Unexpected Visit

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Adult Romance  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

Andrew is home alone. A girl from his neighborhood comes to visit him. She wants him to drive her to her school because her bike has a flat tire. Andrew agrees, but the two of them have something else going on before he takes her to school...

Unexpected Visit


That morning, I was home alone. My parents had gone shopping together in the Carrefour Hypermarket at Curange. After the shopping, they would have lunch at Da Franco, the Italian restaurant. So, I shouldn't expect them home before three or three thirty in the afternoon. My sister Sylvia had left for Paris. She would be away for at least three days. She had a chance to pose as a model in a video clip advertisement for Peugeot electric cars.

That day, I had nothing to do. Nowhere did full gas cylinders have to be delivered or empty ones picked up. I felt good, happy that I could enjoy a day off. Wearing only my underpants, I went to the kitchen to brew myself a good strong coffee and eat something. I was buttering my toast when the doorbell rang and broke the silence in the kitchen. I stopped what I was doing, ran quickly to the bathroom and, grumbling, put on my dressing gown. Before I got to the front door, someone shouted:

It's me, Nancy!”

Nancy? It didn't immediately occur to me who that was. When I opened the door, I recognized Her. Nancy Burton was standing at the door, and she was very nervous.

Andrew!” she stammered. “Can you take me to school, please? My bike has a flat tire and my parents have already left for work.”

"But of course!" I replied after opening the door. "Come in."

I stood to the side to let the girl in. In the living room, I made her sit down before telling her that I had to go upstairs to get ready. I had to put on some decent clothes to take her to the Holy Virgin Institute on Campine Road. That gave me time to remember a little more about her. Nancy Burton wasn’t really a girl living next door to us. Her house was on Colostrum Street, close to Reapertingue primary school. She was the daughter of some of my parents' friends. Together, they regularly went to a performance by some popular singer or stand-up comedian. Nancy was their second daughter, a beautiful brunette of almost eighteen, with brown eyes and a little overweight. When she wasn't wearing her school uniform, she was always dressed sexy. Her silhouette emphasized her perfectly proportioned round shapes.

I had to get dressed, but that didn't turn out the way I expected. Nancy put her satchel on the floor in the living room and followed me up the stairs to my room. While I looked in my wardrobe to see what to wear, Nancy was sitting on the corner of my bed.

"Are you going to stay here while I get dressed?" I asked her.

"Does it bother you?" she replied.

It doesn't bother me. If this is the way you want it… Hopefully you can handle it!” I blurted out.

I dropped my dressing gown on the floor and looked at her from time to time as I started getting dressed. Nancy wanted to get a better view of the scene. She put her hands behind her on my bed and leaned on them. As a result, her bust went up, something I really appreciated. She put her feet apart. She pulled her gray uniform skirt up a little, high on her sturdy thighs. I got a shock… Nancy wasn't wearing any panties under her skirt. I couldn't really see her pussy because it was covered in dark pubic hair. But it was quite a surprise to discover that the girl who went to school at the Holy Virgin Institute wasn’t wearing any underwear.

Mischievous Nancy continued to gape at me without embarrassment. She admired my pecs because I have them. Then she looked lower, at the shape of my dick in my underpants. As I turned my back to search a drawer for a pair of socks, Nancy came up behind me. When I felt the girl's breath on my neck, I turned around. Our faces were almost the same height, a few millimeters apart. That naughty schoolgirl stretched out her lips and, without moving, she sucked tenderly on my lower lip. Then she took me in her arms, hugged me and searched my mouth with a hard, sharp, skilled tongue.

Surprised by her bold initiative, I could only make an educated guess on what she was looking for. I put my hand on the back of her neck and in turn stuck my tongue in her mouth, which she opened wide. Nancy’'s hands quickly explored my body. Her hand lingered on my shoulders for a moment, then dropped to my chest and then went straight to my cock. While her fingers played with it, her other hand pleasantly stroked my balls. Of course, it didn't take ten seconds before I had an erection.

"Oh! Yes…” she blurted out. "You seem to like it, you naughty boy!"

She took a close look at my cock and pulled the foreskin back. She also noticed the crest that I have on top of my glans since I had surgery for phimosis when I was eight years old.

"What is this?" Nancy asked, gently running her index finger over that outgrowth. In response, I sent her on my bed with a nudge. Without giving her time to respond, I lay down on top of her. Helping myself with my hands, I lifted her skirt, grabbed Nathalie's bare, full and firm buttocks and pressed my cock against her pussy. Our bellies touched. We struggled a bit and caressed each other.

That's how we got excited, she and I. Without letting go of my grip, I reached for her cunt with my fingers and plunged two of them deep into her slit. Nancy apparently enjoyed what I did. She took off her skirt and threw it along the bed. Her white blouse also followed the same path, and as I'd guessed, she wasn't wearing a bra underneath. I started playing with her tits, kissing them and sucking on her nipples. That had a big effect on her. She released pleasure juice that dripped from her pussy, wetting my hands and making it easier for me to penetrate her with my fingers. My intention, however, was to use some other part of me to shove into her snatch. But just as I was about to plunge my dick into her fuck hole, Nancy rolled away from me.

You can’t know, Andrew, how I would like you fucking me now! But I can't… I'm not taking the pill, and I wouldn't want you to get me pregnant.”

I could understand that. I removed my fingers from her pussy and replaced them with my lips. I squeezed her pussy lips gently with my teeth and felt her pleasure increase slowly at first, then faster and faster. While panting, she pressed my head against her vulva so that I could smell and taste her lust juice. I stuck my nose into Nancy’s slit, I sucked on her labia, licked her clitoris and I drank from her love juice that flowed freely. Then, while I was still stimulating her clit with small licks, I suddenly got a cramp in my tongue. I was forced to withdraw it. That brought an abrupt end to Nancy’s pleasure.

Sorry… Can you go a little longer?” she begged. I did it again until she pushed me away.

It's not like it used to be,” she said. "A pity…"

When she saw my cock stiff as a flagpole, she let go of me, and shouted with lust:

"Oh yeah! Come sit on my back! Do you mind fucking me in my ass?”

She didn't wait for my answer. She lay on her stomach and lifted her buttocks invitingly, ready to receive me. After moistening my glans with my saliva, I brought it to the entrance of his anus. The brown and large rosette, deeply marked by the small hole, glistened with the love juice that had flowed from her cunt during my oral stimulation of her clit. When Nathalie felt my cock head pressing against her asshole, she let out a long, deep sigh of pleasure and satisfaction. She extended her buttocks even further towards me and was about to swallow my cock from behind, masturbating her clitoris. I shoved my dick into the small hole that opened, widened and happily sucked on my erect penis. After some careful back and forth in her ass, Nancy seemed to be in ecstasy.

"More! Further inside! Deeper! Harder!!...” Nancy screamed, moaned, squirmed with pleasure and it seemed to me she was going to cum. Suddenly, she fingered her clit very fast. She let herself go, and she came, screaming. The love juice spurted out of her cunt and wetted my bed sheets. She still kept her hand on her clitoris. I found it particularly odd that she now knocked it as if she wanted to crush it, while she was torn by screams of pleasure.

I had impaled her ass well on my dick. I enjoyed the many contractions of her anus that extended my pleasure. I leaned my head forward and kissed Nancy on her back and in her neck as I kept bobbing up and down her ass, languidly and deeply. As good as it was for me, I took advantage of these moments to explore Nancy's body. I loved to caress her breasts gently with their hard, pointy nipples, and again I stuck my fingers into the girl's swollen, wet and warm cunt while I was pumping her ass. The intimate contact sent a long wave of pleasure through Nancy's belly. I groped for her love knob and found it nestled in the top of the folds of her hairy pussy. That button was hard and hardly swollen after her first orgasm, but very responsive. By massaging it with the tip of my finger, I felt it harden. Slowly I went back down towards the gaping opening of her clam and again carefully inserted my fingers. Nancy heaved a long sigh, spreading her legs wide to encourage me to continue searching, as a long moan escaped her.


Oh ! Yes, put them in. How many are there?”


"Two, don't you feel that?" I asked.


No… You can put even more in.”


I did that. I tried with four fingers, but apparently Nancy's pussy was too narrow for that. Then only three, that was just about right... My cock trembled and swelled with rising waves of pleasure as I moved my fingers back and forth in Nacy’s soaking wet cunt. while I buried my dick in her ass. My fingers moved deep into her. I stroked the inner walls of her cunt which was slippery with pleasure, and my cock also kept moving in her other opening until it suddenly got stuck. I hung there clenched and that caused long sighs from Nancy. I kept fingering her in the erogenous zone inside her. I felt the grainy roughness of her love tunnel harden under the massage pressure of my fingers. Nathalie's pleasure increased, and suddenly she let herself go. She cried with pleasure: "Oh my God! Yet! Even more! Oh God! I’m coming again! Yes…"


Her ass was braced against my crotch, and her entire lower body was shaken by spasms from her second orgasm. Nancy screamed her pleasure. It was enough for me to cum in her ass and flood it with my cum.

We were both tired after we had had our orgasms. We lay side by side for a while to relax. I dozed off, but Nancy shook me awake:


"Say, Andrew, I'm a bit late now, but you'll have to take me to my school anyway!"


After she had washed her cunt and asshole and I had washed my dick, I pulled the sheets off my bed and put them in the washing machine. Nancy went into the living room. She had put her underpants in her book bag before she came to see me, and now she put them back on. When she saw my surprised face, she said laughing:


"Come on, Andrew, you aren’t expecting me to go to the Holy Virgin nuns with my pussy naked, are you?"


Once everything had been cleared up and made sure that we had left no traces of our lovemaking, I took one of my father’s vans to drive Nancy to Campine Road. Throughout the car ride, she promised me to have regular sex with me in the future. She promised me that she would do whatever it took to let me fuck her in her pussy. I shivered, imagining how delicious that would be, still tasting her cunt juice in my mouth.


We'll see…” I said cautiously, just before dropping her off in front of the Holy Virgin Institute. But inside, I cheered. With hot Nancy and her narrow pussy, the future looked bright for me…


© Robur Quercus 2022


Submitted: June 09, 2022

© Copyright 2023 Robur Quercus. All rights reserved.

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Watch out for those Catholic girls on bicycles. Very steamy story and a lovely day off.

Fri, June 10th, 2022 1:09am


A splendid afternoon of pleasure starts with a kind act of compassion!!! Culminating in passion!

Sat, June 11th, 2022 8:50am


Nice appreciation!

Sat, June 11th, 2022 2:01am

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