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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Humiliation Sex  |  House: Stripping and Humiliation

Tim is a cute, lean, fair-skinned young man of 15 growing up in a small town. He has unusual platinum blonde hair which he wears long. Tim is shy and a bit introverted, but he is well-liked at his school, and he is extremely well liked by Dan, an athletic, handsome but free-spirited teenager who does not conform to provincial restrictions (and due to his good looks, gets away with it). One day, Tim visits Dan in his house. Dan suggests they wrestle in the living room, since Dan's parents are out of town for the week.

Humiliating, naked hijinks ensue.

"Yeah, the folks are away until Saturday." Dan ushered Tim into his house. It was Wednesday.

"Wow. They let you stay here by yourself?" Tim, a shy, lean boy of 15 with long platinum hair and unusual grey eyes, said incredulously.

"Yup. They trust me. All you gotta do is beg them first and then behave the first coupla times, then they're OK with it.," Dan confided.

Dan was a very handsome, dark-haired, brown-eyed track star who did not conform to small town norms. He was an  unlikely BMOC as he was non-conformist and he did not hide this in the least. Being a brilliant student, his grades were excellent, teachers almost feared him, girls fawned over his stunning body, but he was a cipher, even indifferent, to attention from anyone. Dan's parents had allowed him to stay alone in their big  house since Dan was twelve  years old. But Dan did like the elusive, shy, fascinatingly opaque Tim. Dan liked Tim a lot; he felt Tim was close to a kindred spirit even though Dan realized Tim was extremely introverted whereas Dan was a polar opposite ot that. And Dan had decided to let Tim know he was interested in securing his friendship. He wanted to take the fragile, beautiful Tim under his wing.

In this mix was the fact that Dan knew he was gay and had known so for some time, his parents were totally accepting, and Tim was physically stunning but did not seem to know it, the type of individual that Dan would zero in on.. Dan liked to be in control of things, but he was not a bully in any way. One of Dan's most favorite things his mom had told him was, "You must never lose your compassion. You are physically and mentally above average. Most people are not like you. Always be friendly and helpful."

Tim felt very cool to be considered a friend of the stardom that was Dan. Tim rarely went to anyone else's house, although he'd been invited. He was just a bit too introverted, and he had an overprotective mother. "I don't want you near that trash," was her mantra. Tim was beginning to resent this a lot.

Today, both boys wore jeans and T-shirts. It was 70 degrees outside, late April.

Dan's house was quite impressive to Tim. Tim lived in a modest tract house. Dan lived in a ritzy part of town. Neither one of the boys had siblings, or even a pet, a fact that had kind of bonded them over a pizza one night at the drive-in, where Tim worked on weekends and Dan usually sauntered in for the second feature, which was when Tim was beginning to close up. Tim noted that Dan sure seemed to like "A Nightmare on Elm Street,". a movie Tim thought the drive-in could retire for a few decades, to be honest.

Tim remembered the night they had the pizza. The drive-in was showing "A Nightmare on Elm Street Part 2: Freddy's Revenge." At least something different, Tim remembered. There was a lot of jocks in the show that night, wandering around with their popcorn, obviously a bit tipsy. Dan had complained. "Who ARE these guys?" he'd said.

Tim jolted himself back to reality. He was in Dan's house, alone with him. "Ugh. It's hot, I'm gonna turn on the AC," said Dan, wandering over to a switch.

Tim agreed it was a little warm.

"Wanna smoke a joint?" asked Dan.

Tim stiffened. He'd never done that.

But he heard himself say, "Sure. OK." I have to act in control, thought Tim. Tim looked at Dan. No wonder he can get any girl he wants, thought Tim. But why doesn't he?

Dan lit up a joint and passed it to Tim.

"I'm gonna take my shirt off," said Dan, casually. Tim got attentive. He'd seen Dan in a tank top but he had never seen Dan completely shirtless.

This amount of sudden interest Tim had alarmed him. He didn't know why. He watched Dan disrobe. Dan  had tanned skin and abs. Dan had a very good, no, frankly an EXCELLENT body. Wow, thought Tim. This was the type of bod you ould put on a firness magazine cover. You could tell Dan exercised. Tim tried not to stare. Dan wore his new nudity like a badge. He was completely comfortable. Tim noted that Dan had some chest hair. Tim felt ashamed. He was hairless on that part of his body except for a few stray hairs under his arms.

Dan was as mascculine as hell. Tim was honored to be in Dan's presence especially with Dan taking clothes off in front of him. To Tim, this meant Dan felt comfortable around him.

But still Tim felt inadequate. He was as pale as a ghost and, in his mind,  he was not really nearly as firm and toned as Dan, although he frankly looked just as masculine and appealing to anyone who noticed. He'd been ogled at the beach, he just didn't realize it because he was always being told to put on sunscreen by his overbearing mother. "I am just TRYING to protect your SKIN!!!" she'd screech. Tim's dad would say to her, "SHUT UP YOU BITCH. LEAVE HIM BE." And then Dad would wink at Tim and make him feel good, and later on, Dad would buy him an ice cream sundae, usually hot fudge, which Tim loved

Mom would yell, "What about MY ice cream?" And Dad would buy her a popsicle. "You're getting a bit portly, honey," Dad would say. Mom would protest, but she always ate her popsicle. She would also pronounce, "You are SPOILING this child." Dad would just scoff and drive them home.

Back to present day:

Dan, shirtless, said to Tim, as they smoked pot, "Why don't you take your shirt off too until it cools off in here?"

Tim blanched. Again, he thought, I do not have the muscle tone of Dan. I feel like a ghostly shrimp thing.

"Uh," Tim stammered. "I don't know......"

"C'mon, relax," said Dan, as they smoked. Dan's mission was to at least ,  AT THE VERY LEAST, to get the ethereal Tim shirtless.

Dan stretched out on his couch, putting his hands behind his head. He knew this would arouse Tim. Dan knew he had a perfect chest with defined abs, a little sparse dark hair, and sexy, dark nipples. At least three girls had told Dan he had sexy nipples after they'd seen him jog shirtless in the neighborhood.

Something in Tim clicked. He found himself removing his shirt, awkwardly. He couldn't find his collar, or his hands, but he wanted to remove this shirt.

"Thatta boy," said Dan. Dan stiffened as he watched more of the bashful Tim's flesh come into view. Huh, thought Dan. This guy has a physique. Dan wouldn't have cared anyway, it was all about the conquest, but Tim's body was proving to be quite the delight, parrticularly the kid's nipples, which were as pink as Dan's were brown. Dan also liked the fact that Tim had a bit of flesh around his pecs and around his waist. It looked good on Tim, Dan thought. And Dan knew it probably embarrassed Tim especially when in the company of someone with no body fat like Dan.

Tim felt very exposed, but he reminded himself that Dan was also exposed. Tim appreciated Dan's wide smile.

Both boys were now topless and getting high. Dan admired Tim's body, but clandestinely. He knew Tim was nervous. This turned Dan on. Dan thought: I have never seen such flawless skin.

Tim felt pretty good even though he was half-naked in this mansion, and a tiny part of him felt he was being kind of evaluated.

Dan sprang up. "Let's have a beer, OK?"

Tim felt goofy. "Sure." Tim felt like his nipples were moving. He looked down at them. They were not moving, but they had never looked more pointy. Tim blushed and hoped Dan did not notice this.

Dan went to the kitchen and returned with two cold cans of beer.

(The boys were in the living room.)

They began to drink.

"You ever do sports?" Dan asked Tim.

Tim said, "Well, I tried out for wrestling, but I didn't make it. I'm too shy in thoue outfits."

Dan shook his head. "That sucks. The wrestling team is too exclusive. I could teach you some tips. I can wrestle, but I'm not interested in  their clique."

Tim was interested. "Really? I don't mind cliques, I mean, you have to just accept that. They're having tryouts for next year. I want to do something athletic. It would get my mom off my back, and I think my dad would like it. I don't like football or softball and I'm too short for basketball....."

"You sure gonna have to get a haircut for any sports, you have quite a mop on you," said Dan. "By the way, is that hair dyed? It is almost platinum."

Tim blushed. "It is my natural color. I wish it were a bit more blonde. I mean yellow. It's too white."

Dan laughed. "It looks good on you. The girls like it. They go on and on about your hair."

Tim blushed further. "They do?" Tim was feigning innocence about this. He knew girls liked his hair and this was why he let it grow long. His mother complained, but his dad said, leave him alone. Tim liked his hair long, even though the color and his pale skin at times made him feel like a space alien.

But Tim bemoaned the face he had no real body hair to speak of. It was embarrasing. Hardly any under his arms, and Tim thought pubes and wispy fine hairs on his forearms and ankles did not count for much. Tim envied boys with normal teenage hair.

"They do sing the praises of your hair, believe me," Dan shared. "It makes a lot of us short-haired guys jealous," What Dan was really thinking was, I will get my hands on both your hair and all of your skin.

Tim could not fathom that Dan, a BMOC, could be jealous of him in any way. Tim beamed.

Dan burped. "Let's wrestle," he said. Dan was making his move. It was time. Dan knew how to pounce.

Dan ogled Tim's innocent, nubile body. Tim had a trim physique. His skin was pale, almost translucent, which made his pink nipples really noticeable. Tim's stomach was as flat as a board but there was a little fleshiness on the sides. Dan thought Tim to be as cute as a button. And speaking of buttons, Dan observed that Tim had an alluring outie. Dan knew he himself was gay, and he was going to play with Tim today, especially with Dan's parents out of town.

Tim drank more of his beer. "Wrestle? Right now? Here?"

Dan stood up. "Why not? We got the whole house to ourselves." Dan noted that Tim's underarm hair, what there was of it, was as platinum as Tim's head hair. Dan was going to find out if Tim's other hair was the same color.

Dan began to move around furniture so the boys could wrestle. Tim felt overwhelmed and half-naked. Well, both of these were true. Tim also felt an odd sensation in his pants.

Tim noted that Dan was a very good-looking student especially with his shirt off. Dan was tan and dark. For a popular jock, Tim thought Dan was fairly down-to-earth. Tim knew that Dan had a lot of female admirers at school, but Dan never seemed to date that much.

One girl, the slatternly Brittany(sp) Bowers, had scornfully informed Tim, "Dan is gay. He won't even ask me out."

Tim thought this funny. It was well known this girl, Brittany(sp) had given birth to a child out of wedlock as a freshman and that her poor grandparents had to raise the unwanted baby. The elderly grandparents were in their eighties and lived in an apartment. No sane boy would want to get involved with this girl Brittany (sp). Although she, Brittany(sp) was relatively pretty and from a good(?) family, she was a walking baby factory in search of whatever. Rumor had it that her mother had taken to drink. The girl's father had left town for "business."

Such drama in this one-horse town, thought Tim. Tim decided that now he really wanted to be buddies with the ultrasuave Dan. Tim stood up and declared, "OK, I'll wrestle you, Dan." Tim had a sudden realization: he wanted his exposed skin to be against Dan's naked skin. Dan's tanned, warm, naked skin. Tim shuddered in anticipation.

Dan grinned. "Atta boy!" he exclaimed.  Dan took a gander at Tim's pink enticing nipples and knew he'd be touching them in a mattter of seconds.

Dan went to the front door to make sure it was locked. It was.

Once Dan realized the door was locked, he knew he would get Tim naked, and he also knew that not only would he be touching Tim's cute nipples, he would be licking them.

"So how do we do this here?" Tim croaked. He was beside himself with trepidation. He realized he would possibly be touching Dan's chest. Tim tried to feign disinterest.

"Get on the floor on your hands and knees, you know," Dan casually offered. "I'll take us into the match. Relax." Dan noted that Tim was blushing. Dan was aroused, especially after ne noted little raindrop perspiration underneath Tim's shirtless arms.

The boys commenced their match. Tim wasn't a terrible wrestler, considering his nervousness. He was surprisingly agile, But Dan could tell he was not particularly skilled at this particular sport.

Dan ran  his hand through Tim's luxuriant platinum locks and pulled back Tim's head, which made Tim's adam apple protrude sensually. This also made Tim's nipples stick out. Dan almost swooned. What a sight this was! Dab congratulated himself for getting this nubile heartthrob in his clutches and became more determined to get Tim nude. He did not want to hurt Tim, he wanted to get him naked, keep him naked, and touch Tim all over. And if possible, taste him.

Dan was enjoying this challenge, but his jeans chafed against his arousal, and he suggested, suddenly but of course not without planning:

"Tim, let's get rid of our pants. It;s hard to wrestle in these blue jeans, dont'cha think?" Dan said this very casually while ogling Tim's delectable chest with its cotton candy nipples.

Tim's heart beat loud in his chest. "Uhhhh...."

"Oh come on, Tim," said Dan, leaping up and shucking his pants. "No one is here but us." Dan was wearing white briefs.

Tim reasoned, well this is correct and I can't really disagree. He liked Dan and he liked being here with him. He did note that Dan's underwear seemed very full. Dan noted that Tim's armpits were now more wet, there was a trickle of sweat running down one sside of TIm's torso, Tim was nervous, Tim was blushing already, and all this aroused Dan to no end.

Dan's attention to Tim made Tim worry that he was being mocked because he was not as athletic as Dan. Dan did have the reputation as being devil-may-care. Tim made himself dismiss his trepidation. He wanted Dan to be his buddy; he didn't really have that many good pals to speak of. Certainly not of the handsome Dan's caliber. Tim wondered if he was being shallow and in search of popularity. Tim told himself to STFU and just enjoy the camaraderie he was experiencing. But it did not escape Tim that he was slowly being coerced to take his clothes off, and that he was willingly doing so.

Dan thought Tim looked like an ice cream sundae on two legs. He realized that the stunning Tim had no real concept of his considerable appeal, to both sexes.

Tim stood up, and shyly removed his pants. He gratefully had freah white briefs on, just like his friend Dan, and he noted with a bit of alarm that he too was poking through his shorts. Uh, oh. Tim pulled up on the waistband of his underwear and was chagrined to see that this action pronounced his genitals through the fabric, and that the tip of his penis showed a little wetness. What would Dan think?  Tim was very embarrassed. He didn't want Dan to think he was a freak.

No one said anything, until Dan grabbed Tim and forced him down to the floor. Tim was startled at the heat emanating from Dan's body. He almost gasped at the sensation.

Dan instantly realized that Tim was not used to being touched intimately, so Dan decided to touch Tim as intimately as possible.

They grappled. Tim was an awkward wrestler now, embarrassed, which turned Dan on immensely. Dan noted that Tim smelled like Ivory soap. Everywhere. Tim had very little underarm hair. What was there was wispy and white. Another turn-on for Dan. Dan realized that Tim'e dick was a little wet. It showed through Tim's underwear. Dan grunted in plesure and wrestled this beautiful specimen of a young male, who was nearly nude in Dan's house. Soon, Dan thought to himself, Tim was be completely naked.

Dan targeted Tim's G-spots. There seemed to be many. Armpit touching made the topless Tim gyrate and writhe. 

Tim felt Dan's body heat immensely. Dan had a bit of chest hair and it tickled Tim's body. Tim was overwhelmed. He tried to wrestle. He found himself simply grabbing Dan's body whenever he could. Every part of Dan's body was muscle. It seemed to Tim that Dan was doing the exact same thing to Tim's body, and he fretted that he was softer than Dan and had zero body hair on his own chest.

Tim realized that both of them had hard-ons and that both of them were perspiring, lightly. But the sweat was there, and it was palpable.

Dan felt Tim's body all over. It was a writhing, struggling, manly, very hot slab of near-nakedness. Dan grabbed and touched, and he heard TIm make sounds of surprise and frustration and joy. Dan persisted with his mission: humiliate and touch this beautiful soon-to-be-naked boy. Every groan Tim emitted added to Dan's arousal.

Dan adored Tim's flesh. It was supple, unblemished, and beautiful. He played with Tim's pink, sexy nipples. At one point, Dan made sure his face landed on one of Tim's adorable nipples, and he licked it, wondering how Tim would respond.

Tim moaned. "Oh. Oh wow." Tom bit his lip, regretting he'd utttered anything but expllicitly the word "wow."

Everytime the almost naked Tim moaned was music to Dan's ears. He pinched Tim's nipples and his damp underarms. More moans, more music. 

As he wrestled, Tim's underwear began to lower to the point his pubes became visible, the tip of Tim's penis stuck out over the top of  his shorts, and his ass crack, already visible through the white briefs, came into view.

Since Tim was so pale, his ass crack was more beige than dark, but it was obvious to Dan that Tim did not want it exposed in any way.

If Dan had pulled down Tim's underwear further, it was foregone that Tim's entire penis was going to spring into view. Dan decided to prolong TIm's hilarious anxiety. Dan decided to toy with the boy's butt and get to his junk later.

The pubes were platinum, Dan noted. This is incredible, he thought. Dan pulled on Tim's briefs' leg openings, from behind, upwards, and gave Tim a hot wedgie, and Tim's buttocks emerged from their concealment. The buttocks reminded Dan of large, wiggling vanilla cupcakes. Dan laughed to himself: as least poor Tim's asscrack was covered. But it would NOT be for long, chuckled Dan. Tim heard Dan chuckle and this made him apprehensive. My butt is out in the open, wailed Tim silently.

Just for fun, Dan lightly spanked and fondled Tim's now-exposed nude buttocks. Tim wailed, "NOOOOOOOOOO! DON'T SPANK ME!!!" This was so humiliating to Tim. The last time he had been spanked was by his mother, when he was eight, and Tim had held a grudge against the bitch ever since. She'd drank white wine all day long, accused Tim of some minor infraction, yanked down Tim's summer shorts and underwear, and spanked him for five grueling minutes. Tim's dad was not home at the time. Tim had never told his father of this incident, because his mother apologized the next day and took him to an R-rated movie.

But that was then. This is now. "OH GOD I AM ALMOST NAKED!" Tim sudddenly shouted,  hoping Dan would cover him up. Dan did not cover Tim up. He wrested him with relish. Dan was going to strip the boy naked, and Dan felt his own cock achieve rocket proportions.

Every time Tim's full head of platinum hair brushed by Dan's naked chest, Dan felt waves of lust go through him.

Dan pulled on Tim's underwear and lowered it a bit more. The entire head of Tim's hardening penis was now visible, and Tim was very aware of this. Tim grappled as best he could, and tried to pull up his shorts, but Dan was NOT letting him achieve this. Tim was embarrassed as hell.

Dan noted that Tim was just as hard as he was, so it was time to get the kid naked. Dan stripped off Tim's briefs. No more teasing. Dan just did it. He stripped the underwear off in one fell swoop, rendering Tim nude with his semi-erect dick (a beautiful one) and pinkish balls flapping around.

Stripping the humiliated Tim naked, seeing all of Tim' fine, naturally toned body come into full view, and all of the embarrassed Tim's pale nudity, was and is, to this day in Dan's fertile mind, the most erotic experience of Dan's life. Dan has never forgetten the moment the briefs left poor Tim's protesting, flailing feet and Tim was rendered completely naked.

All Tim was able to utter was a choked "Don't." Too late, Dan was too fast. Tim did a fair amount of gasping once he was stripped completely naked, and his wrestling skills deteriorated, which amused Dan. Being stripped naked clearly disoriented the lightly perspring, embarrassed Tim.

"You stripped me naked," croaked Tim, in disbelief. Tim tried to cover himself and failed, as Dan merely continued wrestling the naked, blushing boy in his living room, thrilled with Tim's nudity and humiliation.

Dan allowed himself to tug on Tim's quite aroused penis. "A lot going on down here," Dan laughed. Tim yelped in despair, as he felt Dan's thumb on the glans underneath Tim's cockhead. A very private spot for Tim as it was the nice place that Tim would use to masturbate when he was alone. How did Dan know Tim would react this way?

To amuse himself further, Dan TWISTED Tim's cockhead. Tim yelled something quite untelliglble. Dan loved that Tim's piss slit was wet.

Dan had achieved his goal: He had stripped this boy naked. And the boy was humiliated. And hard. And Tim was perspiring, out of embarrassment. Dan was in heaven. He was also hard.

Dan's first thought after he had stripped Tim naked was that Tim's supple, exposed ass looked literally good enough to eat. It flexed and slightly wobbled. Dan was stunned at its perfection. He thrust his face upon Tim's beige asscrack. It was as clean as it looked. Dan allowed his tongue to emerge and give it a lick. Tim flinched.

Tim had few asshole hairs, but there were some, and Dan found them and pulled on them both with his fingers and his teeth. Tim felt this, and tensed. This was obscene! Tim literally felt his skin turn red with humiliation.

Dan thought Tim was just gorgeous, all over, especially stripped naked and humiliated.

Tim struggled, but he was no match for Dan's detemination. Dan was a true athlete, and he was loving playing with this naked young man. He had no nefarious purposes; he just wanted to touch this perfect flesh and humiliate it. Dan was amazed at the definition of Tim's body. It was defined, it was warm, and it was beautiful. And it wriggled amusingly undeneath Dan's manliness. Dan knew that his own body was turning the lovely Tim into a hot mess. Dan chuckled to himself, and tweaked Tim's nipple again. Tim threw his feet up in the air in a rather futile gesture. Dam twealed Tim's nipple and pulled on Tim's slightly generous waist. Toim moaned, as he was again reminded his body was not perfect like his friend's and also, the nipple play was really getting to Tim.

More G-spots were evident. Specifically, Tim's groin, those creamy nipples and titties, and delicious waist, and obviously, his fantastic boy ass which shimmered with very obvious humiliation and wriggling suggestion of potential exploration.

Dan had nstant fondness for Tim's vulnerable-looking, nearly hairless armpits, which were slightly wet. Dan made sure he probed the armpitts as often as he could, as it made Tim wriggle more, naked as the day as he was born.

Tim protested, "Wait a minute. Dan. Uh, I'm naked now." Tim suddenly felt that his fanny was as big as a house, even tthough it was actually one of the most perfect butts you'd ever see, espeically unveiled and in a wrestling match. Tim's little naked tail was the stuff of dreams, especially as the globes of the tail opened, closed, opened, closed, and you could clearly glimpse Tim's enticing rectal glories, and all this under the clear observation that Tim did not want to be exposed in this manner. Tam again complained, "I'm NAKED.". All the lightts were on in this room. Tim had no cover whatsoever.

Dan laughed. "You sure are. You are NAKED AS A JAYBIRD. You're IN YOUR BIRTHDAY SUIT, Timmy!" Tim squirmed at this mockery. Dan realized that stripping Tim naked had utterly humiliated the boy to an enormous degree. Dan was becoming hot inside his own body. He liked embarrasing this innocent, pale, embarrassed platinum boy and he really liked touching Tim's trembling, beautiful, lean body, which was now completely nude and vulnerable and pulsating with shame, and looking downright edible.

Dan thought to himself, "His body is so pale but it is so warm too. I can't get enough of touching this naked body." Dan fondled, touched, teased, and "accidentally" licked Tim's nubile young flesh. Tim kept moaning, "oh, oh, oh," and "no, no, no". THIS TURNED DAN ON. A lot.

The naked, lithe Tim thrashed about, jiggling his private parts, and groaning with humiliation and shame. He had never been so embarrassed. He was completely naked in a strange house. Naked! Dan's hand grabbed one of Tim's naked buttocks, and squeezed. "Ahhhh," Tim heard himself moan. Tim knew he was making a total naked fool of himself, but he could not match Dan's superior wrestling skills.

Tim thought: I have NEVER been this naked before. This is NAKED. My mother will kill me if she  finds out.

Dan thought, "Yasssss." And then he flicked his tongue over poor Tim's exposed, slightly damp armpit, which made Tim yelp and grab Dan's head with reflex.

This is tticklish, thought Tim. I can't allow him to tickle me. I will assert myself. Then Dan stuck a finger in Tim's butt and wriggled it around. Tim groaned.

Dan decided to tease the naked Tim in traditional ways. He got ahold of one of Tim's feet, and sucked on his toes. Predictably, the nude Time wriggled with indignation, so Dan began to tickle the foot. "Aaaaaaaaaaagh, noooooooo," protested the nude pale boy. "Don't do that."

"OK," said Dan, and he took his griinning face straight to TIm's floppy penis and sucked on it. "OH MY GOD," yelped Tim.

Tim's penis tasted as good as it looked. Clean, wet, like a little lollopip of pale throbbing flesh. Dan sucked for only a few seconds, because he could tell this was driving Tim wild and that Tim would not be able to withstand it for too long and Dan wanted to cherish Tim's humiliated nudity for as long as possible.

MY FRIEND IS LICKING MY COCK, thought Tim. I can't believe this. Still, Tim thought, this is pleasurable. But nooooooo, this can't be condoned. Tim got his hands on Dan's sturdy, bare shoulders and tried to remove Dan's mouth from Tim's increasingly pulsating penis. Wow, Tim thought, Dan has strong shoulders. Tim sighed and sighed more when Dan's juicy lips left Tim's stimulated groin. Fuck, thought Tim. 

There were a lot of big mirrors in the living room, and Dan glanced at the reflections they were providing. This way, he could see what he was touching, and what to touch next based on availability. The taste of Tim's gourmet cock was still in Dan's mouth, and he savored it. Tim was truly as clean as a whistle; his precum even tasted sweet.

"God, we look good," thought Dan, looking at the two of them in the mirror. Dan was emboldened because Tim was nude and he stilll had his shorts on, shielding his own charms. He fondled Tim's exoised, wildly jittery scrotum, with gusto. He pulled on the skin of the sac and watched himself do it. Tim's scrotal sac had almost elastic skin and pulling on it made the balls poke out more. Tim murmured something in protest; Dan couldn't understand what he was saying.

Oh, thought Tim. My friend is now touching my balls. Do other boys touch other boys' balls? Tim knew his mother would yell if she knew her son's balls were being touched by another boy, especially Dan, who had a swaggering bad boy rep in the town.

Tim told himself the penis sucking was just a wrestling accident. But he was humiliated by it intensely and to make it worse, he wanted it to re-occur. Tim relalized at this very moment, I am gay.

Damn, thought Dan, as he fondled Tim's ball sac and the little marbles inside. These testicles are so smooth, even though there little hairs on them and Dan realized with relish these hairs were platinum and fine, so he pulled on them and heard Tim groan, "Oh, Dan, uh." This was audible, and it drove Dan crazy with lust.

Dan wanted to hear another "wow," so he gleefully yanked on the sdrotum as a whole. Dan goe his "wow," and thought he would ejaculate right then and there. Dan told himself to control his loins; he wanted to prolong this wonderful humiliation of Tim for as long as he could.

Tim also was aware of the mirrors, and tried to avoid looking at himself in them, since he was naked. He noted that, fuck, I am so pale, and Dan is tan. And Dan is hard in his briefs. And I am getting hard and I'm naked.

I'M NAKED! Tim got a look at himself in a mirror. YOU COULD SEE THAT HIS PISS SLIT WAS OPEN AND GLISTENING. NO NO NO, thought Tim.

Tim gasped. Dan was playing with his balls! And Dan was laughing. And why was Dan's tongue finding its way to Tim's skin, Tim wondered. This wasn't normal. Dan's exploration of Tim's naked body was making Tim more aroused and Tim didn't know how to stop any of this.

Another glimpse of his own naked body in the mirror. This time his nipples, which looked bulbous to Tim. Ugh, thought Tim. And then Dan pulled on a nipple and Tim shuddered in humiliation. Why does my friend want to pay attention to my nipples, Tim thought. Boys don't do this to other boys, do they? Well, maybe Dan is gay also, mused Tim, flopping around naked on the rug.

Dan, looking in the mirror and having Tim in a particularly exposed positoin, stared at Tim's asshole--his asshole!--and Tim's balls dangling between his spread legs. Dan felt like was about to explode with desire. He was able to tweak Tim's nipple, hard. Tim said, "OHHH."

Dan, being the superior grappler, was able to explore Tim's nude body at his whims. He fondled Tim's cute ass and pulled the pale, trembling, but warmly exposed buttocks apart so he could see Tim's asshole UP CLOSE instead of in a mirror. It was as pale as the rest of him, but enticingly deep. Dan wanted to live inside it.

Dan thought Tim's vulnerable, rather pert but open anus was gorgeous, and he loved watching Tim try to close his buttocks and legs so Dan couldn't get a look at it 

My friend is staring at my asshole, thought Tim. I can feel his breath on my asshole. My private area. Tim was mortified and humiliated. Tim knew his asshole was open and exposed, and then he felt Dan's saliva on it. Oh my God, thought Tim. Tim remembered he had showered only a few hours ago, and had not defecated since, so he tried to calm himself.

Dan knew Tim was responding to the attention being applied to his nude body. Tim's penis was expanding. It ws out of the platinum pubes and sticking to the side, and it appeared to be even wetter. Dan was thrilled at the humiliation of the wholesome, milky white, naked Tim..

Dan gave Tim's nipples a lick or a tweak every chance he got, because this made Tim moan every time, and Tim's penis would twitch and more than once would grant Dan the sought-after "wow."

Dan dared to finger Tim and Tim tensed. Tim had never experienced this type of humiliating violation of his flesh. The naked Tim was being manhandled easily. He was humiliated. Dan pulled on the knob of Tim's penis, which was now fully erect and red. Dan pulled on Tim's beautiful nipples. Tim's body was beginning to blush all over. Tim felt like Dan had four hands.

TIM'S PUBES WERE PLATINUM, Dan marveled again. Wow. Tim's pubes were gorgeous.

Dan played with Tim's pale but now-tightened scrotum once more. Dan smiled to himself. He was pleased he was turning on this unusual boy. Tim winced. This can't be happening to me, he thought. I am naked in Dan's house. The attention to Tim's testicles was driving Tim wild and he couldn't stop it. He said, for lack of another word, "yeah." Tim hated himself instantly. He should have said, "NO" but instead, he had said, "yeah." Mistake, Tim thought, because Dan licked him again, and chuckled. Dan is making fun of my weakness, My nakedness! Tim thought. Tim struggled. In the nude. In the living room.

Tim rallied. He wasn't mad at his new friend, but he was unfairly naked, and he was gonna retaliate to regain some of his evaporated dignity.

Tim thought: Should I try to strip Dan naked? It's not fair that I'm the onlly one naked. And this is, horrifyingly, turning me on. Tim realized his dick was wet and it was sticking out now.

Indignant with humiliation, Tim stripped Dan naked as well and he was able to do it quickly. Dan did not seem to resist all that much. Tim was confused.

OK, we're both naked and we''re both turned on, thought Dan. Goody. Dan alllowed himself a slurp of Tim's nipple, which was now obviously rigid with excitement. To Dan, Tim's innocent pink nipples tasted like candy. Tim blurted, "Oh my God."

Goody, thought Dan. He knows two more words when he's being played with. Dan took anotheer slurp, a big one. "OHHHHHHHH MY GOD," rasped Tim. "Stop."

Dan immediately decided to ignore the word "stop," unless it was uttered again.

It wasn't.

He's licking me, thought Tim, and Tim blushed because he liked it despite his embarrassment.

Tim was astonished at the size of Dan's erect penis. He almost stopped breathing at the size of it and how it felt on Tim's own naked body. Dan's penis rubbed against his own penis. Tim was chagrined to see his penis was getting as stiff as Dan's. Tim groaned. Dan giggled. Dan got on top off Tim and Tim felt Dan's penis rest in Tim's buttcrack. Dan thrust and grabbed Tim's chest and Tim felt Dan's breath on his neck.

Tim got a jolt of energy and was able to throw Dan off, then he jumped on the naked Dan and started playing with Dan's body at his whim. I'll show YOU, Tim thought.

Tim's fingers accidentally made contact with Dan's asshole, and Dan yelled in pleasure. So Tim kept fingering his friend, all the way in. After all, Dan had explored Tim's special place, so Tim was gonna do the same to his friend's special place.

The boys wrestled and fondled each other crazily. Tim had thrown caution to the wind and began to enjoy the feel of Dan's muscled physique.  Eventually, they both came all over each other, quite messily, in Dan's case unabashedly loudly, and almost at the same time. Tim felt relief and utter shame simultaneously. His mother would kill him if she knew.

Tim was in mild shock. Although his friend had also ejaculated, Tim was aghast he had just had an orgasm in the living room of this house. Buck naked. Tim did not look at the mirrors. He just couldn't.

Not much was said out loud. Dan retrieved towels and cleaned up the mess, and then gave Tim another beer. They dressed, ordered a pizza delivery and watched "Raiders of the Lost Ark" on television. A lot more beer was consumed. Occasionally Tim made himself make eye contact with Dan, who was grinning all the time now. Everytime Tim saw Dan's grin, he felt naked again.

Dan suggested that they use the jacuzzi in his parents' bedroom. Tim agreed, as he was interestted in seeing Dan take off his clothes once more. They splashed around, naked, and had glasses of wine. It was very enjoyable to Tim, but he remained seated in the tub, whereas Dan would get up and show himself occasionally, which, honestly, thrilled Tim. He took a look at Dan's athletic ass more than once. I have touched that, thought Tim.

Tim spent the night in the house. They slept in the same bed, naked. Dan spooned Tim. Dan was hard all night, and so was Tim, but nothing went beyond that.

When they woke up the next morning, Dan suggested they "mutually masturbate" together. Tim had never done this with another friend, so since they were both still hard and had been naked all night (well, basically most of the previous day), Tim agreed and they did mutually masturbate. Tim was shy at first, but Dan encouraged him with naughty words. Tim eventually got into it because his friend was really getting into it. It was fun, thought Tim. He liked it when Dan threw an arm around Tim's shoulders and placed a leg over Tim's own leg and puled Tim close. Tim liked the feel of Dan's underarm hair on Tim's naked shoulder. It helped with Tim's masturbation considerably. Tim gazed aat his friend's dark pubes and thought them to be very, very masculine. Tim was also pleased to confirm that his own penis was just about the same size as Dan's. He still fretted over his pale skin and marveled at Dan's tan line. Tim had never been allowed to have a tan line. It was sunscreen, sunscreen, sunscreen. Tim decided he hated his mother.

As for Dan, when he masturbated naked with the mysterious Tim, Dan knew he had died and gone to heaven, because it was apparent that Tim was still shy even after yesterday. Dan adored Tim's nude nervousness. It was part of Tim's charm and Dan hoped Tim would always be that way. Dan was also realizing that Tim was becoming quite interested in Dan's own body. Dan was very aware of his sez appeal but he never tired of having it confirmed.

They had breakfast in the kitchen. Tim found that Dan was an excellent cook and Tim enjoyed watching Dan make breakfast shirtless, singing Elton John songs. Tim himself had dressed completely, albeit in T-shirt and shorts. He did not want to overdo exposing himself because he did not want Dan to lose interest in him.. amd also, Tim was trained to always have clothes on at the breakfast table..

Tim and Dan are now marrried to each other and in their early 30s.

They are still strikingly good-looking men. Tim, in particular, has beneftted from age. His srikingly odd looks have become jaw-droppingly handsome. Many compare him to Thor. Tim, through Dan, discovered an affinity for physical fitness and now possesses a dazzlingly chiseled physique.

Dan has gotten just a little bit fleshy, but is a very happy man, knowing he has the catch of all time with the dazzling Tim.

And Tim has to keep on his toes; Dan gets a lot of attention from other men, as does Tim, but Tim is ultra-faithful and he does not fool around. Tim knows tongues wag, and Tim has no real interest in other guys. Tim is not always totally sure about his partner's fidelity, although Tim has never caught Dan in the act. Dan likes to flirt, and he likes to flirt with younger guys, and he will do this subtly in front of Tim and then feign innocence. They've had mild arguments.

They own the only gay bar in their small town: "DT". Although they have received death threats from rednecks, their bar is always packed, sadly with heavy security which eats up a lot of their budget, and it has been used for location shooting, which offsets the cost of security. DT is the most popular bar in the county. There is a staff of 40. They have a nice website, plenty of merch, and a lot of fans from even other countries.

They are among the most beloved citizens in town, except for the death threats which are always anonymous. And they both still have great bodies, although Dan wishes he could lose a few of those pounds.

But Tim doesn't care about Dan having a few extra pounds on him. Tim likes to cook. And Dan loves TIm's cooking. Tim had discovered Dan's beautiful butthole pleasure, innocently, and that was that.

Tim prefers Dan to be a bit less fit than Tim is. Tim feels it gives Tim the upper hand, but dammit, even Dan in his current state gets just as much attention as Tim in the most perfect shape of his life. Tim has come to terms with the fact that his partner is just a perpetual flirt. Tim leanred how to deal with this: flirt back to strangers from New York. Dan had sulked for a week, but the make-up sex had made up for it all.

Bottom line is that Tim is the star attraction in this bar (and by extension, this relationship), and Dan is the understudy who can flirt shamlessly as long as he doesn't really act upon it. It works for the couple and it works for the bar. Dan has turned down many offers, and he doesn't allow himself to wonder about how many proposals Tim has received. It would drive Dan crazy. Even straight women approached Tim, and they knew Tim was gay.

And once, a straight man (a city councilman!) had informed Tim that "if he wanted a free blowjob, that would be fine, I have an apartment down the street." Tim had been rendered temporarily spechless and had informed the man, "I will take that under advisement." Tim had told Dan this, and they had both laughed their asses off. Dan wondered aloud if they should 86 this man, but Tim had reminded his partner that the councilman was a big tipper. They both wondered why this married man hung out in a small town gay bar.

Dan keeps suggesting that he wants to "restage and revisit" their initial wrestling match at their bar for a potential fundraiser. Tim isn't sure about this idea. Despite Tim's great body, Tim has never become an exhibitionist, while Dan has no qualms about running the bar in a tank top and cutoffs, and once, even shirtless, which grabbed a LOT of attention, much to Tim's dismay. Dan had beamed for days about all the compliments he received until Tim finally told him he was a conceited bitch and that he needed to keep more track of the beer orders  Since Dan did not like being told what to do and especially was rilled that he'd been called a conceited bitch, he had denied Tim sex for almost three days..

Tim and Dan had floated the wrestling idea to some of the DT staff, and Tim was alarmed at the amount of enthusiasm this concept created. Especially from the younger guys! Tim did not think it a wise business decision to wrestle in underwear in front of employees. He'd told Dan, "no stripping, right? I would be utterly humiliated. These kids all have phones."

Dan had just laughed.

Conceited bitch, grumbled Tim to himself.




Submitted: June 27, 2022

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Nice story, enjoyed it but:

1. Can I very politely request you spare us the political 'jokes'? We can all make up our own minds about Donald Trump and insulting his supporters adds nothing. Don't jump to conclusions; I wouldn't like it any better if you made 'jokes' about President Brandon or 'libtards.' That's not what we come here for. Also if Tim and Dan are in their thirties now I doubt anyone was wearing MAGA hats when they were in high school.

2. What is a BMOC? An internet search didn't turn up anything plausible.

I hope you don't mind constructive comments. Apart from those small points I really did like the story.

Sat, July 2nd, 2022 2:06am

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