Reporting a Crime part one

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Humiliation Sex  |  House: The Humiliation Board

Andy reports being attacked and abused to two campus cops, but their investigation is worse than the attack.


(This story is fantasy, and all characters are 18 yrs old or older. If you like my writing, check out my novels on Amazon under my pen name D.H. Gutzman.

I would apprectiate any support. )


Andy limped to the door when he heard the bell. It had taken twenty minutes for the campus police to arrive. The kid was really shaken up. He had put on a pair of sweat pants and a tee shirt after his attacker had left. What a horrible way to start college. His first night there in his efficiency apartment on campus, and this had to happen. He never would have thought in his wildest nightmares that he would be brutally attacked.  Happy eighteenth birthday, Andy. Fresh tears poured down his cheeks as he opened the door to face to large, muscular cops in their early twenties.


“Andy Braun?” the lead cop asked. Jeez, he must have been six-foot four inches tall and muscular as hell. Blond… Nordic type.


“Yes, Sir…” Andy answered with a shaking voice. Andy was only five-foot five inches tall, and with his slender physique and mop of curly hair, he looked more sixteen than his just turned eighteen. His voice also sounded thin, like a teenager going through puberty, but that was partly from the horror of what he had just endured.


The tall blond cop checked his phone. “It says here you are eighteen. Shit, you look fifteen or sixteen. Are you really eighteen?” the cop had a mean frown on his handsome face. He didn’t like to have his time wasted.


Andy was really shaken up. “I just turned eighteen yesterday. I’m just staring college here.”  Why did cops, even campus cops so intimidate him?


The cop either sneered or smiled, Andy couldn’t tell which. “I’m officer Krause, and this is Officer Bratt,” He indicated the other campus cop, equally large and muscular but with black hair. It says here, you reported being fucked up the ass?”


Andy slapped his slender hand over his mouth and began to shake. This was awful. This was the worst thing that had ever happened to him. ‘I… eh… I reported that I had been attacked, molested.”


Officer Krause stepped into the small efficiency apartment. Andy only came up to his chest. Andy had never in his life seen a uniform that tight on anyone. It was like it had been sprayed on the man’s muscular body. It was so tight over the chest that three of the shirt buttons remained undone, and Andy could see the shape of the cop’s large nipples right through the material. When the cop turned to his buddy, Andy actually grew frightened at the sight of the policeman’s ass in the tight pants. Like two tight round slabs of rock, with the material so tight that the pants rode up into his ass crack.


“I was attacked, here in my new apartment. I just moved in today.”


This time it was a sneer from the cop. “Attacked. That is pretty vague. Were you fucked in the asshole or not?”


Oh, the shame. Oh, the humiliation. But Andy was in such pain and discomfort, he could not lie. He hung his cute head. “Yes, Sir, I was raped.”


The big cop grabbed Andy by the shoulder and turned him around. “Yeah, it looks like some of the cum is leaking out of your ass into your sweatpants.”


“Oh God!”  Andy actually fell to his knees; his legs just wouldn’t hold him. “it was horrible.”


“Yeah, I bet,” Officer Brett said casually, setting up a tripod and video camera.


“it’s a good thing you contacted the campus police. If you had called the city cops, the story would be all over the news, and I’m sure you wouldn’t want that.”


Andy, his face buried in his hands sobbed “Oh God, no. I don’t want anyone to know.”


Officer Krause looked down at the kneeling boy. “Did you suck his dick too?” He was taking notes now in a small notebook. When Andy was so humiliated that he could not answer, the cop shifted his weight in an irritated way. “look, if you want us to help you, you are going to have to tell us everything. I mean, if your story is true, this dude could come back tomorrow, and the next night, and the next night. You never know.”


Poor Andy, everything the cop said, just seemed to make matters worse. “Yes, officer he did make me…  he, I had to…suck him.”


“I know these questions are tough, but we have to know every detail. Now did he turn you into a cocksucker, or have you sucked dick before, like in high school?”


Andy removed his hands from his face and looked up at the campus cop, incredulity on his young face.  “I’m not Gay, Sir. I have a girlfriend. Nothing like this has ever happened to me before.”


Officer Krause shifted again and his muscled rippled. “Hey, take it easy, Twink, Just trying to get to the bottom of this. You’d be amazed at the number of faggots who have fights with their boyfriends and then call us and say they were raped. Do did he make you suck his cock before he ass fucked you?”


Why did the cop have to be so crude? Couldn’t he have just a little sympathy for what young Andy was feeling? Andy looked so innocent down there on his knees, so humble and weak and submissive. “He did it to me before he raped me.” The kid’s voice shook all over the place. It was almost humorous.


“So he made you suck his dick, then he ass fucked you. Didn’t he make you lick it clean after he fucked your asshole?”


Andy broke down, sobbing almost hysterically. He lay on the floor wailing. Officer Krause gave a sly smile to his fellow cop, who actually grinned and started filming. 


“All, right, all right, take it easy Twink. Let’s start from the beginning.”


“Please, Sir, I may need some medical attention. I hurt pretty bad.”


“Where, up your asshole?” 


“Everywhere. He beat me, and my throat is sore…and my butt.” 


“Well, your throat is sore from having dick shoved down it, if he had a large cock. Did he have a large cock?”


“Yes, Sir, huge. I couldn’t stand it.”


“Well then, that explains the pain in your shitter too. But we are getting ahead of ourselves here. One thing at a time. We are here to help you. Now answer my question from before. After he pulled his dick out of your asshole, did he make you lick it clean?”


It took poor young Andy fifteen seconds before he could answer, “Yes.” 


“Jesus, that is gross. Fucking gross.” Officer Brett snorted.


“Hey, Luke, that is what faggot fuckers do! They don’t want faggot shit on their dicks. It only makes sense to make the faggot clean the cock.”


“Please stop, please stop…I can’t stand it.”  Andy put his hands over his ears. He had never felt so ashamed, so humiliated and violated in his whole life.


“Okay, kid, stand up. I assume your rapist, we’ll call him that for the time being, didn’t fuck you in your sweat pants?”


“No, Sir. I put them on to answer the door.”


“Well, we gotta check you out to see if a doctor is needed. We got an excellent clinic on campus, so what say, first, you strip out of your duds?”


“You want me to undress?” Andy’s voice was truly comical now, like something out of a cartoon.


“Well, yeah, how else can we check you out. We need to take videos for the college campus records, especially if you don’t want this reported to the city police and press. We got to catch this son of a bitch. Just think, if nothing is done, he could return here and turn you into his sex slave, his fuck toy! You don’t want that, do you? So, go on, shuck down, boy.”


With trembling hands, Andy peeled off his tee shirt and then in deep humiliation, took down and stepped out of his sweat pants. He was horrified to see a large wet spot of cum and a little blood on the seat of his sweatpants.  He stood there barefooted and bare assed with his hands over his genitals. He could see from the light on the video camera that this was being recorded.


Officer Krause studied the naked youth. Fuck, what a cute little twink. No wonder he was ass fucked. Tight round assed little holes this this were just begging to be fucked, walking around in tight jeans and shaking their ass pussies.

Shit, his ass was probably much tighter than most girl cunts. Officer Krause felt a lurch in his own dick.


“Hey, Twink, your ass is all red, what’s that from?”


“He, he beat me with his belt.”


“FUCK!  He fucking whipped your smooth little twink ass globes with his leather belt? Jesus, Luke, did you hear that?”


“Cool,” Officer Brett answered.


“All right back to the start. Face the camera Twink. Hands at your side. Tell us your name, home address, address here on campus, telephone number, age, eight, weight, names of your parents and any siblings. While you do that, I’m gonna look through your cell phone.”


A naked and shaking Andy gave his information to the camera. He had a younger brother and sister, and his father was a business leader and stuff like that. Andy felt even more embarrassed as he talked because his really healthy, nice thick teenage dick had shriveled up to nothing out of fear. It bobbed in front of him over his full teenage balls as he gave the information.


“These names on your phone; your parents, hour little brother and sister, your friends from high school, right?”


“Yes Sir.”


“And who is Julie?” 


“My girlfriend, Sir. From high school. She’s, eh, still my girlfriend, but she is going to a different school, in another state.” Andy had begun to calm down. If only he wasn’t totally naked.  And my God, his ass hurt, deep inside, and it kept leaking sperm. If only he could go wash. “Sir, can I please go wash my ass?”


“Of course not, we got to get sperm samples. It could be our only lead to this creep. Now about this girlfriend. She’s not with you?”


“No, sir… she’s at another school.”


“Hmmmm, so you’re not fucking her?”


Andy’s face turned red. “Well, no… not since…”


“When was the last time you fucked her?”


“Officer, I don’t see what this…”




“A few months ago.” Andy hung his head again. He looked so fucking cute and vulnerable.


“Have you been fucking any other cunt since then?”


“NO! Why does it matter, Sir?” His hands covered his dick again.


“Hands at your side. It matters, Twink, because some faggy boys, when they have not fucked girls for a while, realize that they want to be girls themselves and they want to suck dick and take it up their pussy asses!”


Andy couldn’t believe the filth that poured out of the cop’s mouth. “Are you saying I wanted this to happen to me?”


Officer Krause smiled a crooked smile. “That’s what we’re here to find out, aren’t we?”


“Please, Sir, I already feel so ashamed.” 


“Is that because you wanted it? Did you lure some dude here to give it to you, and then he got a little too rough? Is that what happened?”


A crying Andy put his hands together as if he were praying. “Please, you’ve got to believe me. He forced his way in and he raped me and did terrible things to me.” 


Officer Krause shook his head and chuckled. “You are a bit of a pussy, aren’t you? Ok. So, what did your attacker look like?”


“Well, he was tall, not as tall as you, but tall.”


“Shit, that’s not much help. Almost any fit dude is taller than you. Except for no tits, you got the body of a fourteen-year old girl. And to be honest, your nipples look a little femmy! Get some close ups of the twink’s nipples, Luke.  Stick your tits out toward the camera, Twink.”


“My name is Andy. Andy Braun.”


“Yeah, whatever. Stick your tits out toward the camera as far as you can.”


Andy stuck his young slender chest out toward the camera, feeling totally foolish.


“Okay, now turn around and stick your fiucked ass out toward the camera. Push it way out, like you were a faggot whore. We gotta get a visual record of the abuse.”


A mortified eighteen-year old Andy spread his legs and pushed his smooth young ass out toward the camera. His ass globes were like melons.There were red welts across the ass cheeks from the belt whipping.  


“jeez, you got an ass like a fourteen-year old boy, or girl.  Arch your back, push that ass out toward the camera. Man, Luke, I gotta make sure I get my own copy of this video. With your legs spread, squat just a little, just enough to open the crack of your pussy, sorry ass!”


“Please, I can’t do this…!” Officer Brett swung the camera up to get some shots of the teenage boy crying. Then he swung it down and took some close-up shots of the kid’s nut sack hanging between his spread legs.


“Okay, Twink, we gotta check the damage. Reach back with your hands and spread your ass cheeks as wide as you can!”


“I just want to go rest… I just want to be alone,” the boy wailed.


“Look, Twink, you called us, now it is our duty to follow up on this.  You got no fucking choice. Now spread those ass cheeks and show us your pussy!”


Andy felt as if he would faint. He reached back and spread his ass cheeks, displaying his red, raw, raped asshole. And then, unable to control himself, he let out a fart and cum spurted out of his teenage raped ass.


“Jesus, Christ, how fucking gross,” Officer Krause laughed. “There’s cum and ass juice leaking out of his hole. Get a close-up of that, Luke.”


How could anyone stand such treatment? Andy felt as if he were caught in a nightmare which would not end. He was the victim! They should be treating him with care and respect!


“We can’t be too careful, you know. We got this one student, a Junior, who is a fucking faggot. Well, he calls us every week with some complaint, just to get us over to his dorm room, and then he crawls around begging us to let him suck our big fat police dicks. You’d be amazed, kid, how many students here, guys and gals beg to suck our dicks. I could easily get mine sucked four or five times a day if I wanted. So we got to check every report to make sure it’s legit. You understand.

Now really spread those ass cheeks wide and let me shine my flashlight on your fucked asshole. Oh yeah, that baby has been ridden hard. Your ass lips are all swollen. And you say this tall dude dumped his ball juice into your rectum?”

‘Yes,” Andy groaned, showing his red hole.  “The first two times!”




Andy let out a long high moan. “God, I am so ashamed. Yes, he fucked me three times!”


“THREE TIMES, WAY TO GO!” Officer Krause reached down and groped his own humongous bulge. “You said he came up your pussy twice?”


“My butt. Not my pussy! Please!”


“Well, where did he shoot his baby batter the third time?”


Andy was bent over, spreading his ass cheeks wide, his chest heaving. “The third time, he… he… pulled out of my ass and shot all over my face!”


Both officers burst out laughing. Things were getting really interesting.

Submitted: June 16, 2022

© Copyright 2023 dale10. All rights reserved.

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Very nice! Always love to see more of your stories . . .I am an ardent admirer.

Sun, June 26th, 2022 5:47pm


I have been reading and rereading your material for over 15 years. I laughed out loud while reading this chapter. Pure genius.

Sun, July 24th, 2022 10:32pm

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