Chapter 9: Mistakes

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Literary Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

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“Keep your eyes on the road.”


“WHAT THE FUCK !?” I was about to get a heart attack. 


The car almost swerved off the motorway. That’s what they called the “Highway” in the U.K. “The Motorway.” The last place I thought I was ever going to see. 


“I told you to keep your eyes on THE FUCKING ROAD!!!” Danielle yelled at me as she was trying to unzip my pants, bringing my cock out of its sheath. YEP… I WAS GOING TO DIE ON THE MOTORWAY. Even though my dick was pretty much alive and kicking in her hands. 


I shouldn’t have asked to borrow her car. I shouldn’t even be talking to this girl. A mistake. Our relationship was ever built on mistakes. It started with one and grew with more. I don’t regret any. Well, maybe just this one…


“Can I borrow your car?” When she didn’t reply I knew I made one.


A few months earlier Danielle had graduated from University College with a bachelor’s degree in Astrophysics. Her grandma gave her that car as a graduation gift. “A Vauxhall Astra Belmont.” A sedan that was the envy of her class. It was one of the few cars sold in the U.K. which had an automatic gear transmission when most only had a stick shift. A beautiful car I might add, white, with black leather seats. A dull piece of crap, but we all envied her for even having such a transport. You simply don’t need one in London, expensive and a waste of time, where the public transport was more than adequate for your needs.


“What ever do you need my car for?” She managed to ask after a brief pause on the phone. 


“I have to pick up my parents from Gatwick,” I replied with a sigh when she finally did answer.


“GATWICK!?” She was as surprised as I was when my father told me he was coming to London. He had an important business meeting he had to attend to in the city. Unfortunately he could not get a flight to Heathrow airport in such a short time. The only reservation he managed to find was into Gatwick. “But, that’s more than an hour and a half drive from here!!!” Danielle added.


“That’s why I need to borrow your car,” I explained. “My stepmom is also coming with him and I want to pick them up from the airport tomorrow.”


“But… but, you don’t even know how to drive on the RIGHT.” Danielle was reluctant to give me her most valuable possession. I guess she was afraid I would end up driving on the wrong side of the road. 


“You mean the LEFT?”


“RIGHT,” she said. 


“No… You drive on the LEFT. We drive on the RIGHT.”


“LEFT. This is what I just said… RIGHT.” She made it even worse.


“Right. Left. Whatever.” One thing I learned during my years in the U.K. was never to argue with the English on who’s right and who’s wrong when it comes to which side of the road one should be driving on. It’s a matter of pride for the British. They’re always in the right when it comes to driving on the left.


“Don’t worry,” I tried to reassure her. I had learned how to handle a car ever since I was fourteen. My father made sure I did. Driving on the wrong side of the road wasn’t going to dissuade me from impressing my stepmom. “I am a good driver.”


“RIGHT... But I’m coming with you,” she surprised me with that. One other lesson I also learned during my stay in London was never to argue with Danielle. She’s always on the right. I had to accept her condition otherwise I wasn’t going to get that car. A mistake… I know!!!


“Are you sure you even have a drivers permit?” Danielle asked me for the hundredth time when I insisted on getting behind the wheel. “If you want I can drive,” she offered again hoping I would change my mind. Especially since it was her car we were driving! 


Have you ever seen a woman take the helm when the man is present in the car?! This is simply unheard off. It’s a matter of honor for us males. “We drive they navigate.” That’s the way of the world. We have to be in control, or so we think. It’s strange when our lives and those around us are always in the hands of them navigators. I just grabbed the keys and didn’t look back. Another mistake… I know!!! I know!!!


At eight in the morning we started off from Bloomsbury. We took the A40 Westway to get out of the city until we hit the M25 Motorway. That is where I knew I made another mistake. I shouldn’t have asked to borrow that car.


“We should have taken the side roads,” I blamed her for that navigational error. When we reached the M25 I realized why they called the M25 motorway, “the country’s biggest parking lot.” Traffic just grounded to a halt. “Why did we have to come this way?” I had to score that point. Danielle made a mistake. Thank god it wasn’t me this time.


“Don’t worry,” she replied. “It will clear in a few minutes.” Of course she was right. 


After traffic finally started flowing I managed to breath a sigh of relief that we would not be too late getting to the airport. All of a sudden, Danielle bent down towards me until her face was literary between by legs, “Keep your eyes on the road.” She said. 


Suddenly Chris Rea’s “Road to Hell” took a whole new meaning. If he knew his song about the M25 was going to be abused in such a salacious manner, he would probably not have written it all the way to the top of the charts.


My cock which was ever so eager to get out into the world was thrust deep inside Danielle mouth being abused and sucked to death. I’ve always loved those vibrations her teeth made when she moaned out loud. It did wonders to my shaft as those whites scraped its length, getting it hard and strong. I almost broke the steering wheel in my hands when my juices finally bubbled inside Danielle mouth as she tried to take every last drop in. I hoped she did not make a mess of things or spill anything out on to my pants. How the hell could I explain that to my parents?! I could not look down to inspect the damage. As Danielle ordered, “keep your eyes on the road.”


“Sorry,” she apologized after getting back to her left side of the car. With her little finger she scooped that last drop of cum that lingered on the corner of her mouth. “I did not have my coffee this morning,” she said. “I needed a drink.” Well, that explained that.


“You’re a slut. You know that?!”


“Of course,” she replied. “That’s why you keep cumming for me.”


My parents flight was more than an hour late. We managed to get to Gatwick with time to spare. I was looking forward to seeing them again. Even though I had been living in london for almost three years I always made sure to go back home during the holidays. Last I was there was almost three months ago. Still I missed their company. Our family was ever closely knit, especially after that tragedy we had gone through. Coming to london and being so far away wasn’t an easy decision to make. “You have to go,” was my fathers decision. “Or you’ll regret it for the rest of your life.”


“Can I ask you something?” Addressing Danielle as we sat in the waiting area at Gatwick airport. Most overseas flights arrive into london in the morning. Gatwick wasn’t as large as Heathrow airport so the waiting lounge was packed full of people waiting to greet their own. We barely managed to find two seats where we could sit and wait for that late flight.


“I just want to meet your parents.” She didn’t even bother to look up from the romance novel she was reading.


“How did you know I was going to ask you this question?”


With a slight chuckle, she looked up at me and winked, “you’ve been dying to ask me this question ever since you asked for my car.” She replied.


“Why didn’t you tell me you wanted to meet them?”


“I like to make it hard for you.” She replied. I hoped she wasn’t talking about that earlier stunt she did in the car. I didn’t ask.


Anyways, I shouldn’t have opened that Pandora’s box. Mistakes keep piling up when Danielle is involved. “What’s your stepmom like?” She asked out of no where. As I said, I shouldn’t have borrowed that car.


“Why are you asking about my stepma?”


“Because you never talk about her,” Danielle replied.


“There is not much to tell.” 


Danielle closed her book and dropped it on the floor in front of her. She looked me straight in the eye and said, “we’ve been friends for almost three years Sam.” She added. “I can say that I know everything there is to know about you. Well, almost everything. But one thing I know for sure is that those things you don’t talk about are the ones that matter to you. So what is she like? Is she a good mother? How did she end up in your fathers bed?….”


“There’s really not much to tell.” Unfortunately I had to tell or I wouldn’t hear the end of it. Danielle was right though. I never did talk about my stepmom to anyone. I talked about my  three brothers, the youngest who was barely four years old when my mother died. I think I mentioned my father a few times, maybe my grandmother. I remember telling her about the nanny who was taking care of my youngest brother. But I never did mentioned my step mom. I had no idea why.


“So….” Did I also mention Danielle was an impatient woman… she still is.


“I came from school one day to find my brothers shouting in a fit. My grandma was also sitting in the living room, her eyes puffed red but she didn’t say a word. 


“Did you know that father was going to get married!?” My younger brother Bill, yelled out. He was ever the passionate one. 


Of course I did not know anything about that. “How can he get married?” My brother added. “How can he do this to us!?”


“Who told you about this?” I was as shocked as my brothers were. At first I did not believe what I was hearing. That couldn’t be true. My father would not do that. It had been less than three years since mother died. Why would he do it so soon !? I’ve known he would eventually find someone but this was so very unexpected.


“I heard aunt Jena on the phone,” Bill explained. “She even said that he has been seeing that someone for the past month.”


“Who’s that someone?”


“A friend of aunti Jena, I guess,” my brother replied. “Who the fuck cares. I will not let her in the house.”


My maternal grandma was silently sobbing in the corner. She couldn’t understand how someone could ever replace her daughter in this household. My youngest brother was no where to be seen. He was probably with his nanny in his room. Ever since mother died he’s been having fits and nightmares almost every day. For a four year old, loosing a mother was very difficult. Heck, it was difficult for all of us but we managed to live with it. It was even harder for grandma then we ever imagined. But she played strong in front of us. She had been living with us on and off most of the time, leaving her ailing husband at home, crying each night in her room. Her health wasn’t like it used to be either. I knew all that. She thought I didn’t. God rest her sole.


“Was that before you met Mila?” Danielle resumed the inquisition.


“No. It was a couple of months after,” I replied. “Mila helped me get through this a lot. For a woman she was very logical about it.” 


“OUCH!!!….What was that for?” I almost jumped out from my airport seat. Danielle just pinched me on the leg for my stupid remark.


“US women can be as logical as you idiots can,” she replied. “I’m an astrophysicist REMEMBER?!”


“You’re an astrophysicist by profession, but an astronomer at heart,” I tried to get myself out that hole. “You hate logic, physics and math. But you love the stars…REMEMBER!?”


“True,” she confirmed. It was a miracle how I managed to get out of that one. “So, what happened next with your bothers and your stepmom?” Danielle continued with her interrogation. I guess, miracles don’t happen twice in a row…


“I’ve always been the logical one in the family. I knew if I didn’t resolve that crisis the family will break apart. Father was going to get married anyways. It was inevitable. Unfortunately he was going to loose his kids if things don’t turn out good.


“I guess this is for the best,” I told my brothers those exact words. “We just need to make sure his wife is a good woman.” I added.


“Of course my brothers were not going to accept that so easily. All they understood was that a stranger was going to come into the house and was going to replace their mother. They weren’t going to stand for this.”


“How can you say such a thing?” My passionate brother yelled at me. I knew he was going to do that. I just needed to explain my reasoning to them hoping they would understand. I was the eldest of the three. They all looked up to me, respected my decision, well, not always but most of the time.


“Look. We are all in high school now,” I began to explain. “We would be moving out of the house onto college soon. Father will be alone trying to take care of your younger brother. You know he can’t do that on his own. He travels for business most of the time and we all can see how mothers absence has done to his work. Besides, grandma can’t keep taking care of us forever. She can barely manage to take care of herself and grandpa. Your little brother needs a mother. As I see, what father is doing is more for us than it is for him. So let’s all try to make this happen as best as we can.”


“WOW….” Danielle interjected. “Did you said all that!?”


“Well, not in so many words, but they all got my point.”


“And? How did things turn out!?” Danielle wanted to know the rest. “Was your stepma all that you hoped she would be?”


“Oh she most certainly was,” I replied. “Linda is one the most strong headed, kind, manipulative, easy-going witch the likes I have never known in my life.”


“I don’t think you can use all those words in one sentence Sam,” Danielle objected. “They don’t match up.”


“I guess you’ll know when you meet her.”


“No way, I want to know now before I do,” Danielle wouldn’t let me off the hook so easily. “So start explaining.”


“Well, as you can imagine, it wasn’t easy at first. My brothers did try not to make too much trouble. I was there to make sure they did not. I guess Linda knew who the decision making pendulum was when it came to us four. As I said, she is a smart manipulative woman. From the start we’ve had an unwritten agreement Linda and I. She doesn’t tell me what to do and I let do what she wants to do as long as it’s logically acceptable. But one thing which cemented that agreement was seeing how she took care of my little brother. She was kind most of the time and firm when she had to be, much like a mother would be. We all saw that and in time we loved her for it, and so did my father.”


“Okay… so she was kind, loving … that’s all fine,” Danielle interjected once again. “But how about the manipulative witch part. You still haven’t explain that.”


“Well, one day I came from school to find my brothers shouting in a fit…”


“Your brothers do go into fits a lot don’t they?”


“Are you going to keep interrupting me or will you let me continue ?” I was trying to make a fit of my own hoping I would get out of this with the least damage possible.


“Nice try Mr.” Danielle smiled. “There is still half an hour before your parent’s plane land. You have plenty of time to explain. So spill.” 


“As I was saying before being interrupted SO ABRUPTLY … I came from school one day to find my brothers shouting in a fit. And yes they do go into those from time to time. They still do. Anyways. I didn’t know what was going on but Linda was the one sitting quietly in the corner of that living room, her head slightly down, trying to absorb all that fuss.”


“What is going on?” I asked.


Of course my passionate younger brother Bill was leading the charge as usual. “She just removed all mothers pictures from the house.” He was fuming and babbling almost to the edge of cursing Linda’s name right in front of her.


Just so you understood, when Linda first came into our lives she tried hard to keep everything as they were. She tried to help us with school, she was a great aid to my father, she even tried to be civil with my grandma who visited us every now and then. More so she kept all my mother’s portrait and picture frames which were scattered through out the house. Then one day out of no where she decided to remove all those and my brothers couldn’t go along with that. So once again I was thrust into being the arbiter in this argument and I had to make a decision which was going to change our lives one more time.”


“So what did you do?” Danielle asked ever so impatiently.


“I did what I had to do,” I replied. 


“She did what she had to do,” that’s what I told my bothers.


“Of course they would not go for it until I explained why. “Can you imagine father seeing his past wife’s images everyday after the thing he had gone through? He just kept those pictures in the house for us. He didn’t want us to think he had forgotten her. Now it is time to move on. Linda did what she had to do. Besides, this is her home now, as much as it is yours and mine. You don’t need mothers picture to remember her. She in our hearts always.”


“WOW….” Danielle interjected for the third time “you always seem to surprise me Sam. So what did Linda do after that?”


“Nothing,” I replied. “She just gave me a smile and a nod.”




“Yeh… I guess that nod is all I needed.” I said. “It just tells me we still have that understanding between us, that’s all.”


For the next few minutes Danielle and I just sat in our seats at Gatwick airport. The flight was expected to arrive in the next fifteen minutes. I was excited. Danielle was nervous. I could tell. When she is nervous she does something stupid. Most of the time that something stupid involves spilling something stupid.


“Would you like some coffee?” Danielle asked. We still had some time so why not.


“Sure,” I replied.


The coffee shop was located on the far side of the terminal. We still had some time. So we grabbed our stuff and headed that way. As we were strolling towards the coffee shop to get those drinks we came upon an open door leading into a janitorial closet full of cleaning equipment. Suddenly Danielle grabbed hold of my hand and led me inside the empty room and closed the door behind her. 


“What the hell are you doing?” As if I needed to ask.


She just pulled down her mini skirt, put one leg up on one of the boxes and said, “enjoy you coffee Sam. I had mine, now it’s your turn.”


“IN HERE?” I squealed. “Someone will see us! We don’t have time for this!” I tried to object.


“We have plenty of time Sam,” she pushed me down on my knees and continued. “Let’s see how quick you can make me cum before someone barges in here.”


I had a few minutes to make this happen or she wasn’t going to let me out of there. So I pulled down her panties and began to work. I don’t know why she was already wet and ready. I’ve never seen her not wet and ready. I don’t know how she does it but it does make things easier. I just had to get my head between her thighs, locate that entrance with my mouth, and start wiggling. Of course, this is not the only thing this thing involves. It also needs some practice and a passion for adventure. You also have to know the speed and how hard your tongue needs to caress those mounds of flesh to get that coffee. You also need to find that point that matters the most; the clit, the bud. She knew I could. I knew I could. In seconds I did. She only needed a minute before she did. When we went out of the closet I tried to wipe away all that coffee from my mouth and face. Fortunately we did all that with plenty of time to spare before my parents finished with immigration and went out into the meeting area of Gatwick airport.


They waved to us from the end of the walkway and I ran to greet them. I hugged my father first who greeted me warmly and said, “look who decided to come with us as well.”


“CLAIRE!!!” I yelled out in surprise. I didn’t help myself. Like two distance lovers I carried her in my arms and lifted her up in the air to the surprise of all standing. I hadn’t seen Claire for a long time. She was like a sister to me. At times we were inseparable, very close friends, that I almost forgotten Danielle was standing behind me. 


“Father, Claire this Danielle,” I introduced everyone to everyone. “she is a good friend of mine here in college.”


“How good a friend are you?” I could see Claire’s eyes looking at Danielle and asking this question. She didn’t actually ask in those exact words but I had to explain my relationship with Danielle before I got myself in more trouble.


“Danielle was kind enough to let me borrow her car.” I said. “She’s just a good friend, that’s all.”


Finally Linda came out a little late pushing another kart with a load full of bags in front of her. As the good stepson I scrambled to gave her a kiss on the cheeks and introduced Danielle as well…. 


A very very very bad mistake.


I should have washed that coffee off of my face much better. The smell gets to linger more than I expected. “So… Danielle. How long have you known Sam for…” Linda asked Danielle as she gave me a nob before we headed to the parking lot at Gatwick airport…


As I said, a huge mistake…. I knew I shouldn’t have asked to borrow that car.

Submitted: January 18, 2023

© Copyright 2023 samnash. All rights reserved.


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harriet-jacqui x

I'm really enjoying your story - such a coincidence, too: I was born near Gatwick and waitressed in a restaurant nearby! We had some fun in the changing rooms, the Chef's office - your story brings it all back!

Wed, January 18th, 2023 2:22am


Thank you. I thought of all people my story would strike a chord with you. I hope you keep reading until the end. There are still many ups and downs I have to get of my chest….

Fri, January 20th, 2023 12:45pm


Very funny stuff! Really enjoyed this chapter

Fri, January 20th, 2023 5:24am


OMG…. You’re laughing at me again… and I thought you were my….
I will not forgive you until you make it up to me again….
Mmm… there are 267 “up to meees” you have make up… and yes I’m keeping a ledger….
As I see it you have all this life time and probably the next 3 or 4 next life times until your debt is paid….

Fri, January 20th, 2023 12:50pm


I'm so looking forward to coffee with you, Sam, in all our future lives together. You know, Sam... I used to like my coffee black until you showed me your two lumps and creamer.

Sat, January 21st, 2023 3:08am


Sam, you continue to make each one better than the last. And Danielle can borrow my car anytime....

Sat, January 21st, 2023 11:29pm


Think there might be some bad friction building in Claire towards Danielle? I know, I know I gotta keep reading. I just don't know how much more I can handle from all the "mistakes" you keep making Sam. Makes me wanna grab you and shake you, slap some sense into you to stop it!! : )
I'll await you're next chapter.

Mon, January 23rd, 2023 7:53pm

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