Daddies Double Cum

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

My new blended family was me and my two step-daddies; perversity developed a new category, bi daddies and their whorette daughter.

Family, it’s who you are. When I was young, nuclear was the standard with two biological parents. I didn’t need a DNA test; I looked like my mum: the same chin, the exact sharpish nose, honeyed blonde hair and her sparkling light blue eyes. As a teenager, thankfully, I got her great boobs too. A nuclear family, alright, very appropriate, it split and exploded.

But I’m getting ahead of myself. In high school, I became aware of friends with only one parent, a mum or kids living with their grandparents. Then my dad and mum divorced, and I became part of a new unit with a step-dad a year later. Then at college, the realisation there were friends in same-sex adult households like Matt, a cool gay dude with two lesbian mums. Anyway, I was tolerant because it didn’t directly involve me and my home world appeared composed and safe as I entered my senior college year. My mum and step-dad gave the outward appearance of a steady matched pair. Besides, I was chasing guys, and my parents were OK about that, provided my grade average remained high.

Then the bombshell hit in the middle of my senior college year. My mum upped and left suddenly, only three weeks past my wonderful eighteenth birthday. But the bigger shock was when dad’s new partner moved in almost immediately. And nothing prepared me for the situation of confronting my step-dad being GAY. His partner was a business colleague. And it turned out he had been married for like twelve years. Well, talk about uncomfortable. I even started questioning my sexual orientation when it turned out mum was living with another woman. Talk about matures coming out. But I was by then catching myself looking at girls’ tits and butts and camel toes. But then I’d see a good-looking guy and crave cock. Maybe I was bi?

My stepdad, James, wanted to talk me through the new ‘home’ arrangement in a mature way, but I wasn’t feeling ‘the love’. I was wrapped in a dense confusion of my sexual leanings and strangely mixed urges. And the household situation was so baffling, too difficult to talk about because my step-daddy’s new partner, Sam, who started calling himself my second step-daddy, was asking about my life. I didn’t want to share because I could hear the evidence of his sex life nearly every night.

Given the disgusting, debased, debauched groans and grunts from the bedroom next to mine upstairs, I was sure the two men in the house had a cock and arse fixation. Oh, I was curious enough to look on the internet and see how two guys pleasured each other. Filthy and alluring at the same time. I suppose like a girl getting double played by two guys, dirty and alluring but way out of my jurisdiction at a tender eighteen. Not on my sexual bucket list. I mean a cock in your pussy and one-up your arse at the same time-not natural. Excessive. I was a cock slut; I wasn’t a cock whore. I loved cock, and one was fine at a time. More than enough for a senior college lass to explore, crave, and indulge. And as my two-step daddies indulged themselves, I did too, working through a few cocks at college. Yeah, I was getting a rep as a slut, but I was no easy anal whore. My arse was off-limits for someone special. I didn’t know who just yet.

After a few weeks, the dual lover boys didn’t notice me when I slipped up and came down to breakfast after I slept in on a school day in my skimpy nightie. The pair couldn’t see or appreciate decent boobs and pert, super shapely arse. Well, a sexy peachette like me wasn’t going to take that lightly. If they couldn’t appreciate delicate nubile flesh accidentally presented, I’d flaunt it in their faces; I’d parade myself anyway. And every morning, I got more risqué and sluttier.

Mmm, the tramp exhibitionist in me.

One morning, my boobs were literally hanging out, resting on the breakfast bar. Even as I had a nipple slip, the two pricks kept drinking coffee; one appeared to be checking his phone, and the other was apparently more interested in the newspaper's financial pages. Did I have to go topless to arouse the primal male in these former married guys? I was drawing a blank even with sheer light pink see-through fabric, my nipples aroused by the soft caressing material, pert and bright and hard and so frickin visible. But not to my daddies. Oh, screw it, I thought, they’re committed mature bears, and I had better use for my assets at school.

So, I wasn’t teasing or goading them on when I leaned right across the breakfast bar to get the honey for my toast. How was I to know this was my moment of releasing salacious tandem lechery. Just for a moment, as I was double grabbed and groped across the breakfast bar from in front and behind, I realised the danger of being a college girl in a house with two males and no other female present.

“You trashy minx Ashley,” exploded James.

He exposed my tits brusquely but very excitingly in his unexpected flouncing massaging of my boobs and quick sharp pulling and tweaking of my instantly responsive nipples.

“You goddamn tart”, came from Sam.

He made me gasp and moan as his fingers aggressively spread my arsehole and pussy lips from behind me.

I was flesh grabbed; double daddy manhandled, body mauled, as I had never been before. Well, I suppose I’d never been explored by two guys simultaneously. They were both so sure with their hands. My skimpy night panties were off, and my arse was smacked while my arsehole was fingered. James shredded off my pink negligee and was nuzzling into my tits ferociously as I was stretched across the breakfast bar. My tits dangling off one end, my arse suspended and held off the other end by Sam, who deposited welts on my bum.

I winced and groaned in a strange mixture of pleasure and discomfort as my bum was slapped, my arsehole fingered, and James’ teeth nibbled my nipples.

I was rolled over on the breakfast bench by the pair. I went to catch my breath, but James roughly jagged his big hard cock in my gob from above my dangling face, over the bar, luckily supported by his hand. I gagged on it for a moment because Sam was rimming my virgin arsehole with his wet mussy tongue. Unbelievably good.

From somewhere, I got my slut composure and started sucking off my first step daddy, who had moved more to the side and taking my head with him; I got my lips locked and pumping along his stiff pecker. My arsehole was in a pleasure world of its own making. Sensational shards of delight shot into me from my butt ring being worked over.  It was anal molestation, his tongue delving deep, my arse held open, fully gaped, I suppose, and the prick was spitting into my depths, and he was gawping me with a double finger probe. God, my mouth was being smothered with cock. My gob assailed and drilled with manic male pleasure purpose.

I was rag-dolled off the bench and ordered by Sam to kneel in front of the pair. Two cocks; which should have been classified as weapons, were slapped across my cheeks, and as they took turns trouncing my mouth with their engorged meat sticks, I realised they were bi.

“Suck on that, you slut”, said Sam before just enjoying my mouth work ethic with his pecker.

They were ready to despoil any hole on offer. I sucked off their dicks in turn. I was made to suck cock till my mouth was numb, but boy was I still enjoying dick. Then they double rammed my mouth, the depraved sods. Stuffing me till I spluttered and gagged.

“Take that, you bitch on heat, take em both”, demanded James, squeezing his cock in one cheek while Sam occupied the other.

I knew I was for it as I was lifted and sandwiched between them; my original step daddy nuzzled around my arse crack behind me and my recent new steppie pressing into my sopping slit in front of me.

“Bet you like it front and back, you tart,” said James burrowing his cock head in my arse opening.

My body was suddenly double-flailed. My flesh intoxicated in an overpowering way. My pussy was rammed and stuffed just after my arsehole was cock bludgeoned.

I yelped. I swooned. I moaned. I bodily groaned. I passed from being a slut to a proper whore.

“Oh shit, oh GOD, oh fuck, yeah, OrRGH, fuck, aaggH.”

Then I trailed in heavy moany, panting.

It was devastatingly good and wincy bursting at the same time. On the cusp of perturbing discomfort as my body adjusted to a twin pecker assault. My arsehole was mugged. My pussy blitzed. The heaving traction of thick cock jolting in two places had my most sensitive skin fully stretched and not much keeping my two delighted holes apart. There was yanking and raw raking combined. Exquisite protracted pleasure and smarting soreness. But nothing to make me want to stop.

I embraced the epitome of arsehole pleasure, fixated on my buggerised rapture, total sodomised bliss, combined with a startling pussy grinding. I didn’t know what to focus on; it was too good, in two locations in my body.

I was squeezed and pressed between two mature manic guys. Both intent, I realised, on making me accountable for what I had awoken in my daddies by parading around in my skimpy attire. I was a tease, they were going to more than tease me back, and they were fully pleasured, punishing my body. Retribution of the rod, but doubled. I was split open like I couldn’t believe it.

I went limp with delight between them. I was jammed and squashed and locked in happiness too. So much delight coursing through my arse and pussy at the same time. I barely caught my breath as the speedy pair swapped cock positions.

“You’re a whore,” said my new step daddy, “Say it, you’re a whore,” as he rimmed my gaped needy arse.

I passed over from young slut to insatiable bum cock whore very quickly.

“I’m a whore,” I winced out between gasping pants because I was corseted between them again.

The same but so different as James now chastened my pussy into total submission with grinding thrusting power, and Sam blasted into my arse, shaping my back passage to the thickness of his pecker. So frickin dirty the pair. I doubt they would have treated an actual whore how they gave it to me.

I felt my pussy clasp around cock. I felt my arse spasm and clench cock. I felt the surge of my mounting craved for orgasm.

Sam was a true anal assassin, a perverted bi back door bandit whose cock badgered my arse with a hard buffeting, a bum drilling, boy was he ferreting deep, punching my doughnut hole without mercy, his knob jacking at my tender puckered ring. While James was subjugating my pussy into a soggy, soppy liquid carnal canal. I was soaked; it was raining femjuices inside my cunt. I could feel my girly sap oozing and squelching and runnelling down my thighs and back into my arse hole for extra needed lubrication.  My whole body, clammy and sweat, caked too, like the two guys doing me fully together.

I had never felt so alive, so in myself and yet trying to get out of myself. My climax was my only possible release valve. There is ultimate sex, and I was in it. I was condensed to my true whorette soul.

Then my two steppies combined to fully open my flesh’s tandem pleasure. They upped their thrusting. My arse boned to my bowels. My pussy drilled into my womb.

“Orrgh shit,” I moaned, “Are you sure I can take that.”

“Oh, you can, you whore bitch,” was Sam’s reply as he jagged my arse, rough, rude and raw.

I felt the heat in my butt hole; I embraced the heat in my pussy, heart, and the searing fire of lust in my brain. My orgasm was an arse and pussy intensification of pleasure, sheer body rapture. All my senses pleased at once. My arousal scale; was off the scale.

“Holy Shit,” I mouthed, cumming so intensely, so frickin strongly.

It lasted and lasted. Then it peaked again as the bastards kept pounding my bliss-filled holes.

“OH FUCK!” I then exclaimed. Well, I was frickin having the mother of all second gasms by that stage.

I was a quivery sated girl. I had learnt my lesson not to over-tempt my steppies, but hey, I think they knew I’d be back for more of this. I had sampled sexual paradise; there was no going back from here, only going back for more.

I was sexually dazed. My mind was blown away. They were both out of me. Finished, I supposed.

A couple of light slaps caught my attention, and I was on my knees.  Two raging peckers coated in my inner juices were jacking close to my face.

I realised my face and mouth were about to get Daddy’s double cum. I saw the brow screwed intensity in their faces as they built to release their obvious bursting wads.

Sam’s cock was in my mouth, the depraved sod making me take his load in my mouth. I felt his pecker jerk repeatedly, and my gob was full of warm sticky goo. I didn’t usually swallow, so I was thinking about what to do with it when his cock was out, and James’ monster was off loading a second batch in my mouth, which became a swilling slurry of cum. Fuck, my mouth was full.

I dribbled the excess out and down my chin. Globs drooled onto my breasts and dripped down to my tummy.

“Lick it all back up,” commanded Sam.

“And swallow it all, you beautiful hussy,” added James.

Well, I swallowed what was in my mouth. I gulped it down, and fuck, there was a lot. And my fingers gathered the excess from my navel, breasts, and chin, and all their expelled jizz was finally swirling inside my tummy.

“Fuck, you look gorgeous,” said Sam.

I knew I had the heated flush of great sex.

“Yeah, she does, and we are so lucky, she’s our steppie, not our daughter eh, and she’s frickin eighteen mate, life is good in this house and going to get better,” from James.

God, I was on my knees, naked, doubled penetrated before breakfast and school. A cum swallowing whore. I could tell already I wouldn’t make school today, but I needed breakfast. I needed the energy to try to hold my own with this ribald bi-mature pair.

The depraved sods headed off for a shower together.

 I finally got my toast and honey, sitting on my tad-smarting but happy arse at the breakfast bar.

I reflected: Families, the best type are not the dictionary listed; there are many, but the sexually created ones.

Submitted: June 14, 2022

© Copyright 2023 Janus. All rights reserved.

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2 lucky guys with a sex whore steppie .... a must for any household

Tue, June 14th, 2022 8:56am


The idea of incest doesn't usually interest me, but this was amazing and I loved it. Down and dirty, lurid and lovely actually. Ashley discovered her true sexual self? The reader wonders if more will follow from this odd family relationship....

Tue, June 14th, 2022 1:06pm


This was a new take for me. The family dynamic was definitely something to behold. Ashley being pleasured by both her stepfathers were...very interesting. I didn't think she'd go for it so easily and willingly. This was as spicy as a pot of Louisiana gumbo! Keep up the phenomenal work Janus! :)

Thu, December 1st, 2022 12:36am

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