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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Erotic Flash  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group



I was an operations supervisor for the Boulder Valley School District once. I worked out of the administrative center, showing up early in the morning when the building had only a skeleton security staff.

I wasn’t the only person clocking in early. There was a woman in the warehouse doing that same thing.  

Ilona was Italian, married, sharp-tongued, pretty, and petite. She had a moderately fat ass, heavy tits, and was coy. Her hair was brown with feathered bangs and long to her elbows. In the early morning, it was usually damp from a recent shower and smelling of shampoo. She had a sparkle in her eye and was not opposed to hitting you with a water balloon or blasting you with silly string as you came through the door. She’d empty the entire can on you and resist if you tried to pry it out of her hand. There was no way around her big jugs in a game of Twister, and I usually ended up jerking off in a lavatory stall after one of our wrestling matches. I’d visualize her cunt while I jerked; I was sure she had a good bush judging from the hair on her forearms and the very light but visible fuzz above her top lip.  She also liked to pinch. And she did it hard, almost sadistically. One morning, she whacked me across the back with a fly swatter, then pinched the fuck out of my arm when I tried to take it away from her.

“Ouch, bitch!”

I picked one of her tits up.

"That's my husband’s," she said.


“Yeah,” she said, pushing at my hand and then slapping me across the face.

She had comfy cotton sweatpants, and I grabbed her cunt through them and tugged at it.

“Huh,” she said as if amused. “Having fun? Trying to get me wet?”

“You’re already wet,” I said, reaching down the front of her sweats and feeling the bush I’d fantasized about. She was wet alright. I grabbed her ass and finger-fucked her. I wanted to take my cock out and see her reaction to it. That’s my thing, always has been.


I started flashing at five years of age. First, to pretty news anchors on T.V., or soap opera beauties. Any full-on woman put me in the mood. Hell, I even flashed my mother’s best friend.

Eddie used to hang out at the beach with my mother, and then they’d go to the “El Morocco” and get looped. One time, they came back, and when my mother went upstairs and crashed, Eddie got all kissy with me, telling me how cute I was while holding my face, breathing her whiskey breath on me, and smearing my mouth with lipstick smooches. My seven-year-old cock was throbbing, and she was drunk. I took it out. That sobered her up. She took a shower, then headed for the guest bedroom wearing one of my mother’s bathrobes, which dragged on the floor, and a towel turban on her head. She passed out, naked on her back.  I spied. She had a beautiful heart-shaped face, green eyes, a perfect nose, and raven hair. God had packed her assets into a five-foot-one-inch frame, big nipples on her small tits. Her hairy cunt was a song.


I said, "Wanna see it?"

Ilona didn't say anything, but the train had left the station. She was going to see. I took it out. She didn't react, except her eyes had an almost pained expression, distracted. She glanced away but came right back. That's when she got suddenly passive. I had to put her hand on it. She just held it. We were standing a couple of steps away from her office. I put my cock back in my pants and said,

"Let's go in there,"

She went in, and I followed her. She sat in her office chair, and I took it out again. I said, "Suck it." She rolled her eyes up at me,


I moved closer; she turned her face away. I touched her cheek with it. The precum made a thread that hung. She grabbed my cock and started, not sucking so much as making out with it like a high school girl in the back seat.

She knew exactly what she wanted. She was a silent fuck with a full bush. We got it right on the office floor with the door locked. She was strictly missionary. I tried that one-inch-at-a-time deal. You know, polite. She dug her nails in my ass and rolled her hips into it. She took the whole thing in one jolt and then fucked herself silly like she'd gotten hold of a live dildo. I wasn't even there. I understood the pinching better. It was forty-five seconds, and she went limp. That's the only way I knew she'd cum.

Submitted: June 14, 2022

© Copyright 2022 Laird. All rights reserved.

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