The Introduction

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

A teenage boy's fantasy, come true?

Just five hundred yards from the school yard, he hunkered down behind the big tree, clinging to its shadow. 

"Where IS she? She said she would be here right after class!"  he wondered.

Finally he saw her dark blue Volvo coming down the road. Just as she neared the tree, her car slowed, and the passenger window went down. Jeff walked cautiously up to the car.

"Jeffrey, are you sure you want to do this?" she asked.

"Yes, ma'am," he said with a shy smile.

"Then get in."

The boy eagerly opened the door and climbed into the car. His six foot frame barely fitting into the passenger side. He was not a typical jock,  he was second string because he wasn't fast enough. His grades were adequate for a junior but he was not a stellar student.

The ride was short and they were both silent until they reached the hotel. She parked at the side of the building and he followed her in the side entrance. Walking two steps behind her in the stairwell, he watched the hem of her skirt dancing around just above her knees, flashing her legs as she climbed the stairs. She was not only the most beautiful woman in the world, she was the sexiest.

Inside the room, she untied the bow holding up her hair on the back of her head and her honey blond hair fell down around her shoulders. Jeff was patient; she had promised they could take all the time he needed.

"Are you nervous?" she asked.

"Yes, ma'am, a little." he said.

"Well, sex education is important and I want you to be honest and comfortable, okay?" 

"Yes, Ma'am."

"What would you like to do first?" she asked, slowly walking toward the bed.

He followed her. "Could I kiss you? I mean, you're so pretty, I'd love to kiss you a little bit."

"Of course you can," she answered and turned to face him. He was slightly taller and when he put his hands on her shoulders, he closed his eyes, puckered his lips and leaned towards her. She kissed him softly on the lips and he sighed as they parted. 

"Wow, your lips are so soft and you smell so good." His hand reached down and touched the front of his pants.

"Are you excited already?" she asked with a grin.

"Yes, Ma'am," he said quickly. "Can I see you naked now?"

She laughed at his eagerness. "Of course. Would you like to undress me or do you want me to do it?"

"You take off your clothes and I'll take off mine," he said, trying to sound experienced. In actuality, Jeff had not seen any girls naked, at least not real girls, just girls in magazines that he found stuffed under his Dad's mattress. Jeff was far from handsome with big ears, a nose too large for his face and the usual teen acne adorned his face. Girls in school tended to ignore him when he tried to be friendly.

He watched his teacher remove her clothes and by the time she was totally naked, Jeff had an erection. He turned sideways, trying to hide his excitement.

"Don't turn away, Jeffrey; you have a great body and you shouldn't be ashamed. The fact that you're aroused so quickly just makes me feel like I'm special," she said.

"Oh, you ARE special," he beamed. "Can I touch your boobs? They're so big!"

"Of course, do whatever you want; that's why we're here."

Jeff gently took her breasts in his hands and just held them, staring at her hard nipples. "Gosh, they almost fill my hands but your skin is so soft!"

"Would you like to put your mouth on one, to see what it feels like?" she asked. She wanted to lead Jeff into things that she had dreamed of herself, having him ravish her breasts and later pounding himself into her until they were both a sweaty mess.

Jeff closed his eyes, opened his mouth and filled his mouth with her softness. A sweet hint of perfume filled his nostrils as his tongue licked across her hard nipple. She put her hand on the back of his head, caressing him gently. Within a few seconds, Jeff pulled away, with a fearful look in his eyes.

"I don't think I can do anymore, Mrs. Tremont, I'm feeling know...might happen."

"Calm down, Jeffrey, that's perfectly natural. Just stand there by the bed and I'll be right back." She went into the bathroom and returned with a small hand towel.

Kneeling down in front of him, she said, "i'll just relieve some pressure so you can relax and continue. All you have to do is just let things happen and it will be fine."

She used one hand to cup his ball sac. Her fist barely fit around his young hard shaft. She slowly stroked him as he stood there, panting with arousal. Soon he moaned and she released his balls and grabbed the hand towel. When he moaned, "Oh...Oh...Mrs. Tremont...Mrs. Tremont!" she aimed his dick at the towel and he soaked it with his sperm. She stroked him until he caught his breath and then she wiped his dick clean and took the towel to the bathroom.

"Was that okay' do you feel better now?" she asked when she returned.

"Yes, Ma'am, thank you." he said with a sigh.

"Would you like to do something to make ME feel good, Jeffrey?" she asked, stepping close to him. Her breath was sweet and warm on his chin.

"Yes, ma'am, I would love to; anything you want." he replied eagerly.

"This may seem strange to you, Jeffrey, but a woman likes to be licked down there and if you do it just right, she can have an orgasm, just as you just did."

"Really?" he asked. "Do you squirt stuff like I did when you get excited?"

"No, but I get all wet and juicy inside my vagina. Most men actually like the taste when they put their tongue in a woman's vagina; it's very special. Would you like to see for yourself?"

Jeff couldn't contain his excitemend and he felt his dick getting firm again. "Sure! I want to do everything, Mrs. Tremont. Will you teach me how?"

"Of course; that's part of sex education, giving instructions." she said. She patted the bed and said, "Now, lie on the bed with your head at the corner of the mattress, right here and I'll show you one way to make me feel really good."

Being the good student he wanted to be, Jeff was on the bed as instructed and ready to please. His teacher stood at the corner of the bed with her back to him and stepped back until she was straddling his head as it rested on the mattress.

She was already wet with anticipation but she used her fingers to open her outer lips. "The best way to do this is to stick your tongue as far in there as you can and just wiggle it a little bit, or you can just run your tongue in and out and you can taste my special juices."

She watched Jeff's excited eyes as she lowered herself slowly, pressing her pussy against his waiting mouth. As instructed, he stuck his tongue inside her. She pressed herself more firmly down onto his face and his tongue darted in and out. "Mmmmm..." he moaned under her. He was an eager learner and she let him enjoy his new experience for several minutes. She glanced over her shoulder to see his dick fully erect and waving in the air. One hand was on his hip.

"It's important to focus on my pleasure, so don't touch yourself, Jeffrey. I'll make you feel really good when I'm finished."

Finally she moved, rubbing her clit against his tongue, and he soon got the hint and began flicking his tongue up and down over her clit. She was ready and within a couple minutes she came, squeezing his head with her legs and sitting down hard on his face. He moaned but did not try to move her. She enjoyed her orgasm until she thought he might smother and then she stood up. 

His cock was dripping precum and twitching in the air. She got on the bed, kneeling between his legs and took his hands in hers. 

"Now, watch me, Jeffrey. Watch me and don't stop until you're done."

Jeffrey stared in amazement as she lowered her head and took his dick in her mouth. Her warm, wet lips slid up and down his shaft. She was unable to get it all in her mouth but her tongue did wonderful things to him as her mouth moved up and down, up and down. He began to feel that scary feeling again but somehow she knew and she slowed down, very slow and he relaxed. But then she sucked on the tip and hummed on it and he knew he couldn't take any more. Her mouth felt like a warm wet fist, sliding up down until he could not hold back. 

"Mrs. Tremont...Mrs...." he stammered. She just winked at him and kept sucking. He blew his load into her warm wet mouth but her mouth didn't stop. It seemed like that special feeling didn't go away, but just lasted a long time. When she finally unclasped her hands from his, she held the base of his dick and removed her mouth. Jeff watched her swallow her mouthful. And she smiled. 

She got off the bed and reached for her clothes. "Let's go get something to eat, Jeffrey, and when we get back, we can do whatever you want the rest of the day."

"Can we fuck, Mrs. Tremont? I really want to learn how to fuck good."

"It's fuck "well" Jeffrey, and yes, we will certainly do that when we get back. As much as you want, I promise."

Jeffrety lay there on the bed, closing his eyes and thinking of how good it would feel to have his dick in Mrs. Tremont's vagina. Maybe she would let him taste it again; it really excited him to taste her and her pubic hairs tickled his nose. He was thinking about those pubic hairs when she called his name.

"Jeffrey? JEFFREY!"

He opened his eyes, startled at first, and then saw her standing there staring at him. But they were not in a hotel, they were still in class. He had fallen asleep at his desk, and everyone had already filed out of the room.

"Jeffrey, you'd better wake up and get going or you'll be late for your next class," she said. She had such a warm, kind smile.

She was at her desk when he passed by leaving the classroom. She smiled when she noticed the obvious rather large wet spot on the front of his khaki pants.



Submitted: June 17, 2022

© Copyright 2023 willnorman. All rights reserved.

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Okay, it's like you read my mind from the comments I posted on your epilogue. This is more what I had in mind with the dialogue and detail as this whole thing begins. You're playing with the time element, and that's fun to do. I'm not sure how effective that is in this particular piece.

To be honest, the epilogue is a bit more extensive than I'm used to and really feels more like a first chapter that superficially summarizes what you have restarted here. I like an epilogue that's about a paragraph long which is sort of mysterious in that it points to something that's going to happen deep into the book, but for now really doesn't make sense out of context. Then, you finally hit that spot at chapter 15, and it's an 'ah ha' moment. As an example, take a look at Girl on a Train.

Mon, June 20th, 2022 3:57am


Will do and thanks again!

Mon, June 20th, 2022 10:44am


Poor Jeff, for falling asleep in class. I hope he wasn't talking . Then having to walk around school with that wet spot? With her smiling like that upon seeing it , I wonder if she really will try something with him later. Great story.

Sat, June 25th, 2022 12:31pm


Thanks for reading and taking the time to comment.

Sat, June 25th, 2022 1:29pm

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