Chapter 8: Beowulf

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Literary Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

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 "I see no guard fit for an escort," Dracula said, glancing around the yard, "I see our cannoneers and bowman. What use are they in an ambush?"

"As it pleases, my lord, a group of mercenaries is encamped less than a mile off. The group's leader arrived at our walls mid-morning, calling for our lady in a booming voice. Not in my dreams have I seen such a warrior, a goliath laying claim to the name Beowulf. His hair was a lion's mane. He bore a war ax of impossible weight. His eyes stared from beneath his helmet with the fires of hell. In truth, sir, he looked fit to level a forest with his fists alone."

"Woe to any highwaymen; let Lamia come as she will. It was I summoned the Geat." Desponia said.

Dracula took Desponia aside.

"I thought him the concoction of storytellers,"

"As I will it, Vlad, Beowulf is summoned, if only temporarily, for our protection on the road to Bucharest.

"What dark art is yours that brings forth such legends as this Beowulf? Save Aphrodite, no goddess matches your beauty, yet of all the world's miscreants, you stand at the side of a vampire, revel in slaughter, and draw Hera's malice."

"Can you not guess it, Vlad? Of all the world's miscreants, you are its one soulless cocksman. A millennium ago, the council saw that I would provide souls for the Guff—the souls of men. I kill with my sex, Vlad. No man can resist my velvet quim, my soft clutch, the sweet aroma of my poison. Once released, a cherub guides these souls to the Guff, where they linger until repurposed.

"How is it you incur Hera's wrath if by decree…?

"Oh, Vlad, the immortal eyes that do not see. Zeus lusts for my deadly sensuality and is drawn to me by his morbid appetites. Thus, Hera hates me better than she loves life."

"I still don't…."

"Understand why I stand at your side? It is by choice and by your invocations that I am here. Do not forget, Vlad; you have no soul to pluck. But do not love me, either, for my heart is a stone; I can shed no tear for a man. This is the price I've paid for my dark art, as you've called it.”

Desponia walked quickly through the great hall and followed corridors to her bedchamber. Seeing the door ajar and an orange glow from the interiors, she let herself quietly in, finding her gypsy asleep, clinging to a rabbit pelt that she held to a bruise on her forehead. Desponia whispered in Luminita's ear, and the gypsy woke and threw herself into Desponia's arms.

Meantime, Onyx waited, invisibly on his haunches, watching the yards commotion and waiting on his master's command.

Dracula stepped up to Ehrlich

"Tell me your thoughts, Ehrlich?"

"I was ill at ease until the Geat appeared. I heard a wail in the forest today and knew well its source.

"How so?"

"The soldier spoke of a gorgon. I once saw such a creature, from a distance, mind you, but…."

"Thank you, Ehrlich; you needn't force the memory. Go ahead with your duties."

Dracula walked to the gatehouse tunnel and peered into the moonless wood.

"By my side, Onyx."

He walked into the night with his wolf sauntering behind.

It was not long that he felt the ground grow soggy under his feet, then from night's blackest fen, he heard a gasp.

"You are brave, Dracula," said Lamia, "To wander into my arena with none but your wolf. We are like you and me, both reckless and serving a master; you might join me. I'll show you riches—I could also bring your wife back from hell and your slain children. Only send me the whore." She sifted her talons through her writhing hair, sending the dry scrape of her serpent's scales to sound with crickets.

"I honor no man or god as my master, nor do pine for the dead," said Dracula, peering into the murk, "Show yourself."

"But Satan honors you—as his son, I'm told."

Onyx stepped forward, but Dracula checked his movement.

"Send him," chuckled Lamia, "And I'll send you back his head, but give me your harlot, let me drink of her destruction."

"And the gypsy?"

"She dies."

"Heed this warning, gorgon; your path is through me," said Dracula, stepping forward with Onyx.

"Fuck you and your wolf," hissed Lamia, disappearing into the gloom.

Back in the yard, the caravan waited in readiness. Desponia appeared with Luminita. Dracula seemed suddenly as if from a mist, and then all in the yard heard a clattering of armor as Beowulf led his warriors out of the night and over the bridge. He lowered his head to clear the bridge's archway, then fell to a knee in front of Desponia, still towering over her and wide as a barn door.

Dracula glanced at Ehrlich.

"What would you guess his weight at, Ehrlich?"

"The better part of 800 pounds, Sir, and his men seem no less a deadly lot."

Beowulf supplicated himself before Desponia, bowing lower and laying his war ax before her.

"All hail to Odin and the goddess Desponia,"

Desponia reached up and placed a hand on Beowulf's helmet.

"Take up your weapon, Beowulf; let your men find their positions. We depart on Dracula's command.

Beowulf rose and positioned himself at the front of the column while his warriors fell to flanking positions.

"Onyx," said Dracula, "join this Geat at the front of the column."

Ehrlich opened the carriage door and lowered his eyes while Desponia and her gypsy proceeded Dracula to its interiors. Ehrlich leaped to the driver's box, and, upon Dracula's signal, he started the team forward.

With the King's expeditionary forces in the field searching for the gorgon, the area's marauders had flocked to the travel routes in search of opportunities. Quick to steal riches, slaughter, rape, or take children into bondage, their ambushes were well in place as the sun had set. A band of fifteen now waited in cover. They were sharpening their blades on stones, quarreling amongst themselves, drinking liquor, and boasting.

"If there is a young boy to be had," croaked their toothless leader, "bring him to me unharmed. I'll have him for my pleasure then have his heart on a spit after I severe his balls and salt them for a tobacco pouch."

One of the leader's henchmen smiled at him, "I'll have my pockets lined and the perfume of young cunt on my beard before night's end." And so, they carried on, little knowing that Onyx had run in advance of the column and lay watching them from a short distance.

The braggart left the group. He crept to where they'd tied a young woman to a tree. They'd all pleasured themselves with her.

The henchman lifted her chin and started to grope her pussy.

"Ahhh," said the henchman, "The little slut has regained consciousness, just in time to receive the measure of my balls,"

He pulled out his hardening cock and started stroking it on her belly, but just as quickly, the young woman watched the henchman's head collapse under the crushing power of Onyx's jaws.

The lady's hands slipped from their ties at the exact moment, and she ran for freedom.

Onyx fell on the bandits and eviscerated five of their number before the other nine could stagger to their feet. They ran in horror, some falling to the ground in fright, others running blindly into trees. But all died as Onyx caught each from behind and sent them to their maker.

Submitted: July 30, 2022

© Copyright 2022 Laird. All rights reserved.


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Onyx is a lethal one.
So, calling up Beowulf, are we? There's no end to the surprises.
As always, everything is beautifully descriptive and consistent with previous chapters. I like the explanation as to Desponia's royal decree. It explains how she kills through sex and what drives her destructive personality. I like Dracula's interaction with Lamia in the woods, where he asserts himself as protector to Desponia and the gypsy, despite the fact that, as a goddess, Desponia is more powerful.

We're all set for the confrontation between Beowulf and Lamia. That should be something.

Mon, August 1st, 2022 12:51am


Chivalry is not dead, and nobody said Desponia would fight fair, but neither will Hera. Nobody wins unless somebody loses. What might Hera have offered Lamia in exchange for Desponia's head?"

L Reis

Mon, August 1st, 2022 9:34am

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