Chapter 6: Chapter 6

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Adult Romance  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

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"What took you so long? What were you doing there?" James asked, he sounded irritated. "I-I.. was just walking through the flowers. There was someone watering them..." James raised his brow at me. "He-he gave me a rose.. but.. I l-lost it." I stuttered clumsily. His face turned cold. I swallowed knowing he would probably lose his mind again. "Who? I told you not to speak to anyone didn't I?" His voice was low and his eyes turned to the direction I came from. He didn't tell me his name.." I lied. "We didn't talk much.. h-he.." He suddenly pushed me down to sit on the bench. "Stay there." He growled and walked into the direction I came from. A few minutes later he came back. Roughly he pulled me up by my arm. "Enough for today." He said and pushed me into the direction of the door. 


Once inside he stopped and forced me against the wall. He looked at me for a moment. His face was close to mine and his body was pressed against me. "I don't want you to talk to any other male ever again." He finally spoke. I blinked at him. "I don't care who it is. No one. Not without my permission anyway. Do you understand?" He asked, his voice was low and sounded threatening. I nodded slowly. "Answer me correctly." He said coldly. "Yes sir." I added quickly. "Good." He whispered and let go of me finally and brought me back upstairs. 


"I have a work thing tonight, so I have to leave now." He said when we entered the room. "I'll be late so don't wait up for me." He said. I could tell he was still cranky. 


"Wait! Can I please have something to do? Books? Tv? Anything! It gets so boring being in here all day.. please.. sir.." I asked him. "Perfect it will give you some time to think about the rules. I'll have someone bring you diner. " He said and left. 



I sighed and let myself fall on to the bed. Another boring day. It was nice being outside since such a long time. I couldn't get the guy from the garden out of my head though. He seemed so nice compared to the other males around here. Its been so long since anyone was genuinely nice to me. Except for Lauren.


After a while one of the cooks came in and gave me a tray of food. He didn't say a word. I ate it and dozed of to sleep after. 


When I woke up again I felt two arms around me. James was holding me, he was still asleep himself. I slowly moved away out of his arms trying to not wake him up. He groaned. Ugh. His arms grabbed me again and pulled me close to him. He nuzzled his face into my neck and kissed me softly. "Good morning my pet." He said. "Im not your pet.." I said softly sounding slightly irritated. He pretended he didn't hear me and got up. "Did you sleep well?" He asked. I nodded. He suddenly grabbed my face and kissed me roughly. I stiffened. Please not again. He smirked because of my reaction but thankfully he let me go. "I have a surprise for you. Im sure you will love it." He got out of bed. "Do you want to join me in the shower?" He asked with a big grin. I frowned at him. As if I would want that. "No thank you." I politely declined. He chuckled and got out of bed. "You will only get your surprise if you come with me." He said before he disappeared into the bathroom.


I heard him turn on the shower. I sighed and snuggled back up into the blankets. "Rose!" I heard James yell impatiently. Hesitantly I got out off bed. I sighed knowing I didn't have much of a choice anyway. Reluctantly I followed him into the bathroom. He was already inside of the shower. Even though I hated him he looked incredible hot. Water was running over his abs and big arms, his hair wet. I caught myself staring at him and so did he. He smirked when he noticed. I turned away my head in shame. 


"Get in." He ordered. I hesitated at first but I got undressed and entered the shower, hiding my breasts with my arms. He smirked again and made place for me. "No need to hide, I've seen them before many times." He grinned and slowly pulled down my arms and took me in his embrace. His chin rested on my head and the warm water ran over us. After a while I began to relax. He seemed to notice and began to rub my back with his hands. He kissed my head and we stood there. For a little while I forgot what a monster he was. 


But he reminded me again. I felt his hands travel to my behind. He touched me for a while as I stiffened in his arms. I could feel his member get hard against me. My heart sank. "Please no.." I whispered and slowly pushed him off me but he grabbed me tightly. "I can make you feel so good.. just relax again." He whispered back into my ear and began to rub in between my legs gently. I moaned involuntarily. "See.. you like that.." He said with a small grin on his face. I went to grab his hand but he stopped me. I didn't wanted it to feel good but I couldn't help it. He continued and I moaned again. After a while I felt my knees get weak. I began to struggle harder. I hated him, he knew exactly what he was doing. "Please James just get it over with.." I begged him. "I know you're enjoying it.." He whispered again as he pressed his lips against my neck. The pleasure was building up and I felt disgusted with myself for feeling it. I began to struggle as hard as I could not wanting to orgasm because of what he did. "Stop!" I yelled in his face. He sighed and he suddenly pushed two fingers inside of me. "Owe!" I groaned. With one motion the pleasure was gone. He forcefully trusted them in and out of me. "James your hurting me.."I whimpered. "I thought you wanted it to stop?" He said. "Please.. I don't want this either." I begged as he forcefully violated me with his fingers. He ignored me and tried to push a third finger in. I whimpered again. "Stop please." I softly begged again. To my surprise he stopped but only to spin me around. He pulled my body against his and he kissed my neck again. Then he pushed me against the shower door. I let out a loud whimper because of the force he was using. He roughly began to pound in and out of me. All the pleasure was gone and there was only pain. He became rougher by the minute. I could tell he was hurting me on purpose. I closed my eyes hoping it would be over soon. A single tear rolled over my already wet cheeks. I heard him take ragged breaths and I knew he was close. 


When he was done he let me go. I felt disgusting and weak. I turned around facing the wall holding myself with my arms again, holding back my tears. "Its your own fault that you're in pain. It could have felt good. But you decided to fight it again." He said coldly. I ignored him. I was ashamed enough he didn't need to kick me while I was down. "Now hurry up and clean yourself up." He said and left the shower. I finally broke into tears. I felt sick to my stomach from what just happened. I hated myself for experiencing pleasure from his touch.


I turned off the shower and grabbed a towel and wrapped it around me. I entered the bedroom again. I felt dead inside. I stood there waiting for him to give me my clothes. He handed me some and I was about to go back to the bathroom but he stopped me. "Change out here." He said. I sighed. The enjoyment on his face from the power he had over me was disgusting. I didn't say anything and changed into the outfit he had picked out for me. It was another black sexy dress. At this point I didn't even care anymore. "Lift up your hair." He demanded. I did as he said. He attached a collar around my neck again. It was silky black with diamonds, it looked expensive. "Beautiful." He said and he looked at me satisfied. "Now come I have something for you." He said and he gestured me to follow him. 


He brought me to a brown old looking door a few doors away from my room. "Close your eyes." He said. I did what he asked and he led me into the room. "Okay open your eyes." It was a huge old looking library. The furniture was super fancy but old too. It contained more books than I could ever count. My eyes widened with what I saw. It was absolutely stunning. "You can stay here whenever you behave." He said and he nudged me to walk further into the library. "Do you like it?" He asked. "I love it.." I whispered under my breath. He grabbed my arm and looked at me. "No more struggles the next time or you will never see this room again. Do you understand?" He asked in a serious tone. "Yes sir.." I softly said. 


"Thank you." I softly said before going my way. "I'll be back within an hour to pick you up, enjoy." He said. "Hmm but first give me a thank you kiss." He said. I looked at him with dread. He raised his brow at me. I sighed and I walked over to him. I placed my hands on his shoulders and kissed him on the lips softly. His lips were surprisingly warm. Thankfully he seemed to be pleased with just a peck this time. He locked the room after himself and left. 


For the first time in days I felt some kind of happiness, it was silly I know because I was still in a horrible place but it gave me some kind of comfort. I roamed through the books, looking for a few that I might enjoy. Meanwhile I was looking to see if there was any chance to escape here but of course there wasn't. All the windows were so high up. 


An hour later I was laying on one of the sofa's reading some kind of fantasy book, when James walked in smiling. "Enjoying ourselves are we?" I looked at him and nodded. I forgot where I was for a moment. But seeing him again was a rough awakening. "Did you pick out something nice?" He asked. I nodded again. "Good, I'll have someone bring them to your room. Now.. we are having a guest for diner. I need you to look perfect again, someone is coming to do your makeup and hair. Nothing fancy though, I'll probably send Lauren." He said. I looked at him nervously but I said nothing. He pressed a few buttons on his phone and he brought me to the salon like room. Lauren was already there waiting for me. He sat down waiting again. Lauren didn't say a word to me and she started. James sat in the back again. 


When she was done he dismissed her. "You look stunning." He said while he attached a leash at my collar. He also tried to put a gag in my mouth but I moved my head. "Please don't. I won't say anything." I pleaded. "This is for your own good. We are having a special guest. If you lash out tonight im going to punish you so hard you won't be able to walk for days." I looked at him questioning. "Who is c-". He interrupted me by placing the gag in my mouth. He also cuffed my hands together. "Come on, we'll be late." He said and yanked the cord. 


We arrived at the dining room, the table was nicely set, but it only had two plates and two chairs. "You can sit on the floor next to me." He said before he took a chair. Ugh this again? He softly stroke my hair and my cheek while we waited. I felt so low like a dog why did he feel the need to treat me like this? Five minutes later someone came in. I only saw their shoes. Just one person. They didn't have a "pet" with them. When he came closer I could finally see who it was. My heart stopped beating for a while and I could feel the color leave my face. It was Joe Bennet. My boss.

Submitted: November 23, 2022

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