Chapter 11: Chapter 11

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Adult Romance  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

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"No! No no no!" I cried hysterically, there was so much blood pooling around her lifeless body. I went to crouch down to her but Silas grabbed me mid air. "I didn't think so." He said while he restrained me. "Let me go you son of a bitch!" I screamed and clawed at him. He tightened his grip hand placed a hand over my mouth. 


"Goddamnit!" A familiar voice next to us said. It was James. I sobbed into Silas his hand. When he saw his brother he removed his hand from my face. "Help her please.." I begged James while I halfheartedly struggled against Silas his grip. James bend down and searched for a heartbeat in her neck. Then he pushed his hand against her wound and lifted her limp body up into his arms. "Take her back to the house." James said while he carried Lauren back to his car. I'll be back for her later just lock her in my bedroom." He threw him a key and quickly drove off.  "Come on honey, lets get you back home." Silas said and dragged me along with him to the other car. I barely struggled anymore, I had lost and I was scared and afraid of what was going to happen now. He violently pushed me inside the car and sat next to me. One of his men was behind the wheel. "Drive." He said to him and then turned his face to my direction. I turned my head to the window not wanting to look at him and silently cried. I felt so very guilty. I wish it had been me who got shot.


Once back home the guests were gone and the house was silent again. The remaining staff was cleaning up. Eldin was there cleaning up as well. We looked at each other both with a defeated look on our face. His eye was black and his lip was busted. I started crying again when I saw it. Also my fault. Meanwhile Silas dragged me upstairs. He forced me inside the bedroom but instead of leaving he stayed inside with me. He locked the door behind him with the key James had given him. I had a very bad feeling about this and my heart began to beat faster. He smirked and tossed the key up into the air a few times before putting it back into his pocket. 


He slowly walked up to me touching everything on his way. I kept my eyes on him and each time he came closer I took a step back. When he finally arrived in front of me he looked at me with his bright blue eyes and grinned. "Whats your name sweetheart?" He asked charmingly while he tucked away a wet strand of hair behind my ear. I ignored him and turned my head the other way. He didn't seem to like that and grabbed my face forcefully. "Don't touch me." I hissed at him and pushed away his hand. His gaze trailed over my body, making me feel very uncomfortable. "You are covered in blood and mud baby, let me help you get cleaned up." He said. I glared at him. "Leave me alone, I don't need your help." I said through my teeth. I took another step back, now almost touching the wall. He laughed and took another step forward. "I'll scream!" I threatened him. "Go ahead." He said laughing. I let out a loud scream but of course no one came. I knew that. I though it might scare him off but it didn't. 


He pushed me against the wall roughly. I let out a groan as I hit my head. "Oops, sorry." He said with a chuckle and he started tugging at the straps of my dress. I tried to push him away with all the strength I had. "Oh oh.. you’re a feisty one." He said laughing. "My turn again." One of his hands moved to my breast. I gasped and tried to grab his hand. He quickly used his other hand to keep me from doing so. "Don't touch me, you freak!" I yelled at him and struggled as hard as I could. It had no use, he was bigger and stronger than me. Less muscular than James but he still easily overpowered me. He suddenly stopped, I tried to kick him but he dodged it. "Naughty." He said with a laugh. "I think you may have forgotten what I have in my pocket." He said and roughly spread my legs apart. I knew he was referring to the gun. 


Tears formed in my eyes as I realized what was going to happen. He chuckled. "You are adorable." He said and grabbed my neck. "I love it when they struggle." He began to squeeze the hand he had around my neck tightly. I tried to grab his hand while I panicked from the lack of breath. He watched me struggle for a while and smiled. Then he unbuckled his belt with his other hand. "Lets see if this is the reason why my brother keeps you around for so long." He said and forcefully pulled down my underwear with his other hand. I closed my eyes in fear and tears rolled down my face. "Aw, don't cry sweetie." He said stroking my cheek with his fingers. "I'll make sure you'll enjoy it too." 


He was about to pull his own pants down when I suddenly heard a voice. A familiar voice I never thought I would be glad to hear. I opened my eyes again. 


"Get the fuck away from her." James was standing in the doorway covered in blood. He was livid. I've seen him angry before but this sure was different. "Hey brother, we were just getting to know each other." Silas said, casually looking over his shoulder. His hand was still around my neck and my panties were at my ankles. I looked at James with tears in my eyes. "Get off her or I'll break your fucking neck." He growled through his teeth. Silas let out a deep laugh. "Now." James said in a low voice. "What the fuck?" Silas said and let go of me. I fell to the floor with a thud and groaned. "Is she your girlfriend now?" He walked towards James and grabbed his shoulder and gave him a more serious look now. "Go home you made enough off a mess tonight." James growled and roughly pushed away his hand staring at him. "She's a fucking slave James whats the big deal? Why are you so upset?" He looked at him questioning. "Get out. Before I beat the shit out of you." James said angrily. "What ever man." Silas shrugged and finally left the room. 


I was still trembling on the floor, all shaken up from what had happened. James kneeled down in front of me. "Are you okay? Did he hurt you?" He asked in a gentle voice. I burs out into tears. "He-he was.. h-he.." I stuttered. He wrapped his arms around me and stroked the back of my head. "Its okay, you're safe now." He whispered. I sobbed against his chest. After a while I calmed down a bit and finally dared to look him in the eyes. "I-is Lauren okay?" I asked through my tears. He seemed surprised by my question. "She's in surgery at the moment. She has lost a lot of blood but she will be fine." He said calmly. "Can we go see her when she's done?" I asked softly. "Not tonight." He answered and lifted me up bridal style and placed me on the bed. He checked my body for injuries. "Please?" I asked. "No, she's in good hands. Stop asking about her." He answered. He lifted up my dress and traced the bruises on my legs with his fingers. "And besides you're not in the position to ask me for anything after what you did tonight." I swallowed. 


"Why did you leave Rose?" He asked in a more serious voice now. My hands began to shake again. I knew this question would come but I wasn't ready to answer it. I stared down at the floor afraid to say something. "Answer me." He ordered. "I want you to tell me exactly what happened." I looked at him. A mixture of emotions were shown across his face. "I.." I stammered and I stared down at the floor again. "I wanted to.. I mean.. I.." I struggled to find the words. “I was going to e-escape.. It was my idea.." I confessed. I didn't want him to think it was Lauren her plan. He looked at me as if he was going to hit me. But instead of doing so he slammed his fist in to the wall causing me to jump. "I've told you many times before, trying to leave is pointless. Lauren knows this too." He growled through his teeth. He stood there for a while his fist still against the wall. He looked down at the floor. 


"You are in a lot of trouble." He finally said. I broke down in tears again. "Im s-sorry.." I sobbed. "Please d-don't hurt me.." I don't think I was mentally able to take a punishment right now. I hated myself. My plan didn't work and Lauren got hurt because of me. And now James was going to do horrible things to me again. I began to cry even harder thinking about it all. He froze at those words and then looked at me. He let me cry it out for a moment but he finally spoke. "Come on lets get you cleaned up." He said to my surprise, his eyes seemed a lot calmer now. 


Carefully I followed him into the bathroom where he turned on the shower. He got us both undressed and gently helped me get inside. He was very gentle and caring while he cleaned the blood and mud of my body. Suddenly he took me in his embrace. We stayed like that for a while. I closed my eyes and let him hold me. I must admit having the arms of another person around me felt comforting and I needed that at the moment. I tried to ignore the fact it was James. 





After I had cleaned the blood and dirt of her body I took her in my arms. I pressed her face against my chest and let my chin rest on her head. I could hold her like this forever. She was still shaking. That son of a bitch tried to touch her, thinking about it made my blood boil again. She was mine. No one else could ever have her. 


I should have just taken her with me but the other girl was bleeding out so I had to be quick. If it wasn't for Rose begging me to help her I would have let her die right there. It was her own fault she shouldn't have tried to escape. Thankfully Rose wasn't the one who got hurt. I would have saved her without thinking twice. 


I turned off the water and gently wrapped her in a towel. I dried myself and brought her back to the bedroom. She was very unresponsive, probably in shock. I put her in bed under the covers after she was dry. I stroked her hair and she fell asleep almost instantly. That always seemed to do the trick. I laid down next to her and watched her. I should torture her for what she did but instead I took care of her what was wrong with me. I stared at her for a long time, deep inside of my own thoughts. 


Our initial plan was to sell her. She would be trained by me and then sold, easy as that. But after seeing her at the office a few times, I had come to the conclusion I wanted to keep her for myself. I don't know why but something about her made me feel strange. It was an addictive feeling. Intoxicating. I couldn't get enough of it so I needed to have her all to myself.


Once I had brought her here I started my usual method. I used it to break many others before her, it was effective and they would give in very easily. After doing this for such a long time I knew exactly what worked and what not. I though it would satisfy that strange feeling she gave me but it didn't. It soon got worse and over time it made me less strict with her. I turned a blind eye to things more often, gave her nice things or cuddled with her. Not the things I should have been doing, but wanted though. I just told her she's safe with me. But was she? I had hurt her too. But lately I didn’t wanted to anymore, I just wanted her to listen to me. I kept telling myself she deserved it. 


She let out a deep sigh and rolled over to my side. Her beauty still astounded me no matter how many times I saw her. I hadn't even thought of touching any of the other slaves since she was here. I just wanted her. 


It took me a while to understand what I had been feeling. I never had experienced it before myself. Not even with my parents. I wanted to know how it would feel when she said it. Thats why I had forced her to. But I knew she didn't love me. Of course she didn't. I wanted her to though and I hated myself for it. 


I carefully pressed her against me without waking her up. I took in her scent, she smelled so sweet I could get drunk on it. I had to find a way to make her stay without hurting her. My sadist side loved it to see her squirm in pain but my weak side wanted to protect her. Hurting her obviously didn't work because she didn't listen to a word I said. No I need to find another way. After holding her for a while and thinking things over a dozen of times I had thought of a perfect plan. When I was fully satisfied with my thoughts I dozed of with her in my arms.

Submitted: March 02, 2023

© Copyright 2023 theladyisatramp. All rights reserved.


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