The Worst House In The Neighborhood

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Non-Fiction  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

Nobody really wants to live in the most shamefaced delapidated house in the neighbourhood.Except for ONE thing.
the ZIP code.
Relationships most often go by the same rules.
Its all about perception really.
Company wheeling and dealings as well.
Marketing campaigns are kING


The introduction from a mutual friend is the same as living in the worse house on the block and "milking" the plus side.

All the trust is already there.

This is until it all comes tumbling down if not what it appears to be.

For instance a convicted sex offender "does time".He gets out and asks a favour of a longtime friend.

The girl he goes on the date with has no idea he was a man with a ",past".

He has lived in the worse house anywhere,yet to the girl on the date he is simply the trusted friend of her good friend.

It is much the same as countries "reflagging" produce to hide their country of origin.

The worst house on the block,so to speak is anywhere and everywhere.

Great things can be done "from a low rung on the ladder"if a person or company can manage to network their limitations.

This of course is common knowledge and I am sure that someone like George Orwell could do a much better job in writing a more presentable version than myself.

























Submitted: June 18, 2022

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