Chapter 1: The Stacks

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Literary Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

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Something happened to me in college that changed my rather limited perspective about sex. I came to ECU as a virgin, my parents having monitored me like a protagonist in a George Orwell novel, and my experiences with boys quite limited. I was quick to make friends with several other girls and within two weeks of starting classes they had changed my entire and hairstyle, tight sexy clothing. I didn't know what to do with all the heads I was turning. I had never even considered birth control. I was saving myself for marriage because that's what good girls do.

I met Charlie at the library in a mysterious arena called 'the stacks'. There's never been a place better designed for unsolicited sex...small cubbyholes with tables and chairs surrounded by massive metal bookshelves, brick walls, dim lights, shadowed walkways, no windows. It was right out of a movie that I've never seen, and Charlie was the spitting image of Harry Potter. He caught my attention immediately, so small and innocuous in his studious glasses, his brown hair raked to the side, his skin as white as typing paper with wiry little fingers that would soon find their way to my clit.

He wasn't gorgeous or dangerous or wildly intoxicating. He was, in fact, rather shy and quite hesitant to speak, even though we found ourselves in need of conversation. What kind of college student actually goes to the stacks on a late Friday afternoon? That's party time. The dorms are rocking and downtown is just about to burst with excitement. Still, there we were, the only two people in the whole library save for staff and security. We must have been. The place was deafly quiet.

Our eyes must have met twenty times before he finally gathered the courage to say 'hello'. He told me his name and that he was a sophomore. I told him I'd just arrived as a freshman. He was pre-med. I was undecided. Our fathers were both doctors, and neither of us were in a relationship.

By the end of the evening, he was walking me back to my dorm after pizza and ice cream. I was giddy. He seemed mesmerized. It wasn't that I hadn't had other guys hit me up. Since my metamorphosis, beautiful boys seemed to drop from the sky . It was just that Charlie was different. He seemed legitimately interested in what I was about, and we did seem to have a connection. He spent our first date trying to convince me to go pre-med. I rearranged my schedule to fit his suggestions.

Two weeks later, Charlie took my virginity in his dorm room. His roommate was staying at his girlfriend's place. We had the whole night and place to ourselves, and his room was part of a suite arrangement which made sneaking to the bathroom slightly more accommodating than expected. Charlie sweetly guarded the door for me. I wore his Harry Potter robe. He took off his Hogwarts glasses.

When we finally had sex, he wore a condom. I'd never even seen one before, at least not up close where I could touch it and stretch it. In high school, I had given a few hand jobs and sucked a few knobs rather briefly - mostly in the backs of cars and once in my driveway, but never to the point where anyone erupted in my mouth. I had seen a couple cocks blow their loads out their slit, and I had wiped off the jizz with some Kleenex. I had watched a few dicks getting hard in my hand - enough to know that Charlie wasn't particularly well endowed, but that fact was unmentionable and somewhat of a relief. The last thing I wanted was a mammoth sized trunk being shoved up my virginal slit.

Charlie was easy and caring, careful and concerned...too easy, in fact. "Just shove it up there and get the worst part over with," I finally insisted. I was exasperated with his tenuous poking and prodding. He looked at me like I had just begged him to fuck me up my ass. When he suddenly popped my cherry after much hesitation, it was easily a minute before I could actually speak. I sucked in a breath and held back the tears, lest I scare the poor boy to death.

Charlie said he had taken a virgin before, and I believed him. He was thoughtful enough to place a dark towel under my bottom and soak my entrance with a thick coat of saliva which incidentally made me come. It was the first time a guy had gone down on me, and in my best estimation, he seemed to know what he was doing.

It was obvious that Charlie dreaded creating discomfort. Yet with all my encouragement, he plodded ahead with his humping and pumping until my pain gave way to a more pleasurable pressure.  Then, he couldn't hold back any longer.

"Let it go, Charlie," I encouraged. The same thing I used to say in the back of those cars where the cocks were much thicker, and the balls were much heavier. I wondered how Charlie's load might compare but had no interest in examining his bloody condom.

Once he finished, he shrank rather quickly to the point that I barely perceived him withdrawing his cock, and I was slightly concerned he might lose his condom.  I couldn't help but glance between my thighs as he lifted off my body.  I observed his bloody reservoir drooping off the tip of his penis, perhaps a tablespoon of semen expanding the nipple.

It wasn't the mess I expected, but I still took a shower in the boy's bathroom. Charlie kept vigil by the door. He assured me I was only his second such conquest. I studied my reflection in bathroom mirror, looking for some sort of change. I definitely felt different and a little disappointed. What would I tell my future husband? That I lost my virginity to Harry Potter in a dorm? That I didn't have the decency to wait?  Or was little Charlie to be my one and only?

I opened the door and the steam bellowed out like a cloud. I took Charlie's hand because he seemed apprehensive. We walked the few steps to his room. I closed the door behind me as Charlie sat on his bed, expectantly staring as if anticipating a verdict. The lights were on. The dorm was quiet. I dropped Charlie's robe to the floor, letting it slide off my shoulders and pool at my feet. I was naked and flush from the warmth of the shower. My hair was wet and stringy. I smelled like the body wash of one of his roommates.

"Fuck me again, Charlie. You have another condom, don't you?" He nodded and reached in the drawer by his desk. "I'll put it on for you this time," I suggested. "Stand up to make this easier." He did. As I sat on his bed, his cock was right at eye level. I stroked him gently, and he responded.



I lifted and kneaded his balls. I rolled on the rubber. "Nice. How do you want me this time? On my knees? On all fours?"

"Can you lean over my desk?"

I looked over at the situation, calculating my position and the angle of my ass that might best accommodate my new boyfriend's size. "Yea, I'd love that, Charlie."

The next morning, we made love again before he drove me back to my dorm. We stopped by McDonalds to pick up some biscuits. My roommate was waiting to hear all about it. "Let's look for a rental house," I suggested, having divulged every detail about the night before.

"Why?" she asked. She was laughing. She already knew the answer.

"I'd like more privacy, that's all."

"You lose your virginity, and the very next day you're in the market for a love shack?"

"I guess so," I admitted. "We need a third roomy, though. I don't think the two of us can handle the rent alone."

"I know somebody," she smiled. She took a sip of my coffee. We had split my sausage biscuit. "There's just one thing, Megan."

"What's that?"

"You don't mind if she's bi do you?"

Submitted: June 12, 2022

© Copyright 2022 DampKitten. All rights reserved.


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It's among the sweetest that you have written. Making your readers wondering more about the teenage self of the character. Loved this...

Sun, June 12th, 2022 4:34am


Thank you, sweetness!

Sat, June 11th, 2022 10:49pm


Oh, boy! I foresee a plethora of felt up tits, fingered G spots, lovely orgasms, oodles of gooey cum, cocks sucked, pussy eaten, oh, my, the fun you shall have! Brings me back to the rollicking adventures Susan and I had those many years ago! Nice work, Meg!

Sun, June 12th, 2022 11:24am


Thank you, John. I'm glad you're so excited. I don't expect this to be a very long piece, actually, because I'm leading up to something in particular. I was talking to someone on Silk about an experience in school, so I decided to back up and give it some context.

Sun, June 12th, 2022 4:01pm


Very nice, loved this. Lost it to Harry Potter. :) I think sex with Hermione Granger would be so hot. Can just here the spells now, "Coctus Erectus", "Orgasmus Gigantus", "Mutuo Climaxo."

Mon, June 13th, 2022 4:45pm


And I'm sure she'd love to ride your wand, Mr. Sausage...Coctus Giganticus

Mon, June 13th, 2022 5:32pm

sweet lemon

This easy to read true story has renewed my faith in library sex.
Power to those who meet and fuck in a library

Tue, June 14th, 2022 10:21am


That's really what libraries are for these days, Lemon. We have the internet for research and reading. They should rent cubicles by the hour and provide prophylactics

Tue, June 14th, 2022 4:25pm


Not your typical or usual writing style DK, but your characters, as always, make me want them more.
Still, there seems to be first hand knowledge in this one.

Wed, June 15th, 2022 11:38pm


Ya think? LOL. I'm soooo glad to hear from you, Kalel! Thanks so much for dropping by! I've missed you...

Wed, June 15th, 2022 7:08pm

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