The Sweet Cheater

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

How much can a hot arse take?

Rheagan Maree Sinclair loved regular sex. Not your regular vaginal in the standard expected sense of nine o’clock on a Tuesday night in the missionary position under the doona. No regular, as in constant. She was one of those young lasses who recently turned twenty and are best described as super horny.  The type of chick the lucky bastard who is screwing her can’t believe his good fortune. He has won the girly lottery. He has the pretty slut to himself: he thinks. All his good luck in the world is shaped in immediate lustful arse and pussy time.

Rheagan was hot. She curved in the middle and bulged deliciously above her waist. Stunning large, titty slapping breasts, she then equally shaped out awesomely below her waist with an eye-catching booty that defined her back crack and tight, puffy, shaved slit.  She was brunette cock heaven; in all her entry points.

Josh Hayfield had pumped her in the shower before heading off to his plumbing job on Tuesday morning. The shower had steamed up as they frantically pawed, groped and clutched and fondled flesh and built desire in the vital bodily spots. And then the brunette nympho had squeezed her man around his neck, locked her legs around his hips, and rested her arse on his thighs as he pumped her with ridiculous speed.

It was only beaten by the outlandish way he drilled her arse from behind as she held the shower taps; otherwise, her head would have banged on the tiles repeatedly. Josh entered that free-spirited cock zone where the arsehole you love becomes the furrow you debauch in absolute man sway because your bitch loves it; craves it, and you can do more than jolt the bejesus out of her bum. And enjoy being a total arse bandit yourself in the truest selfish sense of the pleasure spectrum.

Wow, it was right up there as one of the excellent arse stuffing in her total sexual experience, and Rheaghan had had a fair few. This shower arse sex was nearly too frickin good. It dominated her mind as her man went plumbing.

 It also dominated Josh’s mind as he headed through traffic, clocked on, went and installed a couple of pipes and was even in the back of his head; as he headed off to; a hot water cylinder instalment; his next job for today. He got to the site only to find out the work was unexpectedly delayed.

Meanwhile, in her kitchen, because the arse workout had been so vigorous, Rheagan Maree could still feel the wonderful tingle in her butt; over a second cup of coffee. Christ, how could her day get any better? It had seemingly peaked at seven-thirty am.

The knock on her door caught her half-dreaming. She was doing something she never usually did. She was replaying the sexual activity of the shower in her mind. God, it had been intense. Josh had buggered her cute tight little arsehole. He had been manic. He had groaned as he had never before, and Rheaghan had come so strong and still felt at nearly nine o’clock, her man’s jizz swilling around in her clammy panties as it dripped slowly out of her tiny, tight, sweet-shaped balloon knot.

She answered the front door in her bathrobe. Yeah, that’s how good the anal spearing had been. She couldn’t bring herself to lose what she still held of her man inside her smarting starfish.

At the front door was Trevor. He was one of Josh’s mates. He was returning a drill box he borrowed over the weekend. He said he had to walk a couple of blocks because his car was serviced today. He was just a male yapping about tools and vehicles; as they went through the house to the garage to return the drills.  

It shouldn’t have happened, but it did. Reagan’s body was over-switched on for sex. She knew she couldn’t repeat Josh’s effort. She’d be lucky to recapture or scale those heights again in a lifetime. But Trevor didn’t complain as her robe dropped, and he was sucked off in the garage. He couldn’t get in a word to say thanks or great because next, Rheaghan sat on his face.  After that, he was too busy groaning as the tart rode him on the concrete slab, and when she offered him her winking backdoor bent over Josh’s workbench, he was brain mute but cock auto-pilot. Trevor was amazed: her arsehole was so tight yet creamy. The best arse fuck of his life.  He was in deep so easy. She was an arse starlet.

Our brunette nympho knew it wasn’t her Josh pounding her, but it was bloody pleasing. It was fucking satisfying. It was tremendously enjoyable. It was fuckin tremendous, and she let Trevor know it:

“Orrgh, fuck me; yeah, deep, push deeper; yes, yes, I’m cumming.”

She didn’t believe how whorish she was for another arse stuffing so soon after her excellent shower crack filler a while ago. 

She thought: Oh, sex is good. Sometimes too frickin good.  

Anal addiction had hit her.

Trev responded to her filthy spray with rapid lancing jabs; he was Grand Canyon deep. Then his fat cock exploded cream deeper in her arse cavity. He had a sweet moment of intense release.

Then it got surreal in the garage as they both heard from inside the house:

“Rheagan, Rhea honey; Where are you?” from an excited Josh, looking through the house.

He was over arse obsessed too and had time for another round given his job delay.

“Oh shit,” said the brunette getting her bathrobe back on and shuffling Trevor and his pants out through the roller door.

God, her arse was seeping Trev’s cum, but she composed herself: “In the garage, darlin’, I’m tidying up.”

Josh only had eyes for his girlfriend’s body as he entered the doorway. He was all over her like body oil. His hands stripped off her bathrobe, and enjoyed her super fulsome tits. He was male instinctive raunchy; he had had great arse this morning and craved more.

He was down on his knees and licked out Rheagan’s aroused and pungent sexy musky pussy. It was nearly overpowering; fuck, she hadn’t showered yet; she still smelled of their sex: he thought.

But it was her arse he craved. And his lover indulged him. His cock was so hard and erect. He knew how good she was from the shower. He bent her over his workbench. Her buttocks looked just like they did when he pounded her earlier. It was like she had prepped herself for her pipe to be packed by her plumber boy.

“Oh fuck; OH MY GOD,” he went as he eased his cock straight into her tightness. She was still so goddamn wet and relaxed from his cock this morning. Unbelievable. She had her amazing tightness still. However, she had the moisture, the instant shaping and the pleasure control.

Josh knew he’d have to do this again. Her sweet arsehole was just perfection the second time. It was like her ring was attuned to his cock. Like her back drafting constriction had memorised his dick in her internal space and knew how to grip it. Above all, her smeary channelling clamminess; surrounding his cock was delicious, and the traction of wetness was so pleasurable. All he could do was pummel her, raid her bum and release another wad of male love juice in her cupid’s burrow.

Reagan couldn’t believe how accommodating her pink winking crack was as she felt the swirl and spams of an anal-gasm and let Josh know:

“Fuck, fuck, fuck, Oh Christ, oh shit, oh my, Orrgh, Ah, Ahhh, Ahhh,” as she came.

Ms Sinclair couldn’t believe how good a third hard one; in the same morning; in her puckered pink starfish felt. It kept getting better each time. It was like her arse needed a cock warm-up for the main event; then repeating what shouldn’t be repeated and then again, but the pleasure was so intense; each time.

Josh had to return to work, but he said his pecker felt good. Off he went; he had a job to do. As he drove off, he was already planning another arse assault when he got home from work.

Brunette Rheaghan, still in her robe, had a third coffee, but it didn’t help. Her arse was sexually alight, and it seemed only cock could control the blaze; nothing could extinguish her lust as she phoned Josh’s mate: Hamish; and reminded him he owed Josh fifty dollars and would he bring it around now.

Our sweet cheater changed into a tight top and a short leather skirt, minus any knickers, but she didn’t douche her arsehole; a creamed back alley took cock too delightfully easy.

Submitted: June 16, 2022

© Copyright 2023 Janus. All rights reserved.

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Wow, someone really likes anal here - the subject and perhaps the author as well. Lots of experience between the lines here....juicy story.

Fri, June 17th, 2022 12:41pm


That's kind of tongue and cheek, as they say, but all the same really hot and bothered. You're an anal lover's dream of an author. I think it's funny how you British blokes refer to an ass as an arse. You must think Americans write oddly.

Rheaghan keeps a revolving door at the residence, and her boyfriend is none the wiser. It's Starfish Central.

Mon, June 20th, 2022 3:16am


My's funny how you Aussies refer to an arse the same way as the Brits. LOL

Mon, June 20th, 2022 3:18am

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