Forest Fun

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Adult Romance  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

The "Reapertingue Forest Games" are organized by several parochial movements. Andrew isn't keen on participating, but his father wants him to, for commercial reasons. So, Andrew complies and takes part in the event. To his surprise, it's on that occasion that Andrew meets Nancy Burton again...

Forest Fun


I can't say that I forgot about Nancy Burton after I fucked her in the ass at my house on my own bed. Her promise that I would soon be able to fuck her in her cunt played through my mind every now and then. I had told my sister Sylvia, but she laughed at me:


Do you know Nancy Burton well? Forget that you will ever be allowed to screw her in her slit! God knows to how many guys she's already promised that! I know at least three of them, and they've told me she doesn't let anyone touch her puss. They can kiss, stroke, feel and touch her a bit, but that's about it."


I didn't dare tell Sylvia that I had cum in Nancy's ass. She was not at all averse to sex, but anal sex horrified her, she had told me more than once. I believed Sylvia, so I gave up all hope to get to fuck Nancy. That wasn’t really difficult for me. Through Sylvia, I had come to know Tina Rays at Curange, a girl with whom Sylvia had been in class at the Ursulines’ Convent School on Green Square. Thanks to Tina, I had lost quite a bit of weight, but I was a lot healthier than before I met her. Because I listened to her and only ate what she told me to eat, I was allowed to fuck her every time I ate a certain type of food in front of her or had lost a sufficient amount of weight again. This was done according to a mathematical table she had drawn up and which she followed very closely. But Tina Rays, that's another story…

One day, Gabe Drayer came to see me. He was an old schoolmate from when I was wearing out my pants at St. Joseph's College. He was on the board of the parish catholic youth movements. He invited me to participate in the “Reapertingue Forest Games”. The parochial youth associations organized them together in the forest on Elfs’ Mount and in the surrounding area.

I wasn't really interested, but my father insisted that I participate anyway. We already had a number of customers for our gas cylinders and gas stoves in Reapertingue, but maybe I could attract even more if I participated in the forest games. So, without a lot of enthusiasm, I signed up for that parochial activity as well. This immediately had a positive effect on our gas trade: after the forest games, the participants had a cozy get-together in the evening. That party was planned in an empty barn on nearby Tomboy Street. We were allowed to install four movable patio heaters there. The joint treasury of catholic parish associations bore the costs. My father did something he never did as a businessman: he charged the organizers only half the normal price. He was convinced that this commercial gesture would pay off in our parish…


For those who liked a lot of physical exercise, and partly also nature exploration, the forest games weren’t that bad. I liked them too, but not for those two reasons. Nancy Burton also took part in them, and I couldn't help but think back to that moment when she was on her elbows and knees in front of me and I was going back and forth with my dick in her ass…

She first pretended not to see me on Elfs’ Mount. Or she saw me and didn't recognize me, which I found doubtful. That didn't really bother me, after what I'd heard from Sylvia about how Nancy dealt with men who were looking to fuck her.


I was therefore surprised that, after the forest games, she came to sit next to me in the barn. We had no chairs there, but we sat on the bare ground, a kind of tamped-down dry mud. At first, Nancy stayed a yard away from me, and she didn’t speak to me, but to the girl sitting next to her on the right.

But the situation changed. As the evening progressed, most of the participants in the social gathering had more than feasted on the bottles of Heineken and Guinness and the wine in five-liter cartons from Aldi, which had been offered free of charge by the parish council. Nancy had also enjoyed the treat. How many glasses of that cheap rosé she'd had? I'm not sure, but I think at least four or five. She moved and sat closer to me. We started talking, rather superficially. Neither of us made the slightest allusion to what had happened in my room when I rammed my dick up her ass.

Whether it was under the influence of the beer and wine I don't know, but gradually more and more couples disappeared outside. It was clear they weren't just going to get some fresh air. Nathalie pressed her thigh against mine and she gave me a look that spoke volumes. A good listener only needs half a word… And in this case, not even one word had to be said. After all, we were both looking for fun and the opportunity was too good to pass up. We went hand in hand back to Elfs’ Mount in the semi-darkness. On the way, Nancy apparently forgot all her Catholic principles and she stroked my hard cock every ten yards or so.

Once on Elfs’ Mount, we looked for a discreet spot between the trees. She undressed completely and I took off everything too, except my pants which I dropped on my ankles. So, we faced each other almost completely naked. Nancy turned away from me, bent down, and propped her hands against a thick beech tree.


Stick it in my ass,” she said. “You know how that goes.”


But I didn't want that: “You promised me that I could bang you in your cunt. You were going to take the pill, weren't you?"


I still don't take it,” she answered. “The pill makes you fat, and I'm already fat enough."


Okay then,” I said. “Then we won't.”


I pulled up my pants and bent down to pick up my shirt to get dressed again.


Not so fast!” said Nancy. “It’s alright. Fuck me in my mussel. I'll get my period in three or four days, so I can't get pregnant anymore."


I wanted to lay her on her back under that beech tree and crawl on her to fuck her in the missionary position. But Nancy didn't want that:


Say, Andrew, no way! Do you think I'm going to lie with my bare ass amid the ants’ heaps? Fuck me while we are standing.”


She leaned her back against the beech tree. I came forward and explored her body with my fingertips as we French kissed. It didn't take long before Nancy started to sigh and let me know she was ready to be fucked. She kept me busy and didn't flinch. On the contrary, she opened her legs and lifted one off the ground. We both had the same desire and very quickly, we understood each other. I didn't wait, I felt like I had to start right away before maybe Nancy changed her mind and decided to get dressed again. There was a reason for that. Our sweaty horniness had attracted mosquitoes and other insects. Nathalie was constantly waving her hands to keep those pesky critters away from us. But the desire to be fucked overcame the bugs' discomfort. I took her thigh and lifted it up to put my dick into her fuck hole. What a pleasure it was for me to feel my hot cockhead teasing her pussy lips and after a moment penetrate her soaking wet cunt like a hot knife in butter. Nancy arched her back and offered herself to my hard cock. I started going back and forth in her pussy. The more I went up and down inside her, the more she whimpered softly and asked me for more... She lifted her leg even higher to feel my stiff dick deeper inside her cunt. I heard her moan, and felt her fingers anchor into my hips before I shot my sperm into the crevice between her legs... I fell panting against Nancy's shoulder, my lower abdomen jerking with several squirts of cum which I pumped into her cunt. So, I lay with my head on her shoulder for a few seconds or even a minute…

I heard her sigh. She punched me hard and pushed me away from her.

In an annoyed tone, she made it clear to me that I had only been thinking about myself while enjoying her pussy... Nancy was right. I had come inside her slit, and it had been wonderful, but she hadn't reached her orgasm. I looked up at her shyly, still savoring my orgasm. Nancy leaned her back against the trunk of the beech tree. She made no move to get dressed and leave. I stood with her for a few more seconds to recover after I had cum inside her. Then I pulled up my pants and shook them to get rid of any sand and bugs that might be in them. But before I had a chance to buckle my belt, Nathalie grabbed my flaccid cock and pulled on it tightly. In a sharp voice, she said:


Come on, Andrew, you miserable fucker. That's not how it should go. I let you fuck me in my pussy, as I promised. But you must also give me something. You're not leaving here until you have made me cum."


"That's fine with me, Nancy," I said. “But my dick won't get hard again immediately. That could take a while. And are we going to stand here in the swarms of mosquitoes until it gets stiff again?”


No, I can't,” Nancy replied. "You're right. I've already been stung everywhere, on my back, my buttocks, my belly, right down to my tits. We're going to get dressed again while waiting for life to come back to your cock. And when it’s hard again, you just take your pants back off and I’ll draw my panties down."


I didn’t contradict her, because she was right. To help me get an erection again, she reached into my pants with her warm hand. She played with my balls and pulled up and down the foreskin of my dick as if she were masturbating me. I estimate it took about twenty minutes before I was ready to fuck her again. When she felt my cock was hard enough, she took off her panties and I lowered my pants to my ankles. Nancy no longer needed foreplay this time. She was still as hot as a stove from when I had fucked her less than half an hour before. As I went up and down inside her cunt again, she took my hand and guided my index finger to her clitoris. She didn't say anything, but I knew she wanted me to massage it. It wasn't easy while I was fucking her standing up, but I did my best anyway. It helped. After less than five minutes, Nancy came screaming and calling God. Fortunately, we were quite isolated there on Elfs’ Mount, and no one was around to hear her orgasmic cry. For me, it took another five minutes before I got rid of my semen inside her pussy. Weird, but true, the second time I had a better orgasm.

When I had injected my sperm into Nancy's cunt for the second time, I got a knock from the hammer, as it were. I was shaking on my legs and suddenly, I felt dead tired. I wanted to say that to Nancy, but I didn't get that time. She wiped her puss with some leaves that she picked up from the ground, pulled up her underpants, and left.


"I'm going back to the barn for a few more glasses of wine," she said. “Come to join me there. Not right away, otherwise, it will be too obvious that we have been up to something together.”


Before I had regained my senses, my wish was over to go back to the barn on Tomcat Street. I felt pooped and made my way straight home. There, I immediately went to bed after throwing my dirty underpants in the laundry basket and washing my dick.

I still felt broken when I got up the next morning. My father was curious at the breakfast table:


So, how were the forest games?” he asked.


They were really enjoyable, much more pleasant than I had expected,” I replied, “but very tiring.”


"I can imagine!" my sister Sylvia laughed. She didn't know, of course, what had happened between me and Nancy Burton, but I suspect her keen feminine intuition had suggested to her that I'd had sex with a girl. Or had she inspected my underpants in the laundry basket and seen sperm stains in them? Whatever, I had fucked Nancy in her cunt, as she had promised me, and even twice on the same night.


Later on, my father was delighted, because my participation in the Reapertingue Forest Games brought us almost twenty new customers for our gas trade in one week…


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Submitted: June 14, 2022

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