Reporting a Crime Part Two

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Humiliation Sex  |  House: The Humiliation Board

Poor eighteen-year-old Andy wishes he had never reported his attack to the campus cops. It gets nasty.

Reporting a Crime  Part Twoby dale10

(This is a fantasy. The author does not condone the behavior depicted in this story.  All characterrs are 18 years old or older. If you like my writing, please look me up on Amazon under D. H. Gutzman.  I could use the support and the reviews.)



Poor young Andy, eighteen-year-old college freshman on his first day at school, felt like he wanted to crawl away someplace and hide. Here he stood, totally naked, squatting slightly, holding his ass cheeks wide open while two campus cops videoed him and too the report of his rape.


“You see, the thing is, we have to investigate thoroughly to make sure it really was a rape, and not just some faggot quarrel that went wrong,” drawled six-foot-four-inch blond Officer Krause. “Now I can seethat you been ass ploughed, any dummy can see that. Your pussy lips are all red and swollen and fucked raw. But you see, Andy, how do we know that you are not a sick faggot who loves a good hard fucking? How do we know you didn’t beg for it harder and harder?”


Little five-foot-five Andy let go of his ass globes and spun around.  His face was bright red and tears ran down it and dripped from his chin. It looked delicious. “What are you accusing me of?” he screamed almost hysterical. “I’ve been attacked, raped, beaten, and you are suggesting that I wanted it?”  He actually approached Officer Krause with his hands balled into fists. With one large meaty hand, Krause shoved the kid back.


“Stay in place, so the fucking camera can record you! Did I tell you to let go of your asscheeks? DID I?” He bellowed and some of his spit flew across the space between them and hit Andy in the face. It felt so gross, Andy winced and gagged a little. But he quickly turned and squatted slightly and grabbed his teenage ass cheeks and spread them.


“WIDER!” the campus cop yelled.  Andy pulled his smooth young ass globes apart, exposing his ravaged asshole, still leaking cum and ass slime and some blood.


Officer Krause approached the bent over boy and squatted directly behind him. He took out his flashlight and shined the strong ray directly at the raped asshole. “So he was up this little pussy three times, huh?”

He murmured, playing Sherlock Holmes.


“Please, Sir, I need to rest. I just want to sleep.” Young Andy meant it. He was totally exhausted from the ordeal. The fact that he was being filmed naked, truly humiliated him. He felt totally exposed and shamed.


“I’m gonna send some of these videos over to the coaching department at the university here. They might know if any of their star jocks have a record or anything.” 


“Oh God, no, please. I don’t want any of the teachers or other student to know.”


“Stand still, Twink. You know, looking at you from the rear like this you look just like a freshly fucked cunt, except for your big balls hanging there and swinging.” He gave Andy’s nutsack a tap with the flashlight, and a wave of nauseating pain shot through the boy. “What, did the rapist hurt your fucksack as well?”


“Andy nodded, hardly able to get the words out, the pain coursing through his teen body was so intense. “He…he beat my balls with his athletic shoe.” Fresh tears poured down his face.


“Okay boy, move over here and lay on the table here on your back. We got to check out the damage. You may need a doctor, after all.  Luke, swing the camera over so it covers the table area, and then be a good buddy and grab a couple of small dishes from the kitchen area.


With his legs far apart to avoid as much as possible contact with his aching nuts, Andy waddled over to the table and crawled up on it. He felt better that the campus cops were at last believing him. 


Officer Krause picked up Andy’s book bag and tossed it on the table. “Put this under your head and lay with your fucked asshole and balls toward the camera.”  With the book bag under his head, the boy’s face would still show in the camera. Officer Brett brought two small dishes and handed them to Officer Krause who grunted in thanks. Then Brett went back to his camera work.


“All right, Twink. Now Pull your legs back and spread them, knees against your chest, like a whore who is getting fucked. By the way, did your attacker, or boyfriend, fuck you on your back or on your hands and knees or what?”


“Oh, please, for God’s sake…”


Krause lashed out and slapped the boy lightly on his already damaged nut sack. Andy howled in pain. “Answer the fucking question. We have other crimes to investigate. Someone busted into a candy machine in the union. Now, what position did he fuck you in?”


I don’t know… every way!  Crawling on my hands and knees, on my back, standing up, He even made me squat and sit on it!”


Officer Brett actually guffawed. “Jesus Christ, sounds like a horny groom on his wedding night with his virgin bride!” 


Officer Krause had put on a pair of rubber gloves, which terrified little Andy even more.


“Did he ever pull it all the way out and then punch fuck you, shoving it back in in one stroke?”  


Andy sobbed. ‘YES!” 


“Keep your head on the book bag, so the camera can see your face. Now let me get a look at your baby makers.”  With the rubber gloves on, the officer roughly grabbed Andy’s swollen, sore nuts. The kid actually rose up off the table from the pain. “legs apart, knees on chest!” Krause snapped, rolling the nutsack in his hands.


Andy screamed, but his voice went raw and hoarse. Spit ran from his open mouth and snot from his cute nose.


“The nuts don’t feel squashed or mashed or nothing. Maybe just a little swollen. They were not tortured that hard.” At last he released Andy’s scrotum. At one point, the cop thought he actually heard the eighteen-year-old cry for his mom, and thought it was hysterical. He hoped the microphone on the camera caught that.


“Okay, now we need to start to get samples of the jizz up your ass, so we can check it with our data base of recent rapes.”  To Andy’s confused, tortured mind, that sounded at least somewhat logical. Officer Krause continued. “I’m putting this dish down under your asshole, and I want you to shit a little bit of cum out onto the plate. Luke , make sure you get a close-up of this, but keep the twink’s face in the shot.


‘Please, officer, isn’t there some other way we can…”


“Just shut up and do it!” the cop said, slapping the boy on his thigh.


Andy squeezed, and to his horror he farted again, right on camera. The two cops laughed. Then a little cum spurted out of his ass onto the plate, then a bit more, mixed with ass slime and a bit of blood.


“That’s no good,” said an irritated Krause. Get on your hands and knees on the table, boy!” 


“I can’t… I can’t… stand any more of this, I just… “Andy croaked in his hoarse voice.




Jesus but Officer Krause’s big blond prick was hard in his uniform trousers. Obscenely, painfully hard. And the fucker was starting to leak as well. Soon there would be a spot on the crotch of his pants. With a little chuckle, he raised his nightstick/baton.


“Now show me, Twink, on my nightstick just how big was the dick of the man who fucked you?”


Andy shook his head furiously, tears flying. ‘I don’t know. I don’t know!” 


“What the fuck do you mean, you don’t know? You sucked the fucking thing. Look, faggot, are you jerking our chains here?”  He slapped Andy on his sore, beaten ass. 


‘I’m sorry…I’m sorry, I’m just not sure…” croaked a terrified Andy.

“This big? This big?”  Krause measured off eight and then ten inches, almost two thirds of the full length of the baton.


“I guess, I guess…” Andy’s body shook as he held his ass globes open. “You’re not going to… you’re not going to put that in me, are you?”


Big, blond Officer Krause smirked. “We have to get a decent sample of his fuck in order to build a case when we arrest him.”


Andy was not fully hysterical. ‘Look, I think I need… I really think I need to call someone!” 


‘SHUT THE FUCK UP!”  He placed the end of the nightstick at Andy’s swollen raw asshole. He poked at it a bit and Andy screamed. Then, he shoved seven inches of the stick up Andy’s ass in one stroke. The boy’s body jolted as if from an electric shock. His eyes rolled up in his head, and it was a shame Luke couldn’t catch that on camera. “We got to get a good sample. If he was eight to ten inches, then most of the cum is deep!” He worked the baton further up the boy’s ass. Andy was screaming and trying to crawl away. Officer Luke Brett had to leave his post at the camera and rush over to grab the freshman to hold him still. Krause gave the billy club a few extra jabs in the kid’s ass before he pulled it out. Andy collapsed, half hanging off the table.


“You see?” Officer Krause asked, holding up the nightstick which was now coated with fuck scum, sperm and ass juice and blood. He carefully scraped off the slime into the dish. “With this sample, we’ll catch the fucker. But I’m worried there’s still not enough. Luke would you be so kind as to grab a nice big soup spoon or table spoon or something from the kitchen, the biggest you can find. The fuck slop is not sticking to the nightstick like it should, and we need more!” 


“Nooooooooooooooo,” Andy wailed, and Officer Krause held him down.


“Don’t worry, Twink, I can see you’re exhausted. You just lay there and rest while I dig around in your ass! By the way, I apologize, what with Officer Brett holding you down and trying to film and all, I think he may have pushed the wrong button and sent some still shots of you with the baton up your ass to your girlfriend. I’m sure she’ll understand.”


Andy lay on the table, his legs spread wide, his arms hanging off, turning his head from side to side and moaning. Officer Brett returned and held the teenager’s ass globes wide while Krause forced the wide bowl of the soup spoon up into the kid’s rectum. Andy began to scream again.


“Here, this will keep him quiet. I found a pair of the kid’s dirty briefs in the laundry basket. Let me shove it in his mouth.” Before he forced it into Andy’s mouth, he made sure to fold the dirty, sweaty underpants inside out, so the kid would taste his own ball and ass sweat.


Officer Krause was not gentle with the spoon. He scraped the inside of Andy’s raped rectum and pushed the spoon deep. He twisted it around, and when he pulled it out, the spoon was full of cum and ass slime.


“Much better! Look at it this way, kid, if we scoop all of this out, you probably won’t get pregnant!”  Both cops roared with laughter.  He pulled out three more spoonsful of fuck slop and deposited them into the dish.


“Okay, Andy boy, all done for that part. You can relax not for a minute. Then, we’ll move on to your oral inspection!” 

Andy began to choke on the underpants in shock and fear. What the fuck was an ‘oral inspection?’ He closed his eyes and prayed that they would go.


“Shit, these uniform pants are too fucking tight. I got to get some relief.” And standing where Andy could clearly see him, six-foot-four, blond, Officer Krause opened his trousers and took out an erect dick that must have been ten inches long and as thick as a beer can!

Submitted: June 26, 2022

© Copyright 2023 dale10. All rights reserved.

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Written so well it made me come back after a month away and re-read it. I hope for, and cannot wait to read chapters three, four and five.

Sun, October 16th, 2022 3:02am


would love for this story to continue

Mon, December 19th, 2022 10:49am

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