The Penis Stimulator

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Humiliation Sex  |  House: Stripping and Humiliation

It’s a medical humiliation story with a twist. I quite like writing these!




‘Hello, my name is Monica and I’m calling from..’

‘No, no… I’m not interested.’ 

Another of those cold callers trying to sell me something or scam me.

‘, it’s all right I’m mot trying to sell you anything.  I’m from Medical Research and Training Services of Harley Street.’

Oh!  Harley Street, that sounded interesting.

‘Yes… um… what do you want?

‘You remember filling in an online health questionnaire?’

‘I think so…’

That was a bit embarrassing.  It had been on sexual health and had been on a somewhat naughty site, one of those ones showing ladies with no clothes on.  If you completed the questionnaire you got access to some of the more interesting videos.

‘It was on sexual health and we post it on a number of self gratification sites.’

‘Er… well…’

‘Can I just confirm some of you answers/‘

‘I suppose…’

‘You put your penis length at 7.5 inches.  Can you confirm that.’

‘Yes… well… perhaps…’

‘7.5 inches in reality?’

‘I suppose so.’

‘Good.  And you self gratify on a daily basis.’

Self gratify - it sounded so medical.

‘I suppose so.’

‘In that case you qualify for taking part our research training on gratification and penis stimulation.’

‘Sorry… I don’t think…’

‘As compensation for taking part in this new survey you would receive free subscription to a self gratification site for one year.’

One year!  They were expensive those things.  This was tempting.

‘Oh… what’s involved.’

‘A survey questionnaire.  A medical examination and then you’re done.  It’s important for research and training, and you’d be doing it for scientific purposes, the offer is merely compensation and should not be regarded as undue inducement.’

‘Well, I suppose so.  I mean I wouldn’t just do it for the er… compensation you know… but for science.’

‘Can I make you an appointment for tomorrow then.’

‘Yes.  Of course.’

‘Good, I’ll give you the directions then…’

And that was how I fell into the trap.

Next day I arrived at the location, a large Portakabin office in an industrial estate on the edge of town.  It bore a sign ‘MP Productions’.

I went in.  A smart looking girl with short dark hair sat behind a desk.  Her name plate said ‘Monica Jones - Receptionist’.

‘You’ll be today’s subject..’

‘Um… I think so… yes… who’s she…’

A pert young girl with blonde hair in a pony tail held a neat video camera and was filming me.

‘Oh… this is Tracy the research and training recorder.’

‘Research recorder?’

‘Yes… all research and training has to recorded for quality assurance purposes.  Otherwise we could fake everything couldn’t we?’

‘Well… I suppose so… but..’

‘But what?’

‘You said it was for… er… penis er…’

‘Penis stimulation… yes.’

‘It is well rather a… well.. sensitive subject to er… film…’

‘Nothing to be embarrassed about.  We’re all professionals here and it is essential for the research.  Now if you could just go into the changing room, remove all your clothes and put on the gown.’

‘Tracy won’t… I mean she won’t have to film that will she?’

‘Of course not… unless you want her to?’

‘No… no… it’s all right.’

I went into the changing room No took my clothes off, admiring myself in the long mirror.  I hadn’t realised they were going to have to film everything, but of course that would be part of the research protocol, and they were all professionals so that was all right.  Still, Tracy did look very young, and she’d be filming my… well my penis I supposed… and… of gosh… it was research into penis stimulation.  They’d want to film me… my face burned even at the thought of it.. oh heck… what had I got myself into it.  But there was the free subscription and why did it matter if my penis was in some scientific record.  I put on the robe and stepped back into the reception area.

Tracy came out of adjoining room with her camera and started filming again.  Monica picked up the phone.

‘The subject is ready,’ she said.

An imposing looking redhead with big boobs wearing green scrubs came in.

‘I’m Heidi your Research and Training Nurse,’ she announced in a vaguely foreign accent, ‘Please to follow me.’

She led me through into the examination room.  And examination room like my other you will have seen with trolleys and instruments and an examination chair in the middle of the floor,  Tracy followed us in.  Still filming.

Heidi the Research Nurse smiles at me reassuringly

'Slip your gown off and sit on the chair here.

‘But I’ve got nothing on underneath.’

This is a medical examination you know.’

‘But Tracy’s still filming…’


‘And I’ve got nothing on…’

‘No need to be embarrassed.  This is for research you know.’

‘But will she film my…’

‘Of course… but don’t worry…  People  won’t recognise you by your private parts will they?’

‘Well no…’

‘Good.  That’s settled then.’

‘Well… I suppose…’

I removed the gown and sat naked and self-conscious on the chair.  Tracy zoomed in on my face and then on my now fully exposed privates.

‘I just need to see to your legs here… and here…’ I was so occupied by Tracy filming I didn’t noticed as she strapped each leg to one of the chair legs, ‘…and…’ she pressed a button.

Suddenly the chair tilted back, the chair seat fell away, my legs were pulled apart until I was lying on my back, naked, legs up and forced apart.

It was about the most embarrassing position imaginable, everything exposed, my most private parts… and most private of all my orifice publicly displayed.


I struggled trying to move my legs but they were tightly secured.  I was fixed in this position unable to move.

Tracy focussed the video camera on my face, then on my private parts, then on my orifice.

'Just relax,' Heidi examined my rear hole with interest.

‘I’m just going to push my finger up to have a feel.’  She is putting on her plastic glove.

‘Sorry… I didn’t realise…’

‘Well you do now.’

‘I suppose… but… I mean is Tracy going to film this?’

‘Of course…’

‘And you’re going to push your finger up my bottom.’

‘Of course.’

‘But…’ I tried to move but with my legs strapped in place I was held securely.

‘No point struggling, you won’t be able to move.’

And I lie there while I feel a finger massage my orifice.


‘Ooooh!’ Up it goes hard, probing…

‘Excellent…’ she presses a button and a head appears round the door, it’s Monica, ‘all right, you can send them in now.’

‘Send who in?’

‘The students of course.’


‘Of course, this is a training film we are doing.  They need to learn.’

Six girls accompanied by Monica trooped in.  They were chattering excitedly among themselves but were silenced by a look from Heidi.

‘Er… please…’

‘Yes. What is it?’ Heidi snapped.

‘You’ve still got your finger up my bottom.’



‘Of course, how stupid of me.  I’m supposed to be demonstrating to the girls.  This is how you do it girls.  You take your finger out.  You push it back up, and you twist it round like this,’ she demonstrated with enthusiasm, ‘I’ll just show you again… and again. ‘Right… We’ve prepared the subject for you.  The gloves are on the table there.  You can each have  go in turn.’

‘I don’t know if  I…’ I struggled again unsuccessfully, clamping my hands over my private parts to hide them from the girls.

‘Oh shut him up will you Monica, he’s starting to get on my nerves.’

‘Of course Miss,’ Monica cut a large piece of sticking plaster and made to put it over my mouth.

‘No… please… I’ll keep quiet.’

‘Good.  It’s so much better when we have a nice obedient subject.  You are going to be obedient aren’t you?

‘Yes Miss. Sorry Miss.  I’ll be obedient Miss.’

‘Right girls - who wants to go first?  Come on Emily, you’ve got delicate fingers.

‘Yes Miss.’

‘Ooooh!’ Emily was really pushing quite hard.

‘Twist your finger round Emily.’

‘Yes Miss.’

‘What can you feel?’

‘It’s a bit uncomfortable…’

‘I wasn’t talking to you… what can you feel Emily?’

‘Nothing… I don’t know…’

‘Try pushing a bit harder…’

‘Please Miss..’ I interjected.

‘What is it?’ she snapped back at me.

‘Are they all going to do this Miss?’

‘Of course.  What do you think we got you here for?  And you can thank the girls when they’ve finished.  They’ve come a long way to help.’

‘Yes Miss.  Thank you Emily.’

‘That’s Miss Emily to you.’

‘Sorry Miss.  Thank you Miss Emily.’

All resistance had gone.  I just had to do as I was told.

‘Good.  Who’s next.  Veronica I think.  Why don’t you ask Miss Veronica nicely?’

‘Yes Miss.  Please Miss Veronica.  Will you push your finger up my bottom Miss Veronica.’

The girls took turns one by one.  Little Tracy capturing it all on film.

‘Now thank the girls.’

‘Thank you girls.’

'Well done… And now I’ll lubricate the probe."

‘The probe,’ I stuttered.

‘Of course.  This is a research training film.  The girls have to be trained in the use of the penis stimulation probe don’t they.’

She shows it to me.  It’s bloody huge.  Up it goes.  It feels bloody huge. I’ve got a huge probe up my bum.

‘Excuse me Miss’

‘Yes - what is it?’

‘It’s rather - oooh…’

‘Quick - get his face Tracy - we don’t want miss that expression.’

‘It’s all right Miss.  we’re filming his face all the time.  It’s in the corner of the video.  People like to see that.’

‘Of course.  I’d forgotten.  Thank you Tracy.’

I looked up.  There was a camera in the ceiling pointing straight down at me.

‘Right girls - and viewers at home - watch his penis when I switch it on.’

‘Oh… oooh… oooooh!’

There was a sudden vibration up my bottom, a strange tingling sensation, and the the tingling shot straight up my penis and it immediately went rigid.

I grabbed hold of it.


There was a gasp from the girls. 

‘Shall I do it again?’

She had switched the proble off and my penis subsided.

‘Yes… of course.’

‘Right… and for longer this time.’

‘Ooh…. Oooooh…   Aaaaaaarfh!’

My penis had shot up again and felt about to explode.  It was at the same time the most sexually exciting and most penis pleasuring sensation I had ever felt.’

‘Please… don’t stop… please again please…’ I couldn’t wait for my penis to be pleasured again like that.

‘Tell the girls what it’s like then.’

‘And you’ll do it again.’

‘Of course.’

‘It’s like a vibration up my bottom, then a tingling that goes up my cock… sorry my penis… and then when it hits the end it is so… so…’

‘It is isn’t it!’

‘Yes… please… again…’

‘Well, you just need to sign this first.’

‘Of course, what is it?’

‘Just permission to use the film any way we want.’\

‘Of course. Please… again…’

I signed.

‘Good.  Well girls.  Shall we go?’

‘Yes,’ was the unanimous response.

‘The Penis Stimulator 100 is the latest model from our extensive range.  It is designed so that it’s vibrations operate on the male internal G spot stimulating the erotic nerve and causing intense penile pleasuring.  The effect is so strong that the subject feels as if his penis is being actively masturbated by an unseen hand and an intense erotic orgasm will result that is extremely addictive.  As we shall now demonstrate.’

The vibrations started up again, the tingling started, my penis started to throb, the pleasure intensified and intensified until…

‘Oh… oh… oooooo!’

It exploded in a fountain of ecstasy.

‘And that…’ said Heidi turning to the camera, ‘concludes our performance for today.  The Penis Stimulator 200 can be purchased at all good adult stores or online by following the link indicated.’

Tracy switched off the camera.

‘Come on girls.’ Said Heidi as they left the room, ‘time for tea.’

‘Miss…’ I  called after her.

‘Oh… don’t worry,’ she said, ‘somebody will be along to let you down… some time.’

It was two hours before the office cleaning lady appeared.  She seemed a bit surprised.  She’d been told the office had been used for a council meeting.

‘Bloody councillors’, she said, ‘vainly trying to undo the straps holding my legs and pointing at my rear end, ‘this is what you get up to at your meetings is it.  No wonder the place is going to the dogs.’


Perhaps I shouldn’t have signed that form.

I’d got the free subscription to the ‘self-gratification’ website and was watching it.

A smart young woman was talking to the camera.

‘The MS Rear Orifice Penis Stimulation Probe can be yours for only £100.  A lot of money you might think, but just watch the reaction of this subject when it used on him’

The scene switches to a medical examination room.  A young man removes his hospital gown and sits naked on an examination chair while his legs are strapped in place.  Suddenly a button is pushed, the chair tips back, his legs go up, his bottom is pushed forwards and his anus is clearly displayed.

A conversation ensues.

Just relax,' the nurse examines the rear hole with interest.

‘I’m just going to push my finger up to have a feel.’  She is putting on her plastic glove.

‘Sorry… I didn’t realise…’ the subject looks nervous.

‘Well you do now.’

‘I suppose… but… I mean is Tracy going to film this?’

‘Of course….

Suddenly a face, the face of the subject, my face, appears in the top corner of the screen.

Training film!  Research! 

They were filming a porno film to sell their stimulator and I’d given them permission to use it any way they liked.

Still, it was a very convincing film, that stimulator probe was good and as she said very addictive.  I was already getting my credit card out.




Submitted: June 17, 2022

© Copyright 2023 Joex. All rights reserved.

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Nicely done. I like a good trick.

Sat, June 18th, 2022 7:07pm

Annabelle B

Great sexy story. Loved how Joe ended up! He got outsmarted! Very humiliating!

Sun, June 19th, 2022 6:27pm

Amy F. Turner

Quite the cheeky advertisement! They win over customers on e probe at a time! He did get it in the end, lol! Well-rendered in the extremes between eroticism and comedy. Thanks for the balance of duplicity. :)

Tue, June 21st, 2022 7:59am

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