Chapter 4: The First

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Literary Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

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“Ohhh… you’re biiiiiigggg!!!” Of course she was lying. I had measured myself a few times. I was always and will ever be on the average scale of things.


However I was grinning like a clumsy clown as I thrust my dick into her gaping hole. I was nervous. My heart was pumping, my legs shaking but I did what I had to do. I fucked my first girl on the sofa of my friend’s apartment. 


It didn’t take me long to fill the condom with a full load of my juices. My body slumped on hers then slid down on the living room floor to regain my breath. She was still lying on the couch looking at me as she smiled, knowing she had just fucked a virgin. Of course I didn’t advertise that. But she knew that, or my friend must have told her that. However I tried to pretend that I knew what I was doing. But she could tell. I sucked.


Actually, it wasn’t me who did the sucking. It was her. The first time she put her mouth on my cock I almost exploded. She felt that. So she immediately tore that pack of condoms, slid one over my dick and made me fuck her before I burst my load and ruin her night.


“Ohhh… that was gooodddd!!!” another lie.


I was barely sixteen. I haven’t had a girlfriend before. Not for the lack of trying. Being very shy, almost a nerd, prone to chronic depressions for what I had been through, all that contributed to where I was then. When a friend of mine offered to take me out on a double date I didn’t say no. He was a senior in college so he must have known what he was doing. Or so I thought. 


“This is Mandy and her sister Mila,” my college friend introduced the two girls. Mandy was a tall blond with a round face, a very slim body, and a wicked grin that made me nervous. As for her sister she was a petite redhead. What I mean by a redhead is exactly that. Her hair was as red as a load of freshly squeezed strawberries and she smelled of that as well. That hairdresser of hers did a thorough job of dying every follicle down to their roots. I could never tell what Mila’s original color was. She even dyed her pubic hair with that same strand. I’ve always been attracted to reds. It was one of my favorite colors. But Mila complemented that with a great personality as well. I felt comfortable when I was with her. Of course she wasn’t so bad looking either. Not a miss universe but she could have reached the top ten. Those large D’s of hers and a few extra pounds must have prevented her from getting to the finals. She was beautiful, and I fell in love the moment I saw her. Of course every kid my age would have fallen in love with the first girl who says ‘Hi’. Who wouldn’t.


“Hi.” that was how it all began after I blushed with the same shade of red as her hair. 


“We will leave you to get to know each other,” my college friend put his arm around Mandy and they walked towards the dance floor leaving me to seduce Mila to my hearts content. Only it wasn’t me who did the seducing. She did all the work. By the end of the day I was thoroughly seduced. By the end of the night she was seducing me in my friend’s living room while he was busy doing the same to her sister in the bedroom. 


Mila laid on the sofa still. Her smile lit up the room and my face was subsiding to a purply shade. “Now that you have had your fill,” she said. “it is now my turn.”


“Huuu!?” was all I managed to reply. I didn’t know what she meant by that. 


“Cute,” she replied. “He said you weren’t going to be an easy one.” 


“Huuu!?” I didn’t understand what she meant by that either. Who was he? I wasn’t easy!


“Cute,” she added one more time. “Do you know anything about oral sex?”


Of course I knew all about oral sex. My parent’s hidden stash of Playboys, Hustlers and Penthouses, in addition to a few romantic novels I managed to smuggle under my blanket taught me all there was to know about oral sex. The internet didn’t exist then. So I had to do with what I could get my hands on to help my hands do what they had to do. All that started when I was barely thirteen. By the time I was sixteen my hands had become experts under those blankets. What do you think every kid does under their blanket? Read the Bible?


“Yeeeessss,” I managed to squeak my knowledge of oral, only I was still still lying on the floor mesmerized by that beautiful naked woman on the sofa with her hands rubbing the entrance to her vagina.


“SOOO!?l” she almost yelled at me. “What are you waiting for?” followed by a scolding. “Take that condom off and get that tongue of yours down here.” Her hands were busy working between her legs pointing to where I should have been already.


I had not realized the filled up sheath was still rapped around my half hard cock. Those drops of cum were still trapped inside that sack of rubber. I ran to the kitchen, used a couple of tissues to pull it out and threw it in the trash. Then I hurried back to that gorgeous redhead waiting for me on the couch. 


“SOOO!?” She yelled at me one more time when I stood there waiting for the green light. As I said I was shy then and I still am. She had one leg up on the upper cushion, the other dangling down to the floor, exposing a deep red bush, dyed and trimmed, adorning a deeper still entrance dripping with tiny drops of her juices. “Are you fucking going to stand there all night?, or are you going to help me cum?” another scolding.


I dove to where she wanted me to be, a place I could have spent hours exploring. I don’t know how long I spent there. Even when my neck stiffened I continued with that adventure. I started by using long strokes of my tongue to glide over her entrance, then I concentrated on the two flaps that prevented me going deeper. I tried to push them aside with my tongue. However upon hearing those moans I knew I must be doing something right. As I explained, this was my first oral. I was praying I was doing something right. 


“Ohh….yesss… right there, of fuuucccck yesss…right there ….” She moaned out load guiding me to where I was supposed to concentrate my efforts. She even grabbed my mane and moved my head to the exact spot where I could make the most damage. It turned out there was a hidden bud the size of a small nut that made her shiver every time my tongue passed over it. Nobody told me about that. I haven’t even read about that in those magazines. It turned out there were so many things I haven’t read about in those magazines. A few strokes later I felt her quake. My head was locked between her thighs lodged deep inside as she bucked and swayed advertising my victory and her final submission to the pleasure of the flesh.


“Ohhh… you are goooddd!!!” I didn’t know if that was another lie or my first compliment in this kind of work. I was hoping it was the latter. The night was over. My college friend’s night was over as well. I could tell everyone has had a great time. 


“This is my number if you ever want to call me.” Mila wrote her phone number on a small piece of paper and handed it to me. I tucked it deep inside my pocket. I couldn’t wait to call her when I got home. I really felt that this girl was the one I was looking for all my life. I was falling in love, even though she was a few years older than me. Age was not an issue. We could make it work. I knew we could.


“Thank you for a great time girls,” my college friend kissed both girls as he waved them out of his apartment. “This is for the extras, as we agreed,” he handing each a hundred dollars and closed the door behind them.


“What was that for?” I asked him and he burst out laughing. I was confused.


“They’re hookers you idiot,” he replied. “Didn’t you know that?”


Suddenly my whole world turned to red. I most certainly did not know that!!! “I thought they were your college friends!!!” I wanted to strangle him.


He almost fell to the floor laughing his guts out. I stormed out of my friend’s apartment not wanting to talk to him ever again. However, he was a close family acquaintance so I continued to talk him and would always be grateful for what he tried to do to get me out of my slump. Unfortunate it didn’t work. But his heart was in the right place. However I was in shock. I have had my first love, my first fuck, my first suck, my first oral and it turned out all that was with a prostitute. What could be more shocking than that?! What shocked me even more was that I thought I was not going to see Mila again. I felt my life was going down the drain and I went back into another episode of depression.



A large room. I hate large rooms. He sat in the middle of the couch with his four sons, two on each side. Many eyes were watching. Eyes I knew. Others I didn’t. “There was an accident,” he said. Eyes started to cry. Mine didn’t. “We were in the car,” he said. Three of his children cried. I didn’t. “We were caught in the crossfire,” he said. Bursts of cries echoed in the large room. I hate large rooms. “A bullet hit her in the neck,” he said. The three children hugged their father as they sobbed. I didn’t. "She didn’t make it,” he finally looked deep into my eyes as he said it.




Since that day I had always woken up to that dream. The dream of that large room. I hate large rooms. Only it wasn’t a dream. That room was real. That day was real. The day my parents went to visit my mother’s family in Lebanon. A few days later we received a call telling us to pack up and go to them. My brothers and I weren’t strangers to traveling. We’ve been on planes all our lives. As a Canadian businessman my father was always living in some part of the world. We’ve been in schools in so many cities I was starting to forget that our native tongue was English. Come to speak of it it wasn’t. Mother tried to make us use her Arabic. Father didn’t know what language he wanted us to speak. I guess it was English, or maybe it was French. I was finally glad that we had settled back home in Montreal that past year before that dreaded call summoned us back to war torn Lebanon. Summoning us to that large room. I hate large rooms.


Several months had passed since I first met Mila. The phone number she had scribbled on that piece of paper was still in my pocket. I don’t know why I didn’t throw it away. I was glad I didn’t.


“Hi,” I said. “Do you remember me?” Idiot. Why would she remember you? I thought to myself.


“Of course I remember you,” Mila replied. “I’m glad you called.”


Then there was silence on the phone for more than a minute. As I said, I was shy and now I confirmed that I was an idiot as well. 


“I live downtown on 14 Peel St,” she broke the silence and offered me her address. “I’ll be waiting for you at four this afternoon. Don’t worry about the money,” she added “This time it is on me.”


At three thirty that day I was hovering outside her flat strolling up and down Peel St. At exactly four I rang her bell.


“Would you like something to drink?” She offered after she welcomed me into her cramped flat in downtown Montreal. I didn’t know if she knew I was still a minor. Offering me alcohol was illegal. “I have some soda and water if you would like some.” She knew. 


“So… what would you like to do today?” She asked. 


What kind of question do you ask a minor that? What did she expect? I came to play ball? Frankly I don’t know why I came to Mila. Of course sex was on the top of the list but I wanted more.


“Let’s get you relaxed then we will figure what I want to do to you today,” she said as she started to remove my clothes followed by hers until we were both nakedly relaxed on another sofa, in her little studio. She sat next to me playing with my cock which was already as hard as it could get. It was already as hard as it could get more than half an hour ago before I even rang the bell.  


“I’m going to suck you,” she explained. “Tell me when you are about to come so you can spill it all over my tits.”


That was easy. No… that was not easy!!! That was the hardest thing a sixteen year old could ever do. How do you delay that eventual eruption to the maximum of your abilities. I tried. Believe me I tried. Even when her tongue was licking the tip of my cock, I tried. When her mouth engulfed the whole length of it, her hands squeezing my balls, I couldn’t hold it anymore. I exploded right inside her mouth unable to even tell her I could not hold it anymore. 


“I’m so sorrryyyy,” I tried to apologize, “sooo soorrryyyy….”


My cum was bubbling inside her mouth like volcanic lava. Half of it flowing outside trickling down on to her chin. I was surprised when she scoped it in. She swallowed half of it and tried to lick the other half off of her fingers as she tried to collect it all. “Don’t worry,” she replied, “I love it. It tastes good. Want to try?” Putting one of her wet fingers in my mouth before I could refuse. 


I never tasted cum before. It was salty, slithery, sticky… an acquired taste to some. Mila loved it. I was hesitant at first but seeing her do it I was obliged to suck those few drops out of her finger. She smiled when she saw me do it. She knew then that I was under her spell. I would not refuse anything she asks of me. I never did.


“Now you are going to fuck me until I cum,” she didn’t give me choice. Come to think of it I never like to be given a choice. Mine was what they liked me to do. Maybe that was why they stayed or I did.


At sixteen I was able to last for as long as was necessary. Unfortunate not anymore. Back then I was also able to get back into the game very quickly. So I did. I could tell Mila enjoyed our long pounding that eventually made her cum. An hour later I was sleeping in Mila’s bed tired after our long workout.


“What time is it?!” I woke up startled to find myself still in her apartment. 


“Almost eight.” She replied.


“SHIT?” I cursed out loud. “I’m late….Wait…WAIT…” Suddenly my tears started to trickle down my cheeks. That was the first time I had cried since that day more than six months ago. I broke down on the floor and sobbed my heart out repeating, “it is gone.. it is gone…”


“What is gone?” Mila knelt on the floor next to me. She was very concerned as to why I was crying in her home. “Did I do something to upset you?” She thought it was her fault.


“Nooo… noo…” I couldn’t stop myself. “The dream,” I said. “The dream… it is gone… I slept and it is gone.”


“What dream?”


For the next two years Mila and I had become very good friends. I was hers and she was mine. The dream was gone and in her arms I could cry again. 





Submitted: August 01, 2022

© Copyright 2022 samnash. All rights reserved.


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Sounds too true to be fiction!

Tue, August 2nd, 2022 6:16am



Tue, August 2nd, 2022 8:22am


I love this, so far. And I love the way you ended the chapter.

Tue, August 2nd, 2022 12:38pm


I almost didn’t

Tue, August 2nd, 2022 8:22am


Another classic, Mr. Nash, truly wonderful. Such a powerful story that any of us can relate to, from the first time to the rekindling. What a nice byproduct to have the dream erased in such a way.

Mila has a deeper personality than we might have initially thought. Nicely done.

Wed, August 3rd, 2022 1:18pm


Yes... Mila changed my life... she did it with just a smile... but that is for another chapter... thank you for continuing to read my friend... I appreciate it

Wed, August 3rd, 2022 7:40am

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