Twelve Questions

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Stripping and Humiliation

It turns out that being rescued from a boy nearly a year older than Austin Wellington was not the gift he was hoping it to be. Protection requires payment.

“Rico Gallagher, leave that boy alone!” Cora Jones stormed over to where a boy her age, fifteen, was pushing a boy of fourteen around and getting ready to punch him. She stepped right between the two.

“I see anger in your eyes, Rico. Do you wish to fight me?”

“Go away, this is none of your business.”

“Do your best. Don’t worry about me being a girl. Instead, worry about me hurting you. Think about what getting beat up by a girl will do to your short-lived reputation. Go on, throw a punch. If you dare, and you’re not too scared. I see your friends watching. Don’t disappoint them.”

Rico was fairly new to the school and knew nothing about the girl between him and the boy he’d been paid to pick on. The money mattered, but like she said, his friends were watching. If he walked away now, he might find himself facing off against some boy bigger than him. Maybe a senior. He threw a weak punch, not enough to hurt her, but enough to let her know he wasn’t afraid to hit a girl. Especially not one stupid enough to challenge him.

Cora had expected it. The boy had too many tells. Like a master poker player, she knew what to watch for. The tightening of his fist. His shifting, getting his weight over his right leg. The look in his eye. What did surprise her was the slowness of the punch. Even five years ago when her dad first started teaching her boxing she could have blocked it.

Instead, she used it to her advantage. She wrapped her left arm around his and dragged it up, getting leverage from the palm of her hand being placed over his throat. Her right hand was fisted, but rather than hit with her knuckles, she used the side. A solid hit, just above Rico’s left ear. It stunned him. Rang his bell, as her father described it.

Then she twisted her left arm up until he cried out in pain.

“Are we done, or do you want me to get serious?” she asked. She could see the look of fear in his eyes.

He tried to lower his arm, but found he was off balance and she lifted it higher, bending it back. At the same time, she kicked the back of his right knee. Down he went.

Cora put a foot between his legs, over his lower groin. She made sure not to press down.

“Have you had enough? Are we done?”

“Yeah,” he whispered.

“Your friends didn’t hear you. Say it louder. Shout it out.”

“Yeah, we’re done,” he said. It wasn’t a shout, but it was loud enough to carry fifteen feet to where the other three boys stood watching.

“The hell we’re done,” she said. This time she pressed her foot down ever so gently. She watched for his reaction, and it was the wrong one. As he reached for her leg, she dropped down, placing the knee in the center of his belly. Hard. Hard enough to hurt.

“We are done when you agree that you will never pick on the boy again. You will tell me if your friends offer to beat him up for you, and I will deal with them. Do you agree?” She had said it loud enough to make sure they all heard. With both of her arms free, she gave a quick punch that stopped an inch in front of his right eye.

“Yes,” he said. “Get off of me.” And then he thought better of it. “Please.” The last word was barely a whisper.

She let him think he got away with it. A small crowd had gathered, mostly composed of some kids she had invited. Paying him to pick on Austin Wellington had accomplished the start of what was to come. Her sister’s birthday present. She decided to add to it.

She got up, and told him to rise. He was slower, but did manage to stand.

“Pants yourself. Slacks and underwear to your ankles. And then slowly turn in a circle so that everyone can get a good look at you.”

Again, she saw the tells that he was going to strike. She got ready, knees slightly bent, with her weight slightly over her left leg. But he chickened out. As his face turned red, he undid his belt, then unfastened his slacks. Lowered the zipper, and in one motion pushed them and his boxers to his ankles. Then he turned the circle as everyone, especially the girls, watched and laughed.

“That was too fast. Do another circle, slower this time.” She stepped back and watched the completely dominated and humiliated would-be bully turn, taking thirty seconds to complete it. Then she turned and went to Austin.

“I, uh, thanks,” the boy stuttered. She could see the mixed emotions. Fear of her. Embarrassment that he’d been saved by a girl. And happiness that he was not the one turning circles with his pants around his ankles.

“Don’t be too quick thanking me. First, I enjoyed doing that to Gallagher. But I did it for a reward. You owe me, not just for today, but for all the other days those boys would have picked on you.”

“I, uh, don’t have much money.”

“Money? For a year’s worth of protection? You’d need a few thousand dollars for that. Walk with me.” She had to admit, he was kind of cute and innocent. Why her sister liked him still didn’t make sense. He was not from a wealthy family, not brave, and not able to take care of himself. Maybe he was super smart.

“I assume you get straight A’s in school?” she asked.

“No. Mostly C’s. Some B’s and D’s. And I think I’m failing gym.”

Okay, so not brilliant. “Which period is your gym class?”


“I think I can get you a D, perhaps a C. I may have to work with you a bit.”

“That would be great,” he said with excitement.

“Tell me about yourself.” She was leading him to a more secluded spot, thinking how she could do it. He was unaware that four other girls were following.

“I’m Austin Wellington. I’m fourteen. I live at …”

“That’s all well and good, but I’m more interested in you. What you do for fun. Who you like and don’t like. What makes you happy.”

“I’m uh, as you saw, a bit of a coward. That boy was older and bigger than me.”

“He turned fifteen two months ago, When did you turn fourteen?”

“Uh, last August. My birthday is August 11th.”

“So you turned fourteen a little less than eight months ago. Gallagher is only six months older than you. Not that much. And he is shorter than you. I’ll accept that he probably outweighs you by thirty pounds though. Still, you didn’t even try and fight back. Why not?”

“He said I could either fight back, or just take two punches. Or, if I ran, they would catch me and strip me naked. Throw my clothes into the trees. I didn’t have much choice. I don’t know how to fight.”

Cora was happy to hear that Rico had stuck to the script. Too bad the punk didn’t have the brains to figure out it was a setup. But he’d still get the promised $25 because he had done what he was supposed to. She was never going to allow him to hurt Austin, but he didn’t know that. The money had come from her, but another girl offered it to him. He had no idea this was her plot.

“Where are we going?” Austin asked as they moved into the trees. He knew that somewhere in this general direction was a small river.

“Not far,” Cora said. “So what redeeming factors do you have? You’re cute, slightly. But you don’t have money. You’re not good in school. Do you favor girls or boys?”

“I’m not gay, if that’s what you’re asking. But I don’t have a girlfriend, just a few guys that I hang out with.”

It was a question that had to be asked. Cora believed the answer was true. She had already looked into who he seemed to be friends with. Only one was his age. The other three were one or two years younger. And she knew for certain that one of them, David Cuttler, was gay.

“Why would a girl like you?” she asked. “What special thing separates you from other boys?”

He stopped and looked around. For the first time, he saw the four girls who were following thirty or so yards behind them. “Where are we going?” he asked. “And why are they following?” He knew all four girls. Nicole James, Monica Fisher, Valerie Homestead, and Melissa Carpenter. He was in several classes with them in school.

“I am interested in you. Not sexually, don’t get confused about that. But rather, what makes you tick. Those girls are all your fellow classmates. They are interested in you. So, I’ll ask again, why? What makes a fourteen-year-old girl interested in Austin Wellington?”

“I don’t know,” he said. She waited. There had to be something. “Maybe because I’m an artist. I like to draw. Or maybe they recognize me.”

“Recognize you?”

“Yeah. I was a model for a few children’s clothing stores when I was between eight and twelve. I get the money when I turn 21.”

“How much money?” she asked. She had known none of this. Either Nicole also didn’t know, or hadn’t thought it important.

“I’m not at liberty to say. Kind of a non-disclosure agreement. But it is, well, a lot.”

“Describe a lot. How many digits?”

“Five, and it is earning money. If I wait until I’m about 25 years old, it will probably be six digits.”

They’d come to the spot. A large, flat rock that stood out over a shallow valley. It was a good seven feet wide, and two feet off the ground on the downward slope.

“Well, now we come to my payment.” She stopped and waited for the other four girls to move down to the front. “We’re going to play a game called twelve questions. Each time you get one wrong, you give me one article of clothing.”

“No,” he said.

“Would you rather I go back to Rico Gallagher and take your protection away? In fact, I could pay him to strip you totally naked and leave with your clothes. You won’t have any say in it then, and I’m sure there will be a much bigger audience. I’ll at least give you a chance.”

He gave her the same answer, but she could see he was already rethinking it. She shrugged her shoulders. “Okay then, we’ll go. But you’d better watch your back. Rico will be pissed because I embarrassed him, and without my protection he will certainly take it out on you. And maybe your friends too. Let’s go girls.”

She turned to leave. The four girls were confused. They had expected a show.

“Wait,” Austin said. He looked again at the four girls. He didn’t even know the name of the girl who had saved him, but he was sure she was right. Without her protection, he was a much bigger target now than he was before. “Okay, I’ll play the game. But there are twelve questions, and I only have four articles of clothing.”

“Eight, by my count. Two shoes, two socks, your pants and underpants, and your shirt and tee shirt. Eight, not four.”

“But I’d still be naked,” he pouted.

“Then you’d better answer some correctly. Let’s get started with an easy one. What star is closest to the earth?”

He knew that one. “Alpha Centauri.”

“No, sorry, the correct answer is the sun. Remove one article of clothing and toss it down below. You get to choose what you lose.”

His face reddened as he removed a shoe. He had to agree, he’d given a stupid answer. Just like in school, he jumped on the first thought that came to mind. He’d have to be more careful.

“Second question. What state has the southernmost boarder?”

He thought about the southern states. Florida, Texas, or California. Which one? Florida had the keys, so he picked that.

“No, it is Hawaii. An island named Ka Lee. Remove another item of clothing.”

He challenged her and she allowed him to use his phone to look it up. He was surprised at the answer, and removed his other shoe. As he dropped it off the front of the rock he was on, he realized that he was basically on a stage in front of the four girls.

“Third question. What is a word that is spelled the same but has more than one meaning?” She saw the confused look on his face and decided to give him a bit of help. “For example, the word bark could mean a dog’s bark, or the bark that grows on the outside of trees.”

He still had no idea. Not even a guess. Without waiting, he removed a sock.

“The correct answer is a homonym. Fourth question. Was Trenton, New Jersey ever the capital of the United States? A yes or no answer is all that is required.”

It seemed pretty easy, but so had been the first one. Washington, D.C. was the capital, and always had been. “No,” he replied.

“The correct answer was yes. It was the capital in 1784. You were undoubtedly thinking the answer was D.C., which leads to question five. When did Washington D.C. become the nation’s capital?”

Again, he had no clue. But clearly, it had to be after 1784. “1785?”

“Are you asking me, or is that your answer?”

He considered changing it. But any date was just a guess anyway. “Yes, 1785 is my answer.”

“The correct answer is November of 1800. You know what to do.” The game was getting more interesting now.

He was getting scared as he removed his shirt and dropped it over the edge. Now all he had left was his tee shirt, pants, and boxers.

“Question six. In what year did the U.S. enter World War 1?”

This one he knew! “1917.”

She paused, letting him suffer a bit. “The correct answer is 1917. You got one correct, good for you. Question 7. Who was president when Congress authorized America’s entry into that war?”

Again, he knew. “Woodrow Wilson.”

“Clearly, history is not difficult for you. Question 8. Where is the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier?”

“Arlington National Cemetery.”

“I need more. Where is that? Give me a city, or even just the state it is in.”

“I think it is in Washington, D.C. You were trying to trick me by asking for the state.”

“I am not trying to trick you at all. The correct answer is Arlington County, Virginia. It is across the Potomac River from D.C.” Again, when he didn’t believe her, she let him look it up on his phone. “Your pants, please.”

“No, please, I …”

“You don’t want these girls to see you. I understand. This will not even leave you naked, assuming you have underpants on. However, if you are too frightened to continue with the game, you may leave now. But remember what I said when you first refused to play. I will not only remove your protection, but will in fact pay Rico Gallagher to leave you naked in a place of his choosing.”

His fingers struggled to unbutton the top of his pants. He couldn’t look at the four girls standing two feet in front of him as he lowered and removed them. He now stood in just his boxers, and his hands moved over his groin as he felt his dick thickening.

“Question 9. If the radius of a circle is 5, what is the circumference to at least one decimal point?”

Shit, he thought to himself. Math, his worst subject. Fear was dominating him, but he managed to recall a formula. C=2 pi R . If r was 5, then two times that was ten, and ten times pi was, “31.4.”

She was surprised. “The correct answer is 10 pi, or 31.4.” She saw him breathe for the first time in seconds. “Almost done. Question 10. What U.S. city’s name means ‘Red Stick’ in French?”

He stood there. He had no idea. The idea of being naked consumed all thought. His dick was now completely hard.

She let him stand there while she counted slowly to 60. “I need one of two things. Either an answer, or your boxers.”

“Please,” he begged again.

“We’ve discussed your options. Continue playing, or leave.”

“I don’t know the answer,” he muttered softly.

“That is too bad then,” she said, trying to keep the excitement from sounding in her voice. “The correct answer is Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Remove your boxers and hand them to the girls.”

Austin stood there, frozen with fear.

“Come on, Austin. You know what would be even worse than leaving now? Not paying the price for my protection. I will strip you myself, and let those girls get to see you anyway. And then I will pay Rico to do it to you again in a place of his choosing. Maybe more than once. You get nothing unless you remove your boxers now and then stand there with your hands behind your head.”

“Will I get my clothes back?” the boy sobbed.

“I will give you an easy path for that to happen. Or let you leave naked, your debt to me paid in full. But first, you must lose the last of your clothing and stand there exposed.”

His legs were shaking as he moved his hands to the elastic band at the top of his boxers. He pushed them down, lifting the front out over his erection. He couldn’t hide it as he lowered them all the way and then stepped out of them. He bent over, picked them up, and handed them to Nicole.

“Now, your hands go behind your head,” Cora demanded. “Or you can leave, as you are.”

He reluctantly raised his hands.

Even Cora was interested. He had very little pubic hair, and his penis, which was twitching up and down, was only about four and a half inches long. His sack hung low, and the two oblong objects inside were now plainly visible.

After giving herself and her sister and her friends a minute or so to enjoy the view, Cora spoke. “Now, as to the question you asked. Do you get your clothes back. The answer is up to you. I’m going to let these girls ask you any questions they have. You will answer them honestly, regardless of how embarrassing they might be. I’ll bet they know the answer to some of them, so I do recommend that you give the true and correct answer. When they run out of questions, if you are still standing there with your hands behind your head, all of your clothing will be returned to you, undamaged.” She turned first to her sister. “Nicole, I’ll let you start. Do you have a question for Austin Wellington?”

“Yes. Have you measured your dick, and if so, how long is it?”

“Oh my god,” the boy almost cried. “Yes. It is four and five-eighths inches long.”

“Well, we need to know if you are being honest. If you don’t mind, I’ve got a short ruler. I’m going to check.” She smiled, almost wetting herself. She was seeing the boy of her dreams, naked and erect, and now she was going to touch it.

He stood there shaking as she produced a white plastic ruler about six inches long. He shuddered as she touched his dick, feeling like he was ready to shoot. She bent over, appearing to be having trouble seeing the numbers on the ruler, but he knew she was staring at his dick from six inches away. He could feel her warm breath blowing across the side of it.

“It looks like you were honest, she said after several seconds. “That is a very good start.” She climbed back off the rock. “How often to you play with it?”

“You mean, uh, jerk it?” He couldn’t believe it was getting worse and worse.

“Well, if that is what you call masturbating, then yeah.”

“Not every day, but some days more than once. Maybe eight times a week. No special schedule, just when I feel like it.”

“Do you feel like it now?” She smiled as his eyes got even wider.

“Yeah,” he hissed softly.

“Then go ahead and do it, and I’ll stop asking questions.”

“Shit, I can’t, I mean, you’re all watching.”

“You don’t want to go home naked, do you?” Nicole asked.

Biting his lip, he shook his head no. “I have to lower one of my arms.” He hoped she would say no, telling him they had to remain in place. That would be better than jacking off while they watched. But she nodded at him and told him to continue.

He thought he was so close to cumming before he even started that it would be over in an instant. But with four girls watching, no, make that five, he thought as he saw that Cora was still on the rock but paying close attention, he couldn’t hold a thought in his head. Finally, after two or three minutes of jerking, he closed his eyes. That helped, and another minute passed before he fired off five bursts of cum. He squeezed out the rest and then returned his hand to behind his head.

“That was so cool to watch,” Monica said. “Has anyone ever seen you do that before?”

He wondered. She couldn’t know, could she? He couldn’t take a chance of getting caught in a lie. “I lost a bet to George Snyder. The loser had to do that while Emily Manning watched. That was when I was twelve.”

Monica continued with her next question. “I heard a rumor about patrol leaders in the boy scout troop you were in when you up until this year. The rumor had to do with advancement tests. Do you have an idea of what I heard? I think if it happened to you, it would be the kind of thing that you’d remember.” The sudden intake of breath was enough to convince her that what Mark Kiesinger had told her was true.

He was fighting back tears. Not that, he wanted to plead. “For rank advancement, your patrol leader tests you. If you fail, you had to, uh, do something.”

“Do what?” Cora asked. This was something she had never heard of and wanted to know more. “Don’t leave out details, that’s the same as lying.”

“Last year I, uh failed. Twice. I had to suck his dick each time. It was just a few weeks after my thirteenth birthday.”

“Whose dick?” Melissa asked. “My brother is a patrol leader in that troop.”

“Him. Mark. I had to give him two blowjobs before I passed. That’s when I decided to leave the troop.”

“You mean you sucked my brother’s dick? Melissa asked. “Twice? Did anyone else know it?”

“Yeah, everyone in the patrol got to watch. That was Chip and Preston Duncan, Travis Monroe, and Colin Mitchel. And two other boys who go to St. Vincent Middle School, Pat O’Brian and Keith Simmons.” They were all boys who lived nearby, so he couldn’t lie, it could be verified.

“My two brothers watched you giving blowjobs?” Valerie asked. “Chip is a year younger than you! Did either of them ever have to give one?”

Austin looked at Cora. “Do I have to answer that? I was sworn to never tell anyone. If Mark told Melissa, he violated the rule. Unless the patrol leader was allowed to tell. I don’t know.”

“As much as I’d like to hear that answer, I think it is best to not require Austin to violate a promise he made.”

“What does cum taste like?” Nicole asked. “Now that we know you’ve tasted it.”

“Salty. Thicker than water, but not as thick as food, so it feels odd in your mouth. Not horrible tasting, other than knowing what it is.”

“Have you ever seen a girl naked?” Valerie asked. “And I don’t mean a little toddler or baby. A real girl, like one of us.”

“No, not even a toddler or baby. Not if you mean in person. I’ve seen pictures and movies.”

“You naughty boy,” Nicole said. “Who has seen you naked? Again, recently, not when you were little.”

“Well, I already told you that Emily Manning did. The day the pool opened this year, my suit slipped down when I dived off the board. I know a lot of kids saw my butt, but I think two or three girls saw my front too.”

It was quiet for a few seconds.

“Okay girls,” Cora said. “It sounds like all of your questions have been answered. There is a pile of clothing down by you, and a very naked boy up here by me. Does he get his clothes back, or does he go home like he is?”

“Wait, you only asked ten questions,” Monica said. “I thought you said the name of the game was twelve questions.”

“Yes, I guess I did.” Cora turned to Austin. “You have two questions remaining. If you get one of them right, you can leave here dressed.”

“What happens if I get one wrong? Or both of them?”

“That is a very good question. You can’t get anymore naked. Let’s say if you get the first one wrong, we will move out of the woods. Back on the hill where Rico Gallagher was about to attack you. If you get the second one wrong, the girls will each take two items of clothing and run in opposite directions for two minutes before dropping them. Or, you can just leave now, as you are. My debt is paid, but it does seem rude to not finish the game.”

“What if I get the first one right but the second one wrong?”

“That’s obvious. We move out to the hill, where you can then get dressed before I ask the last question.”

“So either way, I have to go out where other kids can see me naked. That isn’t fair.”

“No, perhaps not.” She paused, watching him squirm. “Okay, if you answer the first one correctly, you can get dressed. But if you answer the last one incorrectly, you have to go to any girl you see if she wants you to give her an article of clothing of her choice. If she says yes, you will give her the item she wants.”

“But she’ll want my boxers! I’ll have to get mostly naked anyway.”

“Not necessarily. You can not put your boxers on, just slip them in a pocket.”

“And my only choices are to go home naked now, or answer the two questions, right?”

“Yeah, I’m afraid that is how the game works.”

“Okay, ask.”

“Question 11. Do you want to play this game again tomorrow? “Now, this question…”

“No,” he said firmly.

“Your answer is no?”

“Yeah. I don’t want to play again tomorrow. How can that not be the correct answer?”

“Well, you didn’t let me finish. The question is multiple choice. The choices are, yes, no, or no but I will because I want my clothes back. Which answer do you think is the best one?”

“You tricked me!” He was near to being in a full-fledged panic.

“No, you answered before I was done. Do you want your clothes back?”

“Yes, of course I do.”

“Then the correct answer has to be the third one.” Cora smiled. “But I will give you a chance. If you can answer the twelfth question correctly, you can dress here, before we leave, and tomorrow all you have to do is come back here a play with your penis again while naked. Same girls, no additions or substitutions.”

“What’s the question.”

“Nicole, I think you had one, but I can’t remember what you wanted me to ask.”

“The twelfth question is, will you take me out on a date somewhere next weekend?”

His eyes got wide, and his legs began shaking. She was surprised at his panicked state. “What’s wrong? The answer should be easy?”

“Nicole, he doesn’t know what the correct answer is, and he is scared to death that he will give the wrong response. Help him out.”

“Oh! Austin, I’m sorry. I want to go out with you. If you ask me, we’ll go. Does that help?”

“Are you telling the truth? I don’t want to go home like this?”

“Honest. I think you are cute. And now I know what I’m getting. I’ve heard your stories, and with me as your friend, I think the bad stuff will stop happening. I can’t think of another boy I’d like to play twelve questions with. You were scared, but you put on one hell of a show.”

He still doubted. “Damn it, you’d better not be tricking me. Yes, I’ll take you out on a date this weekend.”

“The correct answer is, yes, I’ll take you out on a date this weekend,” Cora said with a laugh. “That means you can dress now. However, you still have to come back here tomorrow and masturbate.”

“Only tomorrow, I’ll be the only one here with you. And you might not even have to masturbate. If you ask me politely, I might be willing to test the answer about how cum tastes. And there is only one way for me to find out if you lied when you answered that question.”

The girls placed all of his clothes up on the rock ledge. He dressed quickly.

Twenty-four hours later, he was once again naked on the rock. Unlike the day before, Nicole was the only one to see him.

 She used his shirt to wipe away the remaining cum from her hand. She had offered to use that hand to allow him to complete his task from the day before.

At first, he almost said no. But then he thought it might feel good to have her hand touching him. Now that it was over, he was happy. Her hand had different movements and speed, but in the end, it was very satisfying. And she surprised him completely when she licked some of it off her hand.

“You didn’t lie. It does taste salty. It is thicker than water. And it did not taste horrible.”

“I want to see a movie on Saturday,” she announced as she handed him his clothing.

“Me too. You get to pick which one we see, he said as he stood and got dressed. “Maybe afterward we can play twelve questions. Only this time, I get to ask them.” He was hopeful that she would play. Maybe he’d get to see her just as naked as he had been.

“Sounds like a dangerous date, but I’m game. Meet me at my house at six and we’ll go see what movies are playing. Afterwards, the game. But with a twist. This time, for every question I get right, you remove an article of clothing. So make up hard questions.”

She picked Titanic, which was fine by him. Afterwards, they played twelve questions, just the two of them. She ended up barefoot. He ended up bare. They both had fun.

Submitted: June 20, 2022

© Copyright 2022 Pietar. All rights reserved.

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That's a really cute story and extremely well written. What a manipulative girl Cora is! Just wow. Poor Austin. I like the ending, though.

Tue, June 21st, 2022 4:29am


How about a slight spin-off related to this? I want to see Mark punished for breaking the rules, leader or not, by talking about that.

Tue, June 21st, 2022 2:06pm

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