Man' O War

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Exhibitionist and Voyeur  |  House: Stripping and Humiliation

You're not supposed to swim10 days after a full moon in Hawaii, otherwise you might encounter a blue creature with a taste for humiliation and revenge against humans!

(Hey everyone, thank you for clicking on my story, I hope you enjoy it! I have been reading some of the stories on this site for years but this the first time I am posting an actual story I written! Huge shout out to kb-montrose and his Breeze's Daughters story because it inspired me to write this one. Anyway I hope you enjoy it!)


The water was cool and sweet, it tasted sweet yet sour to my taste buds. Distant echoes of sound reverberate in the space around me as I “swim” around, watching all these foreign bodies flail about in my home. I “breathed” in the oxygen needed to actually survive on my cursed existence to float around in these cool choppy waters. My translucent body soon floats to the surface, having the sun hit me in such a way that almost makes me invisible. Almost invisible….


“Jellyfish!” The pair of tanned limbs that were swimming through my home was letting out the same noises many of these “humans” have screamed when spotting me. If you haven’t figured it out already…I am a Portuguese Man O'War. If you’re getting technical, I am not a jellyfish, yet people still scream that whenever I float by. ‘I’ is also a weird word, because I am made up of so many different things that I have no true individualistic sense of “I”. But I just got used to it, as my body just propelled me everywhere I began thinking of everyone as just “I”. But enough of that, I am sure that my life story past and present will not interest anyone in the slightest. 


From the moment I was born, to this exact moment as the panicked human fled, I have done nothing but float and eat. That’s all. I am a literal drifter through life and through the ocean. A drifter…drifting towards the shore. I am not stupid, I know that my life was going to end sooner or later, as my many bretheren laying on the beachy sand would attest. My fate…it is a sad one. But as the waves take me closer and closer, I can’t even summon some feelings of sadness, since I don’t really feel anything.


Oh you poor creature, giving up already?” The gentle voice comes out of nowhere! Before I felt the current suddenly pulling me back to the safety of the ocean. A ways away from the shore of inevitable doom. “You poor thing, imagine if I didn’t save you? But no need to thank me, I just felt sorry for your…pitiful existence. Destined to float for all eternity? Just to wash up on shore and die a lonely death? No, I think you deserve a new purpose in life. I was really confused, the first type of emotion I knew filling my entire body like carbon monoxide! “Oh don’t worry, you’re going to enjoy the changes I made…to your body. Your emotions aren’t the only things I changed. Your tentacle for example, is going to be non toxic from now on. Plus your body will be able to actually swim!” 


These new changes came as a shock to me! Even the excitement of actually propelling my body forward to swim is still overridden by my outrage of my toxicity being taken away! New emotions are washing over me like waves crashing onto the beach; violently and sudden! “I sense you are getting a little…upset. But no worries! I am sure if you take a look to your right…you’re going to feel a lot better.” I wearingly follow the voice’s advice, looking a bit too late as I see a familiar pair of brownish legs coming my way! It was just a moment, but my tentacle brushed against the striking red of fabric as I was pushed against the sudden water displacement! It takes a few moments to regain the composure I just gained a few minutes ago, but when I do, I notice that attached to my tentacle was a single piece of red fabric that wasn’t there before… it slowly detaches before it disintegrates fully into nothing.


Nice shot! I can’t believe you got a bullseye right off the bat! Hey, you should watch the fruits of your labor! Float right up to the surface to get a better view! You don’t want to miss this!”  The voice sounded so excited that my curiousity got the better of me, so using my new found swimming abilities, I was able to float to the surface to get a better view of the beach and surrounding waters! And the sight that greeted me….


15 minutes ago….

“Alex! Don’t go too far now! Remember that those Man O'Wars are probably floating around! Stay where I can see you! And did you put on sunblock?”

“Moom! I’m fine!” 14 year old Alex rolled his warm brown eyes as he avoided his mother’s clingy hands as she tried to rub in more sunblock into his lightly tanned skin. His dad gives him a warning look at his attitude, which makes Alex begrudgingly stay still as his mother frets over him. He blushes in embarrassment as he sees other teens his age looking at him and chuckling, his whole face and neck flushed red. When his mother finally was satisfied, he was able to jet off towards the ocean to cool off his body! His black hair now slicked back as he dives right in once he gets in, exploring the water as he cut through the water like an actual fish! Ever since his Mom got extended benefits as an flight attendant, and since his Dad’s family lived here in Hawaii, they got to visit almost every summer on the regular! 


But over the years, Alex’s fascination with the ocean started to translate into new fascination and interest in the amount of skin both the males and females tend to reveal at the beach! He secretly eyed the muscular torsos of a few males a bit older than him, feeling the heat rise in his body as he checked out the covered yet still shapely chests of the girls too. He can play off any weird looks as just him looking at something in the distance, ever since he started puberty he’s been more interested in seeing the forest for the trees as it were, except the forest is the ocean… and the trees are the vast amounts of eye candy to be seen!


He still enjoyed swimming, but he was definitely distracted as his eyes wandered down from people’s chests…to their glistening abs and backs…to their covered crotches and butts… suffice to say, it was a miracle that Alex was able to stop himself just in time as a bright flash of blue flashed in the corner of his eye! “Jellyfish!” His screams of panic reached the nearby swimmer’s ears as they slowly backed away from Alex swimming like his life depended on it! His bright red trunks with beach palms all over it blazed like a beacon as he swam with the grace of a seal! Soon he calmed down enough to realize that most of the people in the water and on the beach were going along with their activities, pretty used to the screams or yelps of people spotting jellyfish or Portuguese Man O’War floating along. 


He breathed a sigh of relief and decided to resume his “sightseeing” but he feels a bit awkward looking at other teens and adults after making such a scene, so he decides to just recuperate by swimming. After a few minutes he was able to relax enough to start stealing glances once more, slightly feeling his member twitch in excitement as he hoped for an accidental nip slip or for a guy to get pantsed! But alas, he did not get his wish. He takes a break, feeling a bit tired from all the swimming around as he floats on his back. The sun beats down on his whole body, the wind slightly picking up a little strangely as it cools Alex down. But something feels….off. He can’t exactly put his finger on it, but he hears some of the nearby teens guffawing and dying of laughter over something. “Oh my god, he’s actually…” “Is he a pervert or something?” “Betcha 10 bucks he does this daily!” 


The words sort of makes him open his eyes, to see the teens he was practically drooling over earlier looking directly at him! “Oh no, are they talking about me? Shit I think they caught me staring earlier!” His inner monologue snaps him out of his dazed state as he immediately blushes like a tomato and starts swimming away from them,realizing that almost everyone is staring at him unlike before! Disgust, mirth, and appreciation are mixed in every pair of eyes Alex wishes he could get swallowed by the ocean! “

Great! Now I will be known as the Teenage Gawker!” He was able to escape his torment by finally getting to the shallow water, and finally standing up among the waves, he walked over to where his Mom is reading a book while his Dad suntans with one of those mirrors Alex once saw in a movie. “Hey Mom, can we go get some food? I’m starving.” Alex tries to ignore the feeling of dread that’s been building ever since he was floating, but soon enough…the weight of all the stares of everyone on the beach causes the dread to crash down on him as his Mom looks up but stops right on his crotch.


“ALEX! Why the heck is your penis out?!?!?!?”


Suddenly, following the exclamation, it seems like the whole beach just explodes in laughter! Alex’s brain just goes numb as he starts shaking his head in denial, but his eyes land on his Dad’s suntan mirror, and he realizes the truth. Reflected on the mirror was a 3 inch soft tube of flesh hanging down outside a large hole in familar red fabric.

Alex looks down, and for the first time in his life he never reacts faster to a horrifying sight! He covers his circumcised penis, feeling tears of humiliation start to build up on the corner of his eyes. 


“Mom! I…I….” Alex lost the ability to speak but fortunately, his mom was able to calm herself down and speak very clearly to her panicking son: “Alex, baby, don’t worry. I am going to sew up that dang hole of yours up…okay?” Her soothing words calm Alex down a tad as hope begins to bloom in his heart… “Just take off those shorts and give them to me, I will sew them at home.” His heart drops into the pit of his stomach as he squeaks out a, “What?” 


“You heard me, pull those down and give them to me! Hurry!” His mom tries to hurry him along by trying to help him strip, but he vehemently denies it by slapping her hand away! “Alexander! Your mother is just trying to help you! If you try that again you’re going right over my knee butt naked!” His father’s threats stun Alex enough to allow his horts to fall down to the ground as he unconsciously steps out of them. He shakes in absolute stunned embarrassment as his naked rear is exposed to the beachgoers in the water, while the rest just get a side view of his cute butt. “Nice ass!” a random voice calls out with a wolf whistle that makes Alex just blush harder! But some teens have the same thought that the little dimple on his right butt cheek just accentuates his adorableness. Alex feels everyone looking at him, checking out everything from head to toe…feeling the exact measure of karmic justice of being treated like a piece of eye candy to gawk at. 


Luckily, his mom takes pity and gives him a towel to cover up as she takes the ruined swim trunks now and bunches it up in her hand. She takes the lead back to the car where Alex follows behind with his dad, sniffling a bit from the ordeal.


I just wallow a bit in the water, unsure how to feel exactly about what just transpired. But a certain excitement rises up in me at seeing the human male’s humiliation…which the voice capitalizes on! You loved that, correct? Wasn’t that fun? Humans…your new purpose is to render them completely embarrassed at your tentacles! If you do that, I will reward you greatly!” The voice offers, which I accept without any hesitation. “Watch out humans….it’s Man O’War season.”


Submitted: June 10, 2022

© Copyright 2022 MysteriousAmethyst. All rights reserved.

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Great story! I hope you plan to keep it going! Worthy of KBMontrose (who is a favorite of mine). Thanks for posting.

Fri, June 10th, 2022 12:27pm


Pretty cool story, I look forward to reading more : )

Fri, June 10th, 2022 3:53pm


Fun story, lots of possibilities.

Mon, June 13th, 2022 2:50pm

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