Stéphanie Cutchais, Lawyer

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Adult Romance  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

Featured Review on this writing by sweet lemon

Frank Poireau and Dirk Peetermans were both students at the VUB, the Brussels University. Now, they have started professional careers. From time to time, they meet again for a chat or to have dinner in a restaurant. One day, Dirk tells Frank that he has a serious problem with a female lawyer who has her office in Brussels. Frank offers his help to his friend...

Stéphanie Cutchais, Lawyer


How many VUB students, especially female students, came to see Dirk Peetermans and Frank Poireau when they performed in a back room of a student café? Frank had no idea. He had never counted them, and neither had his friend Dirk. If he dared, he would say that at least a thousand people came to see their outsized, flaccid, and erect cocks, in return for payment for that unusual spectacle.

Among those spectators was Stéphanie Cutchais. Frank didn't know her when she was a student, but his friend Dirk did. She had been his girlfriend for about six months until Dirk showed so much sexual activity with other female students that Stéphanie had dropped him.


Frank Poireau didn't know all that. Dirk had never told him that he and Stéphanie had been sweethearts during their university years. Now, that time was long gone. Meanwhile, Dirk was busy as a doctor in his general practice in Antwerp. It was true that he made it a point to regularly update Frank on how he was doing. He even came, if at all possible, to visit Frank in Schaerbeek about once a month. Then, they chatted a bit, and when Dirk had enough time, they went to eat something together.


On a Friday evening, they were sitting together in the restaurant “Le Jaspe” on Avenue Louis Schmidt in Etterbeek. It was clear to Frank Poireau that the “steak au poivre vert” wasn’t really tasteful for his friend Dirk. He ate with long teeth and his face was worried.


"Is something wrong, Dirk?" asked Frank.


"Well, I'm a bit overworked, that's for sure, and there is something else too." Peetermans replied.


"That too? Then, what else bothers you?”


Well, here it is. I'm being stalked, if I can call it that. An old sweetheart of mine won't leave me alone. She calls me every day to arrange an appointment. I'm really afraid that one day she will show up unannounced at one of my consultations and make havoc."


"Is it that bad then?" asked Frank.


"I think so. She won't leave me alone, Stéphanie Cutchais. When we were both still students, we had sex practically every day for about six months. Now, she seems to think she has certain rights over me because of that. But that's not all, I think."


So, what else is there?”


In the meantime, she has been married for a little over two years to one Curt Flochette. He runs a fitness center in Malines.”


Okay, so what?”


Well, you know how I'm gifted by nature between my legs, just like you. Do you understand what I mean?"


"I think so. Her Curt can't bring to bed what you could. She misses that. Or am I wrong? Did you perhaps mean something else?”


"No, you hit the nail on the head."


"Well, then let's hope she sees the futility of her efforts and leaves you alone. Sorry I can't help you with this problem…”


"Sure you can, if you want to help me out."


How so?”


To tell you straight: what interests Stéphanie is feeling a big fat cock going back and forth in her cunt again. It's that simple. Whether there's someone attached to that dick called Dirk, or someone else, that doesn't really matter to her."


So, you would like me to take over your role rolling in the hay with her?” asked Frank.


Exactly that. You would do me a big favor with it. It would keep Stéphanie out of my hair, so to speak.”


Who says that she will want to have anything to do with me? You put it very simply, dear Dirk!”


But it's really simple! I'll introduce you to her, and talk about your sexual gigantism… I'd be surprised if she wouldn't be curious about what you have to offer.”


It seems exciting, a little adventurous even. OK, I'll try it. Don't come and complain afterward if I don't succeed, and you yourself continue to suffer from that woman."


Two days later Frank Poireau got a selfie from lawyer Stéphanie Cutchais. In the snapshot, she seemed quite serious. Her look was a bit shy, or was that just an appearance she took? Frank had to admit that Stéphanie looked good, and also like a real lawyer with the glasses she had on her nose. She was partly naked, at least, she had loosened her beautiful dress and showed a naked tit in the photo. The picture was a little blurry, maybe Stéphanie had made it that way on purpose. Still Frank thought she had a very lovely pale skin and attractive tits, not too big and not too small for her model, and with very nice small light pink nipples.


When Poireau called lawyer Stéphanie Cutchais, she immediately knew who he was. Apparently, Dr. Peetermans had already informed her about him. She asked him if it suited him to come to her office on the Avenue des Arts after six o'clock the next day. She closed her law practice at six, and then she had time to "discuss something personal" with him, she laughed on the phone.


At a quarter past six, Stépanie Cutchais received her visitor Frank Poireau in her office. That was really impressive for such a young lawyer like her, orderly and very professionally decorated. Stéphanie used the remote to open her office door and let Poireau in. When she saw Frank appear, she got up and walked around her desk to shake his hand. She told him to take a seat on the white leather sofa that leaned against the wall to the left of her desk. Poireau thought that was strange: there were also two white leather chairs in front of her desk. Why hadn't she invited him to sit across from her? But of course, she was in her office and there, she gave the orders…


Instead of sitting back at her desk, Stéphanie Cutchais came to sit next to Frank on the couch and turned to him. She crossed her legs, showing a lot of bare thighs and a glimpse of black panties. Without batting an eyelid she told Frank that Dirk Peetermans had disappointed her because he no longer wanted to fuck her. He had recommended his friend Frank to her. She had immediately been interested when the doctor had told her about him, and especially about his anatomy. His friend had been very appreciative and generous with compliments, especially when he had spoken in a very evocative description of Frank's "gender substructure".


"Frank, excuse my rudeness, I would like to come straight to the point: would you consider fucking me?" the lawyer asked. “Just like you do with your boss at work and with others, especially ex-students of the VUB who contact you through the Association “Coles Maximus”? Dirk has told me that you are very active in this group.”


I don't mind making love to you, Stéphanie,” Frank replied. "On one condition…"


"Which is?"


That you no longer bother my friend doctor Dirk with phone calls, emails, or whatever else. It makes him feel really uncomfortable, and he's really too busy to have sex with you any longer."


"I agree. Just to be clear, I don't want you to fuck me in a bed, not for the moment. I want you to take me here, on the couch, now. I can't tell you how long it's been that I've had a good solid big cock inside my cunt! Certainly not with my husband... I crave it, you can't believe how I miss Dirk's massive cock! From what I've heard from him you don't just have an incredible cock, you have a huge one and you are able to fuck a woman all night long. I want to experience that someday in bed, but not now. Are you willing to give me what I want now? Just a quickie?"


Of course, Stéphanie, that's what I came here for. Here on the couch? Alright. Just undress and tell me what position you prefer.”


Frank, I'm not going to undress completely. It’s such a hassle to get presentable again afterward... I’ll only take off what is necessary. But it's easier for you. You can undress completely. So, I’ll get to see you in all your masculine splendor. That will definitely boost my libido, although I don't really need it.”


It lasted only a moment before Poireau was undressed and stood naked in front of her. Stéphanie lifted her ass off the couch and pulled up her skirt. She pulled her black knickers over her ankles and dropped them next to the sofa to reveal a neatly trimmed brown bush between her legs. Her legs were very pale and without a trace of cellulite. Her tummy was fairly flat and generally smooth with just a hint of wrinkles. She unbuttoned her blouse and took off her bra so Frank could play with her tits. They weren't very big, but he already knew that from the selfie she had sent him. Weird enough for her age, her breasts were already sagging a bit. At first, Frank's dick had already turned half-hard after he undressed. Seeing Stéphanie's already wet and open cunt in the middle of her pubic hair, his cock jumped up. Stéphanie looked at him and took a deep breath. She said:


"Damn, Dirk was right. No, actually his description didn't do you justice. That's a nice cock, a great cock. More than that, it's the most beautiful and impressive cock I've ever seen!"


She stretched out her fingers to feel that exceptional dick and, licking her lips, Stéphanie asked: "May I?" What she meant by that, Frank wasn't sure, because she already had his erect penis in her hand. Stéphanie quickly made clear to him what her intention was as she fell to her knees by the couch and took his glans in her mouth. It only took a few seconds of "back and forth" in her warm mouth for his penis to stand fully upright and get hard as concrete. Stéphanie bobbed her head back and forth while slurping and sucking, all the while making noises like "Mmm, Mmm, Mmm." The vibrations that this caused were gradually driving Frank crazy. He said to Stéphanie:


"I really enjoy what you're doing, but it won't last long if you keep doing that. I'm going to cum in a minute, and I'm not supposed to, I thought? You want me to fuck you, right? In your pussy, or not? Why don't you lie down on the couch and let me give you a healthy treat?"

Stéphanie pushed his cock out of her mouth with her tongue, looked up at him, and asked:


"Did you like it? I haven't done that in so long, and I know I don't have enough practice since I can't deal with Dirk's dick anymore. This probably wasn't my best blow job. Your boss at the insurance company will surely do better."


Frank didn’t agree: "But Stéphanie! If this isn't the best thing you can do… I'm not sure I could survive when you're at your best! This may not have been the best blowjob I've ever had, but I was almost cumming in your mouth. Now, lie down and let me give you what you would like."


Stéphanie was sitting on the edge of the leather sofa. Frank pushed her over. Once she was on her back, he opened her legs with his hand and began to kiss the insides of her thighs. When his tongue reached the top of her pubic hair, he put his face over her pussy and started licking her outer labia. A very pleasant smell rose from her pussy into his nostrils. It was a mixture of delicate sea scent and expensive perfume. Frank assumed she had anticipated what was going to happen in her office and she had taken a bath or shower before he arrived. He wasn't sure what kind of bath oil she was using, but it smelled great, even a little intoxicating. It certainly wasn't some cheap scent from Aldi or another department store…

After he extensively licked her outer labia, he spread her pussy open with his fingers and started working on the inner labia. By now Stéphefanie was moving her ass back and forth and up and down as she moaned softly:


Yes, oh yes! Just keep it up. I enjoy it so much."


But keeping the licking up didn’t work anymore. Poireau got a cramp in his tongue and he didn't wait any longer. He stuck his stiff cock in Stéphanie's cunt. That went without any problem, despite the size of his dick. Stéphanie was soaking wet, and maybe Dr. Dirk had paved the way in her puss… Stéphanie didn’t allow Frank to go up and down long enough inside her crack, because she wanted him to really spoil her that first time. After a few minutes, she pushed his cock out of her fuck hole with her hand and she wanted him to start licking her clit. Poireau had a problem with that. He was afraid his tongue would cramp again, but it didn't. It only took a few rounds of running his tongue over her hardened pleasure button before Stéphanie screamed:


"Oh my God! Yes, yes! Oh my God! I'm coming! Oh my God! I'm comiiiiiiiiing!"


The lawyer squirted copious amounts of lust juice from her cunt. She apparently didn't care that she sprayed Frank in his face with her pussy juice, or that the beautiful leather couch got wet. Her whole body went limp after her orgasm, and she lay very still with closed eyes. So, Frank decided it was now his turn and that Stéphanie’s pussy was ready for his cock again. He gently pushed her to the center of the couch and lay on top of her between her legs. With the tip of his cock, he carefully searched her opening again and rubbed his cock up and down between her labia, trying to feel the entrance to her love tunnel. When Stéphanie felt it, she opened her eyes again and began to moan again. She was still enjoying her recent orgasm, and when Frank plunged his cock halfway into her open pussy, she screamed:


"Fuck me, Frank! Oh my God! Holy Bavo, patron saint of lawyers, it feels so damn good! Frank, deeper, your dick feels so good… Hit me with your delicious big cock! Fuck me. Fuck me harder!"


Frank started pumping in and out of her cunt, slowly at first, but after about ten times the lawyer gasped:


"Fuck me. Fuck me harder. Faster. Fuck me faster!"


So, at Stéphanie’s command, Poireau began to move his cock faster and dig deeper into her. Stéphanie continued to moan and it was clear that she enjoyed the fuck. Unbelievable, but Stéphanie Cutchais had two more orgasms in quick succession as Frank Poireau kept riding her harder and faster. Then, he finally felt his balls tighten and he whispered in Stéphanie's ear:

"I'm going to cum."


She sighed: "Yes! Cum inside me, Frank. Shoot it deep into me. Let me feel it."


That happened instantly. After Frank had filled her deep inside her pussy with a huge load of sperm, she put her hand behind his head. She pulled it towards her for a long, wet, passionate kiss. Even when there wasn't much room on the couch, they lay next to each other while they caught their breath. It was a blissful moment. Neither of them said anything more. After a while, Stéphanie whispered:


"Thanks, Frank. It's been a long time since Dirk swung his big hard cock around inside me. I almost forgot how good it could feel. But one thing I know for sure: this was some of the best sex I've ever had. Trust me, it was. I loved it. You were amazing. Hopefully, it won't just be this one time."


Stéphanie Cutchais was a lawyer. Lawyers have the reputation to be liars. Even if she was not a liar, Stéphanie didn't really mean what she said to Frank Poireau that night. He didn’t fuck her anymore. It stayed with that one time. And Frank's friend, doctor Dirk, she didn’t leave him alone as she had promised Frank…


© Robur Quercus 2022


Submitted: July 01, 2022

© Copyright 2022 Robur Quercus. All rights reserved.

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Well, that's a cute story, Robur. Stephanie sounds like quite the slut who knows how to get what she wants...or bug the hell out of guys with big cocks.

Sat, July 2nd, 2022 12:39am


DampKitten, it's always a delight to hear from you again. BTW, here, single female lawyers have quite a reputation to be picky.

Sun, July 3rd, 2022 1:52am

sweet lemon

Exceptionally sexy with a real dose of realism.I loved the way you used their full names at times.

But who wants to fuck on leather anyway.How sweaty can fucking get?

Fri, July 29th, 2022 11:24pm


Thank you for your positive comment. As to the sweaty leather, when all-consuming passion reigns, any surface will do.

Sat, July 30th, 2022 4:58am

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