Chapter 1: Chapter 1 - The ReBirth Of The Art Of Murder

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Erotic Horror  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

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Chapter 1 - The ReBirth Of The Art Of Murder


“In Everything that can be called art there is a quality of redemption. It may be pure tragedy, if it is high tragedy, and it may be pity and irony, and it may be the raucous laughter of the strong man.”

-Raymond Chandler


{Psycho Narrator: The world is looming, filled with shit and corruption of milf cucking asshats that many gothic fuckers try to liberate hate with gashes upon their wrist. The writer of this story wanted me to tell a tale that will be one to remember even if you die of shock reading it or overdose from the amount of fear with every single line of dialogue so listen up you cocksuckers and motherfuckers,  open your sockets dummies cuz I have a real car banger of a tale that is truly cutthroat if you catch my drift hehehehehe…It was the year 2003, scientists secretly tried to come up with a way to evolve human beings faster by making humanoids and mixing DNA with animals along with insects. Sadly the scientist that created the chicken fuck of an idea and monster maker  formula was declined any further testing until his son took over later in 2197.  They first tested on rats, rabbits and the results were even better when recreating species like dinosaurs or dodo birds but when it came to the DNA samples of a human mixed with another animal, the results were not too promising since it only created horrid putrid results in the process. The years went by and the government soon had trouble keeping people alive, many people were dying from an unknown virus that was worse than the one that emerged in 2020. When all hope was lost the scientist’s great grandson and a scientist from Asia created the perfect sample that was able for humans and animals or human beings with insects happened as it was possible finally which the government finally greenlet along pills that helped keep a human’s lifespan longer than possible but they needed a test subject to know that it truly worked, so in 2238  they decided their test subject will be a former soldier John Cole that wanted to return to the battlefield after being injured in the line of duty. He was mixed with the DNA of a Chamaeleon allowing him to use camouflage properties and stick to walls which helped him in battle along with growing back certain limbs that he had lost. He went to war a few months later which led to him winning and sending the other side of the world in an uproar by the greed coming from the American government. It led to a true world war but this time America lost….. They had no idea that there was a mole in the base where the testing was happening and the DNA test was made with the help of the asian scientist’s grandson. Due to this , the asian world leader at the time led to a Asian Takeover and soon the year after 2544  having The 1st Asian President Of The United States. Just like that things began to change even overnight, before Americans, no… THE WORLD as a whole knew it, technology was enhanced with hidden american tech with the new person while flourishing which led to a shot called EVOLVEin the year 2600.  Everyone in the world were forced to take it, if not they were to be executed on site. Even the-anywhere-doors were shut down from the fact that there was a glitch in the system making it so that no one could escape taking the new government…. Sadly their way of thinking caused an uproar throughout the years to come and in 2677 a new government was created throughout the humanoids or what they would like to be called as Nubreeds. The old government was powerless to handle all these different species of Nubreeds so they had to make an ultimatum, either separating the planet for different populations or to leave the planet and go somewhere else….}


{…..They Left…..}


{Well the ones that could afford it did at least along with the penny-pinching jerk offs who were willing to spend a lot to save their asses… The world became chaotic to get onto those ships in one to two ships were gone, the chaos disappointingly dumbed down after many years and many wars that had ended since the old government was no more, “agreements” were made, new places were built for civilizations since many people were  becoming  sent to separate areas throughout the United States & even had to take boats to other continents just for safety reasons. The Southhad 6 different parts (Virginia, North Carolina, Arkansas, Alabama, Oklahoma and Especially Texas but not much left of Texas though….) which brought it back to their roots but all those that remember all the wars which brought them to these five new great lands remember the ones place that was called The United States Of America that was now known as The Nationbut they were not discouraged thanks to old fashion technology mixed with steam tech just in case if something were to happen.  As The South prospered, many parts of The Northmade a claim thanks to the help of its technology becoming enhanced in the way of cybernetics and futuristic design. Unfortunately not everyone was so lucky, East & Westcouldn’t cut the cheese as they had to give up everything with no agreements made, they were outnumbered which led to all having to move out of their homes, towns and  cities to other parts of the world…Even with the help of islands.  The Nubreeds made claims to those territories and had alliances with other places that were willing to go to war especially since they had something that was hidden within The Nation…….}


{Rules to keep the order}


  1. Eating animal meat, banned.

  2. Sex without a listince, banned.

  3. Beer, smoking, sugars and fatty foods, banned.

  4.  Gas Prices were raised with the curfew.

  5.  Children born with Nubreed traits (Beak, Tail, Animal Ears, Scales or gills, etc.) are to be sent to the Nubreed States (East & West) to be taken care of….

  6.  Ones who refuse to take the shot or those who have been known for harming others (especially Nubreeds) will be sent to the Dead Zone, which is a literal state prison in the form of a city that was once Texas.


{But peace was not there, was it?……}


{Hehehehe no, No no lies that just built up to hide the despair that was hidden behind smiles of fear and ambrosia of lost hope. Now idiots allow me to tell you a story about broken people in a broken world just for the one they deemed “The Weak” to be killed to return with The beautiful word known as vengeance…..}




When people talk about death, they always talk about either an endless void or going to Shangri-La but then there is their personal favorite which is going to a white light that leads to heaven….


For me, all I saw was a purple orb that kept the darkness away, not knowing what it meant but the light felt so good compared to the darkness that was so cold, so empty, so hollow, so safe….


It led to me chasing after the mysterious purple glowing ball,  closer and closer I ran after it, with no prevail since it suddenly moved farther away. To make matters worse, the darkness was on my tail which gave me the feeling of my arms being grabbed, then my legs, it was pulling me in like a symbiote. When it seemed like my time was up in the dark and void, it ended up guiding me towards a purple haze that slowly helped me to remember by taking me to see and hear certain events from another me that had been forgotten……. The smell of blood was strong, a voice could be heard as I started to remember…..


“It's crazy how the world ends when you least expect them to… Everyone is born in different environments and have to adapt to certain environments just to coexist just like a caveman learning about fire or a great inventor learning through science and experiments. For me, I learned about violence at a young age. Ever since I could remember there was never a time where I didn't see my brother’s father not trying to intimidate my mom or treating her like a sidekick or a stooge. I don't think that I HATED the man, in fact I ADMIRED his way of having control and putting my mom in her place. Caveman used to hit women overhead with clubs and then drag them towards their cave stating their dominance. The moment that I changed for the better was the moment I saw blood… My brother and myself were watching cartoons like normal kids trying to live out their youth but then we heard a ruckus that got louder and louder like one of those arguments that was not going to be pulled back anytime soon… Just like that it happened, BOOM! A tornado of violence came rushing into the living room and all we saw was punch after punch, hit after hit. It was my brother's father fighting my mother and my brother trying to not look at it as he had most of his focus on the television screen but I could not keep my eyes off the event. It was breathtaking, it was exciting…

It was like a woman with strength and no speed taking on a titan who was from the hood not caring what the results were going to be as I watched my brother's father repainted the entire living room with my mothers blood as he punched repeatedly over and over. When the violence was over I tried to comfort my mom for putting up a good  but all she could do was take out her frustrations out on us while crying tears of blood…. On that night I lost respect for my mom as much as I lost respect for my brother who just watched it all from his own imagination, not what I saw but what I’ve experienced through pain and torment. He was a coward….. It took me years to slowly understand how much the world just craved violent bravery in the way of self pride that Second me to my very core…. As time went on I became more and more violent as the days went on. When my sister came into the picture after many years of killing later, my stepfather and mother decided to put me on a type of medication to make me normal as it took many doctors to hold me down and placed me in a psych ward so that I would become “functional”.” 


The visions had me staggering from the fact that I just couldn’t wrap my head around all of this as another voice spoke up which was kind and courteous.


“But it was no use, thanks to the drugs in my system the memories of my sociopathic life faded and eventually I was able to leave the ward with no regrets… I made amends with my family and honestly thought I had a good life but when it came to luck I used to always miss when it came to hitting the mark, when it came to knowledge I thought I was stupid enough to get thrown into the worst situation, but when it came to love I always thought that I was never good enough to be loved in the first place….. It was until I met this girl named Natalia Misery, she unknowingly changed my life when I thought the opposite of everything that I knew, growing up feeling like the unlucky child of three and being the oldest was never an easy thing especially knowing that what to do while willing to reflect on what not to do in society…. From getting the girl of my dreams to meeting many people along the way that encouraged me to do more than just be the average joe, I was finally able to get where I needed to be.... 

until “she” came into my life…It was in high school after I had ended things with Natalia and went overseas to Asia after graduating and being given an offer to help work under a certain brand that I was never told about, but anyway this was when I met the girl named Fable Pride, she was not the most popular girl in school or the most beautiful but I thought she had a good personality and a great head on her shoulders. Honestly her eyes sparkled like diamonds in a snowstorm which honestly made me want her even though she didn’t feel the same. I soon got her to be my girlfriend, I even had my friend Kenny (who was training to become a shaman since it ran in his family.) who was telling me what I should do what I shouldn’t do when having a girlfriend as I thought of him as my best friend or even an older brother since I always wanted one but it was truly naïve from the fact that I trusted him with everything that he told me.  More than I did with my other friend Michael (Don’t ask how but he was a convict who trained me how to throw punches.) From graduation all the way to the moment we got married her personality changed from a kind woman to a shopaholic who was usually out and about rather than spending time with me. While she was away I got creative by learning how to make weapons plus learning about killers of all types. I was always one for loving horror movies as I somehow felt connected to them along with crime shows. I soon realized that fable was cheating on me after finally opening my eyes and seeing what was going on as I followed her one day but No piece came when I saw Kenny and his twin brother Martel double teaming my wife… The site was unbearable my rage was getting the best of me and my heart was pounding like crazy I had to take my medication just so that I didn’t lose myself I did confront my wife about it and She tried to lie but when I showed her the video that I took her whole expression change from being sad to being full on angered which she blamed me because the fact that I didn’t take that stupid shot like everyone else which I found out that Fable decided to do behind my back.

I asked for divorce….I allowed Fable to stay with me until D-Day, that was a huge mistake on my part. At first she was trying to butter me up by doing nice things and make it seem like we can start over but when she found out that I was not putting up with any of it Fable began trying to frame me for things to get me arrested before our divorce date. Fable tried everything from beating herself up then calling the police, charging me with rape which I have never done to her and even accusing me of trying to kill her or that her life was in danger when the two of us had a conversation.


None of it worked….


So Fable did the one thing that I never thought she would do before the day of our divorce…”






Come on, tell me tell me what she does? wait a minute….




I looked around to see no one there as they were all gone and the darkness tried to take me down. I tried to remember as hard as I could but it wouldn’t come until the very last moment when I thought that my time was up…. The shadows disintegrated off of me  then suddenly a voice spoke my inner thoughts in their own notion but this one felt different than the others.


{When love for another love for money gets mixed up one side has to choose between their faults and their pride was all carbonates into a sweet badge of murder… It was written all over the face of both his past self in the present that was taking the drugs to make it seem like he was normal but all he was doing was bottling up all that rage and all that hate. Fable had had enough of her husband so she came up with a plan by having her partners and others that feel that this emerging working to get rid of him once and for all.  They took a trip across the pond to Indonesia that had become stronger throughout the years after all the rubble and debris that had come from America that made their civilization even grander. Fable's husband had so much fun there and spent a month there which showed that her husband was happy but the wife didn’t like that as Ms. Pride brought others along for the ride in secret… you can already guess where this is leading don’t you?... }


I remembered deeply as a large white light surrounded the purple haze beneath my feet and I dropped down.



[July 7, 3007]



Hm!!!” I took a deep breath waking up in my bed and got up seeing that fable wasn’t there. I figured that I might as well go look for her, but first I need to get dressed. The two of us were staying at a penthouse by the beach, she told me that her parents wanted us to have that honeymoon that we never got to have, I thought it was nice of them especially since this was going to be the last time me and her spend time together so I was willing to put up with it for one last time.


By the time I got my towel wrapped around me since most of my clothes were wet from the storm yesterday I decided to go out and look for her since she talked yesterday about wanting to go to the cliff to see the scenery of the entire area. 


I spotted her going deeper into the forest which led to me following her even though there was a sign that said not to go past the sign, ignoring the warnings leading to me not knowing that I was tripping the motion sensors and with every breath in my body I made my way to the cliff. 


I went over to her but the more I got closer the more I noticed on her face that the cute smile of kindness that was usually there slowly became wicked and cruel almost villainess even which could have been the biggest red flag I could have ever seen.


I was quickly tackled by someone who was trying to lead me towards the end of the cliff but did my best by fighting them off by using my elbow to hit the guy  square in the face breaking their nose even if they were wearing a ski mask and another shot from my elbow to their eye socket officially blinding them…. I watched the blood squirt out their eyes but ended up going into a state where I was in a daze…. Suddenly-




I slowly came back to reality and turned around just to see that Fable stabbed me in the back as she was scared and fearful, she breathes heavily while I wasn't able to scream since my voice was completely shot, not only that but my body was in shock, couldn't feel the pain but my body just wouldn't move. This all led to me dropping down to the cold hard stone ground with a knife in my back. I had so many mixed emotions while wondering why this was happening to me? But more horrors came my way so suddenly…. 


{A tall man that was about 7 feet tall came out from the forest along with a few other people all wearing ski masks but one of them was wearing a pink ski mask. It seemed that one of them who looked to be a girl didn’t get the memo. It was neither here nor there as they were out for blood and blood was truly shed as they each took out their knives and repeatedly stabbed into the young man who was only 19 when they stabbed into him as he stared at fable the entire time feeling every single agonizing moment. They stabbed into his arms and legs along with his torso, before they knew it they were covered in his blood and one of his arms was cut off thanks to the tall man Who brought along a machete. If only I had popcorn to watch that scene as it was truly breathtaking.}


The moment they were done stabbing me some of them looked happy about the results of this done while others just felt disgusted but the one in pink puked heavily feeling squeamish. I heard saintly from that one who ended up taking off her mask to reveal her face that looked slightly familiar…. “This was not supposed to happen, we were only supposed to scare him so you get your precious money as he did nothing wrong to you.”




The sound of a gunshot startled me while realizing that Martel ended up shooting past the girl's head like a warning shot since I could easily recognize his voice. “Enough of this pussy shit, we all agree to this as we were not held down, no one told you to come by force so let’s get on with it or there will be two bodies!


The girl cooperated and mouthed the words “I’m sorry…” which led to me trying to say the word “wait” but they couldn’t hear me since I was choking on my own blood since my throat was slit, three of the men picked me up and tossed me over the cliff but luckily one of my hands got caught by the edge with pure reflex. I held on for dear life while everyone else was surprised that I survived but Fable was beyond happy especially since Martel had no more bullets. Kenny couldn’t let me on fire since it began to rain heavily which made everyone reveal themselves one by one as their ski mask came off. 


{The tall man was Lenny, A Christian bastard that held onto the Bible just like how his mom with Jack off to Jesus himself that went to school with the man but when they became distant because of one girl that didn’t like Lenny over religious behavior, he set out revenge to kill the man that was once his friend that Lenny saw as a Cock Sucker.  Kenny and Martel both had beef with Fable’s husband since he got into a fight with both of them in the moment he dropped his guard they felt the need to mess with him since he was no longer listening to them so they decided to use him as a stooge ever since that day they betrayed him.  His Ex bunny who was in love with a woman named Natalia caused him the most trouble as she considered him a worse version of a human being so she messed with him and tried everything to tear him down but it didn’t work even after he broke up with Natalia she still had hate towards him. The last girl Kourtney was the only one that didn’t wanna be there as it was easy to tell in her eyes that she would put up to do this but there was something more….}


DIE!! For fucks sake just die and let me live my life!!! Fucking DIE!!! Fable was screaming this over and over while  stomping at my left hand wanting me to just no longer exist but then she was stopped by Kenny who removed his mask showing his mulatto face, he first looked at Fable then down at me before taking out a knife that he crafted for me as he said that it was going to be a wedding gift present.


(“God no, I don’t wanna die… Fable, please help me.”)  He begged while his words were gargled with his own blood as he was begging and pleading for at least one of them to listen.


{Instead of her feeling any guilt, Fable Pride looked down upon the man she married with a smile from ear to ear before taking the custom knife with chainsaw blades and began cutting off his fingers while his  life flashed before his eyes with each finger being cut. The rain came down hard on his face along with his own blood that was squirting. Love is truly cruel but not as cruel as seeing the woman that you once loved let you drop from a cliff landing on sharp rocks at the bottom.}




……I found myself back but this time the shadows didn’t want to touch me as my frustration was slowly growing while my mind was twisting and contorting, guiding myself through trying to calm down but as I heard voices mocking me and laughing at the fact that I died for a woman who barely loved me. “I remember now, I remember, I remember, I remember, I remember, I remember, I remember… I was falling down to my death and landed on a bunch of spikes in the ocean that stabbed through my…My... Those bastards!…. I can even feel the lightning coursing through my veins as I was truly dead to the world as if I was useless to all…” I fell to the floor, tears running down my face and anger just growing inside me. I began punching the ground, not noticing that every single time my fist collided with the ground, making small craters along with my hands bleeding heavily bit by bit adding to the surprise of a burning sensation coursing through my body.


I am going to make them pay!




"Those murderers…"




"I'm going to get them back for this with blood on my hands!"


*Crack Crack!*













{With one good headbutt to the ground that could easily break the skull for a normal skull, the void that he was trapped in crumbled and everything went red, he looked around for a moment and smiled seeing all the damn souls while his own soul vanished as a flock of crows devoured it just for them to burst into flames….}


{Rumor has it that every object that he ever gave to each of those traders who were once his friends or lovers shuttered and never to be fixed again…On another traitorous note the case was made for him by his widowed wife saying that he jumped off the cliff. Funny enough she even wrote a suicide note with the help of Bunny. Everyone but Kourtney was satisfied with these results but she was warned that if she spoke out Kourtney would be sent down the same path as the man she once called brother in law…. She stayed quiet and never spoke out about their actions as they got away with it with fable getting all that was in her husband's will after writing out the will herself giving his family nothing, the case continued even as we speak.}


{With stories like these you usually think that it would be over with a snap of a finger, but we all know that you can't beat a dead horse after you abused it for so long, he wanted Vengeance and he was going to get even if it meant cheating death's design, what's going to stop him? Thanks to those crystals that were lodged in his body that he thought were spikes left his remains but took his soul and morphed it into something more, an orb of your energy and filled with so much anger and rage of the true sociopathKILLER! His soul stayed there for days until it's shot from the cave that it was hidden in and landed in a village in Wataraka, Ende, Indonesia where a Indonesian woman slept which led to her not expecting the glowing orb that hovered above her to slowly press itself onto her stomach entering her body creating a fetus. Before she knew it she was pregnant with a child which led to her giving birth less than 3 months. Rumor has it that the woman gave birth to a healthy baby boy that once opened his eyes left at the female nurse and ripped her left tit off with his teeth loose mouth hahahaha! They grow up deadly don’t they? Anyway, regardless of the fact that she gave birth to a vengeful spirit of a man, she was a nice woman and a wonderful mother doing her best to take care of her child and whenever a man tried to rough her up or take advantage of her a few days later they would turn up missing… Funny how the mother of a monster ended up having her attackers / buyers die one by one mysteriously, ironic isn't it? Over time she realized the pattern that was being created around her and figured out that pattern one night when seeing from her own eyes that her child was not normal soon considered him a monster or in other words a demon when she once called him an angel  when he cut the throat of his mother’s biggest attacker. This all led to her sending her boy away without a name even though it pained her so. Little did she know the madness had begun….. The moment she sent him on a boat away from her tears fell from her eyes while not knowing that the boat was filled with murderers of many kinds which led to the dead of the child’s caregiver. The baby that was once that man learned overtime by lost his sanity and replacing it by  becoming a sociopathic genius, stopped his random killings at the age of 6 and  began  controlled with pure killer instincts & vengeance instead of mindless childish slaughter, hey a little bit of slaughter keeps the doctor at bay hehehe~. Like I said the madness had just begun since he spent 13 years training so when the time comes he will act out his vengeance.  He learned things about his new body like the skill to climb walls or how his long hair can be used as a weapon against enemies, even teleporting to different locations, along with his finger strength that could rip through a person's flesh with ease. Speaking of flesh, that young man gained a bit of a taste for it, funny what happens when you teleport to a Korowai Tribe in Papua, New Guinea that had both humans and predators with the plague. You see this tribe believed in cannibalism by eating those that they considered devils. They considered him a miracle from the fact that he could eat blades, reflect gun fire from his body like rubber and even drink poison which still couldn’t kill his  now crazy Indonesian ass. The reason for that? Simple… He practiced the art of Debus (Traditional martial art unique to Banten that is imbued with supernatural powers.) before he died…. The man was told that his skills he learned will protect him and with this new life those so-called Supernatural Powers were enhanced as he learned a year after he was born and so on…  He even added acupuncture to it along with his own style of kickboxing/Muay Thai and Judo, mixing it all up into his own style of fighting known asThe Doctor's Art Of Murder. By the time he was 19th he had already killed up to 100 men and women each, maybe even more but he only had one thought in mind as he walked down the road with a head of a police officer in the right hand, dragging a long cleaver in the other, plus a corrupted opossum on his shoulder.}


“You know Eve, I hope they need a doctor here because the first rule of murder is always make sure that you have a place to do your work properly hehehahahahaha, let’s see what kind of damage I can do for the other side of the world.” Said the Young man that was now known as Dram Killinghim who walked into the fog as he entered the Dead Zone with his Corrupted pet opossum (Eve)…..


“No-Turning-Back! I will find you Fable even if I have to build a tower of bodies from these hands!!!”


 Dram with his eyes that were hidden underneath his long black and white hair that had not been taken care of showed eyes they had lost all hope but his smile that  showed teeth which looked to have had NOT been taken care of but they also showed a dead man with only two things on his mind….




{Absolutely beautiful.}


[Kill Ør Be Kill/tinued]

Submitted: June 16, 2022

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