stripping him, thought Tom.

"OK, do you want to take off the rest of your clothes or do you want me to help you?" asked Tom, innocently.

"I don't want to take off my clothes at all," moaned Aaron. "I did not know I would be required to take off my clothes here."

Tom laughed. "Well, you ARE required to take off your clothes here. C'mon, let's get that beautiful tie off you."

Aaron gulped. "I'll take off the tie."

Tom was getting hard. "OK."

Aaron removed his tie and put it in the pocket of his jacket, which Tom had hung on another chair.

"Shirt?" inquired Tom, his heart throbbing to beat the band.

Aarron could tell Tom wanted to see him undrress further, and this amused him. It also flattered him. OK, Aaron thought. I'll take off my shirt just to see his reaction, but that's it.

I am not homosexual, thought Aaron. But I like it when they look at me in my suits.

I don't like it when they look at me in the gym, Aaron opined to himself.

They want to see me naked.

So why am I taking off my shirt, wondered Aaron, as he unbuttoned his shirt.

Tom's eyes were glued to each and every Aaron movement, button by button. Every inch of Aaron's flesh that was revealed was more erotic than the last.

Aaron was aware of Tom's intense scrutiny. It stirred weird feelings in him.

I am stripping, thought Aaron, in front of this gay man.

Tom's penis was fully erect in his pants. He tried to remain blase. It was very difficult, as more and more of Aaron's delectable flesh came into view.

The shirt was now completely unbuttonned, revealing a very slightly hairy upper chest, rock hard abs, a cute innie navel, and flawless skin overall. Aaron did not have a tan, but it didn't matter. This chest was sublime, worthy of any heartthrob movie star.

Tom was thrilled. That shirt was coming all the way off.

Aaron paused. 

"Give me the shirt," commanded Tom. He was not going to let this stop.

Aaron groaned. "Do I have to take this off?"

Tom kept going. "Yes. You agreed to model. They're waiting for you. Just give me the shirt. We're all guys here."

Aaron blanched, but he removed thie shirt and the process was a joy to behold on multiple levels. Aaron was clearly bashful at this point, and as he removed the shirt, his muscles flexed, and most importantly, his enormous pecs and sprawling nipples, along with his amazingly masculine armpits with trimmed hair, came into proximity of Tom's bulging eyes.

My God, thought Tim. He looks fantastic. How can he be shy? If I had this body, I'd have it photographed for posterity.

Tom said nothing, merely retrieved the shirt and hung it on top of Aaron's jacket.

Aaron was now bare-chessted. He was blushing. Tom was fully erect and wet, and panting inwardly.

"Looks like you work out. And it looks like you manscape a bit," stuttered Tom, still stunned by the sheer beauty of Aaron's toplessness..

"Yes, I do," mumbled Aaron. Gays notice everything, he grumbled to himself.

Tom could not remove his eyes from Aaron's pecs. They were the hardest he'd ever seen. They were totally defined, and Aaron's wonderfully large nipples looked so suckable that Tom thought "I could lick those for an entire day." And Tom wasn't exaggerating; Aaron's nipples were manly, enormous, and perfect. They were Hercules' nipples in real life.

Aaron fidgeted. He knew Tom was staring at his tits. Aaron often wished his nipples weren't so big. But they were. Was everyone going to notice my nipples outside? thought Aaron. I don't want my nipples to be ridiculed. Aaron felt a bit faint.

A man is looking at my tits with lust, thought Aaron. His stomach rolled over.

Dare I proceed? thought Tom. Hell yeah. I want to see his cock and balls, and I WILL. If those compare to these naked pecs and these splendiferous nipples, I will yelp in abject pleasure.

"Take your pants off, Aaron," Tom instructed. "Come on, we're running late."

Aaron was squirming in discomfort. Tom was turned on by this, but he knew he had to tread lightly now.

Aaron felt overwhelmed. What should I do? he thought.

"Aaron, come on, get 'em off, buddy."

Aaron reluctantly undid his belt, unzipped his fly, and began to remove his pants. He couldn't believe what he was doing. I am taking off my clothes in front of a gay man. Aaron was going to have to yell at Hedy for getting him into this. 

To confuse mattters more, Aaron found he didn't really mind Tom looking at him. It was always nice to be appreciated and Aaron did not find Tom threatening. Actually, Aaron thought Tom to be a very nice and attractive person.

Aaron's red designer boxers came into view.

Tom was amazed. I've almost got him nude, he thought.

Aaron Burke in a suit had been stunning. Aaron Burke stripping himself naked was a work of art. In addition to killer abs, Aaron had unbelievably chiseled pecs and outrageously pulpy nipples that cried out to be licked, tweaked, and played with. And Aaron in boxers was hotter than hot. The boxers clung to him. Tom was awash in lust but he told himself to tone it down. He had to get Aaron naked, into a robe, and get him to the stage, and then get the robe off him. Pepe was counting on Tom and Tom would not let Pepe down.

"Here, gimme," said Tom, motioning for the pants.

Aaron begrudgingly handed over his pants. He finally noticed that Tom had a hard-on in his own pants.

Oh my God, thought Aaron. I'm turning him on. Aaron needed a drink.

"Can I have a drink?" Aaron asked.

"Sure," replied Tom. "What do you need?"

"A double scotch," pleaded Aaron.

"GIve me a minute," said Tom. "I'll be right back." Tom left the room, closed the door, FLED to the bar, and asked Maxine to make two double scotches. Maxine realized Tom was in a state of urgency, so she poured the drinks quickly. Tom grabbed them and raced back to the dressing room. Aaron sat forlornly in a chair, clad only in boxers.

Tom handed Aaron his drink and Aaron gulped it down. Tom merely sipped his, watching Aaron's beautiful underarms expose themselves. I could live in those, thought Tom.

Aaron had a silly thought, that Tom looked like Topher Grace from That 70's Show.

Another silly thought was: All I have on are my boxers. The scotch hit Aaron quickly.

"Only one garment left," chirped Topher, er Tom.

"Where is the robe?" Aaron asked.

"Behind you," said Tom. "Take off your underwear and I'll get the robe for you." But Tom did not move from his seat, which Aaron noticed.

"I will be naked," wailed Aaron.

"Yes, you will, and you will be a beautiful sight, Aaron," encouraged Tom, about to ejaculate.

"Ugh," spat Aaron. "I don't want to be naked."

"Aaron, before you take your underwear off, do you mind if I touch your pecttoral muscles?" Tom went for broke. "They are the most perfect I've ever seen."

Aaron blinked, hard. He'd had women request this, and do this, but never had anotherr man made this inquiry.

Aaron blushed. "OK, just don't go wild," he shyly murmured.

Tom giggled. "I won't." Tom approached Aaron's topless chest and fondled his breasts. Aaron  blushed further, and he felt a bit torrid, to be honest. Tom kept it to a few minutes, but he made sure he got a few handfuls and several playful tweaks of Aaron's glorious nipples. He also fondled Aaron's armpits.

Aaron thought, this is the most humiliating thing ever. Another man is fondling my chest. My nipples. Under my arms. Aaron blushed ifire engine red and he heard Tom moan.

But in a perfect world, Tom thought, my mouth would be on these pecs for hours and I'd chew those nipples to the point where Aaron would shoot a load all over himself. Tom knew how to do this, too. Pepe had extremely sensitive nipples, and he loved them played with. But Pepe's nipples were small; compared to Aaron's, they were pebbles and Pepe's pecs were not that impressive. Aaron's nipples were boulders and his pecs were the stuff of male legend.

Then it was back to business.

"Do you want me to strip you? Would it help? Would it make it easier?" asked Tom, sincerely. "I know you are nervous about being completely NAKED." Tom stressed the last word, and wondered instantly if he's gone too far.

Aaron was in a daze, but he thought he would retain his reputation if it got out he did not voluntarily take off his last vestige of modesty. He also liked the way Tom touched him, to be frank.

So he said, "If you wish," and he stood up. I am going to be stripped naked by Tom, Aaron thought, steeling himself. As long as Tom didn't laugh at him, and he didn't think he would, Aaron told himself he could withstand this situation. He blotted out the fact that he was required to show himself outside this room. Until the very last minute, Aaron told himself he would just not do that.

Tom did not need prodding. He stood up and went over to this bashful hunk, and he took off Aaron's boxers. He tried not to make a big deal of it. The important thing was to get Aaron naked and into the robe.

Aaron's penis was impressive, perfectly circumsised with a big head. His scrotum hung low and loose. Aaron's manscaped pubes were sandy-haired like the rest of his hair. Aaron's cock was flaccid, but as Tom removed the boxers, it swayed around in exploration.

As Tom lifted Aaron's feet one by one to get the boxers off him, Tom's face inches away from Aaron's naked genitals, It took superhuman self-control for Tom not to lick the penis. Aaron's urethra was literally inches away from Tom's mouth. Tom spontaneously came in his pants and suppressed a verbal outburst.

"Oh wow," thought Tom. Thank God I have on underwear today.

Aaron was now, finally, nude. He stood there dumbfounded. Tom allowed himself a few minutes' gaze, then begrudingly retrieved the robe and helped Aaron to put it on. As Tom helped Aaron put on the robe, he shamelessly allowed himself to again graze a finger over both of Aaron's magnificent nipples. Tom was pleased to see Aaron flinch and blush, so Tom did it again on both nipples. Aaron said nothing, even though the sedond time around, Tom had actually PULLED on the right nipple and held it for a few seconds..

Aaron shuddered. What just happened? he thought. He felt a bit warm. He thought, why don't women play with my nipples more? It feels nice.

"Pity," thought Tom, as Aaron's fabulous nudity got covered up. Tom did not want to put clothes on Aaron. But Tom was cheered to know that soon this robe would be removed, and Aaron Burke was to be naked in public

Tom had an idea that Aaron would be very humiliated, and that it would be fun to witness. Tom felt himself getting hard again. He liked Aaron a lot, but he would not turn down the opportunity to see a body like this exploited for lascivious purposes.

There was a rap on the door. It was Pepe. "HELLOOOOOOOO? Is the conference over yet? You guys are holding us up." Rap, rap, rap.

"Shit," said Tom. "Aaron, it is showtime." 

Aaron mumbled "fuck."

Tom opened the door. A fuming Pepe glowered at him.

"Pardon me, i REALLY don't mean to interrupt, but we have a full house waiting to see a nude male model," Pepe spat.

Tom was used to Pepe's hyper-macho moods and he knew how to make them work to his advantage.

Tom pointed to Aaron who was nude underneath a robe.

"He is undressed," Tom calmly explained. "You know how long it takes to get a straight man to take his clothes off?"

Pepe glared with distrust. "TOO long."

"C'mon, Aaron," said Tom, taking a nervous Aaron by his hand, which Tom knew would annoy Pepe and therefore amuse Tom. "Let's go."

Aaron allowed Tom to lead him out of the dresing room and past the simmering Pepe.

As they approached the stage, Aaron recognized faces in the audience. "Oh my God," he said. "My neighbors are here."

Tom chuckled. "Aaron, you have a great body." Understatment of all time.

"They are MY NEIGHBORS," Aaron complained.

Pepe was behind them. "Get a move on!" he barked. He just KNEW his slutty boyfriend had played with thie straight moron's body.

Tom got Aaron to the stage. Aaron was chastened to see that the stage was well lit. Hedy sat up front. She was smiling, and she was drunk, Aaron could tell.

Tom told Aaron, "The best thing you can do now is just to take off the robe, give it to me, and act like you just don't give a damn. I will be sitting right here." Tom pointed to a reserved seat.

"Oh, fuck," said Aaron.

"Get the robe OFF him!" screeched Pepe, hovering behind them. :"I have to FINALLY give the introduction, and then that ROBE better be off."

Tom patted Aaron on the back. "Come on, Aaron, you can do this," he said. Aaron shuddered.

Pepe took the stage.

"Ladies and gentlemen, we FINALLY have our model. In the flesh. His name is Aaron. This is how this will go down...."


Pepe went on: "Aaron will take off his robe and pose NAKED here on the stage."


"I will instruct Aaron on how to show himself to all of you," Pepe cried.


Aaron was very dismayed to see that not only was the bar full, there was a line waiting to get in.

I cannot do this, Aaron thought.

Tom said to Aaron, "Give me the robe, Aaron." Tom unfastened the robe.

Pepe simmered at this intimate exchange. "Well, well, well," he grimaced.

Aaron's robe opened and his body was exposed. The audience gasped and tittered.

"Take it off, Aaron," said Tom.

Aaron took off the robe half to the side, exposing his left side but not quite his cock and balls, but revealing his fantastic chest and left breast.

Aaron was blushing so much he was glowing. His embarrassment was obvious. The crowd was liking that. There was lots of giggling from both sexes. The audience was 50/50 male/female. Most of them were in their 20s and 30s but there were a few 40s/50s/60s. One woman, Judy, was 75. She lived in Aaron's building and had been tipped off by Hedy about Aaron's upcoming exposure. Judy had lusted after Aaron for a very long time.

"OH MY GODDDDDDDDDDDDDDD," someone yelled.

"Keep going," Tom encouraged. "Give me the robe."

Aaron blotted out reality. He heard Hedy burble, "He's my best friend."

The robe came off, It was a combination of Tom's gentle approach, Pepe's impatience, and Aaron's complacence.

Pepe thought, he does look good naked. Idiot. Aaron does have a big dick, and I just know Tom touched it, or wants to. or wants to suck it. Pepe smiled to himself: I wouldn't mind sucking it, to be honest.

Aaron spotted Judy in the audience and felt physically ill..

Aaron Burke was NAKED at Esme, a bistro in Brooklyn. His neighbors were watching him. JUDY was watching him and she had opera glasses!

Cell phones were out.

Aaron was stunned. Opera glasses? Phones? Aaron had not factored that in.

Pepe said, "FINALLY. Our model is NAKED!!!!!!"

CHEERS AND APPLAUSE. Judy yelled, "WOO-HOO!!!!!!!!!!" Patrons were amused at the randy old lady with her opera glasses.

Aaron was utterly stripped and humiliated.

Tom was sexually aroused by Aaron and particularly Aaron's vivid humiliation. He was not alone.

Aaron stood naked on this small but terribly well-lit stage. You could see Aaron's pores if you were in the first three rows. Aaron heard someone evem point this out. "Look, you can see his pores." Aaron was appalled. Then Aaron heard Pepe yell, "What do you guys want to see him do?"

There were shouts, but a loud male voice said, "MAKE HIM PUT HIS HANDS BEHIND HIS HEAD!!!"

Pepe grinned at the naked, blushing Aaron. "DO IT," he commanded.

Tom grimaced. This was gonna hit Aaron hard. But Tom wanted to see it happen.

Like a deer in headlights, Aaron did as "requested" and put his hands behind his head.

This exposed Aaron's truly gorgeous masculinity to its fullest. Aaron's armpits were trimmed and they were deep and muscular. They were dry, but this changed, as Aason realized people were looking at them, giggling, and, unbelievably, taking pics.

Aaron's cock and balls hung out in front of the crowd. Aaron began to sweat. His armpits moistened.

Tom took pics. He just had to. Pepe noticed Tom taking pics of the naked Aaron.

Humph, thought Pepe.

Since this pose was proving to be popular, Pepe allowed it to continue, primarily because it obviously made the strutting suit-wearer Aaron very embarrassed once his fucking designer suit was removed from his ridiculous gym-toned body.

Pepe enjoyed watching the obviously humiliated Aaron sweat on stage. Hedy tried to speak to Pepe. Pepe ignored her. Fucking dyke.

"Pepe," Hedy whispered. "Let him change positions." Hedy was trying to help.

She enjoyed Aaron's nudity, but she could tell that her friend waa miserable.

Pepe grunted, "Geez. What do you want me to do, Hedy?

"Let him eo a pose facing away from the audience," reasoned Hedy.

Pepe instantly had an idea. "OK. I can do that."

Pepe announced on his microphone, "Aaron, you can turn around now."

Aaron was grateful. He turned around, showing off his glorious ass.

"Good," said Pepe. Tom stiffened. He suspected what Pepe was about to do.

"OK, Aaron, bend over and reach your hands behind your back, and pull open your buttocks!!!"

YELLS OF PLEASURE FROM THE AUDIENCE. Joan blurted loudly, "Oh my stars!"

Tom rolled his eyes and thought to himself, Pepe liked to make Tom expose himself this way, and had photographed it, but Tom thought, Aaron will NEVER DO THIS.

To Tom's amazement, Aaron did it. Tom was astonished. It must be the scotch, Tom thought.

In actuality, Aaron had just given up. He wanted to be told how to get through this. If this "pose" would hasten the end of this ordeal, he thought, I'll just do it. If I don't, Aaron thought, Pepe will make fun of me up here, and that will be worse. I'm naked. No one else is. I'm the only naked person in the room. Aaron bent over and pulled open his buttocks, shutting his eyes. He began to perspire.


"Yeahhhhhh," chuckled Pepe on the microphone. "Spread your legs more, AARON! Pull those globes open wider!!! Who wants 'em wider?"

"WIDERRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!" screamed the crowd. "SPREAD 'EM!" cried the 75 year old Joan. Aaron was shocked, but he did it. He felt like he was in a nightmare.

Tom was stunned, not only that Aaron was doing this, but at the very sight of Aaron doing this, and now Aaron was shamefully doing it wider. Tom took multiple pics and silently praised the glories of scotch.

Aaron's ample ASSHOLE was totally exposed, every nook and cranny of it. It was relatively hairless, but it was sure there for all to see. Brazenly available for everyone's examination. There was a lot of titttering at this point. The asshole was brownish pinkish and kind of dark inside. Tom was amazed that Aaron was willingly showing his body so starkly, bent over, naked, and spreading himself with his manly cock and balls dangling between his spread legs.

Aaron was thinking, I cannot believe I am doing this, but they are cheering me on, so maybe it is OK. At least they can't see my face now.

Yes, Aaon was naive. And he was naked. And his ASSHOLE was sticking out and it was being photographed. And photographed. And photographed. Most of the photos made sure to include Aaron's penis and his big scrotum.

Hedy was aghast. She couldn't believe this had gotten to this point. Aaron was showing his asshole. Hedy took a pic of it with her phone., making sure to get Aaron's dangling cock and balls in the shot. Maybe I'm not totally a lesbian, Hedy thought to herself.

A woman commented. She said, "I see this man at the market going through  melons. I cannot believe he is showing himself this way to us."

Another woman chuckled. "Well, he's showing us HIS melons now. Look at his intamacy. I think I've seen him on the street going to the train. He usually is wearing a fancy suit."

The first woman jeered, and she didn't care who heard: "His suit now is anything but fancy. I am in shock. Look at his anus. He is showing us his ANUS."

A man slurred, "He probably needs money for drugs. A real man does not exhibit himself this way in public."

Joan chimed in. "Aaron doesn't do drugs. I live in his building. He's a workaholic. He is performing, uh, a public service for the community."

The same man slurred, "I think he is a pervert. I think you're a pervert too, old lady. What's up with the glasses?"

Judy got pissed off. "Shut up, Burt. Go home and watch Fox News."

A young man opined, "This Aaron is the best-looking pervert I've ever seen."

Giggling ensued. Aaron cringed. He wanted to stop showing himself.

"I am done!" Aaron cried. He had reached his limit of public humiliation. Aaron grabbed the robe from a startled Tom, threw ithe robe on, and fled to the dressing room. Everyone laaughed at him, escept Pepe, was was enraged that the show was prematurely over.

Tom said to himself, "he lasted longer than I thought he would."

Pepe fumed. "Asshole."

Hedy shared, "Well, you shouldn't have made him show it." Although Hedy had enjoyed staring at a male's asshole. She'd never seen one before, especially belonging to someone she knew. She thought Aaron's asshole was rather cute and enticing in its own way. And thank God, it had been clean.

"He couldn't stand us looking at his RECTUM!" someone yelled drunkenly.

MORE GIGGLING. IN FACT, BOISTEROUS LAUGHTER. And Aaron heard it all as he got dressed in the drressing room. His RECTUM was being commented upon!

Tom went back to the dressing room. Pepe barked, "Where the hell are YOU going?"

Tom shot back. "To make sure he isn't committng suicide."

Aaron was virtually clothed once Tom got back there. Few words were exchanged. Tom escorted a shivering, upset Aaron out of the bistro through a back entrance, and Aaron thanked him profusely. Tom gave Aaron a business card which Aaron accepted. Tom told Aaron to get home safe, and he gave him a hug, which Aaron reciprocated. Tom got hard, yet again. He watched the hunk sulk off into the Brooklyn night. Tom sighed. That is the catch of the century, thought Tom. Tom mumbled, I have to go back to that scrawny complaining bitch (Pepe).

Aaron called out for two days and was not seen in the interim by anyone. He ordered Chinese food. He did not return Hedy's calls, but he did return a call from Tom. Tom's message had said: "You have nothing to be ashamed of." Aaron had responded with "Thank you. I appreciate your help. Maybe I'll see you around."

Aaron had nothing to be ashamed of, at all. Except in his mind.

Tom was reminded of Aaron's glories every time Tom gazed at his pics of the naked Aaron displaying his masculine wares. Tom made sure Pepe did not ever catch him in the act of doing this, because Tom pleasured himself when he looked at Aaron's naked body on his phone.

Pepe grumbled about the incident for about a week, then hired another model who was not bashful. This model was not as popular as Aaron Burke had been in his now infamous one-night-only sppearance.

Pepe got a lot of requests for a repeat appearance by Aaron Burke, and Pepe would snarl, "He is unreliable." Pepe never paid Aaron for his time, and Aaron did not pursue the matter. Aaron never wanted to see Pepe again.

Aaron never went back to Esme, and on the rare occasions anyone would bring Esme up, and his appearance there, Aaron would claim he was stoned that night and did not remember anything. There was no other response.

And he changed his route around the neighborhood to avoid scrutiny.

But there were always comments around town.

Aaron was humiliated. But at least he could put on his suits.

Aaron wondered if he should take up Tom on Tom's offer of dinner. "We can go to Manhattan," Tom had offered.

Aaron worked in Manhattan. How much of Manhatan had seen him naked?

One day in the elevator, two actresses spotted him. One of them whispered to the other, "Yes, that's him. He is in the office."

The women giggled. Aaron felt humiliated all over again. He knew they had seen him naked and probably had pics of his body on their phones. Aaron worked with actors and he knew they shared pics a lot. It was just their nature.

Aaron wished he had never taken his clothes off.






Submitted: July 01, 2022

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