The Perfect Lad

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

Again, to be read with an Irish brogue.

The Perfect Lad

A picnic was in order for us

On a bright and sunny day

My three sisters and I are maidens

The fairest sex they say


We went down to the farmer’s pond

In a glade by the forest’s edge

After eating our fare in the pleasant air

Lay sleeping behind a hedge


At first, we did not see him

But a noise we heard made us look

As he slowly stepped out from the opposite side

Appearing from a forest nook


He was tall and husky beneath his clothes

With dark hair and stone grey eyes

When we realized he was going to bathe

We had to control our sighs


He timidly walked to the edge of the pond

Dipping a toe in to see

If he could take the cold of the lake

He shivered, but refused to leave


We quietly waited to see what he’d do

And remained in our hiding way

It’s hard to be kind when sisters three

Silently dare you to stay


Having assessed he was all alone

He started to get undressed

We knew we should leave but when arm left sleeve

It compelled us to see the rest


He pulled his shirt down his other arm

Exposing muscular biceps

To a farmer’s boy, hard work is a joy

And a pleasure for us to inspect


He was practically hairless across his pecs

With a deep ridge between his abs

With a touch of brown hair rising up below there

Barely reaching those beautiful slabs


Laying his shirt on the ground by his feet

He began to untie the rope

That held up the veil from what made him a male

‘Continue’, as one we all hoped


Then down went his britches exposing the last

Bit of cloth between him and the world

Hiding behind the thing of mankind

That makes young women from girls


Our eyes took in every inch of his legs

And then settled there at his core

Waiting with desperate silent pleas

We all needed to see even more


Now we are just simple country girls

And it was wrong to watch, we get

Though none of us needed a chamber pot

We were all totally wet

Our eyes bugged out as he took his thumbs

Placed them under his underpants

And pulling them down without looking around

His member jump up like a dance


As he slowly waded out into the water

We could see goose bumps on his skin

Though the wetness was much cold to the touch

His erection never left him


We watched as he floated on his back

While his mast reached up toward the sky

He barely touched it, when it suddenly erupted

As did my three sister and I


After a while he laid in the sun

Until he was completely dry

Then he dressed, but it’s what happened next

That made us want to just die


We all lay still unable to move

For the pleasure from toe to head

Before disappearing, he turned to the hedge

‘Thank ye Ladies’; was all he said.

Submitted: June 18, 2022

© Copyright 2022 orangeistheneworange. All rights reserved.

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