Chapter 9: Chapter 9

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Adult Romance  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

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I slowly rubbed my eyes while waking up. I turned my head to see if James was there. He wasn't next to me anymore. I assumed he was in the shower. I rolled over on my side and looked at the knife on the table. Maybe I should take it with me and hide it somewhere. I sighed. But how? Maybe it wasn't the best idea. He will probably find it. I shuddered at the though of what he did to me the last time I hid a knife from him. 


James came walking out of the bathroom in only a towel. His muscular body was still wet, his hair slightly in his face. If he wasn't such a terrible person I would probably have enjoyed the sight. I turned my back at him. No matter how good he looked his behavior made him ugly. "Good morning." I smoothly heard right next to my ear. I gasped, slightly startled from him being so close all of the sudden. "Did you sleep well?" He asked. I decided to just ignore him. "Answer me." He said in a low voice. "Yes." I shortly said still with my back to him. "Rose Look at me." He said warningly and put his hand on my shoulder. I slowly turned around and faced him. "You may be upset at me but I still demand you talk to me with respect." He then said. "Yes sir." I simply said and turned around again so I could roll my eyes without him seeing it. "Now get out of bed we have to go soon." He said and yanked away the covers from my body. I swung my legs over the edge of the bed and yawned. "Go take a shower and then come back to me." He said. 


I slowly walked into the bathroom and turned on the shower. I took my time in there, it seemed to annoy him. "Rose, hurry up." He said impatiently while he banged at the door. I quickly finished and grabbed a towel. I finally came out of the bathroom. He was drinking coffee, he had ordered breakfast while I was in the shower. He pointed to a pair of clothes on the bed. I quickly got dressed. The clothes seemed pretty decent, it was a black spaghetti strap dress that came till under my knees. "Eat something." He said. I sat down at the table and took the other coffee cup. "I have one other meeting to attend today and after that we are going back home." I didn't reply, I took a few sips of my coffee and a few bites of egg. 


We didn't drove long before we stopped in a fancy neighborhood. Someone opened the door for us. He didn't seem that old maybe around my age, somewhere in his early twenties. "Hey." He said and gave James a hand. He looked at me, his eyes were a lot friendlier than the men from yesterday. 


The house was incredibly big and nicely decorated. He must be loaded. They sat down at a table in what looked like the living room. There was a big tv that was on. The volume was kinda loud. I stood there awkwardly next to James not really knowing what to do. "Sorry I didn't know you were bringing a guest. The guy said and offered me a chair too. "She sits on the floor." James coldly said. I sighed silently and sat down next to him on the ground. "So.." James finally said after lightning a cigarette. The guy joined him and put an ashtray on the table. He turned the volume of the tv down. 


James took a laptop out of the suitcase he had with him. "What are you looking for. We just got some new ones so there should be someone you like." The guy was silent for a moment. He seemed to be thinking. "A blonde or brunette." He then said. James nodded.  "She has to be fertile, so preferably a younger one. Pretty of course." James nodded and he opened up some kind of app on his laptop. I could see pictures of girls. Some photos were normal and some were more sexy looking. "A trained one will cost you more." He said and then showed the guy the app and let him scroll through the pictures but he didn't seem to be pleased. His eyes suddenly turned to me. "What about her?" He asked. Shes not for sale." James answered. He seemed to be disappointed with that answer. "Why not? She looks perfect." He asked. "She is mine." James added. The guy sighed and scrolled through the pictures once more. "This one." He said. "Okay, good choice. We will have her ready for you by the end of the week." He said. 


When they were done the guy let us out and we walked back to car. James sighed and started the car. I stared out of the window. I was still trying to make sense of what I've seen the past two days. "Home sweet home." James said while he began to drive. I didn't respond. We both were silent for a long time. "I took you on this trip because I want you understand what I do." He suddenly said out of nowhere. I kept staring out of the window. "He will treat her well, he's a good guy. He probably will marry her and make some babies. "I finally turned my face to him. "The fact he will treat her well doesn't make it okay." I said. "Some of the girls don't even want to leave after they are sold. They are happy and well taken care of." He looked at me. I felt anger build up inside me again. He was trying to talk it right. After all that I had seen them do and experienced myself. "O yeah? Just like how you take care of me?" I sneered at him. His facial expression changed and he turned his eyes back on the road, he didn't say anything. It wasn't his usual angry look though. It looked like I had offended him. We both didn't speak until we were back at the house. 


By the time we arrived it was almost dark. James took me straight to the bedroom. He locked the door behind him. "I don't know about you, but im tired and glad im able to sleep in my own bed tonight." He took his belt of and dropped it on a chair. Then he sat down on bed. "Come here." He said and tapped his hand next to him on the bed. Fear rose inside of me. I didn't move a muscle. "Just do as I say Rose." He said warningly. I slowly walked over to him. He gently pushed me on the bed so I sat next to him. He gently lifted my face up by my chin so I looked into his mesmerizing brown eyes. "You'll see. In a few months you will be happy to be here too." He slowly brought his face to mine and tried to kiss me. His warm lips touched mine for a brief moment before I turned away from him. 


"I'll never be happy here." I said and I was about to stand up but he grabbed my arm tightly. "Why do you make it so hard on yourself?" He asked. I yanked my arm out of his grip. "Because I don't want to be here James!" I snapped at him, I couldn't control myself anymore. Why was it so hard for him to understand? "I don't like it here and I don't like you!" I yelled into his face. I immediately regret it though. The look in his eyes changed to very angry one. "Enough." He growled and stood up as well. "You've been acting this way since the car and im done with your behavior." I swallowed. I didn't mean to piss him off like that. He just frustrated me so much it came out without thinking. 


He pushed me into the direction of the room where he had punished me before. I froze in my tracks. "Look James.." I turned around to face him again. "Im sorry.. I-I didn't mean to yell at you.." I softly said, hoping he'd change his mind. "Since when are we on first name basis?" He asked sounding annoyed and opened the door with his key. "Get in there right now." He said with a low voice. I didn't move knowing what would happen in there. "No." I said and balled my fists. "You can't keep treating me like this. Im a human being!" He seemed to be getting angrier by the minute . "Matter of fact, I can do to you whatever the hell I want. I own you." He growled through his teeth. I knew I was digging my own grave but he was going to hurt me anyway. Might as wel tell him how I felt. "Thats not true. You don't own a thing about me." I hissed back at him. "We'll see about that." He simply said and grabbed my shoulder roughly. Then he dragged me with him inside of the room. 


It was cold in the there as always. I rubbed my arms with my hands trying to get rid of the goosebumps. "You'll be warm soon enough." He said and he took me to the chains that were hanging from the wall. I struggled when I saw them but his grip on me tightened. He secured the chains around my wrists. I could still move but I couldn't get away or use my hands. "Yes, torture me some more. That will probably chance my mind." I sarcastically said. His eyes narrowed. "Maybe I should torture you." He smoothly said and he walked away. He came back holding a long dagger. My heart began to beat faster and I took a step back but the restraints stopped me from moving back any farther. He didn't say anything he just stood there. He scared the living hell out of me when he was like this. I'd rather have him yelling at me. 


He cut the straps of my dress so he could pull it down revealing my breasts. I tried to move away from the knife but the chains stopped me again. "Don't move." He said. He gently let the blade slide over my stomach without cutting or scratching me. I froze and queezed my eyes shut in fear. He slowly moved to my underwear and he ripped them apart using the knife. My lip began to quiver in fear. "Don't worry im not going to slice you open." He whispered in my ear seductively and thankfully put down the knife. His hands moved all over my body making me feel very uncomfortable but I could tell that it was getting him exited.


Suddenly he grabbed me at my hair forcing me to look at him. I whimpered in pain. "Tell me that you're happy to be here." He said. I glared back at him but kept my mouth shut. He walked away and came back with a vicious looking whip. I looked at it with wide eyes. "No! You can't do that to me." I yelled at him. "Turn around." He coldly demanded. "No!" I said trying to sound tough. He spun me around roughly and without saying another word he smacked it against my back. I cried out in pain. It stung like hell. He waited for a moment and then crisscrossed it against my back a few times more. I looked down at the floor biting my tongue. I tried to recover from the pain but he yanked me up by my hair again. I whimpered and closed my eyes. "Now.. Tell me that you are happy to be here." He said. I didn't want to give him the satisfaction so I kept my mouth shut. He hit me again, this time a lot harder. After a few times I gave in. "I-Im.. ha-happy to be here!" I cried out between the lashes. I just wanted the pain to end. "Good." He simply said and whacked me again. Tears formed into my eyes, I felt like I was on fire. This definitely hurt more than it did last time. "Please stop, I said it.." I begged him. "I haven't even started yet." He said and continued to hit me again. "Tell me you're mine." He said while he paused for a moment. "Im y-yours.." I stuttered, hoping he would stop now.


He got in front of me on one knee and he grabbed my chin roughly making me look at him. "Tell me.. Tell me you love me." He said to my surprise. I looked at him in disbelief. "W-what?" I stuttered. He squeezed harder. "You heard me. Say it." He growled through his teeth. "N-no.. I don't love you." I said still staring at him in confusion. Why did he wanted me to say that? "This is your last warning." He said. "What do you want from me? I don't fucking love you James! In fact, I hate every inch of you!" I yelled at him, tears still rolling down my face. He couldn't possibly be serious. What was up with him? Why did he behave so weird all of the sudden. 


He stood up and got behind me again. "No! Not again please!" I cried and wildly kicked my legs. "Stop that." He said and harshly slapped my ass with his hand. "Tell me you love me and this will end." He said coldly. Even though I wanted it to end so badly I couldn't just say something like that. Those words had meaning to me. I just stared at the ground hesitantly while I silently sniffled to myself. He began to whack my ass again. It felt like it was falling off by now. After a while I caved, I couldn't take it anymore. I"I-I.. l-l love y-you. I love you.." I sobbed in defeat. He finally stopped just like he said he would. 


I felt completely and utterly broken. I just wanted to die at that moment. He wasn't done though. He opened the restraints making me fall forward on my hands. He grabbed me up at my arm and pushed me against a table that was standing in the corner so I was laying on my stomach. He lowered his pants and pushed himself inside of me roughly. I groaned in pain but I didn't struggle, I was too afraid he would whip me again. I closed my eyes and hoped it would be over soon. Thankfully he finished quickly. 


I was laying on my cheek with my eyes closed. I softly sobbed, feeling humiliated and broken. Every inch of my body was hurting. James roughly pulled me up by my hair again so he could look me in my eyes. Defeat was plastered all over my face. His eyes were cold and uncaring. "Are you going to listen to me from now on?" He asked. I nodded. He let go of my hair. I dropped my face back on the table and closed my eyes again. I just wanted to be out and deal with all of this later. "Its not time to sleep yet." James said. "Get up and answer me correctly." I slowly got up but avoided his eyes. "Yes sir." I said with a cracked voice. He had treated me so horribly. I didn't wanted to look at him. Tears rolled down my cheeks. He helped me get up. I was shivering even though I didn't feel the cold anymore.

Submitted: January 16, 2023

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