He Who Comes to Vegas, Cums IN Vegas

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

There is more than one way to get lucky in Las Vegas

Some other people who are foolish with their money spend it more wisely than I, but I do so for entertainment, pure and simple. Some of my favorite pasttimes, when I have saved enough money, are betting on race horses and playing the slot machines, the latter being my recent choice.

Most people like the fanfare of the Bellagio Hotel in Las Vegas, but I prefer to roam among the really serious dreamers in MGM Grand. I was wandering the slots with my $2,000 prepared to lose it all but, like so many other gamblers, dreamed of winning more. I was in no hurry, watching people feed money into the machines. I generally watch for someone who dumps quite a bit into a machine and then walks away. That's a machine that ought to pay sooner than later.

I played a few machines with no luck and moved to the area for higher end slots. I slipped a $50 bill into a $5 slot machine and on the third pull of the handle I heard a soft voice and felt someone coming up beside me. A feminine hand with red fingernails covered mine on the handle. 

"Would you like me to pull on your handle for you? You might get lucky," she said.

The voice belonged to a really pretty girl, with dark hair with auburn streaks in it. She looked at me with rich brown eyes and smiled with the kind of mouth that men like to fuck. She wore a really tight white blouse, a short black skirt and black heels.

"No, thanks, I'm waiting for someone," I lied. I knew if I spent my money on her it would go fast and the goal was to enjoy the gambling for a few hours. Besides, back home, my friend Cheri would do anything I like and for less than a girl in Las Vegas.

Her smile turned into a scowl. She removed her hand from the slot handle and crossed her arms over her chest, blocking a wonderful view of some serious cleavage. "You've been walking through the slots for almost an hour and a half, spent $200, won nothing and you came in alone and have been alone," she said with some confidence. I was impressed; I never thought I warranted that much attention.

Evidently this girl was not accustomed to hearing the words "No, thanks", so I tried a different response.

"Actually, I AM waiting for someone," I said. "She's a natural blond, has an ass so tight she can crack walnuts with her cheeks, and she'd rather give blow jobs than fuck."

She walked away so quickly that my "Thanks anyway" bounced off her back.

Eventually, unlucky at the slots, I moved into the poker room. There was a new game I had not seen before called "Five card  blind poker." Five cards face down, no draw, no wild cards and the ante was $500 each hand. There were five players and the dealer was waiting to fill the sixth empty chair. i had my hand on the back of the chair when I felt a soft touch on my shoulder. A feint sweet smell, like a blend of candles and flowers accompanied the hand.

A blond in a long silky dress stood next to me. Spaghetti straps barely held the front high enough to cover her breasts, which would satisfy the adjective "Ample". With her hand still on my shoulder, she turned slightly to let me see how the silk dress clung to her absolutely perfect ass. I immediately lost interest in the card game.

She was attractive, with blue eyes. She leaned close and whispered in my ear, "And I'm a natural blond."

I was again impressed with the efficiency of communication within the "play for pay girl" community here. 

"I was about to pay $500 to play poker but I'd be willing to give it to you for a couple personal favors," I said.

"Honey, I don't ride anybody's cock in Vegas for less than a thousand," she said.

I looked her straight in the eye and said, "It isn't my cock that I'd like you to ride."

She stared silently for a second, blinked once and said, "Well, whatever, but only for a half hour."

"My name is Will, and your name is...?"

"How about you call me Willow?" she said.

"Works for me. I have a suggestion Willow."

"You don't want to discuss it somewhere else?" she asked.

"No, what I'm suggesting is that I pay to play one poker hand. The pot is $3,000. If I win, I'll give you half to have as much sex with me tonight as I want."

She looked at me like I had just recited part of the Gettysburg Address. "I have a better idea," she said. "If you win, I get it all and I'll stay with you three hours, if you can last that long. And if you lose, you pay me $200 for wasting my time."

I handed the dealer my chips and sat down in the still open chair and Willow stood behind me. "Willow, if I win and give you all my winnings, it will be your job to ensure that I last the whole three hours."

"Whatever," she said, already bored.

The hand went quickly. Three players didn't even have a pair. One player had two queens, another had three fours, but I had three nines, the luck of the draw.

Willow happily held her arm around mine as we cashed in my chips. I did not mention that I was staying there.

"Do you have a room someplace?" I asked.

"Yes. I live here," she stated.

Her room was a standard suite but roomier than mine. Once inside she asked, "Well, how would you like to start?"

"Naked. Both of us, standing here just like this."

She unceremoniously undressed. I watched her as i took off my clothes. She looked soft but firm everywhere.

As we stood toe to toe, she smiled sweetly. "I'm ready. What now?"



Submitted: June 27, 2022

© Copyright 2023 willnorman. All rights reserved.

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So this has to be one in a series. I'd recommend you simply have a long short story or make this a novella in the book section. I've never liked chasing down serial short stories when you have other options, and that's not as hard to swallow as forking over $200 if you lose your hand. Can't believe anyone would agree to that no matter how pretty the girl.

You sound like a Vegas regular to me. I'm not as familiar with the place or with cards, but I follow you adequately to understand the flow. The protagonist defers on one prostitute but is impressed by another. They must be all over the place.

You write really well. All your pieces reflect that. I don't find this quite as relatable as you cousin story, but that's likely based on my experiences. If I was a gambler who frequented casinos, I'm sure this would peak my interest. Your specifics about the card game add authenticity to your piece. You're very descriptive, particularly with the blonde. Your main character is assertive and confident. He's likeable but not captivating.

Overall, a nicely conversational tone that moves at a reasonable pace with little extra baggage or extraneous rambling. Nothing particularly surprising has happened. Hookers will be hookers, and the pretty ones have nice rooms.

Sat, July 23rd, 2022 8:08pm


After reading the final edit, I felt I had him confused, standing his ground with one hooker but so easily lured by the second one. What about his rationalization about Cheri at home? Why didn't he use her as the reason to deter the other hooker? But I had to figure out some way to work some sex into the story, right? lol.

I have been to Vegas many times, so yes, I am familiar with most of what goes on and I have stayed at several of the hotel/casinos over the years. I have received some comps but never hit it big, but never expected to. There is also a lot of good entertainment out there if you don't mind paying for it and going all the way out there. Other major cities offer just as much but there is a certain lure about the place that makes you feel special when you spend your money, lol.

Thanks again for your (I hope) honest comments and suggestions.

Sat, July 23rd, 2022 6:56pm


You got the 'painful' honesty on this one, Will - and you're welcome.

If I were writing about a rendezvous in Vegas, I'd defer the hookers all together and pick out a nice tourist. You bump into people all the time. Think of something endearing, someone lost in the shuffle of lights and entertainment, someone down and out, or maybe someone you know. What captivates readers is the ability to place yourself in the shoes of a character. Most people want to relate to the protagonist, but that's not always the case. If the supporting actress is interesting and demands empathy from the reader, you've got something. Most readers don't empathize with hookers unless you present the story from their perspective and provide vulnerability.

Sun, July 24th, 2022 4:09am


I don't see how hookers could be vulnerable unless they are drug addicts because they generally make their own choices in clients, at least the high end escorts seemingly do.

The difficulty I have is writing a scene where a meeting/seduction is happenstance and making it credible. That being said, I have an idea of a story with a character, not a hooker, who may fall into the vulnerable category. It will take me a while to work on that.

Sun, July 24th, 2022 11:12am


Okay, just to be clear, I'm not mandating vulnerability as a required trait for your protagonist, merely suggesting it as an option because it's a characteristic which endears the reader. As a side, I can think of no profession more vulnerable than prostitution. Your perspective of prostitutes being in control is distorted and lacking omniscient understanding.

Happenstance is never a requirement for you story. You could very easily have a scheduled meeting with someone that ultimately turns intimate. It's always nice to be unpredictable with your plot, relatable with your situations, and credible with your accounts. How many positive reviews have you read that say something like, "It sounds like that really happened"? That's what you're looking for. Even if your writing horror about vampires or Sci Fi about spaceships, you want your reader to be absorbed into the characters and plot to the point that they are one with the story and its parts.

Sun, July 24th, 2022 8:17pm


And I will keep that in mind as I go along. Thanks again!

Sun, July 24th, 2022 5:40pm

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